First game of Season 7 - Ironsight HK416 Gold Leather Gameplay

Steam game stuck at patchingbest free steam games rpg IRONSIGHT game what is going on guys welcome to todays ironside video season seven is upon us and of course i wanna say thank you to the ironside developers for um gifting me the season seven bundle thank you guys so much really appreciate it um lets keep it going so were gonna go ahead and open up our boxes that we get also for being a supporter helping out with the um you know localization text and all that so once again thank you for that as well um pretty fun lets go ahead and oh cyclops lets go ots now my goodness in todays video were going to go ahead and use the gold leather hk416 um because its oh wow cool because its nice its nice with the skins that you get for in the bundle and its you get for it in the bundle and its the brand difficult to use the p30 because the hk was just that freaking to use the p30 because the hk was just that freaking darn good oh we got a treasures card nice um so yeah you guys are gonna see mostly um some hk gameplay its gonna be with the laser sight because i dont have anything else unlocked so its gonna be uh clear sight and laser sight so pretty awesome um we are so just um just for you guys to know oh nice oh we have six of these as for you guys to know gold attachments are now in the game and right now at the start of the season there is a bug where in order to get an attachment uh gold you must have it equipped in the first attachment slot so thats going to be the one on the left have we gotten a single duplicate yet oh there we go as soon as i open my mouth it does have to be on the left so right now you cannot go for silencer and the sight at the same time you can only go for one or the other um so keep that in mind guys of course were gonna use these to get our battle pass xp a little bit faster as well pass xp is expected by that as you can see were not using the robot anymore we are using the agent character guy uh just because i just decided not to use it i think i explained a little in the video uh so yeah pretty good gameplay um see you guys in there leave a like if you do like the video and yeah im going to be showing off the other new skins as well see you guys all right so yeah welcome season seven video kind of technically not really sponsored by insight developers uh they get went ahead and gave me the battle pass bundle for being a supporter and helping him out um so yeah kind of uh so were gonna be using the gold leather hk 416 dude this thing is sick like oh my god this thing is still sick and were using of course clear sight because i dont know i didnt want to use detecting site no idea why its really good probably should be using it were using laser sight and it and this so because you know thats the only thing i have unlocked and oh its one of these games yeah all right man first game on oh my god thats nice first game on today as well as the season so holy that guys laggy oh my god the lag is just killing me dude lets go but yeah uh brand new attachment gold achievements guys so you can get gold attachments now um right now there is a small bug where you can only get one you can only start ranking up one at a time if that makes any sense so basically you can use uh one thing on whatevers on your left slot will get will get kills and progress towards the gold achievements everything on the right side will not at this time again theres already a fix planned for next maintenance which is usually on wednesdays so keep an eye out on that nope oh thats nice not bad not bad just a little bit of a weird lobby of course its laggy lobby but okay wow this gun oh nope oh no nope of course uh modified or precision would be better as well theres a there you go got a digital one now because everybodys rocking it its again clear sight because oh that reload its the same reload as a normal hk as well as the hk417 you have the normal one if you dont have a you know cool skinned version which everybody can get a normal one if you have forty thousand dollars you can just buy one of these skins the digital or you know things like that oh my god this gun is so weird like it has a weird like thing i dont know if its just this server or what it is but or head shots just have like an insanely high damage multiplier or something but this gun is insane were on a roll right now holy oh no there you go 16 and two good start good start um you have our uav and everything as well so lets rock that oh wow after team is on this left side huh what can we do with this nothing really i feel like you run out of bullets so much faster with this gun than anything oh my god dude that was one shot i dont know what happened there i think the recoil came in theres something but uh yeah definitely like insta kill them yeah this gun is going to be pretty meta for a while you dont think so then thats because youre trying to be one of the cool kids that disagrees with everything like its fine if this kind of meadow weapon dude its gives some variety dude oh yeah i dont know i think i might be yeah a little bit 90 so its not too laggy but like that seems super janky but that might just be the gun thats what im saying like thats why it may be super meta even though it doesnt look like it hits hard it does you know its pretty darn hard first we got that awesome skin again thanks to devs for i guess sponsoring not really sponsoring the video uh before that they went ahead and gave us the battle pass bundle for free thats the battle pass plus some levels um again thank you guys oh my god dude that guys laggy isnt he no yeah its the same thing so it probably is just the gun being super super good man which is good i mean they have the gun they have a new one being pretty darn awesome good recoil theres that too so you have to actually pay attention which i knew that from the beginning because i tested it out a lot and i knew you had to pay attention oh that guys laggy as heck shot him so many times in there and as you see were not using the robot though as i switched off of the robot out of all my classes so i dont have a robot in any of my classes um just guys you know tons of other characters that i have and skins and all that so i have a ton of other stuff that i dont really need to use a robot really if i dont want to and its just like there is a thing with the robot that kind of gives you not like an advantage kind of but against people that arent paying attention yeah you get an advantage because for whatever reason the robot comes with like different footstep sounds of course because its a robot so you know its gonna come with different like you know its a mechanical thing instead of a human being so were using the new uh battle pass agent guys um with the halloween mace still because that thing is insane um yeah lets give it a go holy moly dude you are laggy how are you jesus man thats so bad oh thank you okay a little lot of 75s on this i think okay good no sound so yeah if you get no sound with normal footsteps the robot that has more its more of like a bassy thing than a treble thing so its like wheres explosions youre definitely going to miss the robot footsteps because its very very bassy it just sounds exactly like the other ones nice yeah but i think one of the good things about this weapon for sure and then even testing it out against laggy people and all that is that it is actually a pretty good gun but its not overpowered its not like you can turn your brain off while youre using this like some of the other guns like the ots you could just turn your brain off while youre using the ots because thats how good the gun was and yeah with this one you have to actually oh in my game crash now something happened i know this one you have to actually like be there be present in the game you have to actually pay attention to whats going on because of the recoil you know but once you get something on there dude its it just sticks man holy youre laggy dude knew it thats why he was running in there gonna try to just heal here nice holy oh no im just gonna get out of there theres no reason to be up there this flip oh yeah new guns new season new everything guys oh that killed me behind the wall nice dude and yeah lots of new stuff going on but um first game of season seven boys if you guys didnt know the Music hk416 actually has a weird kind of uh thing to it kind of funny thing where the recoil pattern makes a seven as you know season seven thats gonna be it guys im gonna have to start actually paying attention to my games now everyone using this gun because um you know it is not going to uh dont but oh no but hopefully you guys enjoyed watching this um nuke gameplay out i guess i can do it tomorrow i hope you guys want so yeah see you guys video then bye crash bandicoot steam Hey guys make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon for more #Ironsight gameplay and highlights!Click here to download Ironsight! - Heres the link for my in game sensitivity for 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