Kingdom Come: Deliverance | Rahdo Preview by Shea

Steam zoo tycoon 2how to treat a burn from steam KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE game hey everybody today rado preview is a prototype of kingdom come deliverance but before i begin please turn this up out of some of the klingon channel so that if i make any rule scoops you know what they are and of course im not rotto im jay parker helping rado cover even more games games like kingdom come deliverance where we find ourselves in 15th century bohemia frog where we are currently in the middle of the hisite wars now this is a campaign game very historically based theres no swords and sorcery well theres swords but theres no sorcery and we are not brand adventurers not heroes of saw of story and legend were just people we are people during a very bloody time uh a very contentious period in uh in christian history specifically but uh this is just you know something that happened to the people of this land um the site uh wars um theres you could talk for a while but the history of it but basically its a sort of a kind of a rebel faction uh pushing up against the catholic church so we are people who are uh being enlisted by by the church to uh to fight against the hussites but we are not soldiers in fact im playing on my left as the maiden jarmilla and the commoner zephora on my right just people and theres a little bit of backstory to them but they are essentially just uh people of the land but we have been enlisted to go to the town of samopesh to find a man who goes by the name of wolf because he has been compiling a list of possible traitors and so we are trying to find this person and you know get the list because this person has gone quiet and we dont need to know why so weve made our way to this village weve been dropped off and weve seen a few things one theres this burning building to the right theres also an end to the left and theres this guy who is uh presumably one of the hussite military who is in this area and so we are just trying to do our main job now i should say about this campaign that this is largely app driven so ive got this you know its again mine is a prototype app but its doing a pretty good job of telling me you know what i can do in my current location and so during the game im going to be referring back to that um pretty often but while this app does have sound its got voice and music i actually have the the sound turn off so that i can you know better teach the game as im playing it now in this uh game i start with our people and theyre pretty much blank canvases uh i jarmilla here has some agility and some perception um but not a lot and not any useful skills really her items that she starts with are some yellow herbs and an item thats literally a worthless dagger so you know were not to really drive home the fact that were not soldiers um but weve been dropped down in this location we have a mission uh and uh once we once we find wolf we also want to go to the monastery that is nearby but weve been dropped off because this place seems too hot and the person whos uh driving us there didnt want to get involved so were in the middle of a bit of trouble like i said burning building on the right theres an end on the left which weve been hearing some stuff going on in there we dont know whats going on and then this guy who clearly is part of our enemy group but he has not necessarily noticed that we are against him because at the moment we are not that suspicious at the bottom of our boards we have a suspicion tracker and there are a few uh little actions that we can do in this location um see these little tokens here are referring to the actions we can do and the ones with exclamation points those are suspicious actions so if we do them were going to have to make an alert check against this guy so uh the actions that we have here and they are shown on our on our app here um we can interact with george and there are a few different ways to interact them which why theres little number three there we can inspect the door um thats the uh the building on the right i believe um we can peek through the wall thats the uh n on the left and we can collect herbs from the garden now this herb collection thats not a suspicious activity so i actually think im gonna do that one first um so i uh pick up this little token and lets see who am i going to do that with well i see that this token is blue blue referring to a number of skills on our board but also you know skills that we kind of start with blue is perception so im going to choose jarmila to do this action because she has a little bit of perception as uh as we start so im going to take this off the board and take the action and uh i need to click on the the button on the app to figure out you know what this entails because i dont necessarily know whats going to go on here i dont think this is going to be a difficult thing so i collect herbs from the ground and it gives me a little bit of a little bit of text so it says a bit of gentle wiggling and theres a nice bunch of flowers and herbs in your hand would make for some good brew so i take white herbs and red herbs and each of them place two charge tokens so weve got this item deck here and lets see those are items 29 and 30. so i find 29 and 30. um and these are gonna just go into my little inventory on the right and place two charges on each of them and so what these guys