NAUGHTY MR MILLER | Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gameplay Lets Play #4

Xbox 360 controller for steamgame awards steam deck winners KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE gameplay hello everybody my name is Mathison welcome back to some more Kingdom Come deliverance thank you all so much for the incredible support on the first couple of episodes by the time of this recording the first two have gone live and people seem to be really loving it dont know what it is but Im really glad cuz Im enjoying the game for what the game is is trying to be some of my favorite stuff in games is immersion and in simulation this game is at least attempting that and well see how good it gets as we learn more and more about the game but anyway were here to bury our parents we need to find a shovel to do so so lets do that whoa was that man standing straight up and then fall on us oh were back here why am i back here ah dang it alright well we just got to go find our parents its fine were gonna have to fight I think one of the the people that we fought once or twice oh forget the level up and everything again what happened why is that what happened alright well thats fine lets just do what we always do hey buddy I hear youre looting bodies over here thats a big no-no sir naughty boy yeah thats right you go wait in the stabia down you go alright Im just gonna you are you dead see dude hes doing the worm hes wiggling says mercy kill him but uh what am I wearing right now am i wearing all the hunter stuff I lost all that hunter stuff cuz they cuz the save system is weird thats good right mercy mercy kill the guy god Im sorry I got to become a hardened man on the road youre limping body and all that stuff is just is there for me Im gonna leave almost all of these and buy almost all of it apparently I just I just mean the coif cuz it looks stupid where that old boots were and actually theyre cleaner technically but thats fine well put down this well what did this take us lets take off anything no so put that on leather jerkin like gambeson for a little extra defense Im not sure its gonna actually give us much because its durability is low thats okay though sorry sorry hello hello world Im back its its been a hot minute and by a hot minute its been a little while so this is actually the game has launched and the day one patch I thought was implemented I thought I had the day one patch in the review code that they gave me not entirely sure that thats actually correct so well see if theres anything happening hopefully the at the very least like my biggest the biggest thing I want to see changed between the pre patch and post patch is the conversations man none of their bad conversations but the loading time involved with those conversations was like really really really high to the point of ridiculousness and the point of averting me from wanting to even you know do that stuff to start conversations so I am sincerely hoping that there is going to be that the patch wasnt implemented in the code that I had and that the patch will now be implemented in the game is a bit better optimized Im expecting a ton of bugs this is a hugely ambitious game from an indie dev so I fully expect there to be a ton of bugs from this in the similar vein that we see in like games like Skyrim because its such a lower budget and such a smaller team maybe even worse but as long as theyre not game breaking in any way Im ok with it I have a lot of tolerance for what is colloquially known as euro jank games because those euro jank games have some of the most ambitious ideas behind them and that was a really weird noise I thought I heard yeah I think I hear a pig dont fall into the river yeah euro drank games have some of the most ambitious ideas behind them and have some of the most fun elements of video games nowadays I mean Mountain blade was talking to Dean my editor for judge Mathis if you dont know what that is slash judgment this games judge manthis game were just talking about how mountain blade is probably my favorite youre his favorite gyro jank game and mine because theres so much depth beyond the jank eNOS some depth that you would never see in other games in modern triple-a stuff so yeah I have I have a lot of love for the ambition behind these games but then you get stuff like this where youre trying to hop a wall and you just you cant do it even though the animation is saying you can but the game is saying you cant I was trying to get like a wall hop come on come on game hook me up just let me let me have this freedom Im just I just sat here praising your ilk like give me give me this thank you we remember coming through here we got a fast travel point we got to find our friend and we also need to find our parents bodies again I think yeah because were gonna go along this path here and then theres gonna be the hunter were gonna get all his clothing basically where it all dump everything else and move on all right lets do that again the music is incredible really love it and the voice acting is also fantastic Music game is very pretty no question I think were gonna come up on him here all right sir you just oh hes just like just kneeling down all right man hey buddy Im gonna charge and swing at you actually no its you youre in the wrong place at the wrong time I wonder if I can get him to surrender not  __  it well dude dont  __  it mercy kill again huh all right well Im gonna mercykill you cuz I want your armor sorry man youre just a bandit Luton what most wants my friend and family cant let you get away with it not anymore theres that dog again bandaged yes