THE FUNNIEST VR GAME IVE PLAYED | LA Noire VR - Part 1 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality Wireless)

Free to play steam games multiplayergame not launching on steam L.A. NOIRE game *wapoosh* Top of the mornin to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to L.A, Noire by Rockstar games, but the VR version! Ive played L.A. Noire in the past. I really like LA Noire. Its a really fun game I had no idea they were making a VR version of the game Uh, Until I went to steam and it was like, Hey, This is suggested to you cuz you play a shit ton of HTC vive stuff. So here I am! Press right trackpad to begin oh right trackpad Oh, okay, I pressed the Menu button Ooooh~ Neat! Aw, I have a little hat and everything. Oh I have hands! *Adorable laugh* Hi ho silver, away!! *Another adorable laugh* Look at the selection and click right trackpad to confirm Oooh Cool! Im a detective Serg! Here to solve crime and save the day! Can I -can I walk around? Aww Thats my wall! I want to be able to walk around. Hmm. What do we have here? Abigale fibbadasher under surveillance for flashing in public Okay, Abigail youre going in Can I have some coffee please? *Weird warbling noise followed by adorable laughter* Were gonna solve some crime today! *Dissolves into laughter* D-dispatch? Okay um I di-I in L.A. Noire you have to examine clues. To open and close your hands press the grip buttons I got it! *Small laugh* A-Okay, how-how are you feeling? Okie dokie! *Yet another adorable laugh* Okay, whats my drawer? Aw look at my tiny little legs Squats. Squats. Squats. Im gonna be a big boy! Wait, whats under the table? Ahhhh gotcha! gotcha! I get to punch you in the arm now *Papoosh**Laugh* Okay hmm Yeah, sonny, ya see what the problem is? Not enough people smokin these days everybodys out there vaping and doing all their kid millennial stuff, but Smoking is where its really at you gotta really Talk on the ganja to be able to see whats going on over here Okay, how do I-? *Boop boop, boop boop boop* This one! This right here, I would like this one Okay, I need to stop dicking around and actually play the game, press the Grip button. Look at your hands and try it now. Ahhhhh I could do that one! OoooOooh~ Aw, get right up in there Grip an item to pick it up. Try it now. I just did it! Use the grip button to pick up the revolver I didnt even see the revolver! That was not there before! Hey, hey was this here? An-anybody? Okay Oooh *In strange accent* God forgive me Come on I thought that was how I got out of VR Weapons in LA Noire use the toggle grip. Press the grip button again to drop the revolver Oh shit yeah, its like yo, whaddup, my rap name is Kenny G. And Im here to say fuck yall *Cartoon sound effect* Im still cool. I want to walk around- Oh shit. Sorry. I figured it out. I can search around my place Theres music by the way Really banging can I put on some more tunes? Yeah Fuck yeah. Oh look at my legs go. whoa whoa Im a slidy boy whoa Bringing it around town. Bringing it around town. Nice. Here comes the airplane. Nnnnow Look out! Nnnnya stardate captains log 2566. It turns out the culprit was my brother all along. Jimmy-no-shoes I knew it. I should have guessed by the fact that there was only bare footprints all over the murder case I knew I should have taken him out when I had the chance Him and Johnny lumber teeth theres only one thing I can do Dance the night away, thats it Sunny use your moves. Use your *Laughter* Why is my head so gigantic? *Laughter* Oh, my, lord. *More laughter* Oh yeah, do the ol reach around do the ol reach around. Oh my god! No! stop that. Oh yeah, dab Phelps. I like how you got disgruntled when I told you to dab. Ooo. Is that my chest ooh, ooh? Strong pecs for a strong boy. Oh. Oh.Oh- No! - Ahoy silver. Away! Thriller! Thriller night! *Laughter* Oh I can take my hat off! Amazing! Woo! That was pretty cool. Wow look at my hairline. I might need to start using some Romaine but mm. Mmm. Mm. And...Act. La la la la la! Not listening! If you stare directly at my chest you will see my nipples are right here. Oo. Okay, Ive been playing this for like twenty minutes and I havent done anything yet. Okay, lets start the mission screw everything else. Its time to head out into the streets for some crimes Why whats happening-y-youre-I know that bum! Window Bowers I put him away before you jump the-- Hey! Window Bowers! Im chasing him! Imma coming! God, theres a fence right there. Okay- Apprehend Wendell Bowers. Okay. Here we go! Whered he- I dont even see him, whered he go? Dont make me chase you Wendell Bowers! Im coming for you! Im a sprint magician! Wait no get down- g-go after him Wait no Bowers. Stop! In the name of the law! You have to halt! Oh god, oh god. Thats me but Im over here. Im having an out of body experience. I mean its a rooftop, so-hold the grip trigger to make a fist. Ohhh. Punchy by extending your- I know how to throw a punch! Nooo! Stop! Stop it! Stop! Go away! Stop. Smelly! Smelly-smelly-smelly boy! Whats