are going to do is theyre going to you know as in all good games a little bit of bit of herbs theyre going to help me give me some more health some more energy and potentially allow me to to reroll some dice when i eventually need to so i have done this uh this is one of my actions for the turn so i move my little action marker down oh and lets see if theres anything else i hit continue no so thats it for that one i just got some herbs its a nice easy thing to do to start with and its token back in the pile but now i need to do something a little bit more uh engaging with the narrative um okay theres a burning building to my right i think that that is concerning um ive got again this is a green action which is agility now that made in darmilla is a little bit more agile but because its a burning building i dont know exactly what this is going to entail im going to actually do commoner zehora first i want to take this action um because commoner zahora has more health than made in jeremiah zohars got 10 shes only got seven uh shown down on our play reports so im going to take this action with with zahora so one action to do this and then well take this token um but because this is a suspicious action first i need to make an alert check against uh george here now george has this orange base which is referring to the level of suspicion that hes working with and im gonna roll this dice and well see uh what symbol comes up how many exclamation points come up so two exclamation points have come up and this is referring to the suspicion track down here now currently i only have one uh showing here theres three exclamation points but as you can see itll go three down to two down to one now because what was shown here does not match what i have visible he hasnt noticed me but because there are an amount of exclamation points i take one of my suspicion put it into the depleted zone and so the more this goes forward the more i am going to potenti the more likely i am to get noticed by the hussites that are here but he has rolled his suspicion he doesnt notice me so i get to take this action so again im bringing up the app taking the inspect the door action clearly somebody is trapped inside and shouting i skip uh let me out you filthy thieving bastards you hear me open it uh it shouldnt be hard to loosen the nails sealing the door you dont exactly have to be a master locksmith to do it so get to it so now i need to make a skill check from an open door skill jack and here is where having someone with agility might have been a little bit more useful but im going to do it with zahora anyway now every time you make a check in this game youre going to roll six dice if you dont have any skills in this in this ability youre gonna roll just white dice i could add skill dice from my other skills which i have strength and speech for zahra but these arent actually gonna help me with this specific task because it is a an agility-based task so im just gonna roll these six dice and well see what happens i only need to get one to succeed on this um so lets see okay so i didnt get it um but a thing that i can do is i can spend a stamina to re-roll the dice uh re-roll as many dices i would like so lets give this another try all right there we go ive gotten one success which is i think all i need i think sometimes you can get a better result if you really exceed the number im not sure i think that works that way um but because its app based necessarily no but im im writing in that ive gotten one and it says youve torn out the window planks nailing the door shut and indeed a woman barges right into you the dismayed wife says thank god and you the homicides they came demanding gold but my husband wouldnt give it up they beat him terribly and set the house on fire please hes still trapped in there do something uh now i place uh m13 the dismayed wife where are you its midwife uh and set her attitude to white so everyone will always all the other uh the npcs will have these attitude rings and white just implies that they are an npc that is not going to uh check alertness against me so ive said her attitude to white a looming figure emerges from around the corner of the house recognizable only as a silhouette through the surrounding smoke who unblocked the door youre supposed to be roasting in there oh geez uh move woman back in you go what are you a lot staring at want to join her the dismayed wife thats one of them he did it please help i beg you uh so the woman is hightailing it towards the woods the guard is hot on her heels and it doesnt seem like hes after cooking tips stopping him would surely be the honorable thing to do although the nesting looking rusty knife in his hand is off-putting to say the least uh so we bring in eight cash par and set his attitude to orange and then we move the dismayed wife to c4 now c4 there are these grid sort of locations on here if you imagine a on the left d on the right and then were currently at three and then two and then one would be up top so four is just off the map um which means shes she sort of left the area this guy with this big scary knife is is coming after us and we are supposed to do something about it um so i know im presented with options i can attack him i can attempt to talk to him or i can say theres none of my business well uh i youd think that you know in a more traditional at like sword and sorcery kind of game i would try to