Ironsight Gun Game

Steam room calories burnedark mods steam IRONSIGHT game not used to seeing so many low levels even getting popular yeah im not even sure why because its a weekday its evening its like 8 30. uh yeah but never changed anything before you were hurt you were hurt  __  i got my double kill so its fine this dude just prone in the spawn whoa i dont want to use car 98 oh lets just put the click where did that guy go oh my flick shot that was terrible i  __  hate the car 98 oh god damn it oh thank  __  im just hiding by a tree god damn it why do you respond there im responding near me wait they did not change the model at all for this they said they changed the model for the uh the honey badger thats still a 20 round mag what is this sg thats a sig seems like kicks downward oh man lol okay thats some  __  dude i  __  hate how many smgs you get stuck with in long range maps uh what is mng i dont know im off of it already but im on the vz does this see if its a dmr but it fi well its a sniper but it fires like a dmr Music ah oh youre on this thing its a 50. i am sorry youre not sorry  __  you i had no other option i was really hurt i didnt even know you were there i knew you were there i just stopped moving oh my god mg3 recoil holy  __  the recoil i forgot i dont have a muzzle break im shooting over your head i couldnt  __  i why is the stamina so low in this oh who took that from me god damn it finally this thing is impossible to aim long distance because the  __  recoil what are you trying to use the mg3 the big machine gun yeah yeah yeah its its very hard in order to use that thing you really need to uh please just sit there holy  __  you really need to commentate around a thing hello hi drake hi we playing some iron sight oh i dont think i have gotten so installed uh because i was because i understood it has no health oh my god im off the vs i i hate that its a 10  __  a 10  __  round automatic is this your card Music got him shotgun i did it victory well done how to redeem code steam Watch live at Support me on patreon! Join my discord here! Tweet @ me here! socal steam clean associer compte steam et epic games steam pre installed games good steam games mac bissell powersteamer extended reach hand held steamer - 2994w