WHAT ??? - Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay Walkthrough Part 19 - QUESTIONS & ANSWERS & PESTILENCE

Steam ffxivsteam turbines KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE gameplay so welcome gross to my QA no Im joking its it thats what the missions called question and answers and that is what were gonna do today apparently the assessment in front of us got attacked they captured a bandit but were gonna question that bandit for info thats is the goal of today I guess the first I mean ideally the game hopefully wont freeze but again its just saving for you I was getting nervous thats a random say wasnt it alright I guess thats good really yeah knowingly wed probably want this to be during daylight cut smoke oh good first place to start can I speak to anyone does anybody even even hear over their dead bodies oh damn hey buddies why our horses Oh God okay thats graphic lets move on my smokes coming from their house like the chimney so thats a good sign it was very eerie and quieter than that it doesnt feel good is anybody here we can be friends so is that youre not banned are you please Im friendly you okay we chat I can pickpocket him great great start fantastic I guess that it may be a little bit tense around here its all the wrong time to come by really so anybody here oh there we go what on a pit bull thats worth chat to the maam right is everyone awake now also can I steal some food please can I steal some food yes there we go now we can get to work actually asking some questions I hope all right straw just ignore me its all good just woman up yet no shes still asleep Jesus definitely saw some people walking around though what did I imagine that surely its late enough now this might be hardened ah we go go chat to you my friends we chat lets talk lets work out what the hell is going on around here why thats me I need to speak with the prisoner and why is that who might you be Henry envoy of Sir Isaac kabbala Im here to investigate the attack Im sorry I have other things on my mind right now in case you hadnt noticed we have pestilence region here and Suraj he wont help us with that any more than he helped us when we were attacked so now its time for us to answer back what do I go with we can be quite aggressive we can say like Rancic didnt know at the plague or we could say how could we have how could we have stopped the attack we dont know whats gonna happen no one could have know what would happen if so rad Zig had him pissed off into the woods and stayed in the camp they would never have dared attackers if cirrhotic hadnt gone into the woods hed have left so many to attack here that youd never have fought them off it makes no odds now we have a different problem to deal with if theres anything I can do just tell me theres a stablehand living with us here Mathias yes I know and he knows some girl who helps out in the monastery infirmary your honker I think her name is she might know someone to turn to if shes actually there say whilst the help out hmm okay you could have sent someone long ago Im not here to serve you take me to the captive died too aggressive all right fine very well Ill go to the monastery its probably our best hope thank you at least for taking the trouble but then even if you cared nothing for us the prison has got the pestilence - hell die without help if I have to go to the monastery I need to know as much as possible about the disease Ill definitely need to know its symptoms theyre bound to ask me that its hard to say my wife is feverish others have the chills I heard some are throwing up others still are breaking out in sores but why dont you see for yourself people talk a lot and I dont know what to believe anymore very well Ill make the rounds Ive daubed lime on the afflicted houses but dont stay too long in those homes that I can promise you so dont stay too long in the infected houses this sounds like a very interesting quest Im not really sure how to take you how to tackle this as well so you speak to some people find out what the hell their symptoms are whos this man you look important can we chat mr. villager right we have an object which is popped up this is the mammal t0 the horse-trader wall he does not look good why now he actually did ha hes alive youre a sight for sore eyes what are you doing here its good to see you too Mathias Surat sig sent me here to investigate the rate sir adzick looks like youve come up in the world mate youre here is his envoi I guess so yeah something like that but thats not important right now well Im glad to see you have a job lots of our old neighbors have been reduced to begging if I were in your shoes Id get the hell out of here theres some disease spreading disease focus saying its the plague whatever it is its bad it started the day after the raid first the horses got sick then other animals and now people are falling ill too damn this is very not good how are you is that you dont look in great shape well at least I havent caught the sickness just me but youve been hooked it happened during the raid one of those damned bandits fell on me horse and all my arms badly broken but I dont have a broken neck true true tell me about the raid what do you want to know anything just tell me I hear one of the Raiders was taken captive Id like to question him I old Mel aha let him have it over the head with a flail and now hes locked up in the barn but be careful boys that that  __  killed young straw and his old mans sharpening a sickle form Melek are still hasnt decided what to do with them oh its a store want revenge I can tell you what hell do with him hell hand him over to Sir Rudd zigs envoi me I doubt Malachi will let him go willingly