PC Gamer Show: Killing Floor 2 gameplay and interview

Bissell symphony pet steam mopoculus rift s games on steam KILLING FLOOR 2 game everyone this week on a PC gamers show were really lucky to be joined by tripwire interactive joining us in our studio all the way from Georgia hows it going guys John and bill great you know were very excited to be here to show you some cool stuff yeah wesson are gonna be the first folks in the world to play killing for two Im excited we are not playing the hell on earth though you know thats thats probably too tough for us hopefully youll youll live to tell the tale yeah so walk us through okay welcome to expect from the build here that guys brought along so weve brought a very late alpha bill thats very very close to what were going to ship for early access so youre gonna get to see really almost everything you get to see a new boss character youre gonna get to see all of the monsters the weapons perks youre getting to see Killing Floor 2 and all of its gory glory all right so Evan Ive both played killing floor before but just right before we jump in any tips for killing for to stuff its new this time around something should be looking out for Corey definitely game Oh stick with us yeah stick by other thing youll be good all year we would heal each other well doors stick with the team do not go off on your own when the boss character shows up and starts throwing things at you run all right lets go play lets go do it alright great the Pazzi feel nicely done Im fine thanks all right last time about you that was pretty intense I probably spilled more blood more Indian Virtual Boy than ever and we killed a lot of Zeds at least a couple thousand I would say probably so that was really intense guys you know one thing I noticed while playing was you know unlike killing for one to an extent like it was hard for us to defend the single area we had to move around a lot more yeah yeah absolutely I mean thats I think thats one of our key design focuses for the new games is that in the original game there were times where you could set up in this one place it was the perfect place in the map and you could weld the doors and you could defend through seven waves in that exact same spot and we you know that that was fun but it got a little old defending in the same spot so we wanted to make it so that the longer you fight in the area the less viable a place it is though the doors eventually break and do not come back you know the sirens will make will break lights so the areas get dark or throwing grenades will break lights it really causes you to have to kind of move around the map which makes it more intense in a more dynamic experience so were basically playing your early access build whats a Van Buren access build how do you guys approach Titan theres a lot of interesting discussion around early access as a process what you guys personal philosophy about it I think for us with early access we wanted to we wanted to really show people I dont know Id hate to say it but how to do it right you know its not its not a cash grab its not you know get something out there so I can get money its really more about creating some things that that we can put out there and get feedback from the players so that we can just polish our game up and and tune it into what people want in the past what weve done almost every game weve ever released weve put a game out it had probably a few more bugs and it should have but also it wasnt really tuned to exactly what our players wanted and then they would give us feedback and then about six months later we would release a version that was you know more bug free but also was dialed in to what the players wanted we said okay why dont we use early access to do that this time because people will have the expectation that the games not fully finished you know were saying that the 20 floor - is probably going to be a very polished beta when we hit early with a smaller subset of content how does your approach to early access kind of fit into the fact that you guys I know like huge supporters of modding and the mod community and I know youre working on killing forth you with the intent that theyll be moddable right so were gonna ship the early access version of the game with with a mod SDK initially itll be limited to creating Maps creating levels were gonna open that up later to be able to create code mods you know everything from mutaters to total conversions but right out of the gate we absolutely want to we want to have people making maps you know creating new content for the game and thats where we got our start making mods so we want to be open to that you got to have a really aggressive approach and extending the life of time for primarily with like seasonal events and like no big promotional stuff is that also new year for 2014 oh yes I mean absolutely we have we have a very very long set of goals that we want to do for Killing Floor 2 some of them will be you know just what we consider finishing the game for the full launch you know as you mentioned weve got we played three Maps today thats thats the map set for the early access launch we have you know some maps pretty close to to completion already for for some time post launch and we have you know whole list that were building up so new new maps are going to be coming new characters you havent got to see them yet but we have we have a an all-new boss character thats not the patriarch that is going