Playing Ironsight On Steam Again!

Cast iron steam radiatorcan oculus 2 play steam games IRONSIGHT steam what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another video today we are playing yet some more iron sight except were playing that iron state iron state iron sight Steam version so here we are playing on the maps that we dont have with guns that we dont have because you know the name of science and me being able to play this version of iron and say when I feel like I shouldnt be able to but here we are boys and we are proud to have all the fun Ive never played this map before at all like I dont even I just note I just didnt figured out that it was even a thing which I had to die got him and I just found out about this map and Im just you know here we are happy that we got it I was trying to get the other map that we dont have but I ended up getting this one and oh my god I am just destroying these children right now but Im really happy that I got this math at least because I wanted something different that we dont have in our version to play for you guys today well I just wanted to say thank you everybody for the responses I got on my no attachments video I actually got a lot of comments and people wanting guns and yeah no dude it was really awesome Im really loving the you know the people down in the comment section lately Im liking all the interaction and Im just loving everything so I appreciate that guys we were almost at 1100 subscribers and I just highly appreciate you guys so much Im gonna die finally and I hip but ya know the your sponsors lately have been fantastic so thats awesome but I do hope you guys are enjoying these well lets see lets try to push this through thats enough Oh God hes up there theyre up there see if I can push it oh you just I was like good I cant Im not even mad that was a really good throwing knife like Im not even angry that was ten out of ten please please follow my teammate just leave me oh Im dead oh you gave her the deagle thats the same kid though he got me the knife got me at the deagle like I cant even get angry like hes getting me with some good kills oh dude yeah behind me I keep spawning in the same place I thought the spawns would flip by now or at least you think they would but they just havent flipped like I really would have thought the spawns developed by now I feel like they just did now that I mention it nope nope nope nope what do I have been doing that bad doing okay this could be a worse game you guys have to remember on this version of iron sight I dont have the best of connection like my connection isnt as good as it normally is because Im not playing on American servers so you guys give me a little bit of a break when Im playing this version lets just push down here push up here and lets just see anybody am i right No okay lets see its good this way Oh someone died up here okay I dont know where theyre at okay so theyre all over here lets just try to push this through just I dont know a flank and by a flank I mean like all on my teammates yeah I know theres people in any weekly are they really all over here I have absolutely no standing stamina stamina minimum now okay teammate is just absolutely destroying all of them I ran around the entire map and saw nobody and then the second someone pops up a second someone pops up I die okay thats where were at anybody nope oh my god dude theyre right here guys right here and ah he freaking flashed me okay you would you absolutely would lets just push this down and lets go up here try not to die and then theres gonna be someone around this corner I already feel it nobody oh Ill be there well theres you know Im gonna blame it on connection not even care and blame that on connection Im going the  __  root and Im blaming that a hundred and ten percent on my connection okay cool is there an elevator what lets go okay that was amazing theres elevators now okay best game ever Chinatown IGN its a really close game I cant find anybody like literally he had find anybody apparently and now I find everyone all at one time nope okay boys were not losing this theres no way were not losing it we got this nope nope spawns flips I refuse to let us lose this okay cup nope again thats another can actually go ever push it through lets go lets go boys okay come on this is too close to a game to lose come on boys he is good with those throwing knives I cant again I cant even get mad like thats just me getting defeated at that point and you know theyre up here come on team let me get the file and we did not I got the assist but that was 18 and 12 boys playing again this super weird version of iron sight in the Asian center of the world with this gun that we dont even have so if you guys did enjoy this video and this kind of little look inside whats to see to our version of iron sight then please hit that like button down below subscribe to the channel for more videos like this one but as you guys know Im skip of I peace out everybody Music cheapest best 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