【MELATONIN】 Ill help you fall asleep 【NIJISANJI EN | Elira Pendora】

Are steam mops safe for hardwood floorssteam can't find game in library MELATONIN game foreign Music Music Music foreign Music Music Music foreign Music Music Music foreign Music Music Music Music foreign Music Music Music Music good morning good morning Music good morning why did I sleep welcome back to memory season you were the Super Chat thank you  __  oh  __  I just broke my pop socket gave me this please okay okay good morning oh  __  I didnt mean to sleep this long I cant believe it I took a nap at like noon I went to sleep at like 12 p.m and I was like you know what Im a little sleepy Im a little yippie Im gonna take like a two hour nap I slept for like six hours what the  __  man Music this wait is it almost daylight savings seriously ah daily savings  __  yeah its been like two weeks no its not its in like three weeks foreign weeks oh my God wait did we lose an hour no Music do we lose an hour no I hate spring Laughter foreign oh my God Ohio welcome back memories thank you how are you guys doing today how how are you guys also today is Annas birthday happy birthday Anna happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday so make sure to say happy birthday to her and uh she has like a karaoke stream and a couple in a few hours  __  so yeah Ill send you over there later God damn it I slept for so long how are you guys doing today how are you working youre all right youre working on stuff crying Music dont cry I had today off lets go birthday karaoke yeah its not like youre ready to crash again no no I just woke up Im awake wait I dont want to be awake because I have to sleep at a good time oh my God no yesterday off too lets go oh my God everyone has the day off making chicken alfredo I want pasta too but I dont have pasta because I just woke up after like a six hour now hope you are enjoying finished unpacking on a new home oh my God guys though thats so fun I mean fun thats so awesome congratulations were gonna go to school no no building a small house with my dad what thats crazy just build my geography exam you know what affect the map who cares as long as you know where you are then thats all that matters thats a lie um knowing basic geography is important I believe I was like see theres like these tick tocks sometimes that come up where people just like ask you know people you know those like videos where people ask people on the street like random questions on Tick Tock it makes me feel so sad whenever I get like whenever I watch those tick tocks and then they are like asking Americans like what is the country above and below you and theyre like um Europe Im like Music its so embarrassing Music that happens there those kinds of tick tocks like this I dont know if theyre scripted or not but its like oh my God so as long as youre not that who cares if you fail your geography exam as long as you know what country is above and under you as an American then it doesnt matter laughs our country is above me what the  __  I dont know is Iceland technically above some part of Canada maybe theres also the North Pole that  __  is up there Music Santi claws technically Iceland but not really world map I feel like Iceland might be hovering on top of some part of Canada oh a little bit its like a little bit of not Iceland Greenland what the  __  is wrong with me oh no Im no better oh my God Im so silly Alaska technically Alaska is like connected to Canada though its not above Canada its also not a country its a state I think I always think Greenland is Iceland and Iceland is Greenland because Iceland is very green but then Greenland is very icy like who named these things foreign the Vikings did Saga damn you I think even when Saga is about Vikings I dont know Ive never watched Music it is oh oh  __  lets  __  go the new season is about farming what the hell fgo is everywhere why would it go to Greenland bring some that it was greener than Iceland what the  __  wait thats hilarious Im never gonna forget now Music really what is it or like our Greenland and Iceland like rivals are they are they enemies are they rivals or is it like Greenland is like the one that thinks of Iceland as a rival foreign but like Iceland doesnt think of them as rivals why are people doing question marks okay Hetalia exists is this Italian I never watched Italia though but Im just saying like just saying like foreign Iceland just exists and then Greenland is like thinking of Iceland as its arrival but like Iceland is like huh I think youd be somehow worse if youd watched Italia I didnt think it was possible but I think Id be worse too if I would oh my God all right Im gonna like oh hopefully oh my God its me no little I dont get swept up by the ocean theyre swimming ah anyways um today were going to play melatonin its like a little rhythm game I think I played it a little bit at launch I think I played the first chapter a little bit I dont really remember much I I thought it was cool at launch though so I played it a bit already like a few months ago Music so Ive played the beginning am I good at Rhythm hell no Im not but I havent played it in a long time so well play well play everything over again three stars my genius wait a second oh my God I remember this one I was really bad at this one Music oh yeah I played it a bit at launch so oh my God three stars Im so smart Music I dont remember much though I think I needed to do better on this one to be able to go to the next level or something I dont remember no thank you for the Super Chat thank you Music okay hold on how many episodes are there I think you were the Super Chat how many episodes are there isnt it like five minutes per episode two holy  __  theres so many episodes what the  __  52 episodes and then 48. and then oh yes and theyre 20. why is there so many episodes Music how many episodes of why am I looking this up oh yeah I cannot  __  spell it doesnt tell me how many altogether theres so many episodes to Hunter we watch when yo Ive been thinking about it I should do one that Im good at first so that practice scored hard editor what does that mean Music in this dream items will be dropped in specific patterns on the left memorize them and swipe your credit card in the same pattern on the right this game was made for me Music oh  __  Im late Music Music oh easy this is easy peasy oh hell yeah ah were starting I forgot that theres no circles on the screen Music I forgot there was no circles Music bum no no no