yes yes yes yes and then we will equip the good  __  get rid of the bad  __  armor defense defense yes nine nine armor on that I guess Im gonna drop this because its at its just as destroyed and I imagine it doesnt actually do anything for us so well get rid of that well get well put this one on and drop this one cuz its all busted and I drop the green shirt old boots foot wraps lets get working boots on just trying to kind of clean up a bit its all bloodied my blade has been bloodied Im gonna leave the axe there though where were you living though anything good you had a coin on him how dare you loot my friends and family sir you must die for your transgressions I hate him since youre not breathing anymore Im just gonna go ahead and grab what was in your pockets you know its just nothing personal all right hey hows it going oh no you didnt run like my friends did or like I did because Im a punk  __  Im gonna take your sword the shard or just shard I guess he named a sword and this is not something Id actually never looked at if we actually look at our weapons here thats damage its not as much as shard shard is also it looks broken whered my sword just go what poor quality arrow where did my sword just go trying to use a weapon that requires abilities that I dont have wait a minute though did that just bug out did me equipping another sword get rid of my other one Siraj zigs co Bleus sword I need that why is it not in my weapons I thought it would be in here its not alright well weird that has to be a bug as long as its still there I mean Im fine with it but you stood by your side India didnt run away cuz Im a coward keep moving forward okay we can find our parents we can just skip by because Ive already seen it okay so I need to find a shovel now hey mom its not stealing if youre dead right hey Dad you had some money on you no thanks dad you sleep nicely though you sleep very nice mouth open just slightly a gate so we need to find a shovel did I miss my friend I thought my friend I found my friend at some point Im not crazy right is that something I didnt find maybe I saw it in a video at some point I swear I saw my friend cuz they did watch some video reviews of this game so Im not sure if I am completely miss remembering well what we can do is try and be like put ourselves in the mind of our good friend here we are in a village of medieval people where would be the most likely place that we will find a shovel I hear dog again I dont know but thats got to be an actual dog oh that sounds like a person fighting oh you know what I think Im nurse remembering I dont think we saw our friend thing I remember seeing a review and they showed off the part where I think my friend is facing off a dog I can hear them hello youre over there somewhere I dont know how to get over there I know I lived here for 20 years but I am very lost humming wait okay there we go no hes got a shovel thatll do it dont kill the animal beasts yet Gods name you doing what do you think Im doing digging turnips the Beast just went from me hes hungry the butchers hes not bode the butchers yeah thats him whats that got to do with any more doggy hes guarding him hes guarding his owner I understand no the owners dead I get it he also probably eat the body later hes protecting his master also my coif just reappeared hes protecting his mast like say the poor creature is standing guard over his master you werent trying to get to him were you what do you care what Im doing here what are you doing well my parents are dead and I wanted to bury them but I could also ask first cuz Ive got a bloody sword I asked what you doing here how about you give me an answer if I want to confess Ill go to the priest well I mean I won and leave me in peace well beat you up my dude have I disturbed your looting oh hes got a nine huh I still dont mean I was interrupted to you robbing the dead is that why youre so ill-tempered you bastard havent you got a shred of Honor and what of it the butcher has no more need of corn and now that I think of it your sword youre really gonna fight me please well will you hand it over without a fuss or do you want to end up like those guys trying now muscle me youll touch this source is when Ill shove it in your guts but I just got a success come here mo mother wait youre running well thats right sir you run away so it worked even though he threatened to fight me he ran away because hes a punk and he left me the Spade thank you hey pup can I talk to you damn damn looters damn looters listen I can talk the talk doesnt mean I have to walk the walk okay nothing wrong with that I threatened him if he ends up being a better person in the future because of my threats have I done anything really wrong maybe Im still you know I might be a dick but I prevented the dickish NIST from multiplying i quashed it the important thing about being a self-righteous dick is that youre the only dick and you stop other people from being a dick as well retrained ah for that like five minutes all right so were definitely close to home since thats probably my home right there youll get a clue up by the linen tree or the linden tree whats going on with my dad other than the fact that hes dead important to know of a feeling my dad was part of a the insurgency that was going on maybe under the nose of the King hell yeah heres my dads porch a dad or when we had a sweet conversation here that was fun good memories Im assuming they robbed the  __  out of the house lets head inside and see if theres anything worth grabbing my bed the food is gone nothing inside the chest is it considered stealing now mom huh