attack this guy but i am a commoner i have a weapon which is just a stick uh and this dudes got a knife i dont want to get stabbed so im just gonna attempt to talk to him domino sahora has some speech ability so im forming a dialogue skill check so now again im going to roll six dice but im going to roll one of these yellow dice because i have a speech of one so that gives me the ability to roll one yellow die so im trying to get three its going to be kind of difficult but because ive got my ally in the same location i might be able to get a couple re-rolls so first off ive done mine ive gotten one i see this yellow lions head because this is a yellow skill check then i am that that counts as one success for me i can spend another stamina three on commodore zehora so this is him running a little low but well get it back at the end of the round so rolling dice again oh didnt get any more so im going to have uh maiden jermilla oh for her its not spending a stamina never hurts i believe spending an action to help out and we can only do that once im pretty sure so again one more reroll really hoping okay didnt get anything now i could if i was desperate for this i could drink some cheap wine this would let me re-roll any two dice but then i would gain the drunk status and what that means is i would take one of my suspicion tracker tokens and move it to drunk this would be there until i get something that makes me undrunk which just means im much more suspicious as im going around because im drunk obviously thats a little suspicious but i only get to reroll two dice and these guys only have a one on one of six sides so thats not a thats not good odds i think a one in 36 chance of getting that so i dont think i really want to do that i think im just going to let it let it be ive gotten one success so i wrote i put that in and yeah it didnt do great uh just oh it does say random success despite your art inarticulated chattering uh youre made up blubbering youre made up blabbering about an extraordinary long game of dice you recently watched in a tavern entertains the guard for a moment and then he sets you loose get out of my way you weaklings so i bought the woman some time all right um now i move cash par uh to c4 again all right so both of these people are kind of off the map and im hoping that uh shes gonna be okay um i now have lets see move them oh uh i also uh im now place placing a few more tokens on the board as uh shown on this app it says please uh enter the burning house on c3 so thats an action it didnt say it was suspicious checking on the burning house was that was suspicious but actually running into a burning house not so much um but then i can also explore north sort of an exploration token which goes up north and continue all right so theres yeah there are these people that have you know run off the board and i cant follow them um i also cant just walk into these other locations if you can see theres the little number i can zoom in on this a little number uh below the location is sort of tan here but dark on these locations that means i cant just walk in you know i have to to perform an action to to interact with it so i could start exploring north i have heard that there is someone trapped inside this building so maybe i should go over there um but i can also peek into this uh into this inn that doesnt seem terribly important to me right now now i only have one action left for jarmila and two actions for zohora so im going to take zohora and im going to enter the burning building take the app into the house the raging fire is reducing the house and everything inside into charcoal the whole place is filled with thick smoke so i reveal a new tile and im going to place it on top of this this is basically just showing me the inside of the house now inside of this burning building and i place a passage token so even though i wasnt able to go between them before i am now able to go because of this passage token all right broken furniture and forcibly open chests are scattered across the floor uh place search the rubble so some of these actions arent really related to any skills um so then they just have a little search little gray search icon on them cautiously progressing through the house stepping over the charred debris you come upon a sobbing shivering man lying on the ground place object to the repenting merchant sometimes people are shown with these little tokens instead this person is an object place talk on objective 2 the repenting merchant so i can talk to this guy move my miniature to d3 and ive earned a perk point so i have now gained a point in survival so the token that i uh grabbed occasionally these actions that you take will give you ability points um there are perk points so ive earned a perk in survival and uh if you can see over here there is this wheel and there are three skills associated with each section of the wheel so ive though i dont know how much the little sections really matter too much but ive earned a perk point in survival and what i can do with that is i as a free action i can spend this point to increase my base ability matching the color so i could increase my agility with this perk point or if i had a level in agility i could gain a perk in specifically survival you know i think thats why theyre theyre segmented so they dont like bounce around so i know that this one is specifically survival and ive got these perk