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How to share games on steam 2017steam deck workshop KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE game god bless came to you todays escort well husband how goes it good I should  get it finished today where on earth is   Henry I need him to run some errands he was  still sleeping when I went out this hour Wow it looks like he was out all  evening drinking like a lord get   the lazybones up then quick clout  round the air should do it mm-hmm Henry get up now theres work to be done hmm Ill come get you up here that youd  better not vex him now get up quick your   breakfast is on the table wait whats this  have you been oh Henry how many times have I   told you about fight thats nothing its just  a scratch youve been at that swordplay again   havent you youd better pray your father  doesnt get to hear of it you know how he   feels about it I dont worry it wasnt  the huh I just scratched myself as all   mm-hmm well just dont come crying to me if  you really do get hurt now get up you rogue a fine state youre in this morning what  on earth did you get up to last night nothing much me and the lads were just having  a chat in the Talmud some Wayfarers stopped   by he was telling us whats going on in  the world and well I lost track of time   well I hope you didnt fill your head  with nonsense well Ive got a feeling   theres something youre not telling me and  its connected with that scratch on your   hand and that suspicious-looking character  with a sword who turned up in town recently you think hes teaching me sore fighting dont  you what use would that be to me here Im not   lying to you MA all right then if you say so  I dont mean to pry but you know your father   takes a dim view of such things did Matthew  and fritz come looking for me no I havent   seen them this morning they shouldnt be  hard to find theyll be hanging around a   tavern somewhere as usual mother you nearly  a grown man Hal father will pass the fort   on to you one day soon youve been caught  in that Bianca for months now why do you   have to keep wasting your time with those  two layabouts theyre nothing but trouble his father angry with me for sleeping late  hes not happy yesterday you promised him   youd help finish that sword for cirrhotic  hes not as young as he was and you know   how his joints pain him hes too proud  to complain but he needs your help Henry   I know dont worry MA of course Ill help  him good he always says it sneezing when   theres a storm coming I hope theyre wrong  this time its looking like such a nice day do you need me to do anything man  are you a good lad but Im fine   its your father needs helping with that sword come here I need at least Europe thats a  start anyway weve a lot of work to do today   Im finishing the sword for Sir Isaac and I  need your help with what Im running out of   charcoal run to the market and buy a bag from  the charcoal burner Ill need some money then   yeah thats the other thing keresh still owes  me for an ax a hammer and the nails I sold him   a month ago not to mention his debt from before  go and tell him to pay up at least for the accent   hammer and then use the money to buy the charcoal  kunis not drunkard Ill be fun well youre a big   lad now Im sure you can manage if not tell him  that next time Ill come myself and personally   use that hammer to bang those nails into his  ass sure well be happy to hear it though not   quite the Chamberlain at the castle has the  crossguard --this erotic sword which I had   engraved in so so you want me to go and pick it  up all right money charcoal cross guard got it   and Ill stop off at the tavern on your way  home I know youll be going there anyway to   see that girl of yours but make sure the Ale is  still cool from the cellar when you get back her   name is Bianca right so make sure Bianca draws  me a nice cool one run along now work wont wait you god be with you kinesha why do you want my father sent me to get the  coin you owe him for the axe   hammer and nails Ive got nothing clear off and you youd be trouble father says if you  dont pay up hell come here himself and   hammer those nails into your hairy ass Id  like to see him try __ off you bastard   or your old man will be pulling those nails  out of you look I know things arent easy   the wife run off loses dear these days and  youre as much use as a square wheel its   no wonder youre short of coin but a debts are  debt and I cant leave here without something   if I had anything to give I get it but Ive  got nothing so leave me in peace all of you Hey hmm a locked chest Ill need a lot pick  to get into that fritz might have one be way too you cant be serious - insulting our King what  inside I say only the truth Sigismund has done   only what do you have - I had to he had to abduct  the king he had to lure his cousin broke up into a   trap and imprisoned he had to invade with his  army of Tartars and besieged Kooten Berg why   not what is this wenceslaus for a king the Empire  is falling asunder in his hands the German count   selected Rupesh of the Palatinate as king because  your Wenceslas would not go to their gates even   German counts traitor now even the part of being  on here Deutsche spouting __ just listen   in your hear for yourself has to bring order  and reunite the Empire who do I care about the   Austrians and nowadays not even the devil himself  can keep up with all the Popes which is the   rightful Pope the one in Rome with the wind up in  you do not blaspheme Alex its true though winces   is the king of bohemian bohemian Nobles are on his  side to hell with Rosenberg in his cabal Surratt   seek is once Isis commander in chief he stayed  loyal to the king and if he