Kingdom Come Deliverance - Trying to Break Nest of Vipers

Melty blood type lumina steam keysteam gamer tag KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE game hello everybody welcome back to some more to come where were going to be doing something slightly different were going to be not quite breaking again slight breaking but you know this is one of those quests that i know a lot of newer people kind of have hard time with and if youre a veteran of kingdom come you know exactly what this city is its pritzlavitz and this is basically dealing with a quest of nest of vipers so it can be a little tricky at first because its probably one of the hardest harder battles you have to deal with in this entire game spoiler alerts uh just uh know that therell be a lot of spoilers for this if you dont want to but either way and continue on uh so its gonna be a huge battle you gotta go through here fight a bunch of people so right now im at the beginning of the quest you want to say supposed to be scouting this place out doing some sabotage you know it can be pretty tough if you dont have the right idea to go through here what works the best for me is also kind of funny too is uh go ahead and get yourself a nice little cumin outfit uh its pretty nice you can get cumin outfits by any local cumin store the general areas i would probably say theres a cumin camp i want to say right about here at that marker right over there theres one about right here you can also find them right here where they just ambush you or something like that so you can get road events sometimes so keep an eye out for them and just you just need to collect a few uh pieces to kind of get you there the other thing you have to do this is kind of lost on people at times is that your human armor that you are actually going to wear so it should be repaired make sure you wash it it shouldnt have blood on it another thing too is try to only wear human pieces and so even my weapons im holding a human axe in a cuban bow even though i have way better choices lets go in here and see whats going to happen its just you know the general setup youre supposed to scout this entire place and you get a good you know run you can also just run here like a crazy idiot and just get assaulted but whatever so you can kind of go in here and you know everyones just normal the other thing you can do is that you can come over here and you get your own cumin outfit like you sneak around open that up and you get yourself a cumin outfit which is nice like they have this back door here so you can you know if you dont want to be on a killing spree you cant go around this back side right here and enter this door and get in here to get a human outfit you just have to do a little sneaking because sometimes theres a human out guard here i dont see him but hes out here sometimes so this guys gonna ask me a question i dont know what youre saying no idea so you got three choices um im just gonna growl at him because uh there you go that would get him away he did not like that he doesnt want any part of henry there so you only get three chances too so you dont want to use them all up sort of thing so no matter what its the same guy or a different guy youre only going to have three chances somebody stops you so make sure to kind of use use them wisely just dont want to get caught when you go killing people like this but um you know sometimes its kind of hard to not get caught because youre just having so much fun killing people and nobody takes notice of this so were just going to go here give you a nice little kiss ah thats so lovely to see you wow well there goes the disguise oh boy all right so lets go back to the bridge the only people that question you are the good old humans so thats all you have to do yeah so you notice something is that that door is slightly open and now its kind of like that what do you want so there you go so like typically you should be able to get in here before i think this is a cut scene so typically like when you come up here youre not supposed to be able to get in there but either way so theyre gonna have a little cut scene and oh no theyre gonna bring him to his death or whatever else so the sad part is to kind of kick you out of here so even though you get past there its whatever so you can try to boot your way through here oh theres a good way there but first were going to show off how you can really uh wouldnt want to live here hey henry come on theyre right there um really im going to show you how to really screw out with this entire camp without really having any danger to yourself kind of want to get up here and you kind of want to go bloop jump up onto this thing and you just want to go up here oh no look one on top of a tent yeah how about you go pull out a boat everybody knows where this is coming from i mean i could just stealth kill everyone but whats the point of doing that uh when cumin henry just oh god this guys gonna get up but um not gonna be able to do anything my good sir um oh everyones suspicious now uh watch out for somebody thats on top of here oh god and the best part is like the only people that can get to you are archers and you know the archers are not even a problem because guess what you have a little protection thing right here this is just absolutely broken will you shut up god hes so annoying as loose as one guy knows how to shut up i shot him three times god and he did and the only person to really worry about is this guy hes not even suspicious not until its too late oh no it cant get to me anyways because this door is closed so good luck with that i mean he can try to slip through here but i mean you can kind of get through here can i shoot him in the foot from here Music Laughter oh jeez did i did i kill him um where did you come from everybodys seen that right that what the he just fell from what the heck okay um oh look its a human hes not suspicious of me well youre going to be suspicious now Laughter Music oh jeez this is the whole problem with the cuban disguise like