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Steamer for milkwhy won't steam let me play my game KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE game grace your scam my name is Krusty and welcome to Kingdom Come deliverance so this is a new RPG game set in medieval times with a high focus on realism in the combat and everything meaning you get hit youre pretty much screwed and youre done just like in real life somebody chops your head off youre probably gonna be dead you also play as a character called Henry who isnt particularly magnificent or special in any way hes just a regular guy regular baby-faced guy looks interesting smells interesting does it tastes interesting lets find out a fine state youre in this morning what on earth did you get up to last night oh oh I get choices I get choice not sure why Im acting surprised I did expect it I just I I appreciate you when Im given choices so depending on what Id choose my stats increase huh I mean focus on what I want to build up in this world Im thinking Im thinking this world is based on realism I want to if I find myself very dangerous situation I want to work my way out of it my silver-tongued charisma face thats what I want silver tongue charisma face so I was chatting in the tavern me and the lads were just having a chat in the tavern now along with speech I wish to be a jackass strength is good but avoiding a fight is even better if I come were my way around life Im happy with it so Matthias was teaching me archery please increase my agility pace Matthias was teaching me archery yes he was have you any idea of the punishment for that oh come on Ive no interest in poaching its just a bit of fun give me strength that would be my father my papa my daddy my sperm cannon at least Europe thats a start usually is anyway we have a lot of work to do today Im finishing the sword for Sir Isaac and I need your help all right with what Im running out of charcoal run to the market and buy a bag from the charcoal burner Ill need some money then to steal it thats the other thing keresh still owes me for an ax a hammer and the nails I sold him a month ago go and tell him to pay up at least for the accent hammer and then use the money to buy the charcoal money charcoal cross guard got it got it Ill stop off at the tavern on your way home I know youll be going there anyway to see that girl of yours but make sure the ales still cool from the cellar when you get back no no long now wait Ive got objectives now buy a bag of charcoal at the market collector depth and knish pick up the cross guard okay well I mean the compass is pointing me to places which is good because otherwise Im very very a boy I dont know what Im I mean where I be I dont know I know where I be first thing Im gonna do I guess is go to the castle because it seems like the closest want to pick up the crust guard if you would just let me through you gonna let me fruit and its gonna walk through them I cannot walk through okay its like youre gardening or something Robbie with you and with you Henry how are you father thats how people talk magnificent so Ive just got the cross guard now we got like three other things to get this quest thing is easy doing these bloody little things smell Oh father whats that mean he he you we be pesters and he necks thinks Im useless tells me I wake up late but then when I wake up I get it done easily because its easy underestimate my abilities he does underestimation Ive initiated combat ok ok ok ok ok ok I dont know what Im doing Im gonna spend it Im gonna surrender I surrender all right there now until I get a better gist of the fighting mechanics sent out you will see starting a brawl was I your Lord crime doesnt pay well I mean sometimes it does if you steal money I can possibly talk my way out of the situation because I have any money and I can use my speech or my charisma hmm Ill tell you the truth but you mustnt tell anyone the Lord of rat I sent me on a secret mission to do it I have to bend the law a little now and again what about stealing I didnt steal anything bloody nerve of you Im not a thief Im a soul did somebody perfectly different levels different their force of villainy fool somethings happening I think complete my tasks and this is the response didnt realize it was such irresponsibility is usually not good and this youre cold you have died in jail well how about that how about that as a thing that happens something here you can teach me sword fighting lets get on with it sheep Party sheep oh I can I pet them can I pick him up and put him in my pocket can I walk towards and with an awkward hint sorry a distracted disco lets bet theres Gary sword facing very well lets start with the basics keep moving your life depends on it okay okay I get moves I can move I can move I can move all right all right now try to hit me I like them the combat mechanic thing you see little star theyre like you move around and thats where they aint I like that thats kind of difficult finding is easy I mean Im not hitting but I get it I got you I got