the folk here are baying for blood lives have been lost first the raid and now this plague God knows what theyll do Oh a serene look good remarket what do these Raiders does it like can you describe the Raiders I dont know they came at dusk so you couldnt see their faces about twenty of them they werent humans though they spoke Czech you talk to them no they were shouting at us theyre very sure of themselves to begin with but when we hid them in the woods they didnt look so brave well dont see you guys I know youve got a ridge enough for any man but how did a bunch of untrained villagers managed to hold off armed bandits one of the village lights caught sight of them coming through the woods and told Melek ah who roused the whole village and everyone grabbed what they could pitchforks axes flails and we went out to face them well you mounted an assault against them I and that was the key it was the last thing those  __  sons expected a few of them still managed to break through to the village probably wanted to torch it but even the women here were armed with what they could find and they took the bastards by surprise very brave folk I like it can I ask you a bit about metal yet I havent been where can I find it when you take the main gate out of the stables youll see two cottages outside straw lives in the right hand one yes oh the doors have a cross on them so that means theyre infected basically so straws in here can we speak to straw and Kenny not kill us thatll be great what Oh calm down youre out of luck I wont straw that you know straw youve taken my son but you should take my wife you bastard no ones taking a wife its fine Ive come to help your wife chill out Burt over to the other side isnt that Gods own truth Im sorry that they killed your son I truly am sorry but if you dont want that disease to take your wife youll let me see her right away I can help her hey I dont undertake it no there you see straw calm down what are you a quack something like that go to it go all right speak to stores wife remember this is is it infected zone right now see thats why shouldnt it thats why she wont talk to us mmm fever just like Melek housewife for you up there seems to be up the main symptom right now I think it might be at their body there but who are you cant you see we have the plague cross on the door Im here to help my name is Henry Im going to the monastery to get help its long past time the Lord has already taken my poor Antony and what you want from me I need to know how the illness afflicted your husband yes Ill tell you everything but first help me bury my husband Im too weak and Malika said the dead should be buried at once Im really well Im gonna get an illness from it tell me first I need to go around other infected houses too but then Ill be back and Ill help you thank you but please do come back I cant do it alone my husband had the fever all over anything else he had great pains in his belly he said it felt like itd been stuffed with rocks he was arriving all night through he must have hurt terribly thank you so pains in his stomach and like a fever yeah we would if I touch that body Im  __  basically Im not sure I want to do that right now to be honest well so be in their house so I go from house to house if you want to go in talk to Melek are after your godliness are you press I can try and convince him thats where the prisoner is all right Jesus Christ be praised youre still praising Jesus I need to talk to that captive sorry no ones allowed inside Melek has orders but Im cirrhotic gobblers envoi and I urgently need to question the captive I dont care if youre the Pope sent boy I cant let you in if you want to talk to the captive you have to get permission from Melek ah great and where is she is that clear where is he I dont know where to go right check out some other buildings its somewhat in tow on this this virus is please every house is infected but Olga costs on them can I help shots of Vincent Jesus what are you doing here cant you see the plague cross on the door Im here because of it the monastery sent me to help the bank god bless you boy its about time I need to know exactly what youre suffering from oh I see well I have a dreadful fever my wife too I recall almost nothing of yesterday I was raving for most of it is there anything else apart from the fever stomach painless forgive me for saying so the  __  just pours out of me oh I cant keep anything in Im completely worn out my wifes the same you have my thanks I tried to bring help bye-bye Im out of it wait a minute will you ER I have one favor to ask oh no what do you need so tell me I need to write my will can you write I can I might manage that excellent so get writing yes can rewrite Vincent son of Vincents grandson of Vincent of a metal head do bequeath my estate and all my worldly goods to my wife Wilma if my wife were to pass away with me mm-hmm I bequeath all to my cousin dobisch at this time the cobbler in Univ its in no event shall my prodigal son alaya the lay about and good-for-nothing in her at a single groschen all customs and traditions aside should I write that too yes and then write the executor of my last will is to be my good friend father Fabian presently the parish priest at the church of San Martin and saw so anything else this will was written down by what is your name Henry presently in fealty to sir Roderick cobbler well I never that will add some weight here take my ring so Fabian will know it to be truly from me you can never be sure nowadays all right Ill be going all right Ill head off then yes go now go before you catch the disease then where will be be thats a good point so we have a last will and testament when I go to the