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NOIRE game hey everybody Krista Kopp here Im with gameology for another episode of experts rank Im ranking the games that Ive already reacted to and Im going to be telling you whats realistic and whats Hollywood lets take a look I love this game I remember playing this game uh with gameology I would never have looked at this game unless it was for gameology and uh I ended up actually just finishing this game on my channel a couple weeks ago as a matter of fact now the aspect about this is that we already have know that this is Hollywood we dont have the tech here yet but Im loving it but Im also loving though is the uniforms of the Tactical operators basically the SWAT team very futuristic but I kind of think were going this way I think the world is just getting so dangerous that youre gonna see tactical operators wearing much heavier equipment now I love the investigative aspects of this game the simple fact that hes able to do this processing and be able to see uh recreate the scene based on the evidence do I see this being a future yes were actually I dont want to say were there but the way the coroners office and Corners investigators and detectives will take a look at the scene based upon how things fall and all this type of stuff theyre putting things back together like this and were even seeing 3D Recreations based upon the evidence thats collected at a scene one day we might be able to do this right then and there on the scene were not there yet but were getting close were getting close right there as a prime example you got to see we could tell where someone was sitting standing what position they were in when they got shot yo blue blood now we talked about this before could you use a sniper to take him out and push him forward I dont know thats a tough one on that one because youre hoping hes going to move forward if hes hit hard enough with that round now do negotiations take place like this not so much face to face but hes an Android so no risk see there it is that round you still know see on this one like this in the scene that he ends up falling back and dying oh no he falls forward thats right there are some realistic aspects to the investigations that I appreciate but Im gonna give it a c because were not quite there yet were probably about 10 years away from being able to do some of the stuff that Conors able to do were definitely not in Android mode but once again and thats the reason why Ill Ill put it right there well see if I bump that up or down later on down the line but were going to be right above Hollywood as the scene been secured patrolman Houlihan LA new war its up there on my list of games Im gonna tell you right now Ali Noir this was the start of my channel ladies and gentlemen this game right here I reacted to this game for Game allergy and the rest is history I have my own channel now Crest the cop by the way so the investigative part is like right on ladies and gentlemen right on this particular time Im in Los Angeles the different investigative techniques that would have been available not available pretty spot on the writing is awesome as far as like how the detectives interact the type of Investigations are doing really well written stuff now I remember I commented about this about him picking it up and I said something about fingerprints and the gameology comments were oh the fingerprints back then well actually fingerprints have been around since the turn of the 20th century from the 1890s to the 1900s actually it was Scotland Yard that was one of the first to find out about fingerprints in the county United States started teaching us but yes youre the regular bartender on Knights Im a temporary Barman Id love his partner this would be Robbery Homicide Division and theyre otherwise known as a hat Squad because they wore the Fedora which signified who they were thats what their nickname was the Hat Squad back in the day Robert your homicide is an elite division of the LAPD this is such a great story I love how they tied in the Black Dahlia and some semi my real homicides in Los Angeles during the time I still want to replay this game now now that I Im getting better at video games I think I did all right my first playthrough this is number one this is right going to the very topic realistic total realism its an its an S at the very top doesnt get more realistic as far as law enforcement LAPD detective Bureau as a matter of fact some of the names that are utilized in the game are real LAPD Personnel a prime example is Commander Parker right up there its getting a nest for me but I as you guys can see with my smile I love this game this great game I wish they would have done it part two Call of Duty lemonish I remember this uniforms gear all seems very realistic obviously the terrorism aspect is very realistic unfortunately I have no problem with anything that just happened right now I mean as far as the realism part of it at this point in time if there was active Shooters these guys would be responsible to uh neutralize those at computers immediately um to prevent any other loss of life and thats exactly whats going on its a firefight unfortunately you got civilians running around all over the place but this could definitely be a realistic scenario if something like this has an already really type of happened well yeah it actually has happened in some other parts of the world where active Shooters in malls and stuff like that so their job right now is to neutralize those active shooters thats a problem too with all these civilians running around is whos whos friendly and whos not not too much about British sis and special ops but I dont know if they would use such heavy equipment or they would switch back to some of the lighter rifles that are available you would not have all these multiple weapons platforms on you as they weigh a lot you would have your long rifle and your sidearm maybe a secondary sidearm just in case given the whole scenario Im gonna put this one at a Im gonna put it right below Ali Noir just because of the simple fact that the fight of terrorism is very realistic and a situation like this could happen the only reason why I dont put it up there on the S and give it that ultimate is just due to the fact of the weapon system changes and you get hit by fire and youre able to you know bandage yourself and get right back into it those will be yeah you could get back into it but you would be hurting so were going to go with that reason why for now hey day two now I learned a lot about Payday 2 from the first time that I reacted to it on gameology I didnt realize that the government was truly really the bad people and hence the reason why the cops are all cloned because the amount of cops that get killed here and that type of stuff this is the