Ghostrunner steamkey steam game KILLING FLOOR 2 game Killing Floor 2 a perfect simulation of the British daily experience get dressed stab your neighbor go to the store get in a knife fight grab a pint colonize the known world and attempt to exterminate the Irish for the third time this week God Save the Queen I I mean King as accurate as the game is the British lifestyle it was actually developed by God-fearing red-blooded Americans and they simply couldnt help themselves from putting guns into the game too God bless America live out your fantasies of dual wielding Desert Eagles without breaking every single bone in your hands at once secure your place on a government watch list with generous amounts of C4 or by using a homemade flamethrower strike down your enemies with the katana made of Glorious Japanese steel folded over 1 000 times or blast into a crowd of zombies with the stoner lmg made of Glorious American Scrap Metal folded over one times all of these weapons and choices for the purpose of eviscerating the specimens also called Zeds theres a variety of Zeds to match the variety of player options and Im led to believe tripwire based the sense on the regular residents of the British pubs that they visited in their research first of all almost everybody is bald half of them want to grab you and the other half want to puke all over you the women you see are either decrepit and loud or are sneaky and have alt girl danger hair theres also the football Hooligans that charge at you with spiky gauntlets when they get butt mad classic British culture the huge variety of classes weapons talents and enemies are the Bedrock Foundation that makes the core of this game so solid you can see above this Foundation a few of the cracks that are supported by the core a story that doesnt matter and is barely present characters that are largely forgettable no official SpongeBob map and a lack of communication from the developers that being said the foundational gameplay is so strong that I keep coming back to it again and again Killing Floor 2 is the perfect horde shooter to play with friends you should play it and I want to tell tell you why the goal of this game is to survive against the hordes of Zeds on a map of your choice and to make as much money as possible in survival mode youll fight through limited waves of enemies and kill a boss at the end to win the game or Play Endless mode and see how many waves you can last versus Mario no no thank you kill enemies as efficiently as possible and rack up the money invest your dash wisely by buying a good weapon and some armor or give it to your teammates who provide the same return on investment as your average  __  coin in between each wave of seds theres a break to go to the trader and make sure everybody gets a heal up reach around dont worry its not gay if you get money for doing it one of killing floors special mechanics is Zed time which can be randomly triggered by anybody on the team just by killing an enemy it slows down time for everyone you can use it to line up some good headshots or look for an exit if youre about to be cornered pick a character before you start two and uh make sure you choose some good Cosmetics you can choose to play solo but the game is really best experienced with multiple get some friends together or join a server to get the true kf2 experience after that pick a map good amount of maps mostly horror themed like evil scientific labs and Portland Oregon though about half of them are Community made because tripwire forgot how to make non-holiday-themed maps after the first few that came with the game finally choose your class called Perks in this game trying out different perks and their weapons is one of the most fun parts of the game so I want to tell you all about each one first up is the Berserker hi kids do you like violence wanna Chase somebody down a dark alleyway in Silence with a knife the Berserker is a great front liner and cant be grabbed by clots but his other role is as a money generator for frequent healing reach-arounds since he takes so much damage considering he also doesnt have to spend much on ammo with melee weapons if hes feeling adventurous he can fund his teammates with his excess earnings with the berserkers talents for tanking and speed now you too can be that shady guy that every woman on a jog is scared to be around after 6 PM ignore pain hit harder let nothing stop you from catching up to her and tying her sleeves together Commando is one of my favorites and my recommendation for new players for very personal reasons when I was but a little boy my family took me out to a farm for the American ritual of letting your son shoot World War II Weaponry unsupervised the moment I fired my first round I was enamored with the spirit of George Washington who transformed into a bald eagle and flew away and told me as he flew to play Commando in Killing Floor 2 many years later I salute it as a single tear rolled down my face so overcome with emotion that I nearly shot myself in the leg Commando lets you fire all the weapons a young boy would want and this time at Zeds instead of at your own limbs Commandos traits calls out close Zeds for the team too outlining invisible ones in red this means stalkers as well as one of the bosses the patriarch cant sneak up on you let loose with an M16 grenade launcher attachment SCAR H assault rifle Stoner light machine gun sa80 Bullpup kalash nickel time to really explode you may think using homemade C4 on Zeds when you could simply shoot them is slightly unhinged but youll find it quite reasonable once you see a level 25 demo whip out the explosive Tommy Gun during Zed time yeah oh my God I was so big it threw my aim on oh my God I cant see glad to hear it medic weapons have two functions bullets and projectile healing syringes Medics existence on a team is questionable considering that several classes have cross use with medic weapons the healing SMG can be used by SWAT the healing melee weapon by Berserker the healing assault rifle by Commando all with similar Effectiveness some would say you should determine beforehand whether your team needs someone who does slightly less damage to give you all more healing do you need the extra healing because youre bad at dodging have you considered simply killing