Steam ps1 ps2 ps3multiplayer free steam games L.A. NOIRE review All those mortals who have been playing video games in recent years will know for sure that the Rockstar Games company has been heavy metal for a long time. In the field of interactive graphic adventures, they have earned millions with their works and both the specialized critics and the player common and wild have positioned each one at the top in their title, it is easy today to remember more than three brilliant video games that have been in charge of this company, some have stood out for their technical revolution and their highly polished sections and others due to its brilliant execution mixed with elaborate scripts and loaded with a lot of creativity but in reality Im not here to talk about the roster so lets go there with the protagonist of a mystery and police game there are probably many among all of them several of undeniable quality but among all this wide variety there is one that won the crown a title made by team bondi and Distributed by a roster that has definitely been among the best games I have ever played. Years of work were rewarded with the incredible slime art. Love is a police investigation video game set in the city of angels in the 40s in which We will embody a unique code felt because he had to be as good as ugly. He is a war veteran whose ideal is to be the ideal citizen loaded with a correct thought for society, for which he decides to become part of the police force of said city. This plot seems to be simple. but it ends up being highly iconic and brilliant all that makes anger a game of constant flow realistic is how well written it is the brilliant lies in how they portray the main story as segments through the course but without explicitly placing fabrics it is a game that invites you to draw your conclusions according to what you are observing to happen in the field of Through the cases, your character can be seen as the supposed ideal policeman breaks down into completely human nuances, not only in the course of the main story, but also in how we really have to be part of each investigation, taking care of which clues to ignore, the decryption by our account of what is true and what is false, which in turn changes the whole context and how the problems in which we are involved are solved, all these cases are mixed in an almost poetic way with the main plot and the emotional vortexes that our protagonist can suffer each small component of the script is an essential part that complements the other aspects and makes its theme something so extremely perfect cobb despite being a person totally willing to redeem his mistakes in the past which we will gradually meet along the way end up involved in others and we ourselves will be surprised Due to the fact that the plot impacts us by hiding from ourselves the true being of whom we were incarnating with a spectacular way of telling a story, the creators know that they were developing a video game and they appropriated that idea to do something wonderful, giving great weight to the interaction of the player well lets talk seriously if the game is almost perfect but because it is not easy they give us an extremely huge city a metropolis from the 40s extremely realistic and detailed and much larger than that of gta 5 so it is even tedious to get from one corner of the map to another because of how immense it is but this is not a bad point what gives rise to criticism is the few things that can be done on it it is like a background to put you in the mood for the secondary activities that you can do in the open work they are mostly collectible since you must find all the cars golden movie tapes the places ic only ones in los angeles and also carry out secondary missions that are quite substantial to tell the truth but there is not much more interaction than that despite the fact that the city is so massive however it is compensated with a fairly long campaign and very high caliber technology of this title speaks for itself the facial expressions are superior even today to the vast majority of titles on the market despite the fact that la noire is already a few years old the graphics are still sublime and the expensive technology they used for the facial expressions, they should be perplexed throughout the journey, which made it difficult for me to concentrate on the conversation by observing so exhaustively the realism that the game embodied in me when conversing with a subject, this technology also has an important weight in the gameplay since When interrogating suspects, you must take into account both the clues you have collected at crime scenes to determine who is lying or play their expressions to help him or her as well as deduce if they are telling the truth, unfortunately at first it is difficult to concentrate on that question, damn, but how impressive are the expressions of crazy people like If the actor were here instead of it being a crazy video game like how they did that, he coined that I had to pay attention to what to say when we talked about the gameplay of lemon, we talked about quite varied game mechanics since we will star in frantic shooting scenes with various criminals and police chases both in vehicles and on skin which can be concluded in various ways but the highlight of the title is the exploration of scenarios to find all possible clues and their respective interrogations to get to the bottom of what is happening so we will need some patience and a look at some of the details the game can become difficult and that is very special for me the realism is found in everything in the handling of the cars in the expressions while you are in a shootout in the interior decorations which reflect very well the time the the film industry and its monetary mafias organized crime racism the machismo characteristic of the time the dangerous failures of the products in their initial heyday the war the world of drugs accidents serial killers arson with deep intentions etc. the game encompasses everything with a realism that no other has done with what shows how raw life can be in all true love is unique in its kind this video game is full of surprises throughout the journey with extremely varied cases that we will be observing from different perspectives depending on the department in which we are not performing the story is so well worked Jada that we will be completing the background according to where we are observing the flow of the city each of the characters plays fundamental roles that feed the plot in one way or another and affects the important events and the important notes is a fully alive city that it feels real and worth experiencing in no other game are you going to feel like a true detective like this very title does in a game that deserves a very high place in the story because of the love with which it is made and how it has revolutionized the industry in its field if you are a casual gamer or not you should have this title in your collection I am sure that you will carry it with honor for the rest of your life if you liked the video give it a good like and share it antonio speaking see you soon how to get ps2 games on steam deck La opinión de un mero mortal argumentada de la mejor forma que pude. Este juego me encanta y me encantará por siempre. Espero que puedan disfrutarlo.#lanoire #rockstar #videojuego #análisis the suffering game steam counter strike source steam charts steam games auf ps4 all games that work on steam deck steam robot