Kingdom Come Deliverance on the Minimum and Recommended System Requirements!

Whats the difference between a steam room and a saunahow long do steam decks take to ship KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE game hello guys crispy here and welcome back to another video this one my friends im gonna be testing kingdom come deliverance a really good title from 2018 story driven rpg open world medieval first person its amazing i really love this game okay and its only at eight euros and nine cents on steam at the moment i saw this promotion and i was like well i gotta test it in a few videos then i checked the minimum and recommended requirements and i got everything here so this is perfect lets go over them shall we so for the minimum requirements it asks for an intel core i5 2500k cpu at stock speeds this is exactly what were gonna run because this motherboard doesnt really support overclocking on the 2500k eight gigabytes of ram we got that in dual channel in an nvidia geforce gtx 660 gpu or a radeon hd 7870 we got the 662 gigabyte model here from gigabyte its overclocked out of the box as well now in the recommended side of things it asks for an i7 3770 16 gigabytes of ram we also got that in dual channel and an nvidia geforce gtx 1060 or amd radeon rx 580 i got both of them were gonna test both of them here on the recommended requirements and see if theres a difference between nvidia and amd gpus and it also recommends an ssd both on the minimum and recommended system requirements so thats what were gonna run here today so lets get into the minimum requirements gameplay now shall we all right theres roach right there right away this is beautiful awesome game i told you guys lets go over the settings 1080p resolution using the low settings presets but i had to disable the damn motion blur which came on enabled by default but everything else is set to low here lets see how it performs like this oh i i am overloaded okay oh god dammit how does the game know that i got faster holy crap that is a lot of stuff that im carrying five minutes later yes i made it prepare for the explosion of items oh come on i cant even move oh my god oh look at that okay so this is extremely cpu intensive obviously its not exploding okay some things are starting to drop yeah were bugging out everything this is not supposed to happen but holy crap all right so this is everything that i have stolen guys wait where the heck is my heart hes stealing my stuff hes i saw you i saw you you damn basic god damn it okay uh wheres my horse wheres my horse come on roach come over here buddy all right were good so this area where were at its actually pretty good for benchmarking because were going to the castle how the heck do i mount oh its x okay i was just inspecting it with e its its its different for every game dont play me i play i play a lot of titles bushes we got bushes here which is pretty intensive as you can see its dropping into the lower 30s at times outside of bushes it can go up to like 40 sometimes and were gonna go to the castle area right there which is more cpu intensive you can see that its also stuttering a bit and you can see that the cpu utilization is going up to a hundred percent when it stutters so the cpu is struggling just a little bit here but i think its fine overall for a game like this single player title you know you dont really need a ton of fps and maybe 1080p is actually pretty playable here look at these environments by the way that looks absolutely awesome doesnt it i love this game its its beautiful its really beautiful and you see low settings as well wow okay so its its definitely a drop oh my god tp you needed to load some stuff there at the entrance now that it loaded it its fine but that was a massive drop and we saw like 28. oh my god oh my god look at that that guy has no head okay this is oh boy the cpu is struggling so much i did not think it would be this bad honestly guys maybe you gotta lock the fps to 30 so the cpu doesnt reach a hundred percent so im using rivet tuner for that lets do 30 fps maximum and lets see if it still stutters like this so now the gpu usage and the cpu usage shouldnt really reach a hundred percent at least most of the time oh boy cpu still goes up there by a lot but its definitely feeling a little bit smoother maybe because weve already loaded this area i dont know yeah no but not bad actually this is playable its definitely minimum requirements playable in my opinion 1080p low settings 30 fps locked feels pretty good not gonna lie now that it isnt stuttering anymore oh what the heck there are some weird shadows going on right there look at that thats super pixelated oh boy inside it gets more gpu intensive look at that it drops from 30 fps 27 there maybe its the ambient occlusion because it looks really good doesnt it anyways i want to steal this now who are you im all right im just gonna go now im im nobody im just gonna go grab my horse and get the heck out of here i am too heavy again all right so lets go this way we havent really loaded this area yet i think i would still drop the resolution to like 900p just so it is at 30 plus all of the time or lock 30. um but as you can see its performing pretty