up? Ow! Stop it! My dad taught me how to punch-by punching me in the face a lot. Woah! Yep, thats what they call me- Persistence Jones. Ow! Ow! Come on Sully! Woo! Oh I think I killed him... Are you dea- Ayy! Hes not dead! Hes got a hole in his life for an asshole like you. You can make it up to him in 10 years time. Hes got a hole in his asshole for a guy like you. What? This bum will back in the iron hotel by tomorrow night. I have no idea what any of what youre saying means. Armed and dangerous. Wait. I have arms, and Im dangerous. Is it-is it me? is it me? am I armed and dangerous? Look at me when Im accusing me to you. Well take that, its only a couple blocks from here. Okay- But Im just gonna stand out here and take it all in store easy terms Hello-grip the handle Bah, bah, bah, bah! Im waiting for the fucking orchestra in my back pocket to stop. Okay here we go-pull. Okay, can you stop doing that I know how to-Oh-god- Uh hi, hi. Oh pretty boy, pretty boy Yes. what-what concealer do you use? do you use uh-oh hello. Are-Are we off? Grip the radio to respond to dispatch okay hold on hold on a minute. I dont know the way You think I do? I have to call dispatch. Thats what Im doing okay hmm pretty boy, okay. Hello- 14 to Adam. Calling kgpl. Well handle the 211. JLC, calling Big Mama doc. To start the engine, grip the ignition key- Okay, take this. I dont need it anymore. Okay. Its- were lucky we have that. Ooh- Oh can I warp? Warp speed Mr.Sulu. Okay. Im turning it on. Look. Uh oh. Oh! Am I actually driving? Oh jesus! Oh hold on to your butts! This is gonna get rough! Ahhhh!! *Huge car crash noise* Oh Ive never driven a car in VR before! H-Have a pat on the head. -Take the next right. I-I cant- Ooh fuck were crashing into everything! Hold on dude! Hello beautiful citizens! Ahh! Fuckin Christ! -Do you got a death wish?! Maybe. Do you? -Take the next left- Shhh. Shhh. Shhh. You stay quiet. See. -Quick you guys! The cops are here- What is she doing? What am I doing? Why am I over here? Thats me, but Im right here! Ooo, books. Okay, pick it up- Oh hoo hoo hoo. Dont mind if I kill you. Excuse me! You have the right to remain silent! Anything you can shoot at will be me! De- Fuckin stop! Hello? Stop it! Im trying to give you the easy way out! *Shot* Thats a warning shot! Wait whered my partner go? Why am I all alone? Oh hello. Oh! Damn! Was that me? I-I didnt mean to. I mean he shot right at me, what was I supposed to do? Okay moving on. Gah! Fucking! Ow! Im just gonna sit here and do this all day. Heh, heh, heh, heh. Hello! *Shoots* - *Evil laugh* Look at this! Dude Im a genius! Can-Can you- You can shoot him if you want! Sit down bitch! Be humble! Are you- Are you Ok- Oh! Oh! Oh-hohoho. *Uncontrollable laughter* Oh but I- I tried to shoot the bad guy and it didnt work. Oops Okay, guys. I have a resolution how about we all take our guns, shove them up our asses, and go into Big Steves? -Reinforcements are on the way- Big Steves got home cooking. Big Steve pretty good. Sir Big Steves? Ding dong, the witch is dead. Which ol witch? The wicked witch! Okay Im going in! Cover me! Wooah. Teleportation is a fancy invention in the LA Noire. Sorry! I mean Im not. Ow! Ow. Dude shoot them! Yes, I would like to make a withdrawal please? Ding ding. Is there anybody working at this bank? Excuse me! Im trying to talk to my bank! Okay so, as I was saying. Money-Fuck! Ah- you had my back. Im just gonna squeeze out a dook right here. *Laughter* Everything out there, that the light touches. Is mine. Which I mean, its nighttime. The lights not touching anything so I guess none of this is mine. Which is accurate, it belongs to the city. Ooo, do you want some mints? Yeah, come over here take a load off. Come on over. You. C-Come on over take a load off and just inspect-inspect the city. Um, somebody should fix the -Lets get moving- Yeah but somebody should fix the bulb in the moon. Its, its, its going out. Thats- we should call an electrician or something. Dont ya think? Ahh, youre no fun. I must say, it is wonderful at this time of night and youre a brave man to get back in the car with me. Im a real man. *Crash noise and laughter* Ahhh! *Crash noise* I didnt mean that one! This is-this is like-20s LA right? Im gonna drive like they do in the movies back then. You know. To make it seem like theyre actually driving a car? Like this. Very good. Whoa, whoa, whoa! I cant see anything! Okay, just drive around town. This is nice. Just me and my partners- excuse me! Woooo! Tokyo drift!-This is really starting to annoy me- Look, Imma turn of the car for a second. Lets just talk okay? You and me. Okay. Whats the problem here? Youre-youre always-youre always up in my ass. Okay, how about we just hold on for a second and talk to each other you know like buddy to buddy.-Take the next left.