monastery first I believe this quest to continue I would like to interrogate the captive but thats not quite possible right now yes I go to be just like digger grape I dont wait to dig a grave so here I and to the west see what happens so pretty okay here Ive got the plague as well quickly go and ask what theyre up to see if theyre okay see if theres any different symptoms hello Im here to talk to you Daniel it was like hes got small veins you proper yes Im your brother yes its me your brother is nearly here we need to get the scallops for the fair Wow wait you know my brother I do know brute brother brother dont you recognize me what a long time skipping this Ive come back home for Advent remember yes what is going on yes just go along about thirsty terribly thirsty I feel like Im burning in hell oh I can drink a pitcher of water and right away and parched again its really fastly ah its an investigation is now done thats all worked out so I guess the idea is to come back with some sort of medicine a hope I mean thats the plan if it works I dont know Oh Oh help whats happened here what was that was that bandit ones like a bandit trap I went straight past it losers Ive been here before I think I have its a new town is it friendly looks friendly Im using its a cup free right now to be honest new first mm yeah its a brand new town mr. Wesley quite late into the game right now and were still discovering new parts of this map crazy I love this game I love this game Im getting quite close now discovered a whole bunch of stuff its like hitting a little bit more to the south yall get in there we get in there some new woods I love how how much time how realistic this game is in terms of its just how a medieval game should feel and its just like for me its its such a its a proper RPG I love how its is that the place is worth to go to Wow were not been here before Jesus look at that place wowzers its really cool actually stalking this recently I dunno rat a it looks so similar to the real rat say its mint all really good though a rat Ive never been here before this is all brand-new and we are incredibly close just in here though I look how cool this is I will not discover this yet lets go off my horse just be polite hello look at you guys houses oh yeah Ive heard thats realistic as well thats like Steph actually thats still there it looks like that it was it never got finished so thats how it looks today shes crazy another one thats going to be taking food please hopefully I need your help its a herbalist your hunker Henry Im glad to see you me too I heard that youre doing well not right now mattias sentry Matthias oh my god did something happen I love to get stuck here with all yes not good meanwhile Oh God how is Matthias not grinded in the arm hes being brave about it but his injury looks tired need to see him before you go theres something else what the plague some kind of disease has taken hold in metal yet their livestock has died off so now the people are coming down with it too I thought maybe someone here might know what to do its a good thing youve come here theres any hope this is the place to find it you need brother Nicodemus the monastery physician he may know how to deal with it very well Ill try to find him come back when you know more thank you its true whats going on is happening here yes where do you think the wounded ended up actually no idea well now you know me and Nicodemus have been trying to keep things under control since scallops was raised just the two of us Wow can I help hmm so can I help at all certainly we can always use an extra pair of hands here and its been like that since the beginning I was in a bad way myself but then they took me to retire unconscious and I needed a healer hmm how is everyone holding up what can I do holding up people here are dying usually needlessly and I cant do anything about it we dont have enough food or space or anyone whos willing to help us alright chill out just arrives okay not seek help elsewhere isnt the monastery care for them they give us some food for them and a place to sleep but I wouldnt say they help exactly oh great more like they just tolerate us do you have enough food you have enough food enough to survive maybe but convalescents need feeding up maybe if I brought some meats some game that would strengthen them up that would be a great bring some meat I cant undo that anything else you need look around bandaged eyes Ive got loads of those it is a little crowded crowded Ive had to leave some of the sick lying in the open air even at night angry Ill try to negotiate better conditions with the monastery I tried that out loud they just nod their heads but dont move a muscle disgraceful very well were trying to help very well thats what its all right thats all I need to know look Henry I know I can speak harshly but Im at the end of my tether last week Bohuslav died maybe you knew him and nobody even blinked an eye we desperately need help Ill do whatever is in my power in dialogue we try our best Ill speak to you sir that cure for this plague lets hope hes good or the one whos in charge of the wounded yes Im the info Marius here time was I only had a few elderly monks who couldnt walk to take care of now I have this mess to deal with monk so old they cant hold themselves up with their own legs oh if that were the only bodily function they could control but I shouldnt talk like that its a blessing to live to such an age that is true theres a plague I need help with some kind of disease has taken hold in metal yet your honker said that you might be able to advise a disease you say Oh tree gain thats probably the one way to pull it can you help yes its very interesting