decks and if i looked up survival out of these i would see a bunch of different abilities that i can get now these are all unique so if i get the skill dermilla cant but it might be useful to get at some point uh some things help me with things like combat some of them are more useful just throughout but unfortunately because i am uh i have you know no sort of ranks in agility i cant actually get this perk so i think im just going to spend this right away and give myself one point in agility so now if i am ever doing a green a green object or a green action then i get to roll these green dice as well and these green dice are good in combat because they have little shields on them as well so even if theyre not uh going to give me any better results than a white guy might help me defend myself instead so ive got my point in agility and uh ive got one action left i might as well try and talk to this uh repenting merchant um i could also uh see was this one was that looking around the room yeah i could search the rubble well i should probably talk to the man whos on face down in a burning building before i you know loot the place um so im going to spend my last action talking to this man right here um oops thats the wrong location here we go so speak with the merchant the man is twitching on the ground his face contorted in a state of horror oh i should mention this is a historical based game and some of the content in this is uh not necessarily kid-friendly um as as you might be able to guess this is a bloody time in history and so the language occasionally reflects that uh people are not in a happy state so uh what this man is lying dying on the ground in a burning building he says uh youre not with them are you here with me please i must repent i let greed consume me i extorted money from fools and pitted them against each other my greed and my big mouth have brought this upon us i fear the end pray with me for my soul and the soul of that god forsaken innkeeper i know this is his doing and that hag of a daughter of his running around naked like a with the sodomites like i said some adult content in this um now pray i must confess or else ill burn here for all eternity so i can grant the merchant his last prayers or i can deny the merchant his last prayers um despite the salty language i think i will grant the merchant to slash prayers seems like the nice thing to do he says thank you and godspeed i have nothing to give you in return but know this the innkeeper has a secret stash in the tavern in the back corner under one of the tables by the window take a peek there and you wont be sorry uh my compromise has increased from from this uh after these words the merchants stare turns blank he will indeed be facing the lord shortly um and i get an item which is the merchants hat so go on to head im assuming its a hat um so this item is going to allow me to re-roll alert dice uh re-roll uh two if you were in if you are stealthy so i havent been stealthy just yet but im about to because im out of actions for zahora but uh jeremys got one more action as well so ive taken the item this man uh is you know well hes hes gonna meet his end pretty soon um jermilla weve now actually heard a reason to check out the uh the in so im gonna take this action to peek in through the window but again this is a suspicious action so once again i need to um roll for alertness for the guard but i decided before this im actually gonna take a free action to become stealthy now this is something you can just always do i probably should have done this beforehand but i wanted to sort of get on with it and uh you can you cant do this if youre in combat with someone but otherwise if youre engaged which is shown by the figures being like touching each other but were not so i need to roll uh this alert die again im just checking to see if three exclamation points come up they didnt in fact i got a blank side and because its blank my suspicions not going to get depleted anymore so i am peeking through the location with my last action peek through the wall uh stepping lightly towards the end you notice a crevice in the wall this should be your spy outpost inside the inn you see a man crouching beneath a table in the corner of the room mumbling and suddenly the trap door by the entrance rises and a young woman with a stubborn look on her face climbs up into the room frantic innkeeper says julia you cant go wandering around here just stay in the cellar theyre the merchants now but it wont be long before they come back no need i have no fear of the hussites and neither should you these aint no hussites theyre mercenaries thugs drunks drunk or not they dont scare me one bit besides they were invited here by ignatius and he wont let them hurt anybody what about that poor wretch they impaled wasnt he under ignatius protection as well just stop it if it wasnt for him i wouldnt be here right now he saved my life and sorry im not going to be able to pronounce some eastern european names uh julia im begging you if you really want to be dragged away by the hussites wait for valasex troops at least they dont murder and rob do it for me child run hide the door is shaken by frantic banging the innkeeper pushes his daughter back down into the cellar and hastily locks the trapdoor then he stands by the entrance to the end trying to look as inconspicuous as he can youve learned that ignatius sent hussites to the