you get first shot at everybody and if you can one shot people or at least get them down its they dont stand chance the human disguise is op as ever and the disguise only works once i think cant just keep coming back and let him reset because apparently its only good for three times doing each of those checks and then trying to speak hungarian doesnt really work either so uh oh my god its just not even tough anymore oh just he gets two bows why do you have two bows geez mom and look at this he has no arrows and i mean he has the one arrow i gave him but come on what about you did you steal all the arrows look at this okay this is what i was talking about 465 arrows sometimes you can get lucky and they have like better piercing arrows and you set for life i mean but look at this like why do you have all the arrows and why dont you have any arrows like you know everyones dead inside a camp thats how easy it is thats that easy the bad part is even killing everyone it doesnt really do anything its terrible its kind of like if you kill everyone in here they dont really care its like this spawn back yeah lets uh lets go show off like how can we actually get inside this place itself since the cutscene happened now the door is closed now i cant get inside plus uh that guys dead so we cant get inside there how can we actually get inside well of course its coming back to good old beef jumping beef jumping is how youre gonna get inside of here but this is kind of weird because youre not really going to be beef jumping youre going to be using beef as a battering ram to get this door down or get through this door so look at this so you know my first initial beef jumping here uh as you can see is that this door is now slightly ajarred um you can slightly get through there and this is a slightly different playthrough just because i hadnt set up already the beef jumping off of here so i just made it easy on me but you know this is you can see like this door is slightly ajar now so if we do this again you know we crouch here we stack beef we could probably get ourselves through here again so lets try that out and the beef battering ram takes down oh my god i loved it i love it so much i i dont even know look at this oh its no longer beef jumping were battering ram ramming the door down this is i love it so much so this door is now down does it actually stay down during the you know during the event and the answers no it doesnt so im im gonna disappoint people early off of here but thats something to consider and also id like to interject if youre just watching this and you havent seen my other videos about like how the beef jump uh check out the description down below youll see uh how to escape from scallops so thats basically how to beef junk like the initial beef jumping exploit right there but thats how thats the exact same techniques you need to do to actually do a beef battering ram here to get down this door like henrys becoming a siege expert with a beef but now your question is that now if we go up here is runts actually up here oh man and really the answer is no you can get up here you know even after you know youre starting that whole thing like those whole nest of vipers quest but hes just not up here so you cant start things early and break the game that way so kind of sucks i mean we got down the door so thats something now the question is can we actually keep the door down so im just dropping a bunch of items here um all the stuff i collected from the dead bodies hopefully this doesnt crash my game but were going to create a little um log jam for these doors hopefully these doors cant close now because of all this stuff but you know i tried blocking it off before and i dont just dont think it works so we can go tell sir radzick about the good job we did you know you go through this boring story and all that stuff you say im back from scouting yada yada so the one option that kind of matters right here is i try to count him and hes going to tell you its important that you know every man counts so this option is kind of annoying because you dont know what it exactly means and you dont really foresee the consequences so hes asking you how many men are in a camp like technically we killed everyone which there shouldnt be anyone hardly worth mentioning if you say theres a lot of them then i think the farm that timmy lives on gets burnt down or something like that uh for this fight im just gonna say hardly worth hardly worth mentioning so it just means you have less soldiers with you in this next fight but i dont know the exact amount so i it seems like it doesnt really make too much of a difference i maybe its just like you get two extra for each one you go above that probably sound one extra something one or two extra men per each one you go above maybe i dont know uh but anyways lets get this thing started so were back here at the beginning so what you want to do this is the beginning of the assault so you got some soldiers out here some boys to help you and you get the guys from townberg here too but thats fine were just going to speed ahead of you guys and were just going to take this fight on ourselves uh skip these archer guys they could just do whatever they want like you burn the arrows but theyre still you know actual archers here but you got all these guys out here and this is who i want to take care of first so were just going to give them a nice little boop to pop this is how easy this battle can be if you can kind of just thats that easy yeah take you down look at this they just dont care too much you can kind of just cheese them down you survive that you could basically be a one-man army here fine so we killed all the humans and everybody else thats up in the next battle so thats fine so were gonna come up here is this door still open no see how its like you know its can we yeah we cant like kind of cheese through there so thats a problem theres not as time for you to be able to save the game if i go here and try to say save and quit you cant save well in