but can you help these people I cant say at this point I need to find out a little more okay tell me has the whole village come down with it no no I mean not yet several households have around half the village marrow yet isnt there a study farm there and what of the animals did they get infected too theyre all dead and theyve all died off the horses the cattle chickens and now its got to the people that is most intriguing thats but wrong works will be Jews knew about it do you know the symptoms I do I know yes more or less excellent I have several extensive volumes here in the library describe the epidemic including the Simpsons and we could take some guidance there fine can you read it yes I can excellent so follow me to the scriptorium lets go then I got start reading books I mean we know a bit of reading not too much evidently theres something amiss in the digestive tract in there what the digestive tract Henry right yeah the trouble lies between the mouth and the  __  Wow huh sure just so we can rule nothing out at this stage you look in the previa room to sickness Gaza its a renowned manuscript from Salerno written by one Johann of st. Paul but I dont know Latin fortunately for you our brother librarian is translating these momentous medical works into the common tongue so you can still be of use study the breviary carefully and compare the symptoms with the recorded cases that will guide us Ill try the proven classics Avicenna and his canon medicine eye and gaylens magnum opus the arse medicine Alice this all sounds incredibly complex I dont know where to start right now read this book I guess right side speaks him again see if weve worked it out from that book I think I have it were gonna have it I think I do yes and what do you make of it I reckon its based on that book Ill just read him for it wasting it from the water also did try the plague and it didnt work so well for this poisoning from the water its poisoning from tainted water really what if master johan of san Pauls says so Who am I to contradict him we shall have to prepare some medicine at once I cant help you with that I dont think I can help out with that I didnt expect you could you surprised me quite enough with your reading very good enough chat time is of the essence Ill get to work brewing the potion and then head straight to Mero yet with your hunger I expect well meet there that works for me but can I help in some way best spend the time praying we can always use Gods help so is he gonna make it right now I mean my alchemy skills I dont have any so thats why I said go for it thats why did it well sorry hit him back Im hoping Im hoping we got weve got cure now I left him for a couple of hours I hope hes done it its been working away fingers crossed that best thats talking out for I hope hes done the Cure I really hope hes we found something you know research I think it was from a booster dose or perhaps even I guess what theyre saying if the bandits put some sort of poison into the water obviously just like drinking it and yeah thats happened the plague has happened the the disease has happened were running a little bit low on energy and food right now but I suppose wed be working here try and help the people oh yes right thats good so thats a good sign the brother is here he has a cure myself wasted long enough so here I am how are things looking its a good thing youre here we need a helping hand you can take the Cure to the villages and make sure they take the right dose Ill take care of Mela car and straw you go around the rest of the houses they wouldnt let me go near that prisoner they want him to suffer despite his terrible crimes to treat a fellow mortal soul like that damn peasants I would say that I helped them I hope they let me see him perhaps Ill be a rock convince them I promised Id bring them help and Ive kept my word they must let me go to him I hope so while Ive been here I found the locals to be rather stubborn Oh surely not lets go back to this is just a food place but that guy was seeing things hes cooling his brother missus if he needs any help is he still there looks like he needs help then he was I I have the cure my friend is that you yes its me yes yes move on holy water holy water drink some and give it to the others in the house - brother Nicodemus will come to check on you yes we do with a boy - Eve eat this youre bad youll be cured yes and I have something to make you well again good Lord above thank you for sharing us youll nurse no problem drink this and give it to everyone in the house there we go Ive also brought someone who will take care of you until you get back on your feet thank you Good Samaritan feel quite hungry I feel really good about myself not hungry yay were helping the people right this house ah I love you you too okay oh please to go speak I speak see Im not the lead of this Christ be praised Jesus Christ be praised indeed I brought you help we let me see in a captive I brought some help as promised will you let me see the prisoner I will let you I were thank you of course I will my boy if youve really brought a potion to rid us of this scourge Ill let you do anything good whether Ive managed to rid you of the scourge that remains to be seen itll take a few days before we know whether the potion worked my devotion but even so please just the fact that someone cares that means a lot to us no problem thank red Zeek thank the brother thank brother Nicodemus without him there have been no potion Ill do that now open up that  __  yes I feel quite hungry another plagued house oh yes - wife and husband right this is talk Vinson we can help you your back can save your wife and yourself I always keep my word I dont doubt