to be in Killing Floor 2 and we have additional bosses that we have goals to create new weapons additional perks so were going to be finishing up the game and then also you know those seasonal events you know their blast to work on the fans love them I mean it allows us to step out of the cannon of killing for for trying to do crazy things like gingerbread Gore fasts and robot Santa Clause and low gravity moon maps and its a blast to work on the fans really love it Evan mentioned that the the level of fidelity this game has compared to the first killing for obviously it looks a lot better can you talk a little bit about some of the like you guys are working on Unreal 3 right but youve built a lot of technology on top of that can you talk about some of Stephanies oh yeah the gore system and the lighting and everything yeah so really I mean we and we almost dont like to talk about what engine it is or what version of the engine is because people people kind of try to pigeonhole you to oh I know one Unreal Engine 3 is thats Gears of War or whatever but really were kind of almost calling it like Unreal Engine 3 point 5 or 3 point 7 5 because weve done so much additional work weve even weve even brought in technology from Unreal Engine 4 for the game so weve been adding technology from that but a lot of things that weve added you know we added the persistent Gore system you guys saw when wed fight in an area wed come back you know 20 minutes later and its still just splattered in blood especially great like on the snowy level or we look down where we had a fight a while ago and its just like carcasses gore everywhere yeah but we added we added fully dynamic lighting which Unreal Engine 3 doesnt really have out of the gate we added some really cool rendering technology called real-time real-time screen based reflections so you saw you saw in some of the maps like biotics lab you know if you splatter the ground in blood you could just see the reflections of the dead as they walked over them but one thing that we have thats one is to talk about how were using it is the high frame rate animation and a lot of people have actually got this mixed up or there have been arguing online like oh its twitter frames a second you know you cant even see that were animating that animating it at super high frame rate so when the game kicks into slowing you can see that extra detail so for instance the bullpup it shoots at I believe 660 rounds a minute so if you animate that 30 frames a second youre only have two frames to animate all the detail so were animating at 242 frames a second so each kickback we have 22 frames so everythings vibrating you know like youre seeing all these nuances and no games really done that before that I know of that adds that level of detail I dont know if you guys noticed but when they go on shoot do you see like the smoke or sparks coming out of the chambers of the weapons sure I got some really slow like thumbing the shotgun yeah the shotgun shell into the shotgun and then pumping and shooting yes when you guys looked at killing for one and then were working on this game now were there what were the things you consider about how you wanted to change kind of this the approach to playing the game change strategies other than like making people move around the map more I think one of the elements were we havent talked about yet but the perk the perk skills that you can choose you can tailor your your player to kind of play like your play style and and one of the things that we really wanted to do as part of that was to have some of those items be team-based in other words you know want to be one of you I think picked the supplier skill yes so people were able to come up to me and grab ammo like yeah path once around which I think turned out to be really useful theres also challenging is like I had to track you down and like maybe like lose control over the one area of the map to give me an align yeah so that maybe that was our communication more than anything but that did add a little risk yeah but those those perk skills I mean you can you can okay do I want to put more firepower downrange or do I want to do something that will benefit my whole team youve got the supplier skill that you mentioned theres call-out which allows commando can see stuff cloak units like the stalker but the other classes cant but if he has the perk skill call out the other his teammates around him without that perk can see the cloak units how do you guys you know youll build one focused thing well without like going and to support us in a package its it seems like a big challenge yeah we knew we knew you know it was the thing that attracted us to killing for in the first place you know if you remember of the history killing floor was a mod new bagging Alex a guy named Alex quick and we played it and we and we we knew it was really rough but we knew there was this formula that was just fun and addictive and really a big part of developing Killing Floor 2 is is not just replicating that that formula but trying to make sure we didnt screw it up like dont just throw so much stuff on it that that we dilute that that formula because when we developed killing floor one in three months on just a tiny budget you know weve been working on Killing Floor 2 for almost 3 years no and it would been really easy to say lets throw everything but the kitchen sink in this game we really didnt want to do that we just wanted to we