Killing Floor 2 | HALF LIFE 2 MONSTERS! - More Enemies In The Game! (Mod)

Steam matrix gamesbuy game steam KILLING FLOOR 2 game all right whats very one Pathfinder here and two theyre playing some more a killing of flora 2 and were going to be playing today with half-life 2 freaking monsters oh my god I mean Im playing on hard because some of these things that actually spawn are just like borderline overpowered such as like gunships and like those chopper things I mean what the hell so Im just gonna be playing card today so if you want you can download the mod and try calendar it by yourself I can tell you right now youre not gonna beat it its just unbreathable because usually you cant even hide from things because they just keep on gutting for your ass but yeah enough about me complaining that I cant beat a freaking mod lets say this  __  okay so these things actually spawn alongside clots you know like and there is a half-life 2 zombie and he did oh my god but yeah the only problem here is like ammunition these things actually think like a lot of ammo to kill oh and then we have some headcrabs there we have some head frags oh not like this okay what the hell here oh here yes just like jumping right into my ass my god Im in this mod it just wants me to you know go back and play half-life like not even joking because its actually been a while since I played that thing lucky youre dead clods go away youre no competition here but yeah these half-life Zeds just make these killing floor designs like just so bad my god okay so first wave I mean even on Helen or that just like made the first wave it was like wave 2 or 3 that I just like was keep on dying on those waves because the things that spawn are just too good you just cant do anything about them oh my god because I was just like here in my test run and wave 3 happened and there was just like a bunch of choppers like way up in the sky just like gutting my ass down okay rector get some armor of maybe two flashes and here we go yeah I do like killing Florida mods man theyre just like quality perfection I mean fair enough this MA just needs like a little bit of balancing just a little bit you know not too much okay here we go some freaking and score fast which are just like useless as always I just want to see those things those freaking machine gun that is so here we go some classic ass but it can zombies but there are some things like these guys to just let go and explode your ass all peaches has an owl all there is the chopper dude that is the chart but I dont even know how the hell you can it has that okay the only way to avoid the chopper is to connect indoors and maybe not even indoors because its still shooting me our freakin headcrab not like this but yeah good luck killing like the chopper on hell on earth because hes probably gonna kill you very fast that guy just killed me because the chopped red oh there he is how do you and kill that day is throwing you in like bombs down how do you even kill that thing why do you have so much hell wait are those even more choppers all the dad shes not even fair oh I think hes spoiling yadamma without ammunition there thats not the best thing you can possibly imagine what I just ran out all those our choppers in the mess hall oh thats not even the Jo Im lying right now what the girl okay what the hell are the choppers in the mess hall that doesnt make sense Jesus Christ I dont even know if you can kill them or not okay just for the sake of me like breathing this Im just gonna spawn it myself ammunition because this dish is bad okay here we go I just enabled myself some kids and I got like all Im here so lets just go and kill these things because they are probably annoying I mean this is wave 2 and I dont even know what the hell to do with these things Music can you even kill them okay you know what Im just gonna I repeat you this dude cant even be bothered man why dont have the battle-scarred maybe Jesus can you die chocolate if literally that dude took ages to kill not even joking she cant even be bothered mine oh ok at least the songs are cool what we still have another dude left and hes like way up in the sky somewhere yeah there he is I mean this is kind of cool just like shooting freaking choppers hes not a PG but hes shooting me in the meantime how can you and kill this guy in like your regular play but this doesnt look cool though how can you stop shooting me you piece of  __  okay hes running away now okay Im just gonna go close to him then kill him okay what are they Kelly when is he hes right up there its too bad yet not yet can you just go man shes just like way up in the sky how are you supposed to kill that thing and heels just like always like hells yeah oh my god I mean something in killing so just imagine like flying sense in killing thought of that would be cool but this guy just doesnt want to die like at all oh there he goes okay that actually looks sick Jesus Christ eight and a half or just in nine minutes to kill like a bunch of freaking helicopters Jesus Christ I mean look at the amount of money I have fair enough I just like cheated that money but still okay just for the sake of this video Im just gonna play a demolitionist you know with my RPG and we should be fine like what else maybe like i could a launcher because that things probably gonna do damage as well okay skip the trailer time and we should be good to go hopefully I dont even know what the hells gonna spawn like here wave three out of four god damn it man all we have these dudes oh thats not fun in the slightest not like this oh my god what its just like so much things and this is only hard but yeah I do challenge you guys to just like try this on hell on earth its just not even doable