Kingdom Come Deliverance From the Ashes Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (NEW DLC)

Steam mill campgrounddead by daylight steam price KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE gameplay guys welcome to kingdom come deliverance I absolutely love this game it came out earlier in the year and we now have our first DLC its called from the ashes it does have much story but basically we rebuild the town which got destroyed in the conflict and yeah involves a lot of money management and it it looks quite interesting so go check it out and see what its like after you and your comrades in arms drove the bandits a foot out of after you and your comrades in arms drove the bandits out of pivots Levites the village was once again left we slowly swallowed up by the woods which is kind of unfortunate because it was a swarming bustling little hamlet judging by the size of the Rouen church there and beer basically people to try and bring it back to life again you always wonder why folk never went back to live there and so you were pleasantly surprised to learn so dish has plans for his former hamlet you dont know exactly where he has in mind um I guess we gotta listen but youll be glad to have a hand in it youre sure to find out in Tom Berg what needs to be done okay I have arrived at tomb burg and I would like to start this mission please where is so div ish you should be over here but no doubt is somewhere else if it was good to be back in this game like I missed it so much just hope this DLC can start very soon so div ish where are you oh thats where the starters flipped out you wont be down here Willy youll be upstairs use nearby lasers well if you use nearby so delish so delish where are you we cant talk right now you took now yes so delish lets chat Tina sees a private area where I have no time to waste readings what do you need her ratleys plans can I be of service to you to division Ive heard talk that something is going on in previous lovers Henry youve come at just the right moment yes I sent a man to Priebus Lovetts my locator Mariusz okay it was a locator al and a locator I charged him with checking on the condition of the settlement to see if we can start rebuilding it okay I see where were going with this youre planning to resettle the village yes to rebuild why previous Lovetts of all places because its been lying fallow and falling into ruins since it was sacked by Havel medic years ago its about time that changed well it should be safe there now we trounce that rubble on the battlefield yes and thats why I sent my master locator there however he should have been back long since if youve no objection like you go and look for him Id appreciate that he probably just got delayed but Id be happier if you checked it out lost in the woods so that is a brand new quest with the DLC right guys we have arrived and its time to find the locator man this is some memories some serious memories oh thats sort of stuff I left actually remember just drop in all my items on the floor I was in the middle of battle and I decided to start looting and I got so much hate for it its like Scott focus on the battle you probably were right I mean theres a law for stuff around here I could say all this mmm this is all me pretty much whoops Im hoping we can find him Ill quickly go check out the other church check here first oh thats a good sign how do I still have forgot screw stuff oh its time Ive not uses both ages oh thats gonna freak em out Im super I was bad anyway with the PO I mean now theres been like so long no way that here no way Oh Mercy Me oh man my arrows skills are so bad my archery skills Oh so mad that Im correcting something I screwed up with her that barrel did oh whoops right change to my sword my mace even Im gonna enjoy naughty naughty girl right now Im ready oh Shannon hit my shot block all do attacks youre dead God there yet hes not sure of an arrow hes only mate hit him whats a savage numbered getaway fool Im go from you bother shield bring it hard dont do it mites tech me its not what I meant nice when my skills have improved I say I was trying to improve oh come on nice is a pretty good again its very heavy armored opponents unlike these fools a little green icon to pop up in their face youll get one go might do it  __  you kill him is so good at blocking me oh there we go going once families can plead depleted though get away you dont make on me so Ill be a blood yeah a teammate oh thats it look at him what sort of blood on him my flurry of attacks hey little art free man so I get past this shield go for it bro give it a go got up there yeah ah open it you just fell to the ground yes one man is left so if he gets me hello you scared I see the waxer not a chance mate not a chance hahahaha absolutely wrecked him wheres this locator anyone else left anyone else want to give it a go thats what I fault he must be around here somewhere surely he was a prisoner we see Ive heard have seen him yes I found him haha help me I will one sec one little pick lets do this as well is this different much home finalise the right yes I remember now Im getting flashbacks its so long since I played it doing a terrible job but Ive unlocked it Oh some all up pics on tire you are free so we found a locator thank you my pleasure so David sent me to find you and it looks like I arrived just in time Gods truth Im Henry of scalice my name is Marius bellick master locator its a Divis sent me here to survey the area well The Outlaws are out of the way so we can go and report to him right not just yet those bastards caught me as soon as I arrived and so far all Ive seen as the inside of the tent they tied me up in I still have a job to do come along with me if you like will report the sudhish afterwards lets do that then Ill escort you then at least I can make sure you dont get caught again is that clay not there more of those bandits are I dont know just member no mind should we get going I like Henry hes so adorable when hes exactly the same counselor he looks exactly the same in real life is its kind of doing Im doing nothing so now were gonna survey the area and hopefully its suitable um to work on this is a good spot for the rat house every village must have its gonna need from the pots it can have its own little square Oh close to the church sounds Pleasant theres no better sight here yes its basically the architect of this era putting its paid quite well looks like hes dressed quite well its pretty way you got camp  __  to be honest Oh some fruit and a chest are not a lot people right now Im busy so this is the ugly the church the church is still standing just about good good whoever