- Its always just take the next left with you isnt it? W-What am I supposed to do here? Im trying to make this -Take the next left- Im trying to make this relationship work. But we cant take the next left until we make a right between us. -Take the next left- Oh youre fucking hopeless. Damien. Im just gonna come out and say it. I have no fucking idea where we are wait, wait, wait. Okay. Where now, where now. -Take the next left- Its always fucking left! I dont think this is right. Im not-Im not fucking driving anywhere until you put your seatbelt on mister. Mister. Okay? Put - your seatbelt - on! Vroom vroom! Im a police officer. Look out!! Dont scare me like that Damien! -Weve gotta be thorough. Check into every corner.- Okay, Ill check in every corner, god. This fucking guy Lets just get it over and done-Fuck you-Alright clear this area immediately.- No! Dont clear the area! I want to tell you a ghost story. Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for Santa Claus. He wa- You fucking scared them away dude. Thats on you. Hmm What do we have down shady lane? Im looking for clues. What do- Oh! I got something! Partner? Partner Im gonna check it out. What do we got here? Matchsticks! I knew it. Okay. Let me take out my trusty- Hmm. Yep big ol see matchstick. Hey. What are you doing down there? The clues right here! come over! I fucking hate you. Oh my god. I can actually take out my notebook. Okay Scooter Peyton, what does he look like? Okay. Im gonna draw him. Im drawing him out. Here we go. Yeah, nice bit of shade first. There we go, and then- Do to do to do Scooter Peyton if I was scooter Peyton Id be happy with this picture. Look a giraffe! Oh my god. I can do hand puppets. *Laughter* Ooo. Oooo. Wait look- Its a dog. Its a dog. Roof roof! Roof roof! Was it Kernel criminal, in the alley way, with the screwdriver? Im a real detective you faint. Ill be down the hall you should have put him up against the wall and whose brains out You dont know that. Theres no body. Doesnt really matter how you go, once youre gone. Dont get all deep on me Phelps. Yeah, stop being an asshole Phelps. Okay. Im gonna go down here. Follow me. Okay, Im going okay. I already left. Its okay, it takes a bit for my astrals projection to catch up with me. Hmm Imma climb this pole real quick! its not police work, but I just really like doing it because- oh Im up already. Good evening, and welcome to the crime scene. Um. I am detective Bad detective, and Im here to tell you that this is a pistol -Wesen serial s71893. Does it work though? Can I -click the upper quadrant of the Trackpad to release the chamber. Ooo. Two rounds fired and instead of dropping it down a drain, our shooter hoists it up here. Interesting guy.. Very-We can follow up on this now before the perp tries to leave town-Whos talking?God? Ok um, oh. I-I got the evidence. Its good. Its in my-Its in my-Its in my book. Watch, look. Evi- cluuues. Blood-stained. Smith & Wesson. There it is. Thats the gun I know and love. Okay. Lets just do this.. That and, *Music starts* *Music stops*This right here is a bad. Hey! you fixed the moon! Good job. Good job! Okay, well that does it for this episode on LA Noire VR. That is- Absolutely so much fun. That was incredible fun. I love these games, where its like taken all serious, but then in VR, you can just go in and go like *noises* I mess what all their faces and completely break the immersion. I mean, thats not the point of VR, but thats whats the most fun to do in VR. And its a lot better than I was expecting it to be. Um, I-I obviously Didnt expect it to be the full LA noire game But theres a lot more in it than I actually expected because a lot of these Like VR experiences that are based on games that have already come out are usually just very very minuscule sections of the game, but this is actually like full-on missions that were in the full game. Its just the movement system is a bit all over the place. Theres a bit too many transition scenes so that when youre going from place to place that turns like for to a black screen even when you crash the car it turns to to a black screen. so-at least in the headset, it does. I dont know what it does on the Actual footage so if any of that was happening. Thats why. Its just the way the game is put very very good I like it. I would love I dont know how much is actually in the game, but I would love a full version of this I would just love a full detective game like this for the HTC vive Its so much fun Picking up clues and perusing around them in real time and way in your face and all that kind of stuff really fun anyway Thank you guys, so much watching this episode! If you liked it, punch the like button in the face, *Slight voice crack* LIKE A BOSS!! and, high fives all around *wapoosh* *wapoosh*, thank you guys and I will see all you dudes... IN THE NEXT VIDEO! *Outro music* *Voice crack* LIKE A BOSS!! steam engine mallard I didnt expect LA Noire in VR to be one of the funniest Virtual Reality experiences Ive had in the HTC Vive. Rec Room ► ►Twitter : ►Instagram: ►Merchandise: Game Link ► Edited by: Outro animation created by Pixlpit: Outro Song created by Teknoaxe. 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