Lets Play: L.A. Noire - Part 1 - Intro Cases .:. Upon Reflection & Armed and Dangerous (Gameplay)

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NOIRE game a city on the verge of greatness a new type of city based not on the man but on the automobile become a symbol of freedom and vitality for every man can own his own home never will debris not be overlooked by his neighbors the city where a mans home is his castle a quarter acre of the dream made possible by victory city and opportunists Sydnee dreams or Hollywood will shape the thoughts and desires of the entire planet city of pioneers the senior dreamers a city of undercurrents where not everything is as it seems a 20th centurys will become a model for the world city that has no boundaries that will stretch as far as the eye can see in the Marine Corps you deal with the chain of command mistakes get made but you deal with them you know what youre fighting for that youre on the same team it deals with corruption is like chasing shadows you never know whether the guy youre talking to is on the path or whether its your partner or maybe even the watch commander so who do you trust Cole I made up my mind a long time ago KGB L calling car 14 Adam 14 AB come in go ahead K GPL see the detective an ambulance shooting is sixth and industrial Street get a sixteen Royal request uniformed assistance for an evidence search 14 Adam code 2 Roger 14 Adam enroute dont request uniforms for an evidence search unless theres some kind of catch ever the optimist from the beam of sunshine oh damn it you got away the car shut up Im a great driver dont know what youre talking about I am awesome driving look at this  __  I find shortcuts everywhere for off youre gonna leave a street light intact on this block go left just now were left here nope not there there any innocent civilians that I can mean ah gotcha maam you got a game it cold hooker white enough that was a taxpaying citizen just bounce off the  __  hood belt well cup maam maam youre not cooperating with the police here come here okay maam damn oh this is not not cool youre gonna kill someone oh come on can I skin a fella kill somebody rest haha sorry Floyd Rose homicide you might back up yes sir Phelps and Dunn Wilshire division we had a shooting took place down the sally way we have the Vic scooter Payton a Negro male back in central morgue witness says a tall white guy our shooter but - in the Vics head and then through his piece I need you guys to try and recover the gat you want us to look anywhere in particular give it your best shot guys a dead guys a lowlife Im not expecting any miracles here and if we recover the weapon bag it and return it to technical service hurried up Floyd but not here to be happy hunt he said the n-word this is a fist hump just going through the motions all the way right lets just get it over and done all right have it your way well search right up to the back wall that was so knocking some up with things but not be seeing me and well talk it out two heads are always better than one lets turn the brightness down a thousand notches its a little  __  bright there now its like actual nighttime look at this junk only if your subscriber Londe what is this bottles not my job to pick through other peoples trash doesnt tell me anything string says the mine is the final frontier what have you got felt anything dr. Fontaine could I have a word of course young man I really enjoyed your lecture doctor psychiatry seems to have a tremendous amount to offer well thank you Im always happy to receive acknowledgement for my work the mind is the last great mystery in medicine are you thinking of specializing mr. Sheldon Courtney Sheldon Im only in second-year doctor they fast-tracked me a year because of my experience during the war ah thats what I wanted to talk to you about battle fatigue and collapse under duress can it be helped I would say yes given the right set of circumstances trauma forces the mind to close down retreat in on itself we try to find ways to unlock the mind again through a combination of therapy and drug treatment hypnosis and therapy are powerful tools in the right hands shift Ive been to visit some of the guys at the VA hospital I could friend of mine so far away playing wander you went through a lot together yes done give me his details and Ill make a prognosis I have a number of clinics in Los Angeles Courtin Sheldon your penance for your friends help is to come and work at one of them in your spare time it were little spare time of medical student hands is that a deal is it ever I cant thank you enough Im not promising a cure Courtney I want you to remember that every physician has patients that he cannot hope to cure for whom he can only smooth a path to death I tell you Im jinx I always get landed with the rap Jesus Cole come take a look underwear that like is Cole like magically thinking of this stuff like this magic coming out of them were never going to find it at the way to the pie yes but by the time that this tech Patek used this is the tech using this game to do the faces was only used for this game and itll never be used again because its way too expensive and by the time the tech gets cheap enough better type will exists everyones now is just using motion capture versus uh this was facial capture really highly detailed is that tomato sauce you should have put him up against the wall and blew his brains out hell of a way