heard you talking   like this he would have you whipped like a dog  your deed will soon have nothing left to rule yups   head to sell luxembourg to help your king south  bohemia is with Sigismund and forget about Putin   birth while Germans like you kissed sigismunds  feet to keep their heads yes but Goodman Deutsch   this is pointless let us talk of more pleasant  things my words exactly Deutsch has gone too   far Wenceslas is our rightful king Deutsch is an  idiot what can you do I might have an idea Deutsch   deserves to be taught a lesson doesnt he fritz to  our math you should give proper hiding are you mad   trying to end up in the pillory dont listen to  threats Ive got a better idea George was talking   such __ it made me think of that huge pile  of manure you know the one right next is freshly   whitewashed house you think we should redecorate  for count me in quote Id like to touch it to be   honest but dont some terrible day what do you say  Henry but I was going to get Al for a father and a   few other things were finishing cirrhotic source  come on doing a few handfuls and we know is not   going to take all day and its our duty to defend  the honor of our King sir how are you with us alright Ill do it but then you have to give me  a hand with something what do you need Connor   shows money to father and doesnt want to pay I  tried talking to him but you wouldnt listen I   need more than words to get coin out of him  and I cant handle it on my own no problem   well back you up just as soon as were done  pastoring Deutsche sells Ill be happy to sort   out that jerking off alright lets go while  Deutsche is still sitting safely in the tavern listen theres this locked chest I need to  get into really you know restrain are good   enough for you anymore its just that someone has  something that doesnt belong to him and I want   to take it back if you say so its no skin off  my nose anyway well got some low pitch you can   have but if you get caught you can get him  for me yeah never heard of you thanks fritz so we doing this oh not white we have to check  that the coast is clear why Deutsche is in the   tavern but maybe you noticed after all these years  that he has a wife and a son then thats a problem   aye it is Henry you gotta lure her away somehow  why me because youre the clever one yeah yeah what do you want lad I just went by the tavern  and your husband was in there talking nonsense   I thought someone should take him home  before he gets himself in trouble what   sort of nonsense well well he kept saying  that Sikhism was right and King Wenceslas   is a drunkard that sort of thing some  people took exception so i thought god   almighty the fool next thing hell start all  about the popes he might have mentioned the   Popes - thank you for telling me I just hope I  can catch him before he gets into another fight what are you waiting for soldier fire the  trebuchet for king and country for king   and country my ass this is all good clean fun  nearly as good as having that traitor in the   pillory nearly now that would be sweet thats  for Sigismund whoa eat __ oh __ you   bastards what the __ do you think youre  doing hey hands cant you see were decorating   your house for you its like your old man was  saying in a tavern about that traitor singers   murder were just doing what we have to do  for sons lets make those smiles off your   faces oh Id like to see you try what are you  doing here its abishek hanging out with this   proxy choice maybe youd like to try out latest  German fashion __ Ill make you pay for that come on god save Henry hey watch it Ill remember you good be with you have a look at these  cute numbers theyll stay firm all winter are you serious well we sorted that Deutsch out that was pretty  close say old Buster didnt stand a chance true   but Im worried that __ hands will snitch on  us then Ill snitch on him anyway what can they do   to us for throw in a bit of dung good point  its not as if anyone really likes the Doge I need a hand with __ ash show me you  helped us so well help you lets get to it then Hey Kadesh get out here you all  go Ive something to show you you want me to take a rip to you Ill  call a cats goal just trying enough   enough I give up take what you want its  not much but its all I have you understand good health to you Id like to discuss the price why not finally a reasonable summer hey Pitt do you want to learn something no I dont  think so Thanks suit yourself have you recovered   from yesterdays great wound it was nothing except  mother noticed and had a word or two to say about   it no mothers happy when a son starts to take an  interest in swords where theres weapons theres   death the question is what do you want I dont  want to rot in this hole forever I feel like I   dont belong here I want to live and see the world  the worlds a dangerous place and I need to know   how to protect myself spoken like a man and as it  happens todays your last chance I have to leave   so are you ready to get stuck in yes all right  a weight on the ground by the sheepfold as usual who what what the hell are you doing so can we get started we can good and  since todays the last time well be   seeing each other you can show me  everything Ive taught you so far   very well lets start with the basics  keep moving your life depends on it alright alright now try to hit me you have to  put your weight into your attack if you just   fiddle around youll get nowhere try slashing  from different sides unpredictability is the   key never repeat yourself good whats again  fine good very good alright the points of the   plate is for stabbing tried a few times very  good not bad not bad again good good lets   try something else one strike I can