game of fun this is true Hollywood at its finest nothing about it except maybe bank robberies is realistic the stuff you carry the things you do the Clones that come out some of my subscribers have asked me to play this game on my channel and I did thats fun I think I played uh four maybe five episodes its like I said its just a game of fun its got like GTA 5. thats just a game for fun yeah you got the uh those guys I forget what theyre called but you know it takes a lot to take them down you gotta basically get behind them or something like that forget that Dozer thats right yeah I think at one point in time you can make the cops fight for you all sorts of weird stuff I do like the DLC that this game brings they have some pretty cool DLC this is easily Hollywood easily I dont even I dont even have to like think about this one yeah theres just nothing realistic about it at all except the bank robbery that you can do but thats about it Red Dead Redemption 2 one of my faves now heres the interesting part about bounty hunting from then and today bounty hunters were an extension of law enforcement back during this time today bounty hunters actually work for bail bonds that bring in people who jump bail a big difference between then and now bounty hunters depending on where they work can be armed with Firearms we see Dog the Bounty Hunter hes not thats because of any type of criminal history he may have or possibly the state that he operates in Ive actually had the opportunity of working with bounty hunters before they have told us that uh you know someone were looking for is in this type of area it was just like a rare occurrence is that like we we work with them quite frequently but back like I said back in this time frame they were you know law enforcement would put out the want bulletin pretty much and say hey look it were looking for this guy dead or alive this is what theyre worth dead this is what theyre worth alive and uh its up to you to bring them in that way so kind of interesting to see how it evolved into what it is today which is just a private fails company you know a bail bondsman as a private company and they put up the amount to bail a suspect out of jail to until they are arraigned in court and when they jump bail and dont show up for that arraignment is when um the bail bondsman well uh want to get their money back and they hire a bounty hunter to go look for them its time burial for you to hang enough talking lets pull the lever okay thats the judicial system of the old west its amazing the changes from then till today whats the charge he was robbing a stage then the sentence is death cant say have they seen that any times that I played little judge jury and execution a little Judge Dread action going on there now did that happen back then I am quite sure it did Im gonna give him an a because of the era it was an error type of time where you know thats the type of lawlessness that was going across the West as the United States expanded to California I dont have a lot of Heartache with any of this stuff thats going on there so Ill Im gonna put that in a for now swap for another one of my favorite games Im actually playing the first responder mod which adds some unique things to it first of all opto one is not real some people have told me it exists someplace Ive seen versions of opto one this is not a tool that is utilized or at least I could say from my experience is utilized by tactical teams two in the hall okay uh yeah at that point in time yeah oh he banged himself I think Swat 4 actually had a member of the LAPD SWAT team as an advisor so thats where some of the realistic stuff comes into play suspect ran and they couldnt do anything about it lets just go ahead wedge wedge is also are not a realistic part of a SWAT Tactical Team we use wedges to pry doors open I wish I had one to show you guys I I have one it was on my vests and but theyre used to pry a door open not to keep a door closed oh you can switch out guns oh I didnt even know that thats so cool Ive never seen that ah neither have I Im on the door yeah lock picking too ladies and gentlemen Im sure there are officers who know how to lock pick but in our tactical situations were not lock picking we are rammy doors ramming or breaching doors and some teams have C2 available to them we just dont allowing a player to play a SWAT operator and have some fun with some tactical situations swap 4 does do it very well were gonna rank it right in the middle at a c or actually at a B equipment for the most part is realistic except opta one the AI is definitely much better suspect AI is much better wedges not realistic and the flashbangs in this are not realistic beyond that the tactics that you can able to utilize and do are close to being realistic but SWAT 4 is definitely a mix of Hollywood and realism if I had a term I would call it Holly real okay Battlefield Hardline another game that I played with gameology as well as on my own channel getting called into the captains office never a good thing so heres a funny I think I talked about this uh in um in gameologies uh when I was reviewing this is that you come in youre gonna shed that uh that vest off or put it on your chair its heavy its hot and its uncomfortable so its gonna come off Im not gonna be like hey check out me Im walking around my tactical vest on so yes its not realistic I mean there are some times where it just doesnt come off but youre a detective youre gonna peel that stuff off as quick as you can you take oh I love this part I think she was beating him when she walked into the room the gun battle out yeah and that was you yeah maybe a shotgun now unfortunately we dont have that technology down in the left-hand screen that shows us where all the bad guys are at and little arrows we gotta rely on our own little eyes to do that is it a taser oh yeah its taser out okay yeah this mission was a little tough to get through because of all the open staircases and the amount of suspects that were here handsome youre under arrest what I do like about this game is the fact that youre able to utilize your voice and your badge to take people into custody something most games dont have and I love that fact by showing your badge youre kind of overwhelming them you can actually punch them in certain situations I love that realistic part of it so youre not always having to kill people in this game now I dont know about commandeering someones big 4x4 but I dont even know if anyones ever done it before in my department but I know I did it now this is where the game would get a little unrealistic it becomes now Hollywood or Holly real the bad guys wouldnt be saturating the bridge with all of their sports cars and guns they dont really know what direction youre going in yeah how did they get there right off the bat I mean that