Steam game not downloadingbest games available on steam KILLING FLOOR 2 game all right whats wrong class act clickbait finder here and today were gonna be playing some more killing flora2 i probably made a serious lapse in my judgment because i did name the title of this video the end of killing floor 2. we have that probably baited a lot of people in and most of them are going to go into the comments probably just like this Music i mean thats going to be absolutely hysterical so yeah lets see what this map is all about i mean lets be real here killing florida ended pretty much like two years ago so so yeah this map is called the end and its apparently like our semi-objective progression map yeah i dont even know what the hell to do here im literally or just say i just found this map i mean it looked freaking cool and thats why were here boy oh god it was nice okay right here dont like your shenanigans so dynamite for you how didnt you okay it doesnt matter im just gonna strip you of your freaking shields oh hes losing his head please boy theyre also gonna be playing todays good old-fashioned demolitionist this is my favorite freaking pork pretty much my all-time favorite pork in the game i do like explosions i do love without dismembering everything and on top of that the perk is really satisfying to play well until that get my old trusty hrg kaboom stick still not sure why this weapons in the game but im not complaining its just like gasoline oh paw activate okay i activate the dub gas can the hell does that mean wait what whats a meteor that means like standing still but it is there wait do i have to get like gas out of wait open the bunker immediately the impact will destroy everything on the surface you need more fuel to start the generator okay okay i think i just need to get the fuel from led vehicles here is that what im doing could be okay i see something purple glowing on the car aint sure exactly if thats the fuel or something else but i guess we shall see boy freak neither is men swear to god hate them with a passion okay get gas from this dude i mean there might be like a car lurking behind the barn and theres like gasoline right over there yep i need more fuel apparently the worlds gonna die what do you have to me nope never mind theres like another truck conveniently on the other side of the map with some freaking armor can go wrong with some armor pieces hey boy dude you just cant beat the demo literally just cant i think i got all the fuel i can immediately see unless that  __  counts or even the lawnmower might have some fuel but apparently the  __  opened so we gucci okay fast now all right one lets go down im not even sure where the hell im going at this point what with our collectible oh this map has collectibles dude i can just imagine shrapnel to get this map from the workshop and say oh this is going to be the end of killing floor 2 welcome to killing floor 3. then its going to be like based in outer space or on a different planet okay those are some freaking co oh no man spoder yo that actually looks nice oh my just puked my ass what was that bloat i mean i dont see a bloat so im just gonna speculate this spooder would have picked me that was not nice of him okay things are apparently going to blow up kind of cool i guess dont get everything shaking but the chandelier is like standing still firmly in place okay you know what im just gonna go for my you know reliable freaking loadout rpg but the things actually blew up oh yep welcome to the end of times apparently okay lets just skip the trailer and lets see what we can impose all these freaking spooders back we cant shoot them no i cant shoot them coming with get mad when i am i even will i come close to him okay this is an area that looks very cool but i mean i do know that a lot of people dont like spooders at all but you do have to hand it to the freaking map raider i mean its freaking epic wait what has this okay some tires and i am apparently now in a bathroom a cool stuff hey boy okay bathroom turns into a local kitchen into a living room if this bunker has it all but yeah in this map its actually kind of sick i mean just combining you know a little bit of objective mode into normal survival yeah thats kind of what killing floor is good for but i mean not killing floor twos official updates because those are just abysmal oh my god im getting like joint in the corner of the map  __  i see like a flash well thats not good okay yeah boy him to go into william the corner im gonna be killing some fleshy puns i mean this is what the demo just excels you just cant you know get cornered the kaboom stick just like allows you to destroy everything and everyone yes dont even try ive been kind of cool that the spoolers are coming out of this area boy stupid ass stalkers but can i go outside you know back where i came in probably not but worth a check i guess yep these were the stairs i came down oh yo whats up my dude boy okay not boy but i didnt still hatch on him so it counts okay i dont think i came from there because i dont remember the freaking boiler is okay this looks cool oh i can jump down but do i want to though probably not up there thats freaking blocked boy we kind of like nuke it no thats just concrete that i cant move well then boys guess were  __  stuck nothing screws but yeah and this map is gonna be in the description if you guys want to go try it out its actually not that bad and im actually quite curious how its gonna be playing on multiplayer but i dont think any servers have this map yeah i should probably host my own freaking server man with a lot of custom maps i mean it does like a cool design aint even gonna lie with whatnot casper just out of nowhere already mine i cant even say  __  but im killing them though i mean thats like the power of the freaking demolitionist yep you can just point and click at any direction and as long as its gonna go boom its gonna be good and for enough i didnt miss the screw one time but he do be dead okay i didnt even like notice these these stairs before boy i dont know exactly why im on the stairs but i mean doesnt really matter now does it boy lets make sure dude i just love the freaking kabooms like i mean this is one of the reasons why the demo is one of my all-time favorite parks pretty much because of the kaboom stick you just cant go wrong it has you know decent ammunition the damage is well yeah beyond good if you know how to reload cancel its going to be even even better oh my god just look at the amount of horror points just no freaking problem just like killing cloths okay yeah boy you kill the spooners if i can oh no eat oh that was cool yep still had enough slow motion to kill the dudes i mean he should be theoretically just for you though killing flesh bones but nope he kills skrooks just as well if not even better okay less what are you doing i mean not much apparently but even do let me know in the comments what are your honest opinions on the demolitionist do you want it to actually be nerfed cause for me personally killing floor if they nerf all the fun perks and just like leave gunslingers sharp shooters edge just gonna be a snooze first yeah i do like the demo the way he is you know just in this quite alright state by quite right i mean if you know what youre doing with them youre going to be winning pretty much every single match i mean same goes for you know every other perk but still well then lets see what we can do for the freaking boss i mean hopefully my minds oh my god its the matriarch again yep literally the only boss i keep on getting and this maps also wide open so shes gonna will yeah kill me over and over again boy okay i dont have the kaboom stick so i might as well will make full use of this okay can you just do an attack not directly at me though okay just slow turning witcher cannon julio oh god its bad just a little bit okay get destroyed just like that no i just have to run for a little bit because if i dont run yep shes gonna do like a one-two combination on me and thats gonna be sad boy dude i just love the kabooms they come in the fact that you can just jump away at will so nice oh are you on the fl matriarch oh i nearly fell into where the pit of freaking fire that would be bad but did you just grab and just didnt grab that mom it doesnt matter well then boys this is pretty much up i just fell into well this doesnt actually kill you okay im just walking in up by the fire well then boys this is pretty much it for the end of killing floor 2 the biggest clickbait ive probably ever done but yeah i hope you guys still enjoyed it you like subscribe and see you guys next episode ideas Music you can i play windows steam games on mac its just a the map name calm down xDMAP: ► WANT TO SUPPORT ME? 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