Killing Floor 2 | SENTINEL GLITCH HAS BEEN FIXED! - No More Drones Taking Over!

Asian steamcan you play with steam friends on xbox game pass KILLING FLOOR 2 game all right whats everyone rest in peace is sentinel finder here and today were going to be playing some more killing yeah florat oh well then boys the sentinel got the bug removed rest in  __  pieces dude i actually hoped it was going to be staying up until freaking halloween but apparently not i mean it was cool while it freaking lasted but it is what it is well then boys for today were just going to be playing some good old-fashioned berserker because ive done that challenge and i just want to you know move around just a little bit with them oh look at this yeah who knew who freaking knew if you actually get out of a corner the pork can do some heavy heavy lifting god love the spark man i think this is like the best melee combat in any game that ive played its just so satisfying i mean wha whats more satisfying than this i mean you guys are probably going to let me know which game has you know better melee and im just going to try it and im just going to be like well  __  goddamn but im still probably going to go back to killing floor 2s melee system its just so fine a boy i mean a little bit broken at times but it is what it is did i just have to stop saying that man so the reason im just gonna be playing today the berserker is because well at the drone he does work on every single park and you know this video is pretty much just going to be me talking about the sentinel and yeah who knew no here he is my man dude hes just so cheap i cant get over how cheap this thing is okay because why did i sell everything up cause now i cant like buy anything else while the rest increases me well then boys you can no longer spam the  __  drone it doesnt allow you to well yeah do that it just doesnt even want to you know throw him out when you hold the fire button so that kind of sad but i mean one single drone still does the job i think they didnt like nerf them at all they just like changed you know the bugs and stuff like that oh hes already showing him then there he goes a boy now to be fair you can still have six drones on the map at once but i mean every single player does have to throw one down and six drones is still quite quite nice if you ask me i mean you can still kill a freaking screw corrupt flashbone like very very fast yeah this is why i love him absolutely adore him i know man its just such a wonderful addition to killing floor 2 fair enough a lot of people are going to disagree what can you do drone out lets just get into my hidey hole for the time being and let the drone do some drone things what the  __  okay there we go i actually got the headshot oh please just get him in his fuel tank come on yes no the  __  whats he doing hes gonna throw in the emp just in case yeah boy yeah boy the  __  up hes gonna blow up i think or not emp four yeah okay i just have to kill him okay he died its a blot which hit that no i dont have like more drones so this video is just gonna be some information that the bug is now gone maybe theres gonna be like another bug that could be possibly made up but i dont really want to well yeah find it because its most likely going to take four hours yeah do let me know in the comments what you guys think about willa the drone and that you can have him on any perk you want okay lets just get that to full all bad lucks lets go we havent used the  __  in in a while here oh its christmas themed as well okay you know what jerome im just gonna plop you right back here so you can have that flank and im just gonna be will it chilling right back here dude its just so wonder i mean look at him okay can i get like one more there we go dude the fact that you can just like get one ammo box and you get like one drone um perfection okay the drone already go into freaking town very very cool boy god i love the berserkerman even though it was nerfed i still think its one of the best perks in the game i mean a lot of perks are the best fork in the game i mean gunslinger comes to mind then we have one of the sharpshooter commandos support demolitionist firebug even the survivalist now yeah this game if you ask me its in a pretty decent state you know fun wise and what you can pick wise oh well the drone is absolutely capped time to just like plop down another one just because i can oh slow motion time who doesnt like the bad legs this things just like a satisfactory machine okay i do see an ammo box lets just get it for one extra drone is a spooder yep just take care of him from does the drone make the game easier yes it does but who the hell cares i mean this is our ai killing game its supposed to be co-op and fun so i dont really care about the balance all that much to be fair the most fun i have in this game is when things are absolutely broken thats when the fun really freaking begins oh yeah screw screw quits my drone freaking dead i think he is but what wouldnt i kill you apparently not  __  drone do your thing where do you still raise the stroke yes he does oh im getting slapped yeah its not good okay nice oh silent if you scream im gonna die oh two percent yeah im just not even caring all that much here thanks craig for just randomly swing in your  __  i mean its not like the pork is you know giga freaking overpowered you can still die i mean i near enough right now but i didnt okay you know what im actually gonna change out the bad lucks to the ion thruster and you can still have a piranha okay this is not that bad of a load id say i mean look at this  __  like just like place the  __  down get up to my camping position and now lets just well yeah stand here dude krampus lair this is my all-time favorite map in killing florida which is so well made its progression style and the atmosphere of it is just insanely insanely good yep back when killing floor 2 received quality updates nowadays yeah its just man fair enough we got the drone but thats about it okay drone is trying to kill stuff down there very very poor champ what can i shoot through oh i can shoot through there very cool the  __  i mean the best part is yeah you can just have a lot of drones placed in a single match because you got like what four of them just throw him down let him do his thing while i just let go and chop up some freaking flesh from fools whats he doing okay thats right well no problem got another one no and they just like spawned from behind because i went away for a little bit so if you guys didnt know yeah you can just like camp it here and they just like come from this one way but if you go further down yeah they start spawning back here which can be annoying just a little bit like i dont even know what the hell im shooting at for the most part but they do be dying and thats good for me like i got a bunch of stalkers that i cant even see so im just gonna randomly spam just like that got another one but this he did yeah i think hes dead thats bad im probably gonna blow up sonia there we go okay got like what 10 more sets left should be gg and easy forum yeah boy so im actually quite sad that the bug is gone but i can kind of understand that its pretty much broken on multiplayer yeah boy yeah boy and there we go yeah the drone actually gave me some fun in killing floor 2. you see it sucked in as well oh he does i mean just a shame that i cant well yeah get multiple of them oh come on why does the glitch not work okay lets just upgrade this dude to full and lets see what we can a possibly do and here we go for the boss hoping for like i know oh patriarchal excellent so yeah a single sentinel yeah my mans not gonna be doing all that much to well yeah the bosses anymore i mean beforehand i mean he literally just like melted the goods okay just gonna chop you up throw in emv just because i want to and now there he goes can i kill him before hes gonna heal most likely not because he is a fast boy some cheese unexpected patriarch actually gaga unexpected do i have to move is this actually more difficult than just staying in a corner from i mean it shouldnt be but apparently it is the  __  just somewhere so hes going to be killing things passively yeah i just love that man i absolutely adore that hey yo patriotic one oh ow  __  i just have to heal just a little bit now anki just like went directly in the drone i can plop that  __  down right here just because why not it looks like a decent spot for some z annihilation noise okay im not sure im just like playing so sloppy here because im just like dying left right and center but it is what it is okay just missed the rockets lets just go back to what the drones are so hes gonna be doing Music damage to you as well its not like that much damage but its definitely something i mean on multiplayer hes gonna be doing absolutely nothing but i mean hes there he is freaking there up he just got poked so yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed some berserker gameplay and the rest in pieces to the drone glitch oh it says i got no drones but hes carrying one still but yeah anyway this is pretty much it i hope you guys enjoyed like subscribe and see you guys next episode oh dears Music you steam gifts games The sentinel got patched out, now you can only have one, and apparently the ammo capacity skill from the commando works on him now, thats quite interesting.Was fun while it lasted though :D You can read all what changed here: ► WANT TO SUPPORT ME? 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