the Zeds faster and not getting hit huh dumb dumb idiot all I have to say is that a pocket heel slot wildly slurping on your health bar mid-fight is one of lifes many pleasures and also yes Im bad at dodging do you have a God complex enjoying seeing Zeds writhe in pain thrive in hearing your teammates complain about missing headshots because the Zeds arriving in pain and you keep blinding their line of sight with a flamethrower youre not a very nice person are you Firebug is an odd class you can clean up small enemies with a flamethrower but maybe not as efficiently compared to somebody with a machine gun you can take out large targets with a microwave gun but maybe not as efficiently compared to somebody with a sniper rifle but God damn it setting a group of zombies on fire with a flamethrower is just plain satisfying and theres no getting around it Yeehaw Gunslingers are a sort of pseudo-sharp shooter slightly less stopping power than a sharpshooter but with more flexibility in closer ranges Gunslinger is all about dual wielding dual wield some revolvers be the cowboy you always wanted to be or some Magnum revolvers to match your Magnum Dawn or dual wield 4 guns at once because Mommy never loved you enough to give you those four handguns one for each year on your fourth birthday that you wanted so bad yeah professionals have standards be polite be efficient have a plan to kill everyone you meet ah Sharpshooters are like snipers in any other game youre either going to feel like a god when you one shot a flesh bound to save your teammate touch pound on me got it or youll feel like the most useless sack of  __  on the team because you repeatedly died to low tier enemies like get in your personal space the support specialist is a boomer who believes that Gunplay Pete with the super shotgun in Doom 2. the Boomer is a tripwire and I believe them to be completely correct which is why they give support Specialists the super super shotgun the doomstick four barrels all at once sacrificing all the bones in your dominant firing arm to obliterate all the organs in your Targets body hes got plenty of damage but he also has an ammo backpack once per turn everyone on the team can grab ammo from you support specialist also welds doors faster and better than everybody else meaning you can take advantage of door choke points more efficiently than other classes survivalist has no designated role on a team because survivalist is into real class survivalist has General damage resistance and can use any class weapon so its what people choose when they want to deck around with a revolver and a shotgun while their team dies around them then they wonder why everyone leaves the server while they run around throwing metacrenades at the floor for an hour and a half SWAT is all about SMGs your role of SWAT is to take care of clots and crawlers fast you can be tanky and ungrabberable or a speedy boy hipfire your bullet hose in the vague direction of anything that moves for best results to most effectively play SWAT though treat the zads like you would treat a twitch streamer theres 18 common types of scents and with so many of them coming at you youll need to know which ones are which heres a handy dandy guide to help you identify and prioritize them quickly on the battlefield keep in mind that this is a generalized guide based on my experience and all difficulties and not specific to each perk so if youd like to whine about it in the comment section please go fast goes moderate danger also please better play deep Brook Galactic is best you may do so now in low danger we have clots crawlers Gore fasts and stalkers sometimes referred to as trash mobs clots of this tier come in three flavors righteous anger manlet unfinished by God and self-described mocap actor cokehead Behavior they dont deal much damage but dont underestimate them clots will grab and immobilize you if they get an Arms Reach you and force you to look at them trapping your movement and disorienting your camera gives the large lad behind them a prime opportunity to slap you upside the head unlike other spider-like creatures that give me confused arousal crawlers arent sexy at all well not to me anyway theres probably somebody out there who likes them like that but either way crawlers are fast and love to impede your movement below eye level where you arent looking gorefests want to gore you are fast and have bad Dental stalkers are invisible evasive and kind of scare me but kind of give me a boner at the same time look for the Shimmer that reveals them briefly or play Commando to reveal them for your entire team the moderate danger tier includes four Elite enemies which are stronger versions of other Zeds these Zeds have a chance to spawn instead of their normal counterparts and that chance has increased at higher difficulties rioters are Elite clots that love escalating violence they scream to empower all the Zeds around them while staying comfortably out of range like a guy that screams world star while recording two homeless men fighting to the death in a public bathroom Elite crawlers leave a poisonous gas cloud when they die unless you headshot them it was a hard decision but I can say with some certainty that uh these spiders arent very sexy either gorphins want to gore you are fiends and have even worse Dental the quarter pounder is a cheeseburger you can get from McDonalds for 3.79 it also might be a smaller version of a big boy well talk about later the third tier is for enemies with ranged attacks these enemies are not necessarily always higher priority especially when you have a few residents of the queen in your face but the sooner youre able to pick them off the better the bloat is the first prioritized Target youll have to deal with in the early rounds spawning alongside the otherwise exclusively clot-filled waves hes big hes bad hes gonna puke and sneeze right into your open mouth if you dont Lop his head off first the husk is a firebug player who decided to just be honest and upfront by officially joining the Zeds shooting Fireballs at his previous allies husk Fireballs can be done lodged with a good jump ironically the only weapon husks are weak to is microwave damage a damage type used primarily by Firebug let me talk to the fellas in the audience for a second fellas