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Heroic games steam decklord of the rings steam games KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE game hello everyone its phil from pc games and here and im joined by matt hi and were going to be talking uh through some kingdom come deliverance now mike youve seen the game at gamescom uh ive spoken to the developers recently as well uh were both pretty excited about it to say um so uh well well have a little dive into some of the things that were excited about so starting in this area with a man being stealthy uh matt tell us about the stealth so obviously as the game is its its kind of got this open world immersive sort of sim element to i guess so the idea is that you can sort like approach the game in many different forms what were seeing here is is our our czech guy that were playing as is is going in stealth um so were obviously keeping low keeping to the side of the road because we dont want to be seen obviously and as we can see now theres a chappie here and theres loads of foliage to hide in as well oh yeah earlier on it looks like someones installed every like grass mod for skyrim all at once for sure and as we all know uh people in this day were small so they could fit in in tall grass easily and here we go so theres a nice bit of struggle here we can see look at look at the uh look at the hair on that guys knuckles disturbingly hairy knuckles hasnt he um so yeah standard stuff ready we snuck up behind someone uh checking around to see if anyone saw it what were going to do were going to do it again now but but were were a little bit more bloodthirsty so weve got the dagger out wearing a bomber jacket to do this yeah uh waiting for for the night whos clearly going to be dangerous we dont want him we dont want to do that in front of him okay so we sneak around that guys just happy to stand and its also got a halberd which i think is probably something wed like i see however would we get him to give us his halberd well ive heard this goes well just a big stabbing in the tummy and then this maneuver which i i think is physically impossible to be honest but hes pulled it off thats fine the habits on the floor just chopped that body down there he just lives there now off we go and there we go theres the the big the big tasty blade on a stick and weve got his halberd okay so theres two different approaches to stealth lethal and non-lethal um and also the game just looks wonderful as well like it is considering sort of like you know like we we didnt know about this developer really you know sort of like two years ago and something theyve come on the scene theyve done so like their crowdfunding theyve managed to grab themselves a publisher and now it just looks beautiful look look at look how that guy falls off a horse its so beautifully animated its pretty convincing so weve got a bit of the melee combat now which is all sort of stance based uh broadly similar to what furon is trying to do as well but perhaps a little bit more yeah you can see so like this star thats uh thats over the guy that weve just stabbed to death and it looks like thats probably sort of helping us indicate what stance to take yeah uh another thing theyre very proud of at war horse is the historical accuracy of everything including every element of armor and clothing its all exactly as it would have been in 1403 in that region of bohemia at the time and part of this sort of usp of the inventory system is that different bits of armor go well together um so youll be wanting to sort of keep yourself out in a particular sort of full suit of armor with many layers i mean look how hot it looks and look how many different layers that man was oh yeah the other thing thats important to point out is that the the game actually has a sort of social stealth system so the idea is if you wear the armor of your enemy and you can do the hitman thing and they wont actually realize you arent so as we can see were now dressed up as a hungarian guy despite the fact were check and were trying to get into the hungarian camp now this guy doesnt speak hungarian so is he going to try and get by with the little that he knows or just growl like an option yeah but uh thats enough to convince this man i mean were not probably not the best person to put definitely some new security needed so were sneaking into the camp now we know at some point that is going to kick off so at this point were trying to sort of set up booby traps a bit like uh home alone so weve set up a poisoned uh cauldron of food there thats going to diminish their forces a little bit and then sneaking back off into the just lovely woods really nice look at that architecture up there just like a really good sense of depth without there being and theres not too much bloom no or like crazy motion blur or anything just like just a really nice sense of sort of physical presence to all the uh the buildings and the larger objects i mean the lovely thing about it is it it doesnt feel um it doesnt feel like a fantasy because its actually set in a real place and it feels like its been used it doesnt feel like its a level design well yeah actually thats thats the thing so they just theyve decided on a particular sort of stretch of i think its 15 or 16 square kilometers of of bohemia and just decided to set the game there and theyve theyve curated it a little bit theyve worked a couple of things closer to each other than would have been at the time but it basically is just a stretch of land as it is in real life and when the the team at war horse went to um do some recce and take some pictures they found that they were able to find their way around based on the maps and things that they created for the first time in these villages and they just knew that that road goes there and the other road goes over here so seeing some more melee now and against that stance system uh and the the sort of five-pointed star that you see there is uh pertains to where your sort of your stance is focused uh and now were seeing some other approaches to uh whittling out the enemy so i think we i think were back in the enemy encampment here this looks like weve got hungarians they seem very upset about something the seven dwarves are kicking off however look what weve got here now this is a barrel of arrows now the thing is is we as the czechs know that these hungarians are going to attack the camp at some point so weve just set that barrel on fire which means that when they attack us at some point later they they wont be able to fire arrows at us because they wont have any ammo so now all weve got to do is with that ablaze is just get out i find it very satisfying that we can just run through that foliage and were just out into the woods again okay so thats kingdom come deliverance if you enjoyed the video give us a thumbs up and a like let us know what you thought in the comments below and thanks for watching you artifact game steam Phil and Matt take a look at the stealth gameplay in Kingdom 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