like at all god damn it other than thats another big dude what Im gonna show them lets get bad hes not even dead whats he doing I dont even have this  __  reloaded good an eight-time Oh what the hell is this oh I just exploded all things demolitions always liked the demo a wall which is the random ass craic would you know it man more of those please God oh where the hell did you come from oh hes gonna probably kill my freaking health or maybe not boy it is messed them up that things just like stuck on me right now what the hell Gore Finn go away okay I need to reload this just in case okay can you not clot no one likes here dude seeing this like you know our power things and then just like a cloth its just like day and night pretty much okay does this get you and I okay combine hunter my god like at least we didnt get like any choppers here I mean those things actually looked cool as hell not even gonna lie okay claw how did I miss that okay hes dead okay there is like still two things left but what all there is go do one of these I mean if this mod gets polished like balance wise with those like choppers it would actually be me perfection way four out of four I wonder what the boss is gonna be hopefully its not Im just going to be like oh no thats just not even fair thats just not even fair how the hell are you so fast zombie look at that thing why is he so huge God Jesus  __  I just have to like her and away from this  __  I mean hopefully he cant like go through walls and  __  because that would actually be terrible but thats a bunch of clods oh thats a bunch of fast things that no one appreciated but received anyway how come shes gonna kill him with this cant even be bothered I can probably see that guy just like halfway across the map or what the hells that poison zombie not appreciated okay kill those things thats another fast dude thats just like ripping off my health oh its a dynamite time Jesus Christ these guys what the hell are they doing okay what the hell is that big thing at okay we got some head crabs here just quickly demolish those things more headcrabs even Nukem what was the big dude  __  I think hes there just like being stuck or something god dammit he was huge oh my geez okay lets see this no more the hell yet hopefully hes not like in a freaking house right now just like glitching out oh hes like way up in the sky oh thats thats not nice doc even has like some random-ass maneuvers oh he does some damage what the hell since when oh this guy man I mean just imagine killing floor like this like in general how cool would this be which is like so much variety in SEDs whats he doin hopefully its not gonna bite my ass off and I dont even know what to help oh hes shooting fast I think I just angered the dude maybe look at that leg but he should have been delaying probably not right now he just goes through oh thats some damn it oh well they just waitin heal up I dont want to go and get killed by this guy now okay I just went all ammo again because this guy probably takes a hell of a lot of shots to kill in the m79 role isnt the best thing whats he doing oh just look at that that animation look at this dude oh this mod is just mm-hmm I mean the only thing even though its like a work in progress I just want this guy to just like polish these like things up like health-wise and damage-wise because as they are right now theyre kind of a little bit you know - punchy even for hard what should I say they take like way too much shots to kill but fair enough I did saw like this more than like a bunch of like RPG servers and servers with like a hundred people plus on them but it would be cool okay lets see the boss is going to be a normal one or a half-life one abomination I do I get the abomination every single time dude this is literally Id know the fourth with you in the road that I got this thing my god abomination can you just go away no one likes you mine Ill just Ill be I wish that thing was a boss not even gonna lie I mean it would prolly not fit in like most Maps because that thing is actually huge but still did you just get yourself not done abomination what are you doing oh hes probably gonna puke me here oh here he goes just look at that boss ability mine so much damage but yeah man half-life monster is in this game I mean it was a short game on hard and it took 17 minutes I mean most of that was just me like killing those freaking chopper things god damn it but yeah I hope you guys enjoy this be sure to check this mod out I just want this guy to you know balance them up a little bit just to what this can be like actually fun to play with because as these things are right now I mean what the hell you cant even do anything to him but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed leave a like subscribe and see you guys next episode adios can i play steam games on tablet Well I couldnt get that hellknight dude to spawn, so I just downloaded half life 2 monsters instead :DI really hope this mod will get polished as in health and damage vise. Because as it is right now, you cant beat it on hell on earth, those things just deal way to much damage :)Go check it out: SPECIAL THANKS TO: - Jani (10$) - Robert Pando (20$) - Rasmus Meerson (1$) - Frederik Hermann Nielsen (1$) - Daniel Coutinho (1$) - GUMMYOWL (1$) - Topias Salakka (1$) - Artur Straub (5$) - Jacob Ybarra (5$) - Jacob Whitman (JSW12Gaming) (1$) Really appreciate the support through patreon :) HOPE YOU ENJOYED! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- WANT TO SUPPORT ME? LINK: or LINK: -- Join our steam group: -- Join the DISCORD and come hang out! LINK: best steam games with friends heyzeus steam steam best racing games download steam games free full tilden park steam trains