type of stuff so this is where crime drama comes out in place not to mention all of the paperwork youd have to do for all of those cars and people that you possibly killed by running them over but once again its a game its a game for I enjoyed playing this game it was a lot of fun were gonna put this one at AC were gonna put it with Detroit become human the reason why is storyline is good real good strong possibility some of the detective stuff is really right on I love the fact that you can take people into custody but the investigation Tech doesnt exist at the local level a lot of the gun battles and scenes like we just saw are just unrealistic something like that happened sure but theres going to be a crap load of paperwork Rainbow Six Siege these games are great fun a lot of cool things to do but definitely uh unrealistic when it comes to type of guns what youre carrying exact prime example carrying a sledgehammer that probably weighs about seven to ten pounds on you and youre running around like this yeah you should see our breachers our preachers are just able to stay upright with the gear they got it carried lets do it being able to uh just repel on up or I dont know whats called repelling but yeah utilize your rope and climb on up I I love some of the aspects of this player the way they play I mean utilizing cover and Corners thats good oh nice shot to the back I love the fact that you can drop a floor and not worry about breaking your ankle or Messing your knees up this is going right down to the very bottom of Hollywood its just a fun game to play theres no sense of realism in it I mean I know theres real weapon system but beyond everything thats going on in the game from running I mean youre not running with all that gear youre not dropping two floors you cant see your teammates through walls those various different things is the reason why Im gonna throw Hollywood its just not realistic so Im gonna give it there ready or not one of my favorite games Ready or Not is really well made there are a lot of bugs that the devs are working on as a matter of fact Ive had the opportunity of speaking to the devs about some of the stuff in the game that I find to be unrealistic and weve had some great dialogue so thats actually been kind of nice I still have a problem with the AI suspects they are able to watch one shot you and thats not very realistic especially with automatic weapons I get it that theyre supposed to be the suspect in this game are supposed to be like ex-military ex-law enforcement but once again the play value sometimes really goes down when theyre just like one shot in you when you drop rounds into the suspects four or five times and nothing you know theyre still like up in its like thats the unrealistic part about that as well the weapon system now there are some weapons that would not be utilized by law enforcement in the United States but once again this is a game they want people to play their game and they want to give Gamers uh options of different weapons which I can appreciate and sometimes we actually have some fun by using those different weapon systems on some of the challenges that we do uh when were playing this game on my channel so we use that equipment to do some challenges enjoyed make this game even better would be some voice recognition where you could tell the suspects you know get down get down get down instead of pressing the the F key um that would be actually kind of cool I dont know if you guys know this but you can actually shoot that fish tank and itll leak water thats also one of the problems with uh Ready or Not is the fact that the AI moves from room to room theyll sometimes flee from you even hostages will flee from you man you gotta be careful on your back you cant just leave your back unexposed also too taking these guys into custody they sometimes will jump up so fast and knife you in your neck and youre like come on but once again the devs are working some bugs out there getting better its getting better right side work parallel rain actually uh all right Roger were going right we would not leave a person like that alone until we knew someone had a gun on them and in ready or not you really shouldnt do that because their suspect AI is very very unforgiving hey rain you guys swing the door frame he cant with the shield up gotcha all right no trap swinging no lets go go so heres a funny part on their gameplay is that you dont blindly throw a flashbang in the room you gotta look where you want that flashbang to go were gonna put Ready or Not up at an a they get some of it right but some of its still wrong and I actually play this game quite a bit so Im a major I Major League critique their updates and stuff like that theyre not quite there yet they can be but if they add just a couple of more things and take out a few more things they might get that uh that s rating from me now and looking at my uh my rating or I should say my ranking um Im Gonna Keep I feel really good with all of those ranks right there I feel really good about that the top two are Ali Noir which is at my top ranking but even though Detroit is almost at Hollywood level it is up there as one of my all-time favorite games as well everything else will either be a close second or third what a list of games to rank right as I mentioned before I had the opportunity of either reacting or playing these games because of gameology these are some of my most favorite games um that Ive ever played and it was a joy to rank them now let me know in the comments down below if you agree or disagree with my ranking system as I like to return back to gameology and read all of their subscriber comments about the videos that um Im fortunate enough to do if you like this episode as well the other content that gameology has offered youre gonna definitely want to follow them both on YouTube and Facebook youre going to want to hit that subscribe button that Bell icon for instant notification and just smash that like button as we just want to get as many likes as we possibly can and if you want to see me actually playing these games hop on over to my channel Chris the cop and youll see that I played most of these games and Im actually still playing most of these games live on my channel until next time ladies and gentlemen this is Krista cop reminding all of you peace and then were going to the old lock picking seems like all these tactical games have some element of lock picking I even like every now and then well go hit the person on the back of their head or kick them its kind of kind of funny no Im sorry Detroit yeah let me try that over again Music how to bring up steam overlay Police officer and SWAT commander Christopher Cano is back, this time to RANK some of the most realistic police games. 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