you dont say that I didnt all right but I mean we were we were so practicing for like 20 seconds of anything Ill shut up like you can do any better you cant be seriously insulting our King what the Empire is falling asunder in his hands the German counts elected who pet of the palate innate is king because your Wenceslas would not go but their deeds even Deutsch has gone too far Wenceslas is our rightful king Deutsch is an idiot what can you do I might have an idea Deutsch was talking such  __  it made me think of that huge pile of manure you know the one right next is freshly whitewashed house now you think we should redecorate for doing some chairs all day so how are you with us Im gonna be very very honest between making a sword and picking up  __  the making of a sword appeals to me more however due to the boys sham surrounding the situation I will indeed pick up horse manure inferno to house okay so were going to this guys house and were gonna throw that poop at his house are we gonna hey you yeah we gonna throw poop it is Im not gonna tell him no gonna tell him maybe I could tell him could I tell him maybe theres an option to tell him Ill gonna turn though miss out on all the poop throwing why would I do that less house like a silly thing wait we have to check that the coast is clear why Deutsch is in the tavern but maybe you noticed after all these years that he has a wife and a son Henry you gotta lure her away somehow what do you want blood I want you to follow me so my friends can throw  __  at yes I just went by the tavern and your husband was in there talking nonsense I thought someone should take him home before he gets himself in trouble thank you for telling me I just hope I can catch him before he gets into another fight yeah no problem no problem good guy Andrey thats what they call me good guy Henry cuz Im just good guy walking around doing good deeds and good stuff you know theres all that all Im concerned about is the good and welfare of the people around me leaving in a way a collapse hat just gonna pick it up and mold it like its a snowball their fire the trebuchet for king and country my ass this is all good clean fun well I dont know about clean ferns  __  in his house or sons lets make those mites of your faces oh I like to see you try to encourage him and Im in the head with  __  Jeff Jeff Johnny in the face get it get it right if I call you Karen for me you care for me Ill show you Ill show you how to cow away right okay honestly now dont chase me I was roped into it I was roped into it by some hooligans and I was a victim if anything did I outrun him I think I outran him see agility pays off speech charisma agility those are my traits Im gonna be a master at all of them someday I should really finish my my little chores that I gotta do for my father you know what i mean i mean hes expected a lot for me he got me into this world i guess thats something you must be  __  ish how you do with that ax what do you want my father sent me for the money connection father sent me to get the coin you owe him for the UPS hammer and nails Ive got nothing clear off I know things arent easy the wife run off booze is to hear these days and youre as much use as a square wheel theres no wonder youre short of coin but a depth of debt and I cant leave here without something yes son of a  __  how dare you speak to me like that nice to the face is not how gentlemen reacts Im gonna puttering that Im gonna punch you in the end you see a scrotum you got a scrotum Im gonna rip it off I rip it off with my teeth if I have heres my shoe do you like my bow we feel my onslaught bowel doubts and my waves of fury I give up take what you want theres not much he gave me a key but the key be to this building right here sir calling you sir I dont have to give you such respect but I am gotta be some stuff in this building right yeah I mean heres a chest thats good Kadesh is hammer knishes nails okay so I could take all that stuff simple simple easy easy easy simple lets get one thing straight as I put my hand through your face I own you connect I own you feel me inside of your brain you ever talk to me like that again Ill be back Ill rip your eyes out and feed them to your chickens yes I will right up one more time and see what is it I think I killed him no hes unconscious hes unconscious okay well I can loot his body maybe hes got one eye I want on what does he have on him I could take his clothes why dont I take his clothes I could take everything its a shame youre not completely naked you know but I mean all I wanted to see it just the embarrassment I wanted to give you I just gonna Im just gonna put him down there I mean I dont I dont I dont know what to do with you now I really dont I mean I pace I dont know what Im doing with you I dont know it you sir youre a trader it seems right charcoal burners help okay so I need to buy charcoal but I dont have any money there should be enough to get me some gold that said all this selling all this clothes that I stole from him thats all I wanted to do okay so