that naturally did you deliver my will I did no idea actually uh no yeah not as yet then be quick about it please a man on his deathbed machetes husband its cure for you dont worry I brought a remedy from Sammy go drink this regularly you and everyone in the house I remedy youll have hands of gold I do or gold my boy god bless you god bless you sir hopefully thats saved this household we still have to give it out elsewhere who still needs the cure I can sleep on this bench lets sleep then Im gonna sleep till 5 oclock and see if we have cured of this poisonous water is plague as set upon this settlement and hopefully the prisoner also wakes up and is cured I still got a bad feeling I feel like straw is a knife-edge right now he wants to attack the captive its God Tommy I just got bad feeling so we have to try get our questions in quick try and keep him alive and see what happens is the prisoner Oh check on the bandit okay straw still stand the nests thats good get up Im now a little bit hungry yay where is he it is up here isnt it I guess in here prison are you okay Im here to help as the bandits I love we just got the door open you come back to the land of the living you could just walk out who are you Im so drat six man Henry Surratt cigs man my name is Henry and Im investigating on behalf of Surat sig Kabbalah oh I see youll have an easy job with me boy how so I wont give you any problems okay not sensible of you Im a sensible man only Id like to get it over quick and not keep the rat a executioner busy too long if you catch my drift I understand what do you want to know everything first tell me whos behind all this who do you follow I follow the coin lad we all do thats not news to me but who pays the coin I got my pay from runt like all the men in previous Lovitz and runt got his money from the chief and the chief had the coin minted why is that so funny whos the teeth whos the chief the Bandit leader bandit if he heard you say that hed have your head on a spike thats the kind of man he is nobody knows much about him though only that he aint check he aint checks hes a foreigner so hes a foreigner German dont think so for sure he aint check and hes got plenty of coin Id stake my neck on it hes got noble blood in his veins judging by how he looks more by the way he talks any man can dress up like nobility but he smoked all la-dee-da like a lord like her Lord where can I find this cheap wheres that chief of yours now I have no idea after previous Lovitz he ordered us to raid Miller yet but he wasnt with us he went off who those where I dont reckon hell be out of your hair for long though thats good to know so the chief is in command of all these operations you could say Id say youre looking at all wrong though hows that you ask whos in charge and who answers to who only this aint some noble Court there was all sorts of gangs in premise love its big and small robber barons who had their own brigades calling them my lord and common footpads who hadnt a pot to piss in men came men went lots of squabbles the occasional murder old cronies and old rivals were meeting know what I mean was supposed to it was one big muddle the main thing was nobody asked questions I didnt give a damn who the chief was well what he had in mind or whether he had one ball or two all I was interested in was the coin her--her I wanted just the coin the counterfeit so you know the coin was counterfeit of course I did I brought those Grolsch into previous Lovitz along with a few other things did you and where did the forgeries come from like where were they made some merchants by the name of men earth gave them to me well United the charcoal piles near Rovner by the crossroads there as it happens Im supposed to be meeting him there about now so men horse waiting there might be might not he could have heard what happened in previous Lovitz and decided not to show thats a good lead when did this man heart know where the coin comes from how should I know to me hes just another link in the chain I deal with him and I never asked who he deals with just like he knows nothing about me I see so I suppose theres no point asking you if you know any more about him itd be a waste of breath all he did was give me the coin and then we went our separate ways who else knows about the money who else knows about the money apart from the chief men heart runt and me there was a few others the men got some real money too with the false stuff it would be suspicious if they only had freshly minted coin ah good idea you said you used to bring other things what were they letters men art would give them to me for the chief this time I was taking an answer back to men heart - have you still got that letter hi the yokels around here haint got much interest in correspondence apparently give it to me then can we read it Id be delighted would you what were the letters about if I knew how to read I wouldnt be trusted to carry letters would I I took them from men hard to the chief and back thats all these letters could be quite important how did you know about previous lovers who took you there but a fellow by the name of Moorcock we met near couldn´t Berg I was robbing burgers who were fleeing the town from sigismunds army we got to talking and he told me about previous Lovetts why did he what metal yet the chief himself gave us the order I reckon he wanted to show the local Lords he was nowhere near finished so hes planning more raids the Chiefs always planning something Primus Lovetts was only the start well thats great and I thought I need to know for now for now for the love of Christ boy dont let the execution or interrogate me Ive already told you everything I know thats not really up to