combat and youre in combat all the time yeah he notices that um the guys arent coming up now so theyre taking a little sweet time because they dont know they dont have anyone really to fight against yeah hulk glory Laughter Music theyre just like we dont know whats going on theres no one for them to fight theyre confused yeah so theyre actually gonna move that wagon now this is kind of like the point where game crashes happen to most i dont know why ah thank gooses my game didnt crash all right the archers are dead and now here comes the entire army so we kind of wanted to you know leave these guys on a little merry-go-round oh god no no not this merry-go-round and theres a lot of you guys please let me go this isnt what i was planning jump jump back here all right this is the plan that was to go so they cant really get you here except some guys the long sword so you can kind of just sit back here and you know enjoy it except were bleeding profusely and i would be able to shoot these guys if it wasnt just dying here go and shoot them in the face if you can but look at this they all disappear because um theres actually a battle going on over there yeah i dont know where their bodies go like they hit you and they disappear into this floor so when you try to do a jump like you get out of here you kids rock it into the tree i dont know what causes that this isnt too hard of a combat thing you just gotta kind of whack through all these guys and this is where people usually have a lot of trouble with is fighting these guys and you know because these guys are pretty heavily armored and they mean business theres still one guy alive and dancing there so look at this this guys going to bring a baton ramp but if you if you do this go ahead and you know hit him kind of thing and go just push him through the wall and look at this guy i think youre doing it wrong mate uh you could just hit this guy i i dont think he could die but the gate keeps look at these guys i think you can just take these guys on as much as you want Music nearly done i know yeah you dont need a background its giving you guys are in oh jeez yeah it doesnt change or anything so like this is a cut scene sort of thing so it doesnt matter people die henry goes i want to kill people whoever else and this fight right here can be pretty tough but you know honestly theres ways to cheese it for the most part like long as youre a decent level like i probably say the best thing you could probably do is get poison and then you can kind of well shoot i had crackered him so heres one thing if you want to loot uh this guy uh this is all the loot he has on him he doesnt have anything good on him like uh like lets take a look like what i picked up i just kind of loot him he kind of just has the basic brig and stuff yeah nothing great he has a basic weapon i this is mine the sword but he didnt have anything too good on him anyway so you can kind of just and i was just thinking something i wanted to beef jump out of here possibly but i just realized you cant save and quit i can pick up this guy and you know we can kind of just deal with whatever can i get you stuck somewhere thats what im curious about see theres the campsite so its still recognizing all like the items are dropped there so thats interesting how about i drop you behind here there you go and hes going to get back up and hes going to be pissed so we can just you know just fist him an entire time headcracker is such an op stat oh my god yeah and so thats pretty much prince love its uh the vipers quest if you want to say its its not too bad its can be pretty easy i mean then again this guy is level 18 so that is a slight issue but even then if you dress up as a human you could still kind of cheese it down and everyone would be fine i dont think the cumin disguise works though when its not the when the viper quest isnt active so dont try to abuse it too much but you can still jump on top of that tent and still shoot everyone down if you want to its they cant get to you its just one of the perfect places to do so you can do either or that works out the beef jumping it works to an extent for breaking down doors which is interesting uh i never thought it would break down doors but i cant keep that door open i even in some other parts i tried even stealing horses to keep that gate open but it doesnt it just pushes everything out of the way so that that is a thing so but anyways you know what theres many more things to come so dont worry ill keep looking around for some more interesting things to use beef jumping or beef sieging i should say in this game but i hope you enjoyed this part of kingdom come you know this is uh you know its been pretty fun so far you know its getting harder to find some uh things to break with this game but you know what theres probably a few more things out there but until then hope to see you guys around later have a good one and goodbye i cant kill you can i get a fancy dress on you oghom portable garment steamer Well it is time to try to break some story quests if I can with Henrys new found knowledge of beef warfare. The place on todays list is Pribyslavitz, or the quest of Nest of Vipers. One of the best places for getting pratice killing bandits and getting some legit armor and weapons. Well if you have too much honor for killing guards, but you do you. This quest I have seen people struggle on it quite a bit since it is really your first experience at a large battle. But joke is on the game. There are ways to make this quest really easy by doing some out of the ordinary tricks that the game didnt really plan on you doing. Now for this quests on a scale of 1 to exploitable I would give it two and half beef stocks with a radish on the side. Uhh, really I found it pretty hard to break the main story quest, but there are things you can do here to make it more fun for yourself. Enjoy. Link for beef jumping video steam waifu games how to update non steam games through steam track steam game prices get origin games on steam steam deck airpods