L.A. Noire: Perfect Interrogation - Elsa Lichtmann at Jazz Club Manifest Destiny Case

Steam train britaingod of war games steam L.A. NOIRE game Music take a break boys we would like them to stay miss Lichtman were making inquiries into the recent deaths of four musicians the police cared about dead black men good point we dont what we care about is two tons of army surplus morphine showing up on the street if you care about working in this town you better give me something on Biddle sinan beau or their knucklehead buddies Tyree and Lamont and this is your idea of making inquiries understand Florida Ive told you a thousand times about speaking that German gibberish add me else boy how about you get a drink while I see that this will you sit down why antagonize him Elsa you know what hes capable of ask your questions that officer we have work to do people are dying of overdoses if you know anything about it you need to tell me I cant help you a lot of cats arent to the thing theres nothing special about your boys you can do this the easy way with me or I can call my partner back over I can assure you hes a lot less sensitive you think your threats Franken me black man dont supplying nothing you think theres a black man in this town holding on to two tons of morphine hed be dead in a minute white man supplies black man bars my partner mentioned a couple of names you recognize them I have no idea what youre talking about the only way youre going to get rid of me is to give me an answer I knew Cornell we worked together a few years ago he loves the music but the music didnt love him what does that mean it means that he just wasnt that good he was a sad lonely cat boys take five minutes please I need to have a private word with you officer why do you ask people to lease talking about the subject that could have them jailed drugs are against the law Elsa and youre so full of courage you have never felt Oh shame this is getting us nowhere do you think youll win your war against narcotics its not my war its against the law my job is to prosecute the laws of this city do you think you can stop people from needing drugs detective Im asking the questions here then why do you come to me with your stupid questions you know who controls the drugs in this city its not enough to just survive Elsa you have to try and make the world a better place brave lets Im very noble thats what God just works shes right we need to pay a visit to the mix epic games mit steam spielen Hey guystoday we#re going to get the truth from the german female Elsa so just follow the video and you should be fine. If this helped yiou out please give it a like, comment and subscribe. If you wanna see more from us head over to our channel there youll find montages, commentaries, walkthroughs, achievment/trophy guides, a retospective with our current roster and many more. Greetz CruelTroopOfDoomTV steam floor mops steam activate a game dnd games steam grounded steam game steam cant update game