fend  off without a sweat but if you chain your   strikes Ill have a much harder time as soon  as you land one blow follow it with another alright alright thats enough I dont know about  you but Im tired of thirsty remember though   train hard no one becomes a master swordsman  overnight you have to work and work and the main   thing is to use what youve learned in real combat  theres nothing better than experience believe me greetings Henry what are you doing god save my lovely youre looking well  today you too handsome what brings you   here just Dale what else could I expect from  a village lout what will it be then ragamuffin Annie Dale for father a pitcher as usual I bring  me a cool one from the cellar but of course here   you are Thanks its a me today you can pay me back  this evening dont worry dearest this evening Ill   see you right ah ha ha ha I do hope so Thanks  youll have something to look forward to this   evening you too oh by the way that shifty-looking  fellow was asking after you run yet I suppose he   is a man who makes his coin rubbing honest way  Ferris Im sure of it Ill be happy when hes   gone for good but what in heavens name are you  up to with him he promised to teach me how to   use a sword well usse would that be to you enough  you sound just like father Ill be going now see   you this evening how Ive put something special  for you is that safe now what would that be your   favorite Savior snaps really youre an angel I  hope youll thank me properly later you bet I will Hey Ill be with you and with you Henry how are you father sent me were forging a sword for  sir Roderick and the Chamberlain has the   cross garden grip father had them engraved  in SAS out right there here the Chamberlain   gave them to us for you we looked them over  beautiful work Ive never seen anything so   fine I cant wait to see the sword just  make sure you didnt botch it and did   I ever botch anything where shall I start  ah shut up and give me what I want or Ill   kick your ass this evening right away your  lordship magnificent shame I cant keep the   sword for myself well I better go if were  to get the job done by this evening Godspeed   see you later in the tavern you certainly will  after todays work the Ale might even be on me good health to you god save lights same to you whats  new Ive just been to the tavern   the Deutsch was saying all kinds of  __ about how sick is man should   be King bastard one day Ill get his teeth  not down his throat if he doesnt shut up yeah about time have you got everything I wanted I   have charcoal the hilt and the a/o we  can start good job lets have it then   son well done right lets see what kind  of job the mustard and Sal did for us look at that man thats what I call  craftsmanship what is the inscription   bleep damn designer doesnt look like check  to me Latin maybe Lord ruddigore did it this will be the finest sword Ive ever made we  got the charcoal good and fire up the forge and   put it all together by the way someone paid me  a call I reckon you might know what it was about   Im not sure really because Im pretty sure you  and your friends threw donguk deutsches freshly   whitewashed house he was here with the Catchpole  earlier it was not a friendly visit what got into   you how that Deutsch was talking treason in the  tavern about Sigmund and the king he got what he   deserved got what he deserved did he you can go  and clean up the mess you made and apologize to   him I have a trade to run the German pays well  and having my son in the pillory helps nothing   in nobody least of all the king you understand  yes look me in the eye Henry do you understand   I understand good and well never have this  conversation again so you think its right   to let traitors speak ill of our King the boy  gets caught and theyre gonna fool himself he   still hasnt learned his lesson so Deutsch spouts  with rubbish in war you turn into a common thug   you might want to fight with violence but  youll never win an argument remember Henry   if you want to convince someone that theyre  wrong try using your mouth and not your fists furnace is ready right well do the grip Ill heat it up when I take it out you slip the   grip on so it fits exactly  you know what youre doing do it good once more thats it done now I file it   down so it sits well in the  hand Ill prepare the guard father why did you leave Prague who ever heard  of a master swordsmith making horseshoes in a   village I had my reasons hell and here I have  your mother on you why would I want any other   life do you remember Emperor Charles I do life was  good under his reign back to the now he built half   of Prague the score of castles had a bridge made  over the Moldau and founded a university and all   without a war he knew how to woman better than  Wenceslas better by far but Wenceslas doesnt   have it easy its hard to step into the shoes of  someone whos like is born only once a thousand   years what about Sigismund you think Charles  would have brought an army down on his own   people like Sigismund no Wednesday this may not  be the equal of his father though Sigismund he   brings shame to the royal name hows it going  give it here and well put it all together its magnificent in day-to-days the Lord be with  you my father sent me for those nails good day   to you Theresa theyre ready will you fetch them  for me how theyre in the trunk in the living room how are you Henry do you need me to do anything man  oh youre a good lad but Im fine   its your father needs helping with that sword ah and here are those nails you wanted  Elka and shes fine whyd you ask   just wondering will you be going to the  dance this evening we will maybe well   see each other there anyway Ill  be on