village ignatius is a person who we thought might be on our side but it seems is actually uh siding with hussites uh and weve got a new quest the missing maiden this is a side quest so i dont need to complete this in order to finish the mission but might get something out of it which says the innkeeper is keeping julia in the in cellar find a way inside the inn and talk to him but i earned a perk iron perk of stealth uh so i take this blue token and put on stealth now i do have a point in perception so i could spend this stealth to gain a perk so i think im going to do that put this away for a second and im going to look through my stealth options now i only have one point in perception so thats only going to let me get a level one stealth perk so theyre just a couple that i can choose from so ill pop these up in the green screen so i have the what is this uh the crouching chameleon on alert checks uh in stealth i can re-roll all alert dice that helps me avoid being alerted um i can ignore the suspicion penalty of one of your equipment sometimes equipment is very suspicious for example if you have a giant axe or sword or something like that that makes you a little suspicious or a daring debonair whenever your suspicion is matched refresh two stamina points matching suspicion is essentially the opponents uh becoming aware of you so lets see i think that uh being able to reroll alert dice uh during an alert check in stealth i think its pretty good when youre stealthy you get one re-roll anyway but being able to reroll all alert dice that seems pretty good i dont have any equipment that requires suspicion penalties and then whenever your suspicion is matched refreshed to stamina points i already have five stamina so i think i think the crouching chameleon might be a good thing for me to get now perk points they always only cost sorry perks all only ever cost one point but you do have to match the level so sometimes its better to hold on to your perk points and uh increase your your ability scores so you can get the higher level perks because they can be pretty useful for example i have a dagger admittedly i have a worthless dagger but it has the ability to backstab if i know how to do that now if i had gone in with germilla into this burning building and i had gotten the um what did i get here uh survival i think theres a survival ability that gives me the uh the ability to backstab i know that uh thievery lets me back stab i think dexterity lets me backstab so you can get it from a couple different perks but um unless i know how to backstep i cant use it backstabbing is much more effective in combat than just trying to fight them if you know youre not good at strength which i am currently not um but anyway ive done all my actions ive learned a little bit about the world around me and so now im going to refresh and to do that i hit the player refresh button on the app and itll say are you sure because this is going to affect the whole world um not just me but the npcs that i cant see are going to be affected by this but first off i refresh all stamina and action points to your maximum now you might see that the action just cant actually go one step further if you want to bank one action point on your turn you can you can go higher than three but normally you just go back to three and then i refresh my suspicion tracker if there are no enemies in my tile well zohora doesnt have any enemies in his tile so that uh suspicion marker that went into the depleted zone that comes back uh jarmila never increased her suspicion so shes fine and then remove all set alert dice from enemies if there were sometimes enemies will have their alert dice set and we begin a new round um so luckily for me nothing dangerous happened im currently in the same uh situation that i was in and lets do another round so connor zahora yes im still in a burning building but theres something to find here so im going to take the action of just looking around this space searching the rubble i taking this token here so search the rubble not much to look except for charred rubble but on closer inspection you notice a sizeable dent in the wooden floor inside a key i earned a perk point in dexterity all right sometimes that sometimes theyre generous just give you these broke points and now that i have a point in agility i can actually get something uh from the dexterity perk like skill deck i also get the item key with a cross so i should have checked to see what number that was i think it was 22 yeah key with a cross so this doesnt get me anything right now but if i find a chest maybe with a cross on it then that will uh i uh will be able to open it up but i have this dexterity lets see what do i want to do with this i could hold on to it to maybe uh get my agility up to level two but im going to need another perk point to do that i think id rather just get a perk so lets find dexterity what can i do with that uh dexterity oh thats what uh jarmila was just looking at so now oh no she was looking at stealth thats right so dexterity the three options ive got a hidden reserve permanently increase my stamina by one that might be pretty good because zahras stamina is only three sometimes you want a little bit more than that uh nimble i mean move up to two tiles with the bass move action instead of the standard one so i could go a little bit farther maybe it would be good and i got takedown i can perform