guys you ever listen to a woman Doc before women be shopping am I right fellas women be talking and shopping and uh screaming and hurting your ears and uh yeah please help me Im so lonely edar is our robots and dont mind getting their head blown off three types of robots one shoots Rockets another shoots lasers and another will try to trap you with a beam shoot it in the chest to blow it up the final and most important enemy tier the large Lads the big boys if you dont  __  yourself from hearing the noise they make when they spawn theyll  __  yourself for you scrakes are the big boys with the chainsaws slow but get too close and theyll flip out for a bit injure them enough and theyll flip out permanently sprinting at you until one of you kills the other because theyre initially slow if you play it smart you should be able to avoid engaging with a strike until youre ready the flesh pound is an intimidating figure built like a brick  __  but with the brain of a detention deficit disorder Zoomer its the only enemy in the game that will get bored and start raging after you if you dont pay attention to it it rages similarly to the strike via injury but unlike the strike the flesh pound will calm down after it gets the engagement it craves theres five bosses to back up these enemies in Killing Floor 2. youll face one of them at the end of survival mode or one every five rounds in Endless mode first you got the patriarch the guy who made all the sets then the matriarch shes the patriarchs daughter not his wife but dont worry about it a bloat but big a flesh pound but big and a friendly German NASA scientist who Im sure has never done anything wrong there are four difficulties in Killing Floor 2. a big point in the games favor for me is that it doesnt do what many other games do for harder difficulties in just increasing the Zeds damage and health in Killing Floor 2 not only do the enemies gain larger stats they also get new behaviors for one theyll close the gap faster clots will Sprint instead of walking stalkers become the fastest enemy in the game and sometimes flush pounds will spawn in their charging rage theyll also use defensive tactics to help close that Gap cokehead clots and stalkers will Dodge and roll like a competitive from soft Enthusiast Gore fasts and gorphins will block their faces nearly every time you try to shoot them in the head and can block while running bloats too will defend their faces and will puke while dashing if you get too close some Zeds gain new attacks as well stalkers will use more complicated jumping attacks so that theyre harder to hit husk become more of a threat at close range gaining a flamethrower to use on you as well as deciding to blow themselves up next to you much more often on top of all this the harder the difficulty the more often youll see Elite enemies I often hear people complain about game design when it comes to difficulty increases so I find Killing Floor 2s way of doing it very refreshing and worth pointing out the game does have its flaws though but everything I would consider a flaw about this game is sort of outside the core gameplay itself that makes it so fun for one the story is completely unimportant and you would never find out about it through the gameplay itself its the kind of story you find out through reading the wiki basically the patriarch used like Rick and Morty technology to turn the sun into a bunch of zombie clones some  __  doesnt matter my other gripe is that despite all the characters having unique voice lines in a dialogue wheel they just dont match the charm of Killing Floor One Killing Floor one only had two voice actors for all the characters but the lines were extremely memorable my friends and I still quote them at each other to this day I need a heel someone patched me up Im hurt someone Heal me Jesus Im bleeding like a like a stuck pig that Bloody well hurts I want drugs now additionally with the dialogue the character dialogue you hear from the chat wheel is not the same that others hear the voice line that the trader or the boss plays is not the same that others hear I do not like it when games do this especially co-op games this is a really personal gripe just for me because I like bonding over the voice lines and co-op games and sharing them with friends laughing about them or questioning what the hell they just said but if what a character just said made you laugh and you want to share that moment of fun with your friends you have to go through the secret kf2 mini game of imitating The Voice line with noticeably worse delivery to give your team a vague idea of what even happened and by then the moment is lost but ultimately these are all Aesthetics on top of the hearts of what makes the game so good Killing Floor 2 has a very special place in my heart the game has its flaws but the foundation of the gameplay Loop is Rock Solid and boy does to make me solid the variety of perks and how they interact with the variety of enemies would have been enough on its own they also made the gun play feel amazing the reloads are beautiful and the animation on the guns as they fire is especially good looking during Zed time learning how the different perks can form a cohesive team with each person focusing on different enemies gives a fun strategic experience and on higher difficulties you adapt to the Zeds change in Behavior a more satisfying experience of difficulty scaling than simply increasing their health and damage as other games do all these things make Killing Floor 2 an intense gore-filled action-packed meat grinder of an experience an experience that I cannot get enough of I hope you feel the same thanks very much everyone for watching this far and a special thank you to my Shady cabal of video Elites and video enjoyers your untraced blood Money funds the production of these videos I assure you it will not go to waste I love you all very much thanks again and see you next time Music I could go 5 player online games steam KILLING FLOOR 2 presents a bold question: what if the average UK citizen was allowed to own a Kalashnikov?Support These Videos: Throw Money at Verac: Art and Music Credits: Watch My Livestream VODs Here: @VeracLIVE Twitter: #killingfloor2 #kf2 #Verac steam gameshare best 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