Melatonin vs CBD: Which is Better for Sleep?

Steam predecessorblackstone steam cover MELATONIN melatonin versus cbd which helps you get better sleep melatonin has been a popular sleep aid for years doctors homeopaths and researchers alike have supported using melatonin at night nowadays there is a new player in the sleep aid game cbd manufacturers claim that their products can promote sleep and other types of physical recovery celebrities athletes and cannabis activists all swear by this one simple ingredient for anxiety pain and sleep disorders when you compare melatonin and cbd side by side which one proves to be the better sleep aid before we get into it make sure you subscribe to our channel and give this video a thumbs up so we can pay you off for it hey i didnt say that we have tons of videos that talk about all of the ways that you can get better sleep before we delve into whether melatonin or cbd is better lets talk about what melatonin and cbd actually are if you choose to take melatonin you are taking a natural or artificial hormone that mimics the melatonin that we produce in our bodies thats right our bodies produce melatonin when its time to go to bed this hormone allows us to gently drift off into sleep stress light and other factors can prohibit the body from releasing melatonin and sending you off to sleep again the melatonin that you take in a pill or capsule mimics what you are already producing in your body our bodies do not produce cbd cbd is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant but they do produce similar compounds called endocannabinoids Music endocannabinoids like anandamine have a lot of functions kind of like hormones some endocannabinoids help to regulate mood appetite pain you name it the endocannabinoid system or ecs was discovered in the 80s in general the ecs is believed to help the body maintain homeostasis or balance when your body temperature or blood pressure is abnormal the body is out of homeostasis this is one of the reasons why cbd is said to have many effects including Music the promotion of a good nights sleep so how do melatonin and cbd capsules work with your body although melatonin and cbd products are both advertised as sleep aids and not addicting drugs they help to promote sleep in different ways melatonin ramps up the presence of hormones in the body it acts as a signal that its time to go to bed cbd on the other hand may help you stay asleep for longer periods of time the more that the body is in balance the easier it will be to get a full 8 hours of restful sleep if you can stay asleep for a full night you will get the most out of both the stages of deep sleep and rem sleep studies show that both melatonin and cbd can increase quality of sleep but just in different ways yeah but how does it feel to take cbd or melatonin okay time to pull our listeners where are my first time marijuana users at anybody out there yeah go ahead raise your hand yep let me fill you in the biggest misconception about cbd is that it gets you high or makes you kids feel loopy thats not the case thc another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant is the intoxicating ingredient that will make you feel stoned however products that contain cbd and no thc are not intoxicating if you take cbd before going to bed youre not really going to feel anything melatonin users may have a different experience the most common side effect of taking melatonin is drowsiness or grogginess so final thoughts to consider before taking melatonin or cbd these feelings usually occur before you go to sleep melatonin users may also report that they feel groggy and drowsy after they wake up if the pill is still in your system when your alarm goes off getting out of bed wont be easy and for that reason many people opt for cbd capsules instead of melatonin so is melatonin or cbd a better sleep aid the answer depends on you and your sleep routine as the commercials say talk to your doctor and try both types of products out before making a final decision also consider changing up the way that you prepare for sleep our channel has plenty of tips and resources on how you can naturally get better sleep we want to know have you tried cbd or melatonin to help you sleep let us know in the comments below and as always dont forget to subscribe to our channel come on baby its just one little button you know the channel better sleep for more great ways to get better sleep good good Music you steam gaurd Melatonin has been a popular sleep aid for years. Whether you have a sleep disorder or spend nights tossing and turning over stress, one capsule or gummy can ease your troubles. Doctors, homeopaths, and researchers alike have supported using melatonin at night. Nowadays, there is a new player in the sleep aid game. CBD manufacturers claim that their products can promote sleep and other types of physical recovery. CBD seems to be everywhere nowadays. Celebrities, athletes, and cannabis activists all swear by this one simple ingredient for anxiety, pain, and sleep disorders. When you compare melatonin and CBD side by side, which one proves to be the “better” sleep aid? The answer isn’t so easy. *WATCH TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MELATONIN AND CBD* #bettersleep #cbd #melatonin Music by Epidemic Sound __________________________________________________________________ Sources: __________________________________________________________________ Join the BETTER SLEEP Gang! Subscribe! 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