the backstab action so this would be pretty good if i had a weapon that could backstab but instead i just have a bludgeon i have a club thats not i dont think thats who zohara is im going to choose hidden reserve so i take this perk and i permanently increase my stamina by one im just going to bump that up nice and easy and then i put these back into oh its not top uh into the perk deck and put this back so that was uh one action to search im gonna move back but you know what theres this guy here i think when you move into a location with an alert guard you have to roll uh their alertness but i im going to choose to have gotten stealth before i do that so im stealthy when i do that i walk into the place im not too worried about this alertness because one im stealthy okay so heres where three exclamation points have come up then he would have noticed me but ive got this merchants hat i can re-roll an alert die um it says or two if im stealthy which i am but theres only one person you know alerted to me i rolled the three again but again im stealthy stealthy gives you one re-roll so i get one more chance and its its blank so he has not noticed me or at least i dont think its more that he hasnt noticed me is that hes not really paying attention to me obviously im a person there but you know im not doing anything suspicious enough to warrant the attention so that was another action to move into this space and i could you know im going to spend my last action to just explore theres this exploration uh marker above me so im going to take that one off and explore with my last action i still have all of jarmilas actions so well see what this gets the smoke has somewhat cleared now you see a path leading to the village crossroads reveal tile 107 village crossroads on the space so uh 107 7 there we go just another little bit of dirt road uh place object one wolf of wolfsburg on c2 well first i was looking for was this guy wolf and he apparently has been impaled so not great in front of your eyes is a gruesome sight a badly beaten man towering above you impaled on a spike a sobbing boy is kneeling by the mans feet the poor soul is still twitching place m11 the orphan element uh the orphan and set his attitude to white so he is an npc obviously this orphan boy is not going to be fighting me wolf please wake up please wolf i want to go back to the monastery with you we were supposed to practice reading remember dont leave me i dont know where to go wolf wolf of wolfsburg ignatius knows he knows find him okay apparently wolfs still alive on this um as thorny as the situation seems one thing is clear wolf wolfsburg is done for and seems that he was really keen on your finding this ignatius fellow but why answers must be sought and it seems like this morning little boy here could offer some please talk on the orphan boy quest so the quest has been updated obviously because i found the wolf but its likely the little little boy was close to wolves so i can speak to the orphan and get as much information about wolf as possible a deserted merchants cart is toppled over not far from the stake looters have already pillaged it so it shouldnt matter much to anyone if you poke around in it a bit as well so we place examine merchants cart that little merchants cart there and we can explore to the east and to the west im going to place exploration tokens on either side rising out of the tall grass is a wooden pig sty slowly giving in to the surrounding vegetation oh so i can immediately reveal another tile its tile 106. where are you there you are just above well maybe i wont be going up there because its pretty high up i cant quite see all of it but so thats the grassy lot and i can explore west from that location as well the pigsty while falling apart might still be holding something of use so i can examine the pigsty and ive earned a perk point intuition all right that was uh yeah that was zohora so intuition um oh you know what i spent this point to get uh that dexterity intuition again dont have anything uh any abilities in perception so if i want to use this i might just spend this and boost my perception so now uh zohora is actually a little bit well-rounded ive got one point in everything im not great at anything in particular but i you know at least have ill be able to roll a color die on every you know check that i do presumably so that is sort of thats all for zohora though ive done all three of his actions so now ive just got jarmila um his heart is still here we explored but we didnt actually move into the location because he didnt tell us to sometimes itll tell you to move into the location but this time it didnt so i am going to move jarmilla up into the space with the boy so its an action to move and now i can so i can talk to the boy um i can explore west or east or i can examine the merchants cart and i do want to talk to the boy i think that you know thats definitely going to be useful for our quest but i have a feeling maybe maybe i dont know for sure but maybe theres something in that cart that can help me so before i talk to the boy im going to examine the cart so examine the merchants cart take that token off seems like the looters werent interested in this it aint much but it might get a chance to shine once more take item 31 bivages rage potion and charge okay and some violet herbs so hey ive got a lot of herbs over here maybe these herbs are going to help me