Dead cells steam keybest free sex games steam L.A. NOIRE Music We return to the Los Angeles Police Department to solve a case but first they must sign this contract by hitting the like button, subscribing and activating the notification bell to turn them into gang agents since these are 30 amazing details of the annual Music in the main menu before starting a game if we pay attention to the title of the game in neon lights we will see that all the letters flash except for the l the iv and the one that in English makes up the word which means lie and lie and It is precisely that the game is about discovering the hidden lies in the testimonies of the witnesses who will try to deceive us. There is a garbage can in an alley where we can find the hat of the mythical March, the unforgettable legend and protagonist of the first red dead redemption by rockstar games although we can also find the face of this beloved character in some toast Music yes at we will roll over we will see our partner until we kill him not only will we make him lose his hat but we will also lose the game Music during the investigation of a case one of those involved is pointed out maldonado who curiously lives on floor number 304 which as you may have already guessed It is exactly the floor where Max Payne lived during the first unforgettable installment that began his path in the history of video games in the year 2001. If we manipulate this radio, we will be able to listen on certain frequencies to some digital stations that are shortwave radio stations that In general, they transmit voices by reading sequences of numbers, words or letters, and which is used to hide messages. The most interesting thing is that they can be heard in different languages ​​ such as Hungarian, Russian, Spanish, and even Morse code, although their meanings are unknown Music in Joes dinner cafeteria. one of the customers will say while eating the following phrase Music that r It turns out to be the same phrase that Samuel L. Jacksons character says in Quentin Tarantinos 1994 Pulp Fiction movie when he eats a hamburger Music The reporters will invade the crime scene to get their news out and many times we will have to throw him out since they could hinder our work there is a police officer named james hopkins which is a tribute to the bullying protagonist named jim hopkins and who is sometimes also called james although galloway is also his sheik reference to Mr. galloway who also had alcohol problems in bullying Not everything we find at the crime scene is relevant to the case, even if it seems like this hidden knife that is rumored to be Carlo Arqueros, Aaron Sexo, or this golf club that doesnt look like anything at the crime scene and they are two objects that remain a mystery to this day there is something that many people do not discover and that is that in the military base almost on the limits From the map we can go through an obstacle course of the army training camp since our character is able to interact with all these obstacle tests such as climbing the rope going through the planks while maintaining balance although if we fall from this height we will die if we investigate In the El Mar Hotel guest book we will find that all the names on the list are actually real-world celebrities from the 1930s and 1940s, such as Veronica Lake, Orson Welles, Harpo Marx, and Winston Churchill. One of the bar menus includes a cocktail. a stairway to heaven that is actually a tribute to the mythical song by the band led zeppelin composed in 1971 when we are close to finding a track we will hear some piano notes that are quite similar to the ones we heard in the chinatown movie of 1974 when the protagonist found something there is a secret area of ​​ the game that is inside a cl nocturnal ub that we cannot enter but if we go to the detract door and insist on running against it at the end we can sneak into the brawn derby that is part of the content of the game that was finally discarded and is incomplete but we can go inside and even interact with some n fish and characters that never saw the light of day but live isolated from the rest of the world in the jaguar inside this bar in humphrey bogarts detective movies always zoomed in on the key or determining objects in a case, a film noir resource that was included in the annuar with the same film objective, it is possible to get off the map in many ways, one of which is to go to the club that we mentioned earlier and try to go outside where we will fall under the map and be able to observe the entire city from below where each car and each citizen continues with their routine even though we are not there to see it the titles the ones for each chapter are announced in the same way that the film noir movies that the game is so deeply inspired by began we can find a gun in a garbage can that has a serial number engraved on the side 011 38 which is a reference to the 1971 thx 1138 movie directed by george lucas the projector tape collectibles are from great noir movies of the time and that we can find scattered throughout the game in the first vice case we will find you a score of a song that was not used finally composed by the original composers of the soundtrack of the game although it is the song that is currently and is heard and the characters blink and each of their grimaces and facial gestures are decisive to solve a case or know when someone tells the truth or is lying, in fact, a special effort was put into the detail and realism of each grimace and expression to convert this in one of the pillars of the game in fact there are false shots of the shooting of the game in which we can see how the actors who put a face to the character make a mistake Music when we shoot someone from the environment that surrounds him at the moment in which the bullet acts against your body the black and white photographs that we see in some places and businesses are actually photographs of events and characters in the game that will change in some cases as we progress in the development of the game, a tribute from shot to shot to great jewels of cinema black and recreates situations, scenarios and sequences almost exactly Music like this sequence from the third man by Orson Welles from 1949 that coincides exactly with a moment in la noire in which we have to go into the sewers Music during a fight we can leave our enemy ko if we push him against an element of the environment and this will deform him with the impact of the blow Music there are pictures and In the game that exist in real life, such as this 1841 portrait of Egos, the favorite dog of Prince Albert of England, made by Edwin Lance, or we can even find the Kelloggs cereal brand, not to mention that references to characters from films such as the Maltese Falcon from 1941 but also more recent films such as Brokeback Mountain from 2005, although in a more satirical way, within any business, for example a restaurant, we can find a high degree of detail in utensils such as salt shakers, ketchup bottles, napkin rings, cutlery, napkins, but also that the wardrobes have coats, hats, and that if we sit at the bar, the bartender will tell us some gossip, all in order to portray the city of angels in the 1940s and its way of life as it was every day. Hired actors are legendary, they come from great movies or series like nothing else, including the protagonist of the game golf he but also many of the characters in the game are inspired by movie characters and clichés from film noir or by real characters like nicky with a real gangster from los angeles between 1930 and 1960 when we perform dangerous maneuvers with the golf car Our partner will make comments like the following and in the event of an accident they will crawl out of the car on their own. There are two works that deeply inspire LAnnuar. The first is drag in a 1951 police series starring detective Joe Friday played by the unforgettable actor Jack. website and in each episode he has to solve a case with a partner with whom he doesnt get along very well at first Music but the movie on which the game is completely based and each of its clichés takes the framework and essence of what is today l anuar is none other than the naked city of 1948 directed by jules dassin in it we will find all the elements of the game go a couple of detectives with the protagonist as a naive young man the veteran both need the help of a forensic or doctor to understand the crime scene but even one of the dlc from the game is titled like this movie and we can even find the name of one of the characters in a small bottle of poison Music and the fact is that the annual is something more than a video game, it is pure art and cinema and a declaration of love for film noir that you cannot miss and thats as far as the Todays video do not forget to like, subscribe and activate the notification bell for more videos so you can find the rest of the chapters in the playlist that we have on our channel or in the other videos of 30 details. The most voted video in the comments will be the next installment of this series of 30 amazing details Music Music best games on steam unlocked Continuamos con nuestra serie de detalles alucinantes y esta vez le toca al ya clásico de Rockstar: LA NOIRE. Acompáñanos por todos los detalles, secretos y easter eggs de este juego de detectives de Team Bondi que ha llegado a dos generaciones gracias a su versión Remastered.FUENTES: REDDIT SUSCRÍBETE --- SÍGUENOS --- Web: Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: GPlus: #30detalles white steamed rice recipe top selling steam games wedding dress steaming steam deck halo steamed corn recipe