Kingdom Come: Deliverance Emotional and Relaxing Music

Most game played steamsteam vent valve KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE game does the steam deck have a microphone This video contains a 43 minutes selection of songs defined as emotional or relaxing from the game Kingdome Come: Deliverance.Kingdom Come Deliverance is an historical RPG which situates himself in 15th century medieval Bohemia . The music is medieval-like orchestrated. All the songs appear in the game. Songs who are not part of the official soundtrack are also included as those of the OST. Therefore the unofficial soundtrack songs have no official name and are named after their common appearance on YouTube. The video includes pictures who illustrates: Cities, sceneries, memorable moments, and characters from the game. These pictures are also fitting to the music and can let you relive the story of Henry of Skalitz. The music is composed by Jan Valta and Adam Sporka. All the songs and pictures belong to their rightful owner Warhorse Studios, the creators of Kingdom Come Deliverance. US= Unofficial soundtrack (Excluded out of the official soundtrack but appeared in the game) Tracklist: 00:00 Vilage atmosphere 8 (US) 01:58 Tavern Theme 4 (US) 04:05 Peshek Theme (US) 06:36 Town Music (US) 08:30 Talmberg Theme Variation (US) 10:40 City Music 3 (US) 12:51 Village atmosphere 3 (US) 14:44 Tavern theme 2 (US) 17:15 City Music 1 (US) 19:20 Morning Theme (US) 21:47 Samopesh Music (Destiny) 23:54 Good Luck Son 25:57 Losing Fathers Sword 27:41 Short City Theme (US) 28:18 Steph and Henry 30:14 Merhojed (US) 32:13 Short City Theme 2 (US) 32:40 People of the Land 35:25 Talmberg Theme Variation 1 (US) 37:34 Village Atmosphere 2 (US) 39:45 Things Worth Living For (edited) us steam steam deck vs cloud gaming battlefield v steam charts elden ring hidden steam achievements gore games on steam