built it did a good job considering how old it is and what its been through recently its stood up well I guess it would be an easy job to fix it but it can be done timber alone wont do that you dont look very stable very well-built I guess we can repair instead of rebuilding it from scratch which will save us money and time and I like that my way next its a pretty good dumb son of he oh of course they got quite good defense should i loot this guy well sure space we even have not much of course we dont I think hes uh hes like stuff cant take that yes I can take his bone I can sell it for garage on well go Sean I thought its good now the car is gonna get a bit more careful alright Im sorry its safe your life I was outnumbered four-to-one and I still won Im a good warrior let me again now this looks completely overgrown hmm we could fit at least one tradesmens shop here maybe a bakers I like it would you like fresh bread that smell of freshly made bread in the morning oh my Im not snow that for a while no Im good mommy stuff like this old bread mixer thingy and shes the like every Sunday maybe I was like wheres he going now into the swamps that is a big-ass mushroom theres quite a lot of space here I guess hes clearing thoroughly then we could even fit stables here a good little chop chop down this wood its just in the way isnt it its marvelous I mean who needs truth anyway whats this global warming go grab a womans  __  thats a Britain still stands main approach road and stream yes okay they also say for that its rather marvelous isnt it its a very well made bridge made up of woof woof yes from the trees see also Joe this bridge needs reinforcing ah it wont last long in this condition I reckon it would make sense to build a where over the stream down there the water here is clean and can be used to supply the village until we sink a well good I do a good thing we have this stream weve pointed building without a water source good points shed build a well as well for the well of the well with the wellness of this wonderful village his hams he top sounds quite easy tonight just perches stuffing looks like lies and trade will flow through here I hope so ok can you predict the future do you know this for a fact I reckon I need 5 million groats on to be a corrosion thats what I sang completely different making stuff up now Scott house hell not play this game seems like February and it feels like a very very long time I cant even see past the trees and ruins whether theres room for anything there but at least the trees are strong and healthy all we need is a few good wood cutters we wont have to bring in any timber from elsewhere healthy tree so lets chop them down they look good wonderful healthy way means but theyre not rots in they look its its good wood and they can use to build stuff with I cant wait to see so did you see doing foundations mm-hmm theyll come in handy and were close to the stream a nice strong wall when it would have survey be done it may take a time were gonna were gonna skip sit buff wont be fun to go around and uh follow these instructions and see what he says so Debbie shes a fine man I will loot to this mans body for he is now dead an evil bandit some bread honey very nice lockpicks always useful is anyone else gonna shop just find out oh it doesnt be some armor tempted to take it Ill take your boots Dunaways whenever we talk talk to himself I apologize where is he whatd you think of this place its pretty cool isnt it Khan say something then he pretty much talking to himself dont you hear what you said but a big space clean water close to the village green a good sight bring in watch myself a good site for an inn apparently so people can stay here overnight do some trade thats that then cuz Ive done most essential surveying is done good seems like hes fairly impressed it is now loading pleased though not clash on me please that took me a lot of time to do Ive not saved the game for a while I saw if it crashes right now I will be fuming its for you trying to save it there we go safe to ask it our next Zoe Master locator ready to start building theres a long way to go before that no a few ruins that are left are basically beyond repair thats all overgrown with brush oh dear I have to get it all cleared before we can start rebuilding it so it is possible to rebuild everything yes absolutely but building a whole village is no small enterprise hmm well need timber lots of it which isnt a problem in the middle of the woods of course well have to hire wage labour to begin with quite a lot of men hmm you should get started without delay theres a lot of work involved but itll be well worth the effort I can just imagine it the church will dominate the whole settlement thats good news when will you inform so Divis why wait Ill head to town berg right way but would you keep an eye on things here in the meantime it would be rather embarrassing to run into more bandits when I returned with Sudha vish no problem Ill be right here it shouldnt take us long I guess Ill wait here hopefully sudhish does return and he sees my wonderful work my lord welcome to Priebus Labatts that is to say welcome back to previous Labatts after all these years well whats left of it not to worry Marius ah Im glad to be back in my old Hamlet although it seems to have aged about as gracefully as I have over the years I beg to differ sir its quite dilapidated unlike your good self but at least its safe now thanks in part to Henry here who also saved me from a predicament that cost me valuable time who knows if it hadnt been to him we might not even be talking now well that in the end you managed things in your own way I see just as you said you would I did my best sir alright what should we say I paid the ransom and I want something for it you might get some money for that just go for it well to begin with they wouldnt hear a word about letting Master Marius go huh of course the clink of silver is the only language the likes of them understand there are perfidious rabble true sir and greedy with it they wanted a fat ransom and ma paid it from my own purse I appreciate your doing everything you can to ensure the safety of my subjects I dont know how much you had to pay uh-huh Henry shouldnt lose out for doing the best he could under the circumstances here this ought to cover the cost yes lets get down to the matter in hand shall we what state is primis Levitan sir in my official capacity as locator I am gratified to inform you that the hamlet of Priebus Labatts may be renewed and indeed it offers prospects of considerable expansion beyond its former limits splendid finally some good news for this province and badly