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Steam game mechanichow to claim steam deck during game awards KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE hello sexy whiskers and welcome back into the emperors own so youre probably wondering why i havent made another video on this game until now well thats because every time i tried loading my save game the game would crash i have fixed this issue by putting the game on a new hard drive so now i can play the emperors own thrift before fun whats the matter im a merchant stranded in this village because my cart has a broken wheel perhaps you can help me what would you have us do i need you to gather 15 wolf pelts 30 bars of iron and 50 bouquets of wild flowers hows it a big task there that sounds absolutely fine how are these items going to help you in any way surely you can just hire some of the locals instead dont think too hard about this gentleman will you gather the items or not are you out of your mind man do we look like we have nothing better to do with our time i gotta be honest mate we dont really have time for this well if youd like to save time perhaps you can just give me some money instead this way youll still get the reward but you wont have to do anything for it youve got some nerve and you dont look like youre hard up for money at all oh im not in fact im obscenely wealthy but i could always use more may i interest you in some armor for your horse or a different color uniform perhaps youd like to see me in my underwear Laughter lets go before i do something i regret oh im so annoyed i havent played this until now thats amazing what about an orange sword its orange my lord okay were just gonna walk away from you its fine this is what i was talking about in my last video this game is bloody comedic genius so the developers actually sent me an email after my previous video which by the way currently has 50 000 views which is bloody insane so they said hello sexy biscuit im the owner and lead writer of vulgar studios the makers of the emperors own i just wanted to drop a quick thank you for the video in your kind words it really means a lot to us and im glad you enjoyed the demo and i loved watching your reactions its always awesome to see someone having fun with something you created stay tuned weve got a lot more still to come p.s one issue that keeps coming up in your comments is people asking why all the actors have british accents the reason we decided to use british actors is that i think that it makes more sense to do just a straight translation and call it a day after all under what circumstance would you possibly find a bunch of russians in russia speaking to each other in accented english that makes the least logical sense out of all the possibilities for those that really want full immersion we have four russian vo available and one can play with that and english subtitles so yes you can play this in complete russian without tom mckay and for me that ruins the game i cant not have henry in this game thanks coming back careful the witch lightly taken their minds too quietful thats imperial guard these trained to fight foul devilry you two a man from this village was torn to pieces recently know anything about that im a lord the wicked beasts they torn his arms and legs clean off his body they did who found his body and where in the homesteads near the old monastery some men from there brought me here all roads lead to the monastery first we need to examine his corpse where is he buried at the cemetery my lord grab a shovel and come with us but lord this wicked beasts there there is that was an order not a request Music i am the lord someone had been digging up the graves the brigands cant rule it out they certainly seemed crazy enough i dont see any evidence of wolf man does that surprise you that grave over there its fresh start digging boys the smell right lets try to figure out what happened to him not exactly torn to shreds but still both arms and one leg separated from his body the other leg is severely dislocated thats just the thumbnail only a beast is such strength what do you think alex well he could say that he looks uh completely harmless no all right right well who was to say it wasnt a monster we dont know every single creature in these lands poetic as that sounds lets put in a bit more effort before we settle on a fairy tale is the answer take a look at his face covered in bruises missing teeth his lips were ripped off though they werent cut off takes a lot of force to rip a mans arms and legs off what do you guys think he was from our village disappeared about a moon ago i reckon he clearly hasnt been dead for that long oh my lord they found him four days ago they did where has he been for that past month the beast said to me lord none in the village know what these wanted with him right did he have any enemies enemies name a lord he was a quiet boy neville was in no trouble and yet someone roughed him up pretty well theres no way a human could do that so im gonna say its a monster look closely at his wrists and ankles fresh scars rope burns someone must have tied him down oh right okay i know what theyve done theyve tied him to multiple horses and then got the horses to run in different directions and you know what happens next believe it or not this actually is a thing that people used to do so thats probably the most likely thing here im gonna check his boots though somethings in his boot interesting piece of paper with scribbles what does it say i cant make any sense of it unlikely that he was literate whatever he scribbled on there made sense only to him if that certainly peasant scribbles are of no interest to us what do you think happened to him you tell us i am assuming he was quartered by horses very good alex im impressed hey amazing why would a horse wish to kill a man no oh my god hi or maybe he didnt feed a proper no you idiot someone tied his arms and legs to horses using ropes and then had him courted why we we didnt think of that lord shocking soon enough bury him again im lord so we have some people that we need to go and find who quartered this guy i loved that that was like a full-on murder investigation you actually had to check the different parts of his body it kind of reminds me a little bit of ali noir so its not monsters he was just quartered by a bloody horse but i love that it gave you so many options there to say and they would have voiced every single one of those thats absolutely bloody fantastic im gonna say it right now im so happy ive been able to return to this i was so gutted when this game stopped working for me it kept on crashing and i dont know why it just kept crashing every time i tried loading a game but anyway hello i havent really done an intro for this video if you havent seen it yet theres a part one to this who could have done that to him and why certainly not imperial men at least not in any official capacity this sort of punishment is no longer practiced in the empire not even for high treason maybe it was personal a dagger in the back a poisoned drink an axe to the head at most thats how one gets rid of a personal enemy but to have a man quartered what the hell is going on in those homesteads i take it thats our next stop yes we need to find that wise man i suspect hell have some answers right yeah so the homestead is our next destination awesome im gonna leave the last episode up in the right-hand corner go check it out if you havent already this game is amazing its available on steam right now you can go download this demo its completely free and its basically kingdom come deliverance but in russia its awesome and it even has henrys voice actor in the last episode we had to go and see a witch who had bewitched everyone in the village and and it just turned out she was really hot