This Is Why Ironsight Is Still Amazing

Steamed chestnutsbuy steam games on amazon IRONSIGHT game Ironside is a game that I think could have been a lot bigger had it been pushed a bit harder here in the west and not had that weird situation with its original publisher sure the game isnt the most unique thing in the world but honestly theres tons of games that are popular that arent necessarily unique either regardless of what could or didnt happen with iron sight the game is still going fairly strong today and I still enjoy it a good bit so lets hop into some iron sight alright here we go were using the honey badger I just picked this one up from the store I was playing around with a little bit it seems pretty solid but I havent used it too much so were gonna give it a little test here in this video see how it does were also playing on a map that gives me some serious high-rise Vibes maybe thats just you know because its on some skyscrapers but uh I dont know I dont know let me know in the comments if you think it gives you Scott if you think it gives you high-rise Vibes too a couple weeks ago we put out an Ironside video and it was honestly just a lot of fun so were back on it tonight playing some more iron sight because honestly its just its a fun change of pace from playing the modern Call of Duty games Oh my he had one Health oh Freak Free is killing my life right there a Prius double kill in my life oh there was another guy I dont know what it is I mean I hadnt played Ironside in a long time but playing it the other day kind of gave me that itch again oh no okay if he would have killed me I probably would have had to just like quit the game permanently oh here we go we got a honey badger with a sight that I absolutely hate I think I like mine more the honey badger ironically also kind of recently is one of the newer weapons to MW2 but obviously they dont have the uh licensing so its called the Chimera so its kind of fun to go over to Ironside and here its actually called the honey badger were in Call of Duty the massive franchise its not and I I assume that has to do with you know where the developer is located and whatnot but just kind of funny oh here we go we are pushed up heavy into the spawn but you know what its kind of working oh oh no I will admit one thing that I dont do enough of in this game is use my tacticals or just my lethal nades in general I feel like Im all gun fights if I lose the gunfight I just you know it is what it is I never give myself that slight Advantage by popping a flash or something like that its still crazy to me how crisp like the ads in like ads speed is in this game compared to MW2 because like because in that game I mean you can tune weapons and stuff to get it a little bit quicker but by default it feels so much slower we have the we had a couple kill streaks here we gotta try and use oh my God we got snipe dude all right were going for the same guy it repeat him Reach Out deserve that all right someone else killed him I am kind of curious what do you guys think ironsight could have done to be bigger I feel like honestly its a little bit late now because the games been out for a while but they are still putting out Seasons but I feel like if this game had just had more Marketing in the west I feel like it could have been a lot bigger because I know I played it when it came out but it wasnt from any marketing I saw it was actually from a race track video so I do wonder if they had more marketing to the mainstream if more people might have picked it up especially because it came out during such a dry spell during Call of Duty I think this one came out right around the time of Black Ops 4 which you know Im a Black Ops 4 enjoyer Ill admit it but a lot of people dont like Black Ops 4. so you know you had Black Ops 4 you did have to compete with mw19 the next year which is one of the stronger Call of Duties a lot of people think uh but even even after mw19 you know it kind of went downhill a little bit again with Cold War which was okay and then Vanguard which a lot of people didnt like so I felt like theres a lot of room for that Cod style of gameplay to flourish a little bit especially with Call of Duty focusing a little bit more on war zone these days than multiplayer Im not gonna lie though Im really liking the sunny badger I think it might be my go-to AR here for a bit oh my God that is a whole last Squad yeah thats not the fight we want to take that spawn protection will get you I was almost ran across dude oh my God whats this guy doing what am I doing with that aim dude hold on oh popping off a little bit oh yo oh my God he just didnt even notice oh my God damn it my aim no one saw that though no one saw that though my name is Chris this can be holy sheesh thats not a bad start though there we go oh I just get a double no I just got one there man for some reason I thought I got oh man Im freaking out here oh dude oh that was a nice kill right there probably shouldnt push with this low Health but you know what okay oh damn it oh that is uh not not the way to go the hitrage is it feels so Chris for me I saw some people in the comments of the last video saying that the net code and the hit registration felt kind of offer them and I dont know if its just the servers or what because I feel like they feel really really nice all right we learned our lesson last time jumping off the map hopefully its nice all right theres someone in here see if we can get him with the pistol oh thats a lot more than one guy I havent tested the hip fire on this gun Lets test see how the hip Fire Works a little bit the ads is is very very crispy but I dont know how the the hip fire is too much obviously those people right on top of me so that doesnt really prove much but probably isnt amazing because its an AR that guy was pretty far yes easy oh dude oh my God I feel like I that should have been mine it is really fun in this game I feel like theres so many weapons that seem viable maybe not if youre like playing sweaty ranked or something like that but just playing these Pub matches dude I really feel like you can kind of just use whatever some guns are obviously better than others but I feel like there isnt like a time or well you know you do have to aim at the enemies but I dont really feel like theres a time where a specific weapon that Im using is holding me back or anything like that its just more so my shitty aim that holds me back oh Nate oh we left we live oh my god dude oh my why is there a whole ass Army behind me I needed one more on him okay Im gonna kill someone with this Firefly Laughter I dont know if thats the effective way to get kills with the Firefly but you know what uh it worked so were basically a winner I really like that site I want to unlock that one I picked it up on some different guns and its really crisp oh we got gun game yeah I was so confused why my gun looked different but dude Im down to play some gun game gun game is such a fun game mode in The Styling game I know its getting added into Call of Duty soon but its crazy to me that they would launch a Call of Duty without gun game excuse you oh its just a such a fun way to use like all the different weapons in a game like this and the game mode itself is just fun I should have killed that guy in this game specifically its actually really nice too because it gives you an opportunity to kind of test out a bunch of different guns without having to buy them or like rent them or whatever you just play this see which guns you can kind of shred with and then maybe focus on getting those this map reminds me of this map from Counter-Strike and I cant remember the name of but its gonna bother me the whole night now oh my God that has some kick oh okay he had like half a health bar oh come on yes oh dude I have no health oh we take those oh no whered you go I want to shoot you so never mind Ive been on oh God this thing is Beefy this thing is Beefy this is a bunch of weapons Ive honestly never used in this game were only two kills out of first place I feel like this is doable we just gotta step our up foreign not a huge fan of this gun a little beefy for me oh no I would have turned on that guy I would have been so happy uh premature premature oh I cant see its very convenient that that guy had zero health no no predicted and outplayed oh I will say I feel like the health regen bar could have been implemented in a slightly prettier way that big just bulky Red Bar in the middle of the screen is so ugly in the UI I know thats kind of nitpicky but stuff like that is where you can tell Call of Duty has a much bigger budget oh which Black Ops was it that had this end screen I cant remember was it Black Ops 3 or did they do it in multiple of them I dont remember but anyways thats gonna do it for this Ironside video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you want to see more Ironside on the channel just let me know Ive been having fun with that said Ill see you all next time steam can't update game Ironsight is a ton of fun and continues to be a blast. 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