well now no stuttering we havent been to this area yet and its its loading it and its not performing badly cpu usage is not going to 100 most of the time at least even if it drops sometimes from 30 frames per second i think its its a solid experience at 1080p but i would prefer to drop it down to 900p its pretty nice actually pretty nice roach roach oh boy oh thats thats that was on purpose anyways and now lets go over the recommended requirements in the desktop we got the core i7 3770k model right here instead of the normal 3770 the only difference is that the k model can be overclocked and the other one cant and this one is actually 100 megahertz faster out of the box which is pretty much the same thing so no problems there and for the settings were playing at 1080p native resolution and were using the low settings just to see how it compares to the minimum requirements how much of a difference that makes and as you can see we can actually reach almost 100 frames per second now with the recommended requirements at the same settings so were actually getting what like double the performance probably maybe slightly higher than double the performance compared to the minimum requirements and now at least so far it is not stuttering whatsoever gpu and up never mind i spoke too soon god damn it so it seems like the game stutters even with recommended requirements maybe it was just a one-off but i really dont think so guys now the real test comes this is where the cpu will struggle the most basically and 92 usage oh boy didnt stutter as much as the other one for sure but it can still be a little off-putting for sure and it still drops from 60 frames per second look at that here here in this area it gets really intensive oh my god its bad guys so we we still need to uh lock the fps here okay ive loaded the game here again and i locked the fps to 60 now still dropping a little bit its not as consistent as the 30fps were with the i5 system but lets see if it can actually handle it without stuttering this time around oh man i i cant wait to actually play it at higher settings because it just looks amazing already on low as i told you lets lets keep on going here so far so good 60 fps average theyre flat one percent lows are varying a little bit but its probably because of those little tiny frame time spikes which arent even noticeable honestly seems like even with an i7 with eight threads you need to lock the fps for it to be playable otherwise it wont really be playable i dont consider the previous experience playable here all right starting to set it a little bit more but its okay its barely noticeable if you dont have the frame time graph enabled there so yeah i ill give it a pass here okay if you lock the fps to 60 its going to be pretty damn smooth no major stuttering issues anymore but it still does drop from 60 though i expected the i7 to get a little bit above 60 fps all of the time because my i7 4770 back in the days did or the equivalent to that it was a xeon e3 1231 v3 well it seems like the third gen i7 cant really get to 60 plus all of the time which is still not that big of an issue honestly it still gets 60 plus on average and thats what matters the most here in games like these and even if it drops into the 50s its not game breaking whatsoever i could play this game all day long like this okay so i just set the image quality to medium which is pretty adequate for recommended requirements usually these are the settings right here lets just disable that motion blur once again were back here with everything fully applied looking fantastic still i can definitely notice a difference in the textures especially yeah guys it looks amazing i can notice that the anti-aliasing is now working smaa one x and it is looking really damn good and now it should be a little bit smoother especially if we manage to get 99 gpu usage all of the time because if the gpu is maxed out that means that the cpu isnt maxed out and if the cpu isnt maxed out we can have a smooth stutter free experience as shown by the fps lock previously so thats exactly what were getting so far yeah this is definitely the way to go so medium settings apparently and probably high settings as well perform better than low settings in this game because it starts stuttering on low settings because of the cpu bottleneck yeah look at that no problems here it still got cpu bound there though but it did not stutter as much as it did previously and it is cpu bound here by the way look at that 80s and 60 gpu usage sometimes wow 40 something fps that is interesting to see there are some cpu intensive settings buried in the settings menu for sure because previously we were only dropping into the 50s and now it dropped into the 40s anyways inside of here we are fully gpu bound and it still drops from 60 slightly sometimes okay its not the most stable thing in the world honestly guys i would still lock the fps here like 45 probably at medium settings here we go 1080p high settings preset lets just disable that pesky little setting which is always enabling itself when i change settings anyways here we go 99 gpu usage once again no cpu bottleneck for the most part oh look in that direction it actually gets cpu bound