thats literally what i got from that mission she had nice melons and that was really it im tired of talking i wish there was more action what why wheres the fun in that running about mindlessly shooting things is the past time of an idiot besides we already killed more men in one hour than most people do in a lifetime so take it easy you  __  psychopath i love this its so better oh my god thats brilliant this get why isnt this out just make just release this i i pay money for this game of the year game of the  __  year i love this now im not sure if this is one open world or if its gonna go to a low transition here im assuming were gonna load in right Music yeah okay so its small open world sections and im assuming the dotted lines here are the different sections of the world and i like that thats pretty cool lord save us the spirits they slaughtered everyone in haleswood now theyve come for us oh good lord have mercy god save us god have mercy holy father who art in heaven deliver us from these evil spirits stay back foul demons stay back is there something in the water what the hell is wrong with you man he can speak imagine that and you know spirits every man knows that ghosts cant talk to the living hi ye are men flesh and blood imperial guardsmen yes and we have some quest kill them um right okay i wasnt expecting that but here we go i miss with that one and only bullet that i have dammit well i dont know what everyones obsession with us being not real is its so bizarre thats like three times thats happened oh no stranger and stranger the brigands at the village were out of their minds and attacked us in spite of the fact that we are imperial guardsmen these seem to have their wits about them well more or less and attacked us because were imperial guardsmen what the bloody hell is going on here the imperial guard is not universally loved but at least weve always been feared if thats no longer the case we may have a problem lets check out the other homesteads in the area hopefully this wise man is around here somewhere unless we just killed him doubtful none of them seemed terribly wise to me oh no oh hes not getting back up anytime oh soon his neck fully extended and then twisted oh thats horrible im so sorry god id be screwed if i tried to enter one of these buildings i hit my head every bloody time so some people asked in the last video if the main character alex that im currently playing as is voiced yes yes alexs voice and when i click on a dialogue option he says it but if you know my channel i always love to voice the questions myself so i always cut his lines out i think it immerses you guys a little bit more in the videos ive always loved doing it it immerses me as well oh that looks like a wise man doesnt it hey gramps what you want boy youre addressing an imperial officer show some respect  __  off Laughter oh i cant be dead soon enough anyways boy with or without you kill him get him hang on what okay thats amazing that guy didnt give a crap did he its like im old ive lived a good life like whats their problem though right we havent done anything to them okay gramps what are you gonna say now i have a sword what do you have guys im still in combat how do i exit oh i oh no what do i do so me being me ive bugged the game but i cant exit combat um ive tried everything how is it i break every bloody game i play so it looks like this is where the video ends unless i have to literally punch an old man in the face with a sword even though i wanted that to be the answer its unfortunately not so one thing the devs did do which is really good is they have multiple saves here for the entire demo so what i could do is load homesteads which in theory is going to be a little bit ahead of what i would have saved earlier lets see if that works like why does everything go wrong yes right oh bloody l i was so worried then right lets go back here lets bloody kill those guys and hopefully we can get through that combat encounter without him bugging out on me one thing i will ask the devs for because i know they now watch my videos could you possibly add in the ability to turn off the hud it would make the task of getting thumbnails a lot easier  __  off i had to show that again didnt i right okay here we go okay there you go is there anything you want to tell us no killed half a dozen men right in front of you im old not blind boy the wolves will drag away the corpses eventually wow i love him you sheltered brigands you bastard let him how exactly did you want me to stop him why did they attack us they dont like you well you dont say why dont they like us why dont you bring them back to life and ask them yourself they didnt mention anything to you mention i thought those fools would never stop talking fine what did they talk about i dont no i didnt pay attention did they mention the emperor at all something about him being a worthless dog that didnt pique your interest no i knew that without him best character the game should be about him why are we talking to anyone else i oh my god uh have you heard any rumors about monsters i have any truth to them hey i also heard rumors that your mum could take three pricks at once any truth to them thats it im killing this son of a  __  right now relax nick hes just an old man killing him serves no purpose struck a nerve did i tell your mama says hello boy or should i say sunny jesus were looking for a wise man and youre obviously not it but whats your toner well hang you i got some rope in the cellar help yourself boy keep calm he may know something of interest hes seriously given up doesnt he he just gives no shits were looking for a wise man what a bigger fool ill never seen so you know who were talking about is he the one trying to agitate men against the emperor trying you boys didnt figure it out yet youre about to have a full-blown rebellion on your hands whose side are you on what do i care those fools will have their fun theyll kill theyll rape theyll plunder and then youll hang them all and nothing wont change you seem to know quite a bit about rebellions i dont see my shared boy the last one was around the time you were still  __  your pants and the one before when your daddy was still  __  his theyre all the same as merciless as they are pointless so have you seen this wise man i have what did he look like hmm let me think he had black hair three no two eyes two ears one nose i believe you really are testing my patience what the  __  do you want from me boy he looked like a man wasnt nothing special about him and is he from around here no never seen him till two moons ago do you know where he is now he stayed in the homestead just north of the old monastery then a few days ago he left also they say where did he go how the  __  would i know did his followers at least mention his name of course and of course you dont remember old man memory something like that what are you on about boy im not senile his name is jacob petrovsky well then thats actually useful thanks grandpa please deserve me lord anything else i can do for you no i think thats about it good then get the  __  out of my yard Laughter weve been to the homestead north of the monastery nothing of interest there well except for those mad men who thought we were ghosts and tried to kill us lets keep looking theres got to be someone out here who knows where this jacob petrovsky went i think were going to leave it here for today i think this game is absolutely incredible for what its doing for an early alpha this game is blowing my mind i love it if you want to see more comment down below leave a like on this video tell your friends but until next time thats me out bye guys emulator steam deck SUBSCRIBE + LEAVE A LIKE We Return to The Emperors Own Starring KCDs Tom Mckay AKA Henry! 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