to go does it lets turn it just a smidgen just a smidgen really matter how you go once youre gone dont get all deep on me films so guy was shot right there Ralph or something on the rooftop how the hell did you see that reflection in the window looks like it might be our weapon Im gonna see if I can find a way up there all right dont hurt yourself Ill do what I want the guns up on the roof right so we need to find a way up if they make another la Noir they wont do the same facial capture as before but theyll probably make one but Rockstar doesnt make sequels right away they take a long time between sequels what kind of chumps do these homicide guys think we are separate Grand Theft Auto youve got the photos every day for but three or four years Smith & Wesson at sewer s71 893 two rounds two rounds fire and instead of dropping it down a drain our shooter voices it up here interesting guy we should follow up on this now before the perp tries to leave town found kuzey added your notebook meet anytime for in a case we have the gun Cole lets take it back to central we could get a commendation Ill show some initiative Ralph see if we can come up with a donor thats a long shot Cole its pretty fancy gun you know local gun store sure theres a place a couple of blocks from here hey rut are you sure all ass not really are gay no harm in doing some digging the Supes didnt seem to give much of a damn thats a little boys outfit you cant wait to get out of that uniform handy youd rather round up drunks and help old ladies across the road I brought that sounds like fun captain put up my ass itll be fine Ralph you worry too much location set what your eyesight have you got a death wish sorry Im gonna kill someone does it tax everyone see everyone piled up in that corner kill themselves watch out for the civilian what what role-playing as a cop here youre gonna kill someone so Im not is such a pansy you do coming through that guy right out in front of me I should write him a ticket Cole is a loose cannon waiting to go off this game doesnt use a GPS like tracker on the roads kind of annoying coming through gun store why hello there sir officers Phelps undone can you tell us anything about this gun Smith & Wesson Model 27 registered Magnum chambered for 357 nickel-plated with pearl grips same gun used by General Patton youre not suggesting hes the owner no Im not you seem to know a lot about the weapon I ought to I sold it you know this piece will stop a rhino these babies are only available special order heres my Smith & Wesson order book you mind if I take a look be my guest this is about something bad right model 27 with pearl grips coal you see it on there 27 with pearl grips that one were in luck for Schroeder 203 South blessed Street ordered the gun in February 46 thanks youve been a big help anytime always happy to help out the LAPD have a gun do we call it in lets see if hes at home only the gun doesnt prove he pulled the trigger okay and for a penny in for a pound lead the way gun good then in for a penny in for a pound was that even mean is the brightness in the game okay for you guys or the little dart I know how would you stop a rhino with a handheld Vincent mania would be powerful now that wasnt so hard was just because were lookout just because were what and that wasnt so hard was just because were in unified doesnt eject use our initiative I guess so seems a little too good to be true one-of-a-kind murder weapon bought locally using a real name if Schroeders are sure hes no criminal master thank you no sadder than art thats why they get caught from from two out of every three crimes are done on inputs another fact from the Phelps encyclopedia of thin air you really are full my partner is an  __  Jesus its a dick this game came out wait Susan lets say like three years ago maybe two three years ago once la 2010 maybe maybe 2011 a while ago I know Vesely it nighttime should be dark its very true it is nighttime at night time becomes bright were all going to die Schroeder so in this tutorial mission right now Gold handle door Schroeder rotor carbon - which ones Schroeder Im gonna guess that apartment 2 is the only door thats lit up ah ah Im Sun Im psychic what do you guys want Im officer Cole Phelps this is officer Dunn Wilshire division youre the owner of a Smith & Wesson model 27 nickel-plated with pearl grips I might be what of it Im surprised to know that scooter Payton was murdered tonight with your gun youre out of your mind scooter he works for me have that gun here in my drawer what the  __  is going on here youre under arrest Schroeder coupling run away youre not taking me down for this hey you vex the punch yeah  __  melee zaiah Haleys a cop uh-oh get my hat back Ralph Ralph Ralph got Im fine I hardly felt it hes lucky caught me off guard get my hat back its not very important Im gonna take a look around I know hehe got sucker punched though it if someone cut and smashed you off-guard you might get a I will get caught a little bit look 20 40 40 20 of these bets or dick sizes list of names in a series of numbers floyd roses name is in this book phelps we can come out of this all bright and shiny with a commendation or stick our songs in a hornets nest call it in partner and leave the book where you found it officer phelps thats 12 47 requesting you dumb  __  sons of  __  getting this line now before I lose my temper excuse me sergeant but excuse me  __  you you