probably should eat soon still no lockpicks I wonder how we get that alright lets dig under the linden tree youre gonna look yeah Im gonna love it start digging its really weird that these cutscenes vary between 60 frames a second and 20 only the cutscenes the game runs fine for the most part anyone be my buddy I dont want to take on that responsibility Im gonna have to probably feed you and  __  or youre gonna die Music Music lets get to it Music Music damnit Music do you need some help oh  __  is that him yes cant you see the sword what do you want its bishop who do you think they are Franciscan brothers well  __  really robbed you of everything youve got especially that fine blade this of no you store peasant like you anyway banish the thought it is my fathers sword you mean in theres no way Ill take all that armor hes got but you hand over us Music hi as you like Music let him exhaust himself I think hes a big old weapon you really gonna make me fight this dude all right well maybe thats because I threatened to the  __  out of that guy instead of you know talk to him nicely we  __  up okay really one hand it took me out like that you should chief is going to like it its new isnt it I mean couple of few people with it now for the maiden bloodletting not true I killed about five three your father never would have imagined it would be your blood I believe theres a word for such moments the old man would certainly know yeah Im just a comic did you help make you know tell you did such miserable luck to die by the sword you help Forge hey hey girl the games baby text youre poppin Music I lose my sword now Music oh hes gonna be so mad I ran away Music dammit man I lost the sword that I literally murdered a ton of people you parted with sir Abzug sword well  __  Music Music Music Music Music alright  __  ooh near-death hallucinations awakening oh  __  lets go save your parents oh of course Im sure this is not a dream in any way actually its all reality hate the lock on man its really actually incredibly hard to see okay theres not much I can do when its two-on-one look I got him dont know mama Im here I saved you have no I didnt nevermind its not mom into the darkness we run saving friends and family until the day is done hello well I discovered a fast travel point do you need some help its work to be done discovered Miller its Miller time Miller High Life you know the usual beer related puns oh Jesus its a new day Henry Teresa pleased but youll have to stay in bed okay where am I in Scalise were at my uncles mill and right a in between right what happened you dont remember anything I suppose thats not surprising I found you in scallops after those bandits attacked you I thought theyd done for you but you were still breathing why in heavens name did you go back there it was madness he slaughtered everyone who didnt run my Perrys I wanted to bury them I had dont worry I took care of it thank you any good Christian would have done the same now sleep you need your strength back you delirious days later youre awake all right you havent gone anywhere everything its near midnight youve slept all day follow me the beating you took was worse but at least the fevers broken how did you find me actually how did he manage to save me you were lucky I was in scallops and I saw the bishop and his thugs I tried to distract them but it would have been no use if those soldiers from Tandberg hadnt arrived they were searching for you and scattered the bandits okay but what were you doing here waiting to die oh good good happiness they killed a my brothers my family my friends theyre all dead literally just salted everyone I ever loved they killed one of my brothers in the mines after that what did I have to live for dont say that theres always hope no there isnt but it doesnt matter Im a different person now okay they were looking for me searching for me yes Lord David sent them led by captain robot so tell me why is the Lord of such high standing to do ax man daddy what did they show me cirrhotic he look after me but as for why they should care Ive no idea Im tired Im exhausted Im not surprised Ill bring you water and something to eat in the meantime rest is still very weak girl you make me weak in the knees youd that cute face and those cute freckles I have a thing for freckles just saying ladies love them good morning to you today first of all rude Im felt as good as this since they lashed me to the wheel and cause of me on the town square came back you must be better my uncle will be glad to hear it I had a job persuading him to let me bring you here if youd laying around much longer he really would have dumped you on the Town Square you can stay until you find somewhere else to live but my uncle will want payment for taking you in and caring for you luckily I robbed everybody Ive been lying here long enough uncle will be pleased hes one mouth less to feed but are you truly well enough  __  if I know well enough to mean look at my stance where can I find sir Id say hes in lower castle in pack Stein hes a guest of so Hana stuff like that but someone like you cant just walk up bold as you please and demand an audience I know Sir Isaac and I didnt bring him his sword as I was supposed to I must see him you insist but you need to speak to my uncle first youve been in his sickbed for over a fortnight well he paid the Apothecary to tend to you and for medicine thats a good deal of a coin you owe him I could learn you two weeks my god better a fortnight in bed than an eternity in the grave if it werent for my uncle you wouldnt be here at all I owe you my life my life and Ill repay my