wanted to just hone that formula to just like a razor point and make sure it was really fun I think to another with the shooter audience especially you kind of have two groups you have one group of people who really latch on to a game whether its competitive or cooperative and theyll play with their friends or theyll go into matchmaking and theyll stay with it for you know hundreds of hours those are the csgo players you have a lot of other players who will buy a new Call of Duty or new battlefields or something and their real interest is working their way through the progression system they want to hit rank you know 50 or whatever the top right is what can those people expect out of like the progression system with the persona awesome stuff can kill important to you know how long are they gonna stay engaged working their way through all this birds like how much time is that gonna take the key thing for us is is it will take months and months its its not sort of a thing that will you know that youll be able to just be max out your all your killing for perks in a weekend theres something good but it wont be you know I think I have a thousand hours in killing for one and Ive maxed out one of my perks its just too much I mean you know we dont you dont expect somebody to play your game for 15 years or something that to max out all of the all of their ranking but we are adding something to reward those people that have put that insane hours where you know theyll be able have a feather have speed if someone puts that much into it so you guys are really passionate about what it is that obviously can you talk a little bit about other than the frame race you mentioned earlier bill like theres what your approach is in general and making really detailed interesting weapons because you dont have to worry about something balanced as much yet operative game of course in a game like this we have constant killing guys we spent a lot of time in on you know like what can we do to make that really cool you know each creature has upwards to 90 different death animations that randomly play depending where you hit them in the body with with physics so that you know the variables are like super extreme and then that mix with the gore and then we also have the in cap system so certain weapons if you shoot a guy in a leg itll stumble or you know you can hit them in the chest and Ill push him back or itll hit do a reaction and eat each weapon has different types of nuances that when people really really learn again theyll be able to see what they can do you know theres a lot a lot of the hardcore gamers that want to be able to do combos and interesting kind of tactics you know were trying to add that into it its just like the kid in Los you know its like when itd be so awesome a sledgehammer with an exclusive round you know boomstick you had something to blow it up you know so exactly what does someone explosives shotgun around yeah alright guys well John bill thanks for coming out Joe thanks for having for today because weve still got a little daylight left I kind of want to go play more all right it sounds great lets make it for the boss all right were I hope you guys enjoyed our first look at kill me forward to your first hands out on the world there that was a good time look fun yeah but as always we got some questions this week Tom take it away our first question comes from our steam page its from The Devils Imam and he asks do you think oculus rift will need to be played on a powerful PC to get full use out of it and if so do you think thatll damage its stainless I mean the answer to this is basically yes youre gonna need a strong PC its how strong Im not entirely sure yet you have some numbers right about like resolutions right yeah remains to be seen but at a baseline you will I mean if youre playing at 1080 right now I mean the oculus rift just the dk2 which isnt even the most recent version of it its running at 960 by 1080 times - no on each eye so even that is above 1080 obviously steamvr is even higher on 1080 by 1200 by 2 so thats you know a little bit more processing power required certainly just to render that and I dont think that will damage sales necessarily I think the people that wants to and cant afford VR this early well just theyll come theyre gonna go for it no matter what and our second question also comes from our steam page for mutti mutti who asks I wonder how the competition will pan out between twitch and YouTube live streaming system box I dont know about how we pan out but my hope is that YouTube does pretty well and approaches it well because competition in my mind is never a bad thing as you lose streaming services had trouble competing with wish and Id like to see somebody kind of step up to that challenge yeah its great to see them throwing their hat back in its gonna its gonna be hard for them to distinction so fundamentally languishes kind of a monopoly right now as far as Im concerned over most of Western PC gaming certainly yeah well see how it plays out but Im not Im not sure I think YouTube has a shot though well thanks very much for your questions as always you can ask us anything thats on your mind this week in PC gaming using the hashtag ask PC gamer on our facebook youtube twitter steam page and of course PC gamer comms thanks very much and well see you next week cheapest game on steam ★ Subscribe for more PC gaming videos! 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