the way is truly beautiful find Lhasa now stop staring at her and come  and see this its time for the trial by fire we did a fine job I would expect nothing  less from such a renowned swordsmith those days are gone sir you  havent lost your skills would you like to try it sure what good is a sword  to come and try it you still have a lot to learn   ask your father to show you how he knows what hes  about learning his trade will serve him better in   life sir batts but who knows what the future  holds for each of this I see that you almost   have it finished it just needs a Polish then  Henry will bring it to you excellent fine work   very fine a sword such as this will bring honor to  its bearer whats the useiess man truce erratic if   Ida had its like back in the Kabbalists things  would have worked out differently how odd to   find such an accomplished swordsmith working in  a place like this a man of his salad would have   no problem making a fortune in Prague or Vienna  youre right its a very long and peculiar story   Id be glad to listen to it over a cup of wine  but duty calls and I must leave here learn from   your father he truly is a master of his craft Im  sure our paths will cross again he certainly will once its ready send your son up to me with  it good work Martin sure its been an honor   Sasa have a safe journey to Sasso the honor is  mine sir adzick thank you for the hospitality a long peculiar history that was a long time ago  I might tell you about it sometime but not today you teach me how to use it like the rods except  why it could come in useful maybe Ill travel a   bit before settling down Id like to know  more than the Tavern on the Green at the   forge you know the trouble with an adventurous  life some it can end before it gets started I   might teach you how to handle a sword and then  someone will shoot you with a crossbow as soon   as you set foot outside the house talk as if  youve seen it happen a man my age is seen a   lot being a blacksmith might bring no glory but  it has its benefits like keeping your head on   your shoulders I want to end my days in scale  its here beneath the linden tree and by your   mothers side who said you I one day but first  Id like to see the world meet new people meet   them or beat them needs you have to keep going on  about it then youve no need to learn swordplay the messenger he was in a hurry whats happened listen to me Ill listen carefully take  the sword go into the house and grab   anything else important for the truck  go to the castle hurry what about you there is in village Ill fetch it will  follow right behind Ill go with you no   you do what I say right now give the  sort of selected if anything happens the gates move come on be closing moving  people come on Henry thank God game saw a   creak we have to shut the cases before come  on well miss with that guitar dont patch come on out you can still make it run find a horse ride to town merge tell whats coming down there Kevin let her kid guess we  got every good shop on the air run for it run for it __ everyone get your eyes closed okay but closing the gate someone give him a drink and bring hot  wine and bandages tell me boy who are   you and where are you from what in Hells  name happened Ive come from Scarletts   they burned it to the ground slaughtered  everyone who who burned it to the ground   huge army they attacked without warning  and they werent checks or Germans either   who then I dont know Ive never seen Armour  like it or heard their language maybe Tartars Toshs you say well well deal with that later  first lets have a look at that leg of yours   good your teeth boy Im gonna pull that hair  out easy all done you were lucky lad the arrow   missed the bone it only needed bandaging and  Ive done that often enough before war is a   good teacher can you stand oh there you go  good as new haha thank you have you idlers   nothing better to do get back to work youll  have to speak to the Lord image can you manage sir this is a survivor from I heard Robart tell  me boy what exactly happened did you see the in   signs of the attackers and were there any more  survivors sir I dont know what army it was but   it was huge there were dozens of banners flying on  the hill above scallops and the ones who did the   slaughtering spoke heard a strange language they  burned scallops to the ground but a lot of people   took refuge in the castle I wasnt quick enough  and as I fled they shouted from the battlements   that I should come and warn you the soldiers the  boy didnt recognize they could be those humans of   sigismunds it said they came to Hungary from the  east and now theyre the core of his army sacking   Guttenberg must have given him a taste for stolen  silver scallops is a small castle sir if Sigismund   attacks they caught hold indeed sir aboard and  our small garrison would be no help even if we   could risk sending them you think were next  in line maybe whats your name boy Im Henry   son of the Scarlets blacksmith I know him did he  make it inside the castle Im sorry its in Gods   hands now no one else can help us anyway thank you  for risking your neck to warn us Robards take care   of Henry make sure he gets something to eat and  some rest yes sir and get all the people inside   the gates we have to prepare for the worst make  all the necessary arrangements as you command sir you you steamed bagel sandwich Kingdom Come Deliverance Walkthrough Part 1 | Kingdom Come Gameplay PC | Kingdom Come Deliverance Playthrough | 4K 60fps PC Ultra Graphics | This Kingdom Come Deliverance series will include the full story from beginning to end.Check out all my walkthrough playlists – Kingdom Come: 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