penny you have my word all right but before you go to town you should eat something youre still weak theres food on the table for you well I wonder if theyll have all my gear right a mill is your new home you can sleep here whenever you want and you have own trunk here the contents of this trunk will be available to you in all your homes and rented lodgings oh so much for  __  and realism yeah I still got everything good whats up well well pick our gear here in a minute lets uh lets go and eat a sweet pancake get fathers sword-- back find out who led the raid on skel its an Avenger family all right lets uh pop our nourishment as high as we can we sell a lot of food which is fine were just gonna go and eat from the pot cuz were savages all right we have a lot of quest well go through those in a minute I want to take all of those all the apples I mean I could just take everything yeah lets just take off sort by defense on on on on on on yeah boots look better I still look like bloodied up but surprisingly actually doesnt matter so Im gonna want to wear Im gonna have to carry this around because my skills are not good enough for the shard I dont know what the skills are required for the shard minimum agility three minimum agility three thats the issue and right now my character if we take a look at them has an agility of a whopping two were gonna have to keep bumping up our agility if we have the chance and I think running around is probably our best bet but for now well just kind of a Koi equip that fine mark fart Vaughn ohlets and Avenger parents yep Im on it okay things for my trunk I got it so we have a bunch of weve to basically start paying off our debt thats what it boils down to if we take a look at our map we are Im assuming in the in-between town no we are relatively far from where we were actually okay and if we go into our journal we have a good talk to Miller Peck Miller Patrick and his niece Theresa took care of me while I was destroying my life side quest we have to do that awakening go to perk scene to see sir rags aghh and in vengeance get my fathers sword these are main quests we have the good thief though so lets actually talk to the Miller here we cant completely ignore him it seems but were not gonna hey lets see if theres any loading happening if I want to do a side quest have you eaten yet yes yes it was very good I did Im glad you enjoyed it it was a little loading there by the way okay well weve got a lot of woods we can go and explore what is the main a lets actually just turn off all quests except for the good beef for right now hes over there just kind of exploring seeing does anything worth grabbing again I I am a little concerned is not going to be too much as far as hidden secrets and explorable areas the game might be very open explorable but well see how much there actually is in terms of like discovery and all that thats really pretty like that is all just gorgeous to look at Im excited to get out there thats the mill to him glowing in the dark hey Miller Peck lets talk buddy Im Henry thanks for taking care of me my names Henry thank you for taking care of me here my name is peshan and Im the Miller here youve already met my niece to raise her for two whole weeks okay not my long being a deaths door while you were lying here you worked up quite a bill the blood letter who came now and again to keep you alive with his potions that quack doesnt come cheap I paid him what I could but I still that is you still oh I see well its better to be in debt than to lie dead in a ditch what the way I Im not afraid of hard work you wont pay for that shoveling manure I might have a better job for you but its not something any fool can do know it proved to me youre a clever lad I might trust you with something you could really make money for is that way this is called the thief quest or whatever what do you need from me what would you need from me a trifle just to take something from someone bring it to someone else and not you literally are asking me to be a thief that sounds straightforward enough except for not get caught why would anyone want to catch me oh dont worry its just a job like any other only this one requires lets say the right moral disposition do corpses bother what are you know terrible not to touch them thats the executioners job did you expect I give you a hoe and send you out to the fields I mean kinda you could dig alright but somewhere else I want to know whether youre going to hide behind some stupid  __  scruples or if you might be useful for more unconventional tell me more I was prepared for just about anything but asked a bit much but go on tell me more listen its about this ring my mate whats it called miss Miller had his eye on trouble is they buried the ring by the jibing along with the villain they hung while he was wearing it Jesus Christ you want me to dig up a chords take a ring from it and give it to your friend in cojones theres nothing sacred to you money first morals later thats the thats the motto of youtubers nowadays think I think Logan Paul printed it on a sweater and souls into the human body only its missing a soul why be disgusted by something created by God whatever Ill do it I think Ive already heard more than I need to know you got the tongue of the devil himself you tried hard enough I bet you could justify sodomy with a go whats your mouth boy theres a shovel a around the mill somewhere if theres any problem come and see me and heres something on the side to make you dig better gonna make me dig and better cant believe Ive come to this digging up corpses oh and uh watch out for the executioner