now we lost like 10 fps compared to medium settings and i feel like it is a little bit more inconsistent probably because we are close to 60 and dropping from it that makes the frame time go a little bit crazier but still if i disabled it i wouldnt really say it is stuttering so thats not a big issue it is not enough for 60fps even on average we are running Music it with the fps unlocked ill remember that that dropped a lot there but at least it didnt stutter i think for high settings oh my god look at that cpu usage went up to 100 percent thats crazy yeah on high settings it would still be decent for a 30 fps experience yeah i just didnt really expect to lock the fps with every single setting preset that were testing here today honestly guys as you can see not too bad im just going to lock it to 30 now to see how it feels 30 fps lock lets see if it drops or not it instantly feels way sluggish here yeah i dont like that too much that theres a little bit steel hmm im not sure if i would play like this probably not i would choose the medium settings at 1080p resolution native thats the way to go here with the 1060 apparently and this i7 cpu lock the fps to like 45 or 60 whatever you prefer at medium and have fun like that because on high settings it still drops slightly from 30 fps at times still if youre playing with a controller youre less prone to noticing these uh stuttering issues or fps drops from 30 and if it only drops to 29 i think it could still be a pretty decent experience you know so if you prefer that higher visual fidelity go for it it looks fantastic here on high settings and it still plays pretty well and if you have a higher end cpu well you can actually play it absolutely fine without stuttering on high with 1060. finally just to compare it a little bit with the gtx 1060 we got the rx 580 this is the eight gigabyte model from xfx you can see all of its specs here once again in tech powerups gpu-z and were still running the i7 3770k here we go again roach one last ride still using the same settings 1080p high and it is kind of similar maybe like a little bit slower actually i dont think the 1060 dropped into the 40s around here thats probably because these rx 500 series gpus at least compared to the gtx 10 series from nvidia dont work all that well under cpu bound scenarios so theres a little bit of driver overhead there and over here we dropped into like 31 with 1060 drops into like 27 with the 580 overall they might provide around the same experience honestly especially at medium settings you dont really notice as much of a difference there of course but on high the 1060 was a bit better in terms of stability for sure of course were not locking the fps here with the 580 but uh yeah at high settings there is definitely a bit more of a cpu bound scenario compared to the 1060 i7 combo for sure like its its a little bit rough here honestly just gonna see it now with the 30 fps lock it gets rid of all of the stuttering issues as you can see once again same behavior as with the nvidia gpus that we tested so far and uh hopefully it wont really drop all that much lets see it here no it still drops oh boy okay thats that was unexpected roach where the heck are you buddy there he is or she im not sure gonna go im gonna go again yeah it still drops to 27. so that is not gonna go away those fps drops if you lock the frames yeah i mean its a little bit worse than the 1060s experience in kingdom come deliverance but it still provides a pretty playable one especially if you play on medium settings i would say that the minimum as well as the recommended requirements are pretty accurate in this game thank you very much for watching this video dont forget to like and subscribe if you havent already and if you enjoyed it of course and ill catch you guys in the next one very soon hopefully as always i love you all bye bye hbo steaming Playing KCD on the minimum and recommended system requirements of the game! I tested the low settings for the min specs and low, medium and high for the recommended!⏱ Timestamps ⏱ Intro - 0:00 Minimum Reqs - 0:30 Recommended Reqs - 0:57 Minimum Gameplay - 1:29 Recommended Gameplay 1060 - 6:06 Recommended Gameplay 580 - 13:32 Conclusion 15:35 🔧 MINIMUM SPECS 🔧 ◾️ Intel Core i5 2500K ◾️ Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB ◾️ RAM - 8GB DDR3 1333MHz (2x4GB) ◽️ OS - Windows 10 Pro ◽️ SSD - Crucial MX500 1TB ◾️ Motherboard - Gigabyte H61M-D2-B3 ◾️ PSU - XFX TS 550W ◾️ Case - My room 🔧 RECOMMENDED SPECS 🔧 ◾️ Intel Core i7 3770K ◾️ Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB ◾️ AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB ◾️ RAM - 16GB DDR3 1600MHz (2x8GB) ◽️ OS - Windows 10 Pro ◽️ SSD - Crucial MX500 1TB ◾️ Motherboard - Medion Z77 MS-7785 v1.1 ◾️ PSU - XFX TS 550W ◾️ Case - My Room 🎥 Recorded with a capture card and another PC for no FPS loss. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Second Channel: @KryzzpDigimoon ▶️ Game Requirements Testing Playlist - ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 📸 Instagram: 🔉 And join our Discord! transfer games from epic to steam steam get game id what games work with steam deck durasage personal steam sauna can you buy oculus games on steam