out and i get the vivajs rage potion plays a charge token on it 31 and 28. some some violet herbs that right there a couple charges and uh 31 a rage potion this is gonna help me out in uh if im in combat for sure violet herbs are going to uh help me discard the drunk status that would actually be pretty good for zohora to hold on with his this cheap wine and then this rage potion um in a combat check i can replace all of my dice with these red dice but i will take a damage for each blank die in the final roll so its you know hit and miss kind of thing well i didnt boost any skills from that i was kind of hoping to now ive got all these herbs and if i find something that lets me gain an alchemy point that would be pretty useful because theres a skill theres a perk you can get that lets you do alchemy which takes these herbs and you can mix them together to make potions but i havent gotten that yet um all that i have left is to talk to this boy shes not great at talking to people uh but were going to try it were going to see how it goes so im going to talk to this boy honestly it might be better to wait for zohoro to come in but i want to see how this goes if i talk to the boy uh so i talk uh as the boys eyes land on you he jumps up in horror are you with them dont hurt me please the boy startled by your presence sets off towards the north a bulky red-faced hussite soldier stumbles out of the bushes nearby and is walking towards the orphan not your luckiest day and move him up to the top that talk token goes away place ulrich mo4 uh on the same spot said his attitude to orange so these orange these attitudes its always been orange so far but the point of this is that there are a number of different colors of alertness dice and the color of their base determines what dye theyre rolling orange is in the middle yellow is less alert red is very alert um so at the moment he is on orange and im focusing ulric on the orphan so ulrich here is kind of fighting with the orphan so if i want to help him out i need to get there in time fortunately that was the last of my actions and when i hit continue oh itll give me a little bit of text here ulric whats all this moaning and whining i cant take it anymore come here you little piece of scum ill show you how a man should behave very heteronormative uh the child becomes feral charging against the soldier his tiny fists clenched punching the troops gut it was hugh you did this to him ive had enough of your blubbering lets get this over with you brat the kids determination is admirals admirable still hes no chance against a grown man so i can place distract ulrich on an ulric um and place an injured token on the orphan so ulric is attacking this kid and that injured token tells me that hes taking some damage hes not down you can take a little bit more um but i should get there um so now quests updated wolfsburg the orphan wont be able to take the soldiers beating for long do not let him die um and now a world event sometimes these will just pop up on the app something is happening on c3 path into the village uh cash bar says where are you you can run but you cant hide look who found his way back to the village its the woman chasing military man from the merchants house judging by his snarky tone the merchants wife is still breathing thanks to you i feel good about that at least so i place kash parr on c4 and move him to c3 change the attitude of cash bar to red so he is angry now change him to a red base so now if i ever do anything suspicious he is really going to notice but hes not paying attention to me hes specifically looking for the lady now im out a lot of actions which means i have to end my turn i hit player refresh and here i think is where a few things are going to happen one moving the action tokens back up we dont have any suspicion so we dont need to worry about that and we remove all said alert dice but that dont have any of those either when we begin a new round oh i was expecting uh expecting this guy to attack the the boy i think that um you probably would but uh as it is right now the current situation is the wolf the guy that ive been looking for is dead im hoping to make it to the monastery uh where he was maybe find that list of traders but i dont know necessarily the way but this boy i bet does so i need to go in and save him ive got ulrich here who has maybe the best ability to distract the guard since i can talk but i can also fight a little bit so i would probably make my way up there try and help him out meanwhile zahora or sorry jim jermilla i think her best bet is to start exploring seeing if theres anything else in the area that might be able to help us out i bet if i go in this direction ill be able to get back down to the inn and i know that theres like a secret stash down there so that could be some useful equipment and ive also got a young woman who seemed to be in some kind of trouble and you know maybe i could help her out but that i think hes giving you a pretty good idea of the gameplay of kingdom come deliverance so if you want to hear my final thoughts why dont you click on the link in the top right corner or in the show notes below and i will see you folks there in three two one bye-bye xsteam travel steamer Help Rahdo Run: ❤️ Code of conduct: 🙂 And now...A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Kingdom Come: Deliverance. 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