and his hounds theyre pretty savage and I dont just mean the dogs you can just throw them some meat the dog status by the executioner well dont fetch him great oh we got some snaps so I can save it great its like him try it again and again and again all right well were going to dig up a corpse because it sounds like a stealth tutorial and thats what I need us Delf tutorial all right mean shovel somewhere around here and you got a shovel here or up there maybe look no no shovels all right well Im sure I can find one all right and here maybe no its a lockpick and I dont have it a man key just like hook me up with a shovel really hey dude can you want me to dig up a corpse for you youre just like  __  you find a shovel this way you have your weird say in meetings I bet it is you nasty nasty devil man this is a quite a nice little like plot of land this guys got theres no way hell it no he doesnt live alone I was gonna say theres no way this is all his its not surprise surprise well lets see Music alright well we got a fast travel thing here which is great Im gonna find a shovel were just gonna walk our way there I discovered the mill did I not know discover it before I can actually climb up there the worst part is Im sure commenters have seen it already what was this Im sure I Oh gross just dead is like a decomposition pile thats got to be like compost right like thats thats the medieval version of compost and just really you rendered like grass in there no theres nothing in there thats just the graphics poking through you may can ask him hell just tell me hey wheres your damn shovel give me your shovel where can I find a shovel oh he gave me lockpicks really fun to shovel theres one right outside leaning against the Khans I missed it all right teach me how to use lockpicks daddy needs to learn okay Ill try hold the lock pick in the right hand and use it to fill out the tumblers your left hand hold the blade its quite easy it only takes us been a prank got it good right now turn the whole lock the place but dont stop holding the tumble okay otherwise  __  what help in order to pick locks you must have at least one lock picking inventory Oh though its better to have one or two spares does it get worn with use and in the worst case can break you start by actually lock picking cross the extra by holding Aeon the lock youll then see a diagram of the law okay this is how close you are to the sweet spot is indicated by the size of the cursor and it turns gold when you find it then you have to use the lockpick to turn the whole lock mechanism at the same time you have to coordinate the movement of the lockpick with the rotation of the mechanism because the rotation ships position of the sweetspot try and turn the mechanism without having the lockpick in their position make it a little stick which will damage your lockpick or even break it any damage to the lockpick will produce a noise which can draw it in this sounds convoluted so I okay I see terrible quite a few alright that actually was pretty serious well I need to go to your cart no Im not a fan I like the you know one of the few things actually do like about the Skyrim modern fallout stuff is is actually how they handle lock-picking its easy but I like ok I meant to pick it up not punch it alright well lets head out into the woods lets get this ring for this guy were gonna go on foot hopefully well level up our agility along the way I think jumping helps were gonna do old morrowind style of levelling jumping a bunch what are these hes like drying racks Im not entirely sure but let me yeah lets get this quest done do I have a horse nope its gonna be that type of game - a lot of like games like this and I say like this meaning euro jank games what I like about them is they really loves and a part of my its one of my favorite things in most games not just in video games but indeed Z in tabletop games I love games that start you as a nobody and they make you work your way up to becoming a somebody earning it going from rags to riches in gaming is one of my is honestly one of my favorite things ever most DB campaigns that have lasted a long time for me that Ive played in and really enjoyed are very much because I get to I get to play my character at level one or sometimes even before they get a heroic level and they be there just like civilians and working your way up its one of the reasons I actually really love mountain war blade because the idea of being a nobody in this in this king court you know being a mercenary for hire and all this other stuff and then eventually working your way up to being a king yourself is awesome I can talk to the townsmen theyre still loading happening in between conversations is a bit its a bit crazy to me but this is happening about RIT a what do you got what kind of Lord is Hindu shrine if governor is Sahaj nice trick but just thank God for him you dont get mixed up in nothing thats so rad sick so you dont see no one attacking us hows life for a tang whats life like King rotten good or it was still them refugees came still were better off here than most places all right we need a walls uh how does return to the rat toy folk get on with I want to say retain even though its a rat I talked to me about it I wish that rabble was gone I know theyve met with misfortune but here they do nothing but thievin make problems I dont know have you met the Miller alright goodbye I got some thieving to do um dont worry its an up and up a job for a towns folk alright heres the first part we get to actually venture off kind of the beaten path though they are trails but we really get a good look