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Steam pageant 2022steamed dumpling dough recipe KILLING FLOOR 2 game lets kill some freaking Zeds lets get to the boss good teamwork stick together test your tuning it up thats me lets do this I guess this way where we going first has died maybe weld this door up alright I got your back while youre welding give you some more welding you did a backflip okay we have a good like three three split here thats good hey this doors going to go down in the second here okay lets already time flip on that door though Music Im pretty much look out theres blood everywhere at point okay 20 left just going down now Music doors broken down Music loco look if youve done unless you got him thats what take your good okay its three lefts first what uses the ammo and my weapon here in which weapon my melee my survival tool bill well nothing it doesnt have any ammo whats the the to countdown at the bottom oh those are my those are my detonators done here yeah yeah sure time well theyre up if we get a fallback if we get overrun down here and maybe try to come up here sit on the door peer yeah we gotta be real clear about where where were leaving if we do have to get out of here here we got some edge dictate you gotta you got to go where theyre not but lets go tell each other when we choose it yeah just ran down you grab it yep now I got a shovel and Innes all right down though got a horde of crawlers sore right up the stairs got him Im holding the door got some invisible its coming in from the stairs Loden coming Im out out of primary we have a support of the guys in Scott supplier got a supplier sorry right side right side ask okay dont kill dont kill yep downstairs hang on alright whats the general plan for we have to here guys this ones not bad if we vault these two doors up we could we only have this one entrance to worry about yeah lets scene here okay but if the doors fall you poop on you get outside so I got a pulverizer TX forgot what what the situation should have using this in hit big guys with it first for sure so must yeah primary fires allied attacks secondary fires the explosive attack okay we need to where you load if you if you run out text the right mouse is a very very powerful attack were doing great alright were gonna hold out in here we need a couple people up here welding these doors not it a crap-ton on the right door I need help on this hi darlin Eddie its gone and you get down your support please support get up there oh my god you go outside Music get that door keep moving outside guys shes moving outside well in this door two boats behind ya crap water guys come up and downstairs Music one get to be Chagas resupply yeah I didnt notice I dont really fast yeah they pushed it us out of that room we did a good job of staying together I cook through armor pretty fast on the freezer the brawler hey dont once you buy go well the door in the direction that became something says on the scope must close the pot very soon crap can anyone spare any money at all I can give you all some some on the ground go out the door a top here thank you we stay in this area if Johns willing the door up top lets go up top where John is dont you got yeah yeah that that doors never gonna hold retreats back so I ought to be right here right good sight lines sounds good its like their watch down pretty good where is that right side there Music on the left but here scrape scrape straight coming in on the right my disprin aid good job unless thats clear use your secondary okay well sighs got away and over the wire pedigree now for less should we head to the trader yeah well here they all on the path to the trader Music theres a lot of blood over here Music get some welds in right here armor in here to the left of the trader room is already Esther to anybody that needs armor theres some armor here Im good I could okay left of the trader room all the stores part well that I cant get in there think regular slay I can use like one or two hundred more bucks if somebody has some open the scar I know choices people just one enemies on the scope no worries I have three dodge which are used theres my three Tosh all right do we want to be here no doc oh lets go lets go back the direction we came from outside look to be pretty good yeah locked okay or not I gotta crap watch bounce somewhere Oh should eat him right here here right here straight behind bill youre gonna want to move outside yesterday outside outside to the left just authorizers okay I just like stood on top of this stray and the facepuncher just crush them sweets right tester one fall back somebody can stand on this laminate here get a pretty good view down below sounds good Ill do that I need some help down low Raj is dead ready to rinse someone anew let me help over here John move up a little bit Music now lets not push up too much I heard a spray spray right side left side becomes left side come in on who is that just freaking pulverizer that may hit the house west if you just jumped you jumped off the ledge to just clubbed him in the freaking head that was awesome the top half of his body literally exploded sweet Music so I saw a siren down the left side we got a group coming from behind Music five one of them is the streak Im down to one grenade love were at the hes down here on the left good job alright guy like the spa keep it together lets lets take whats keeping this spot  __  how anybody need any money in it Visser ater hes free of a super heavy T its one of the most powerful weapons in the games the saw blades are just insane if you get a headshot but theyre also slow on a its its got a very few ammo so you can pick up the saw blades after after they land its a good way to keep replenishing your ammo I might buy that for the boss then again save some money up okay these doors are destroyed lets see if we can make this far work again okay lets not stand up too close to that door since that doesnt mean guys can catch you I got a horde coming up from the downstairs from the ramp left side yeah you guys got it Music break up our heels off the door Hannah hug hi Music anybody watching the left me and me in 61 you know who yeah push pounds coming in medic great ass grenade out hes down six is in trouble down here Music they come down topics safer now freeloading Thanks ask far-left I cant tell Im watching the bottom right now puss down watch my back real oh yeah hes a top door breakdown below another strake yeah hes coming towards number one on top here about 25 dragon job Applause those are mine you wanna head to the trader now yeah yeah thats job good job team father into the rave all I need that we should give Mike some some money when he responds yep plea think its this way Music oh we went to we went the wrong way I was just mindlessly following you guys oh its its a scrape by the way hes right there hi what is it is it all right once I go into it oh here he comes knees down Music was it straight nice I like the part where we shot him be folks anyone need some cash whereas there we go hes on the tree which one are you Mike six Im number stick should I have the pulverizer or the Eviscerator for the boss smell Eviscerator I mean forget it iterator lets go outside again right sure I think Im going the right way this rater obtained ya mean you should keep the Eviscerator in like at least one other weapon yeah I went back to the basic shovel because I couldnt carry both that in the poker followings one hold on were getting too spread out hold off Evan we only got four of us here Im coming back Im Harriette theres two theres five were all together all right lets get outside then I saw a house behind you all right here they are thats how I want that any of them which way gravity go yeah downstairs yeah theres a door right here take this out thatll work too sit save us save your grenades for the up flush pounce most likely gonna be I got a bunch coming to this doorway over here the four and I are next - whos that / no six straight inflows down we got a husk come on behind us to drinking flush-mount coming from the bottom guys okay and two pounds yep you know keep moving up keep moving up keep falling back Applause run West Oak Hill West Hill West kneeling down I didnt know how this thing works good job good job pick any of this back they got a spring though dont pat yourself on the back yet there is a buttload coming down on the bottom renee pitts I could use Music shotgun uxs laptop lets have three of them write down if it came something down below yeah I got the bottom spring somewhere but I have a feeling its gonna be up top new to come out of top middle-middle careful a stick back with us Music Paulo Suns up high too up clear up clear seven left five left we got so you look at all the blood look at this hell be all the way down the whole freakin Hill man this is Trey let me go over we made it to the boss guys yeah good job make sure youre recording I wish I could have the pulverizer and the Eviscerator dang it makes you guys felt totally he needs money lets lets lets get I dont know lets get outside we just dont want to be cornholed in a small area with the boss eight seconds left like a nifty Kofi Cup soon lets go up all right stay mobile guys dont let him get too close to you Music hes down below look out below gal toxic Nate toxic oh man hes after me now Music best japanese games on steam ★ Subscribe for more PC gaming videos! 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