thats another one dad we bought a bag of charcoal yay next thing I need to do is get some pails so were whos gonna sell me some ale youre gonna sell me ale woman in red dress give me Bianca youre looking well today you too handsome what brings you here ah you do obviously also ale lets maybe not open with that your beauty of course ah Oh noble sir and as honored as any simple maid can be and apart from my beauty what else might you worship desire hail I do need hail thats really the only reason Im here a picture as usual yeah I bring me a cool one from the cellar hes so overly dramatic with the expressions yes my name is Henry Oh you hands I hope youll thank me properly later you bet I will oh I will dont you worry about it mark my words later on youre gonna see the sexiest man in like a crocodile outfit youve ever seen I like how she didnt really seem to mind that my clothing was coated in blood I like that see thats love I mean you dont judge you know you dont judge about time have you got everything I wanted yep this will be the finest ever made can it be mine we got the job all good okay well can it be mine no because I want it I want the swords then I have to go to everyone else its mine ham you son give me a sword by the way someone paid me a call I reckon you might know what it was about you and your friends through donguk deutsches freshly whitewashed house he was here with the Catchpole earlier no not a friendly visit remember Henry if you want to convince someone that theyre wrong try using your mouth and not your fists it was good fatherly advice hes not my own father but im beginning to love and respect him a little bit but the opportunity did come up to folk who parable i will not take it they Lord be with you my father sent me for those nails good day to you Theresa theyre ready will you fetch them for me how theyre in the trunk in the living room all right I could do that what are you laughing it and punch in the ass punch you in the face would you prefer it here I am punch in the air see these see this could be your face turning into a tomato but Im not doing it Oh bandages and marigold Ill tell you what lets just take everything cuz Im gonna need everything at some point anyway but I got nails I got nails thats what she needs and thats what she wants I have your nails I have them would you like them because I have them Music fine Lhasa left that glass Music Applause well thats not good Oh oh boy see so because I free poop at the house oh no oh no oh thats just a little tap but hes fine probably now ooh ah well I mean only one of them is required to kill Bo Furman that man looks like somebody I want to stab ran ran ran you four ran you fall hes running like they told him to do like his ex are still working and hes running run away run away run away run away run away run away are they chasing me theyre not chasing me theyre not chasing me I just gotta run I just gotta run I can do it I can just do it I vacuum rent look at the world opening up I mean and there are many other circumstances it would be a wonderful glorious feeling but my father and my mother are dead they are not however my real father and my mother so I didnt really have a strong connection with them although ideas filled I felt like some kind of strong connection building where the father at some point giving me daddy like advice and everything whats going on there huh I mean a good person would help them out but I dont just does very awkward I like this sauce give me this horse I want this horse ha ha you fools be like oh you are my team or you I dont know I dont know callus I just know theres a man running with the sword Im gonna run the other direction leg anything but no that looks fine looks fine and Im not using them currently the leg is fight beggars all right stop chasing me stop chasing me Ive got my Roux needs to be bandaged I dont know how to bandage stuff you think I know how to ban just I dont stop chasing me know just whats so important about me Im a nobody right now stop chasing Oh Matt had a bloody death wish Music hey stupid metal man thats what you get cant cross over a few areas in the ground I made it I made it safe but I mean Ive got an error in my leg but other than that Im good I mean my parents are dead but other than that Im good I mean my my home is burnt with everyone I ever known is probably dead and slaved of worse and then then Im good Im gonna end this video here if you liked it and you want to see more of this game then please do let me know in the comments and by leaving a like and we will come back into it and do some more well do some more weve just done a tutorial bit barely scratched the surface Im pretty sure the whole world opens up now so theres many more options and freedom which can be given to us and I shall see each and every one of you in the next video so so long farewell goodbye Music steamer for milk Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the new Medieval RPG game where you assault people for no reason. 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