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Steam tv soundbarcan i watch the game awards on the steam app KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE game hiya sexy whiskers and welcome back into kingdom come deliverance i swear i get lower every time i say deliverance Laughter at some point im just gonna be on the floor right todays video is on a time limit its gonna self-destruct in five minutes get down Applause on steam right now you can pick up kingdom come deliverance for the lowest price i think ive ever seen it currently you can pick up the main game for six pounds 74 over on the old steam whats that in any other currency no idea use google but the main thing here is the royal edition which is the game and all of its dlc including a womans lot band of bastards from the ashes the best dlc for kingdom come deliverance treasures of the past a dlc i forgot about and the amorous adventures of the balls or hands uh you can get all of them together in one bundle for the grand total of eight pound 74 which is like two coffees at costa coffee costa coffee come visit our friendly staff at 4th street trowbridge and choose from a large selection of the finest coffees frappes and teas costa coffee thats asda price oh god damn it wrong bloody store im still not sponsored by them costa coffee could you sponsor me please thank you i love you caramel frappe its bloody amazing eight pound 74 is a ridiculous price uh for kingdom come deliverance its the game and everything included including all of the patches now if youre one of those people who saw kingdom come deliverance on release and thought to yourself why is it every time i use an alchemy table i literally take flight dont you fret its been fixed that that was a bug fix like three years ago all of the bug fixes are included for free unfortunately they patched out some of the good stuff like lady stephanies bosoms expanding thats now gone unfortunately but everything else is flawless apart from fritz hes still broken so of course i recommend this best sale ive ever seen on kingdom come you can play on your steam deck you can play on the toilet who doesnt want to play farkle on the toilet thats the ultimate question and our second piece of news today comes from board cubater now if you dont know weve talked about this before there is a kingdom come deliverance board game in development and it sounded incredible we havent really seen it until now so im gonna be leaving a link in the description below what youre currently seeing in the background right now thats the toby hello sir toby youre right there is a full 22 minute introduction on this board game and honestly i think it looks really good is it wrong i just want it for the little figurines and thats actually all i want before i gonna be on im not even gonna play the board game i just want it for the little figurines currently theres no release date and this is a prototype build but its very important you go and follow the campaign ill be leaving a link in the description below to that as well because you will receive a special reward for free and most importantly not miss any news about the campaign can you tell i just read that from the description of that video no because im that good honestly though this looks really good but i know a lot of you out there are asking about kingdom come too i hear you i i really do kingdom come to retribution not the real name i dont think but thats the name i came up with and im pretty sure its going to be called if war horse by the way calls it kingdom come retribution um im owed royalties so uh imagine if it came out and it was called that and id just be sat there like im going to be rich theres been some possible news uh and well get to that in another video im not gonna say its like massive news but theres some pretty telling stuff thats happened over the last couple of days and its another one of those gut punches that tells you that blatantly its in development and theyre just not talking about it uh so well get to that in a upcoming video ive gotta keep you on the hook also while youre on the hook could you go subscribe leave a like comment down below i just wanted to tell you about the cell right now because its amazing and uh you need to pick up the game if you havent already this is the best time to pick up kingdom come i think its even on sale on xbox well it was uh so whoops and im going to give a massive shout out again to boardkey beta because honestly the game looks incredible um i really want to get my hands on it just for the figurines i just want a little a little henry oh henry and a little theresa and i want myself a little mara in what are you slacking about for henry head down tavern and pick me up some ale thats my incredible acting talent in there for you uh i am available all the time i have no life uh so hey warhorse uh i can voice martin 2 electric boogaloo drop me a dm slide slide deep into those dms anyway i love all of you thank you very much for watching but until next time thats me out bye guys Music so Music Applause Music Applause you steam move a game to another drive Kingdom Come Deliverance Has the BIGGEST Ever Sale On Steam, We get a first look at the Kingdom Come Board Game with Warhorse Studios Sir Tobi + More!Kingdom Come Deliverance Boardcubator Video Kingdom Come Deliverance Board Game Email: Twitter: Twitch: Patreon: #KingdomComeDeliverance #KCD #WarhorseStudios how to view steam purchase history fun games for steam deck is minecraft on steam download steam unblocked geforce steam games