need it too so what have you discovered so far I want to know all the details the layout of the village we had a scout around we conducted a basic survey yeah from which we can make a preliminary outline of the parcels I already have in my head an initial plan of what can be built where we should certainly have a church Id like to preserve the existing one that should present no serious obstacles the building is in much better condition than we anticipated but extensive reconstruction will be required thats to be expected we will need a lot theres a stream and a well right in the middle of the village yes and there are abundant woods around clearing them well provide both extra land and timber supplies that we can use right away right now I believe were standing on the village we the future green that is the village center will comprise at least six large buildings to begin with we cant fit any more than that here so there will be other buildings away from the square in particular more extensive structures Im glad to hear it I never expected youd find so much space here in the middle of the woods the building work were about to engage in is only the first part of my plan later well clear more forests for agricultural land and build more farm houses but for now well have to focus on more sensible goals as you wish my lord the rebuilding a whole village must cost the kings ransom though its true it wont come cheap before the trades been settle here and start producing and trading it will be necessary to invest a certain amount of capital a certain amount how much exactly I wouldnt venture to state a precise amount at this point but I expect it will come to some thousands even tens of thousands of Grocery whats that much I hope youre good at haggling we shall of course attempt to procure everything at the best possible price but raising a settlement from the ashes you see around you is a costly business nevertheless I can assure you my lord that if all goes well the investment shall all come back to you with interest I hope I shall live to enjoy it Master Marius our village isnt a village without villagers youll need new subjects even preparing the ground for a building well need lots of labour where can we find so many people sir you sound skeptical lad but its a good question Ive already given it some thought Ive agreed with rads Akande Hanish that we shall make an announcement in wrote a to invite people to move here and help with the construction which will bring them many benefits but also obligations in addition I expect the prospects of a new home will appeal to your former scallops neighbors more than a makeshift camp by the castle walls theyll be delighted sir a splendid solution sir Ive also been concerned about how to bring settlers here but now it seems there will be no shortage of new inhabitants after all all seems to work out fairly well just the money sighs finally looking up we routed the bandits in battle and Henry took care of the remnants when can we get to work right away as far as Im concerned all we need is people and the necessary funds and well need someone to keep order at least in the interim true Ill leave you some of my men if I may I would recommend quickly appointing a bailiff to take responsibility for the renewal of the village its coffers and its citizens true hmm first things first since you understand these matters best you shall take charge of the land parceling and building works youll be available to the bailiff but answerable directly to me Id be honored sir thank you and as regards the office of bailiff what about you Henry yes sir youve proven yourself well youve demonstrated that youre capable of solving problems and you command the respect of your former skalle its neighbors well Im not so sure and youre also capable of maintaining law and order I must concur so let us expedite matters Henry I hereby appoint you to the office of bailiff of the hamlet of privets LAN its in my domain my lord its a great honor thank you you will oversee the initial renewal and administration of the village that will set the ground for further development but dont imagine itll be a bed of roses lad being bailiff doesnt mean you can do whatever you like and if you dont treat the sutlers rightly Ill soon find out and relieve you of your office besides we cant spare a single Grolsch in from the Tom Berg coffers now with the province in chaos so youll have to cover the cost for the building work from your own purse me but Marius said it would cost a fortune true but from what I hear you know how to get your hands on coin enough so I expect youll manage it just fine Id like to know whos been spreading such gossip and I am assigning you certain specific tasks you must ensure the rebuilding of the church that means complete reconstruction wall paintings and a new altar see to it that in the future the village will be capable of supporting a certain number of people for that you will need to ensure the construction of essential artisans buildings and ultimately the village must produce sufficient earnings to fund further expansion but Sir Ive never done I understand your concerns but youll be handsomely rewarded I shall grant you the proceeds from the whole village for the first five years and you have my permission to use the surrounding woods and land as you see fit well thats some I mean are you sure Im the right man for the job sir its a lot of responsibility as you said yourself Henry its a great honor besides you wont be alone in it Ill assist you and supervise the construction work view alright then so were agreed youll give this document to the right a bailiff hell make the announcement to invite settlers which should ensure enough people to begin work at the same time your official appointment as bailiff will be announced what to say sir Im sure you wont disappoint me Henry and now I must get back to my duties at Town burg send word when everything is prepared certainly sir have a safe journey farewell sir we have our next subjects if we have a lot to think about but Im Im pretty excited Im excited where this guys fingers watching leave a like on this video few guys want to see more of the DLC and I will see you soon bye bye steam land Kingdom Come Deliverance From the Ashes Walkthrough Part 1 - From the Ashes Gameplay from the PS4 Pro Playthrough Lets Play Part 1 Thanks Koch Media UK for the Review code :)My Original Series of the Full Game ► CHECK OUT MY MERCH - ► Subscribe - ► CHEAP GAMES - ► HOW I RECORD MY GAMEPLAY - FOLLOW ME ►Twitter - ►Instagram - ►Facebook - stupid games on steam steam link latency pioneer 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