at the woods here and this is gonna be were gonna get a lot of this or better be damn good because were gonna get through this whole game I dont know if you know the audience will want to stick around for an entire playthrough but if we want to do this kind of thing you know were gonna be doing a lot of walking in the woods and were gonna need to make sure the devs better made it interesting some wildlife would be neat I dont eat everything like something every five seconds but enough to keep things interesting what is this hey Peggy alright lockpick I mean Im tempted to just immediately start robbing people hey you stopped me saw me in your arms all janky oh its the executioner hey lets talk to him actually I think we can get through this trying to get him out of the house ooh not long ago you buried this compact lets try it speech Miller posh accent me hes very sorry but by mistake he didnt give you the full way to flower last time he says you should come and get the balance that road how much is it laughs I know thats nothing to sneeze at it certainly is it Ill go there right away goodbye what do you mad at me for dude everybody wants me to punch a chicken by the way I dont know if I want to punch a chicken were gonna wash ourselves we got to look presentable if were gonna dig up a grave I wish I could close these doors well that worked out really nicely we just kind of walked in today someone owes your money go get it theres it can dig this grave up in the middle of the damn day gallows Hill execution places were situated on hilltops as at Crossroads and out of town as they were considered unclean these were deserted places that everyone avoided no craftsmens work near work nearby for fear of losing his reputation the only one to be seen where theyre about to see the executioner who often lived in the other site common folk would approach the gallows of every place for the sole purpose of witnessing and execution executions became popular folk entertainment often the whole town gathering to watch but sentencing to capital punishment was a right granted only to select towns and by no means all of them had their own executioner cool a little history for you now I gotta find this grave Im assuming this is it dont notice me I need to dig up a body okay its actually gonna do it in real time Christ what a  __  stink I dont know dont know in here nothing on the left-hand right - peep - it will pay for this alright well we did it wonder if the executioner robbed him of the ring I kind of want to know but I dont know if I want to drink schnaps to find out it was a shovel here too dont mind me gonna wash all the corpse off of me sorry why dont we down a schnaps and give this a shot so well save it its closed right okay what is happening okay so I cant stop turning thats really infuriating did it break you dont have a lockpick its actually just go ahead and load it then load it I wanted to bust in I dont I really dont like the way lock-picking is in this game and I and thats considered an easy lock I wonder if Ill just get better over time Ill give it like another shot top moves I dont understand it doesnt work one more go this is why they shat schnaps are limited so you dont just like push your way through the game like I am right now I get it at the same time I see why people dont like the lock-picking system because like it gets shaky it gets really shaky the more you do it which is really weird he gave me lockpicks man so I imagine Im supposed to be trying to bust my way in through this thing I wonder this is another door no invisible wall cuz whats cursor left-right up-down oh I get you I absolutely despise the lock-picking its gold there we go goodbye its another easy lockpick for now Im just gonna eat from his pot of soup I know Im trespassing is there anything in here okay robbed him dead mans ring this is nothing but an ordinary copper band its not worth a tin penny if you still make sure no one sees you but even selling the loot isnt easy you might get away with selling a stolen Apple but word will get around if you steal something valuable and traders will recognize that track going to trader as far away as possible from the scene of the theft try someone who deals in stolen goods like a fence okay lets actually go ahead and close this were gonna get the hell out of here in a minute lets see if theres anything good in here we might as well okay again its still garbage I still dont like it but a beggars tunic a bludgeon well take that well take all his money beggars tunic and a brown steak the brown felt hat nothings really all that valuable here but value is dependent on the person who has it so maybe its valuable to me found the dead mans ring dude stole it had a feeling the game did give me lockpick so theyre like hey wasnt even that far of a walk we take a look at the map yet this map is not gonna be very big it looks like it might be actually pretty big but everything considered it actually does not seem like its going to be that big wrote a I already - how did I just now discover at a time because my dude I woke up here beautiful still though hopefully the executioners is uh if thats him hes not like hey how was my house hey or the execution up seas I love that he was walking by me after doing his I hear freakin peaceful laughing how dare you lie to me Music are we not almost there Music we are I should have fast traveled actually but man thats a gorgeous sight look at that butterfly in the sunlight hey dude I lied to him I hope you dealt with him hello I did it I am your little thief ring thief good day to you and Lao to you Ill have that ring