say no were gonna break your  __  head and have you in the Brig some of us are here for I know why youre here  __  Im having a bad day private some people dont seem to want to get on this button ask for your home he didnt ask for your help then you believe this guy who are you to Abbott and Costello here for OCS Sarge so its the three  __  Stooges and youre here for OCS god help this  __  country in the USMC the Japanese will do the world a favor and kill you quick all three of your on report what are your  __  names Phelps Kelso Merrill any other gentlemen for OCS OCS is it Elliot you take the camp Elliot bus over there this bus is for MCRD this bus is for men who want to fight Wow will you pick the right place cold a city that needed an honest cop like a thirsty man needed water it heard the stories but you arent interested you are here to fight the good fight solve cases right wrongs the forces like politics theres no city on the fence you have to choose sides a brown paper envelope a greyhound ticket to Palookaville they did OB every our units a 211 in progress and shots fired at Westlake savings and loan 1415 West Third Street in an identifying code three well take that its only a couple blocks from 14 Adam calling kgp l will handle the 211 Roger agent yell looking at him on roof  __  can you hear my  __  siren you  __  god I think youre actually aiming for these people what oh no way they could quick you guys to capture here we got to move it actually open transcribed weapon guys Im terrible a try for the front door keep your goddamn head down Ill try we dont know how many are in there kick itself back up well be here soon Mason listen why play la know Im ready preemption again thats it we got them all I think we got him Cole should be all clear sweet lieutenant Hopkins says any time you reach for the shotguns youre either gonna end up dead or wearing a citation so I guess its okay Ralph you did well in there glad you had my back man couldnt ask for a better partner those those those uh mafia guys have some terrible aim take like ten hundred free shots at us they barely hit us this kind of opportunity comes along once in a lifetime Hank I have to grasp it you have to survive at first coal here are the veterans the Jebs love to shoot officers if I can make a name for myself in this war my few thinking of taking on a company of the Emperors finest single-handed you dont seem the sergeant York type to me what I need your opinion Kelso Ill ask for it they talk about officers like you and boot camp Cole they call it the Custer syndrome guys who go around dreaming of fame and glory and getting all of their men killed in the process our duty is to lead Kelso and their duty is to die for your wonderful future probably kills fur Ive heard good I have I have a shovel nail my we use quite a ellipse Jack Kelso with some people its as simple as chemistry two guys who should have been friends but ended up lovers and Hollys got in the way Phelps a good guy why dont way too tight and Kelso a quiet man who could never walk away from a fight well its a shame you dont like to talk about it cold house friends who want to stay friends dont discuss religion or politics in my case you can add the war to that I know that mom window Bowers I put him away before he jumped parole get after him felts Ill head them off in the car I got him no power well I like you too stop screw yourselves why you get oh god damn come on come on catches it hold it right there stop now or I will shoot shoot him I wont tell you again Wendell should have been wearing that ridiculous outfit oh right give it up Wendell this little as out of a hell away from me guys like a  __  monkey out with awful pants you got the kid you  __  asked for hows he - climbing that with those pants Jesus the way Im going back inside were not to go back inside Ill go back inside you instead now Ive done my time its over Bauer you  __  already screwed me once stop it Bauers stopped running the script this is chase sequence give it up Bauer theres no dont hit me in the face of the two-by-four dont do it or youre spiking weve got the place to ourselves Im on kick your  __  ass you doing Wendell by kill spur you parole officer feeling lonely hes got a hole in his life for an  __  like you you can make it up to him in ten years time watch your head this hump will be back in the iron hotel by tomorrow night nice work old iron hotel run track in high school hmm part of the tradition of the Marine Corps and being an officer in the Marine Corps is the ability to make tough decisions the right decision is not always the popular one the right decision will get the men you care about killed these ratings and your ability to give them frankly and truthfully directly affect your chances of successfully becoming a Marine officer candidate Phelps you on the floor esprit de corps Merrill 10 Franklin 8 Weiss 8 Donahoe 6 Kowalski 6 Hunton 5 Kelso to leadership Donahoe 8 Franklin 7 Merrill 6 the Wolski sits Whites five huts --n v Kelso one Jesus Canada Kelso Im sorry captain but I joined the Marine Corps to fight the enemy not kid involved in the schoolboy  __  also in my office now steam hiding games from profile Thank you for Liking, Commenting, and Subscribing!Dans Live Stream: Dans Twitter: Dans Facebook: Dans Steam Group: steam games on amazon bullet hell games on steam steaming frozen broccoli in microwave repair steam game steam physical games