me thats not to serve retzig unfortunate loss for Surat sick to judge it is done he has been questioned love him sorry I think old stores called a brigand boots step back from that Eden your hapless but you cant kill me not just like that shut the  __  up your ways are like hatred  __  shots you dont even get as he drunk cause it is calm down straw he wont escape justice after all hes dont stand in my way Monica let Henry decide hes the one who saved his life tempted to stand to one side but theyre Hayyim on him but I dont yeah lets talk about this lets talk about it to our da that also killed my boy you wont leave Mara at her life do you really want to be a murderer weve currently got 12 speech with pretty good hmm yeah do want to be a murderer listen to me straw that isnt gonna help anyone youre a decent man not a killer think of your wife Oh wheres the justice it up my boy cut you out of this Youth didnt even have a chance to Barney that cutthroats why laughs walking the earth dont worry he wont escape justice surely you dont think Suraj Singh will just let him go whats a rat sick today you wont even let me avenge the death of my own son take her head take him and leave me with nothing but my grace I promise you hell suffer for what he did bake Isaac go quickly before I change my mind I feel quite hungry hungry after that whole discussion I feel quite hungry Im taking you to rata lets go idiot bandit so dont let the Bandit we now have to go to Tom Berg which is north again yay those we can try and grab some food this is the prison yeah its been dropped off yeah oh is it save him I hope please oh it was so worried its like this game doing the save often so Im always petrified this might be quite a long episode I imagined it probablys actually weve recorded for quite a while its a lot of talk you know stuff what do you keep here and its been the same question actually so well keep it in one video just a lot of talking investigating finding stuff finding people just where he is give it a bit like yeah so Reds ik where are you sir where is he could a horse fancy which Im finding is heaven take a look the Lord be praised what brings you to me uh what do we start Jesus may I be of service my lord yes Henry chief engineer FIFA has been asking for someone reliable to assist him the chief engineer is it about scullers in a manner of speaking master faithful has well evil forebodings I think you may want to send you to the Scarlets mines can they really be restored everything can be rebuilt with enough will and resources well everything except a man youll get the details from chief engineer faithful for the time being consider yourself his handyman certainly where do I find him is he here in the castle where now thats a good question he ought to be somewhere perks town unless hes gone off to deal with some problem or other look around youre bound to run into him well thank you Ill do it seems straightaway good luck Hal look around just look around youll find them we have our next task already and the game has been saved we still have some updates for you sir please dont leave just yet business have you lets talk about the events that sir how does it look there I brought them help from the monastery brother Nicodemus and Janka France calots fortunately Nicodemus was able to cure the disease at least what hes doing look promising so far thank Christ some good news for a change what about the captive did you question him he was infected too I see did he survive fortunately he survived and I had a chance to question him what did you find out a lot he was transporting the false coins to previous Lovetts he got them from some merchant called men  __  I dont know him neither do I but I know where the moneys handed over its not far from Rovner and this men heart should be waiting there about now excellent Henri we mustnt let this opportunity slip through our fingers you go there and put pressure on this man heart to tell us what he knows dont go yet theres something Id like to talk to you about Music you havent disappointed me nothing against Bernard Robert or any of those others but none of them could find out as much as you at least not without beatings and torture and that doesnt always work youre a godsend lad thank you sir now go and find out whos behind everything and then well deal with them yes sir so what is it sometimes I ask myself what what it all means why does God allow such things to happen or this slaughter and revenge over and over its a hard question Im no theologian but long ago I came to the conclusion that the only thing that makes sense is that its all a trial life is one long series of problems to solve the more you solve the better a man you become I never thought about it that way I just look at the pampered ones who have no concerns in life like young lord cape on for instance I shudder to think how he will rule when his time comes tribulations spawn in life over and over again we must stand our ground and face them so I go to Sasso and solve this one hmm you can rely on me sir Music good luck son Music did he mean like son is in son son son son son son son or does he mean like son is in like go on son give it a good kick did he mean what red six my dad what is going on those crazy I did not expect that you have got to be kidding me guys we have a lot to do a lot to do where should I start let me know in the comment section below and I will see you guys later bye bye best games on the steam winter sale 2022 Kingdom Come Deliverance Walkthrough Part 1 - Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay PS4 Pro in 1080p - Not a review copy - Kingdom Come Deliverance 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