for you good nice to know youre a soil and I can trust with a job like that now run with the rain who would set the Miller & Co helmets theyll have some work for me and Ill have something for you soon too unlike you the very least Ill buy risky boots for you okay that used to belong to someone else and you cant sell its just any one stolen goods thanks but no thanks now youre a thief my dude youre a big old thief tell me something about will you teach me to pickpocket do you teach me something about the milling crap Im not a thief but like how to get things out of strangers purses into your right all right why not youre handy enough no doubt your mastery come behind a mill where we wont be seen okay just dump that bag there no problem they do he is so eager to teach me to be an illegal thief he just drops it hes like you know what come with me I cant wait to show you how to be yeah I bet you are I have a bludgeon in a brown felt hat I really need to sell these to him but I might want to hang on to this bludgeon but I probably also dont want to yeah hes so hes so happy that I stole things off of a corpse great Ill stand here to pretend I dont know youre there you try sneaking up behind me without me seeing you and take something from my purse first we have to rummage in the purse the longer you do it the better chance you have finding something valuable but also getting caught in the market once youve found something you want weve got to pull it out carefully but fast enough so I dont notice crash stealing my dagger its there mixed up with other things okay hello caught you this was for real Im yelling for a gun try it again core - wait what this was for real Im yelling for a guard try it again caught you Hey okay real yelling from core - okay kind of hold on to this for real Im yelling for a guard try it again caught you so I can only do it and thats telling Im buying myself second its give me help give me help give me help piggy Pok this is no joking matter if youre caught with your fingers someone elses purse either by the victim rather by witness theyll raise the alarm and youll be pursued by the thief what about some doesnt sneak up on the noonas and holding it first step is to grope around inside the purse by holding a thats not easy especially if your victim is on the move the longer you can grope the more time you will then have to select what you want okay so that literally setting up a timer for you to mess with things in order to then steal you have to exceed the minimum time for groping which you will recognize by the background of the Rose changing from color from red to green how long you grope and how much time you have left for stealing items as shown by the yellow wait what how long you grope and how much time you have left for stealing items as shown by the yellow indicator with the number of seconds in the middle oh Lord okay here we you dipped your hand into someones purse and you have to get it out with the loot before your time is up and youre caught the place where you are stealing okay that does make any sense lets see if youre an experienced pickpocketing expert and items you fully learned the item expert perk you can also see the properties of the stolen item which are theyre the items youve just stolen the time that remains before youre caught the time youll lose if you decide to steal the item in question depends mainly on the weight of the item here is some item you have groped out but you cant find out what it is using II then my pressing key again you can steal it holy  __  thats insane caught you caught you okay this was for real Im yelling for a guard try it again that caught you okay its its weird because like once it gets to that part the game is running at 60 frames but everything is going way slower its like it looks like its going way slower Im trying to buy myself as much time as possible reveal it take it okay thats really hard play I get it but its hard in a way thats I think youre ready to try it out for real best practice on drunks and sleeping folk so you dont end up in jail before you even get started yeah I need to rob that only drunken sleeping coke sure all right weird that pickpocketing game is fun i but no why am i saying its fun its a fun idea and what they were trying to do with making it realistic its also holy balls good lord my oh its out there clunky and not that great cuz that the hit I cant just rotate with a mouse to pick what I want actually if I want to get to the dagger had to hit dddd until it went all the way around its actually kind of insane were gonna sit and were gonna initiate sleeping whoa what is hang on reading spot what is this I have a reading spot man can I write the game actually makes you illiterate unless I learn or teach myself to read dont worry about that later were gonna go ahead and sleep so we can get some saving in we dont want to sleep long its still like really early so were just gonna head and sleep for an hour so we can basically just save it the world is gonna kind of do its thing for an hour and were gonna wrap it for this episode here so thank you all so much for watching and thank you all so much for the insane support on this series I hope youve enjoyed if you have let me know in the comment section below buddy like button the the support has been incredible and its been really really fun to kinda bring this game to you guys I would love to keep doing it if you guys want to watch more you let me know and Ill see you next time bye bye steamed mussel recipe Kingdom Come Deliverance gameplay walkthrough part 1. 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