no no no no no no no no Music meow meow meow Music no no no no Music no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no Im late here Music its so slow holy  __  how the heck did I get three stars before I must have been cracked then hard mode this game is hard mode racking up my debt oh it was fast beep oh no hard mode Music yeah wow Music Music I cant  __  around Im gonna mess up oh God Music foreign Music Music oh  __  what the  __  Im  __  cracked  __  Im Im cracked Applause oh my God Music oh God look at this one this one star I remember this one okay Im gonna do this one last because I was actually so kind of awful that one its embarrassing even that was so fun I love shopping the song looks cute I dont remember though this dream has three patterns to react to make sure youre familiar with how they sound before moving on to score mode the last one is a bit tricky whoa Music oh Music foreign Music Music oh no I cant so is this a rhythm game yeah its easier than the other one oh  __  well Pizza Time Music  __  what the  __  foreign Music this song is so cute oh no Music its like that one level and Rhythm Heaven with the cat and the badminton oh I did it I missed donut Music oh Music huh huh oh my God hard mode you know I got this oh oh pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza Music Music oh my God I thought I missed that one oh what oh God Rhythm Heaven thank you Music foreign no no donut I did so good oh my God I only was early once and I only it was late once and I didnt miss any oh my God Music why was the hard one why was the hard one easier than the slow one its because of love live Music question what its because of love live its because I play love live so much when I was younger thats now I can only play on hard mode whats this one is this the video game one where its like in this dream shoot incoming enemies 1B after they appear enemies on the bottom row will be harder to hit since they appear on the offbeats what the hell what does that mean oh oh I see whoa theyre so cool wait where are the offbeat enemies I mean I dont know oh there why I jinx myself okay well I see now that the Aussie enemies were actually the friends we made along the way because they were right there when I needed them most oh Music whatever Music oh Music its back my Crosshair Music alien alien alien Music foreign Music Music oh my God man I missed at the very end bogos vented no photos printed what the  __  was that in my chair just like ran over something I think it was a piece of paper no no Crosshair oh my God okay foreign Music Music Music boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom Im gonna play project is onboard Im looking at the zombie and thats the only thing I can think about that game was so fun Music come through Music good collab yeah this is a fun game how do you guys are you guys watching The Last of Us thats so random but speaking of zombies not yet yes yes I havent watched it yet because Im scared of blood but I kind of I want to watch it watch it when all of them are out at once how how much I have to watch yesterdays reminding me no problem Im cooking with the side of a weewa beach thank you for the Super Chat thank you play the game first I watched a playthrough of it like um what year did it come out Ive already watched a playthrough of the game I watched the playthrough of the game twice I think thank you Music Nine episodes right now oh God here I go in this dream youll be jumping from platform to platform after landing jump what why did it go what am I doing Music foreign Music oh my gosh so difficult Music Music um yep just like jumping okay when you put it that way its gotta be easy foreign Music Music foreign Music Music oh my God six seven billion eight billion more than the human Music I have more followers than there are humans Music thats so difficult wait I can do it I can do it I can do this better I I can do this better youre famous thank you my alien followers okay oh Music okay foreign Music foreign Music Music yeah at least I got two I can do it Music oh great job wow Music yo Music yo Music yo yo Music yo yo Music yo yo yo Music jump Music down Music that was so difficult my brain oh my God Music well I got at least got more than one star Im proud of myself Music all right and this is where it all goes downhill Music the Final Mix Music I missed the first one Music Music my credit card Music Music right around buying stuff is fun Music money never betrays me Music swipe card Music really wait I feel like I can do better Music credit card swipe my credit card oh yeah the jumping one is so difficult Music oh Music shoot shoot Music credit card never disappoint Im late Music they do worse huh what the  __  I didnt raise the waste this time that I did before thank you for the Super Chat thank you thank you I hope they make a new Rhythm Heaven for the switch thats what I hope for oh my God I only need two stars to get hard mode oh obviously I can do it then Music shoot shoot foreign Music Music oh my God I almost missed that one Music come on Music foreign Music Music Laughter what the heck foreign Music what I made it I made it tonight too Music foreign what Music Music wait really Music oh wait youre right what the heck Music wait seriously Music wait is this real Music wait seriously this is what theres a switch huh Music Im looking at the Rhythm Heaven Wikipedia released in Japan on November 17 2022 it will release February 25th 2023 everywhere else oh no exercise work ew money oh no Music oh this is the money not my eye around problems this is the nightmare level dream about money youre right Music whoa this dream simply catch coins on beat watch out for the lightning though itll make things a bit trickier what oh oh its not the space bar anymore because my eyes Music uh oh I have to look Music wait how do I know which one is Music Music oh no oh no I have to look okay gotta use your eyes to perceive the way Music oh its pinned right to left on the headphones I didnt even realize thats helpful foreign Music Music Music ah foreign Music speed up Music okay Piggies flying in the sky money flying from the sky me money money lucky laughs Music Music oh so difficult Mr Krabs is that you thats me foreign I cant do the laugh Music welcome back to member series thank you Music I almost got a fool there Music this game is awesome the visuals are so nice Music Music Music okay okay Music foreign Music Music The Vibes are Immaculate agreed welcome back to member series thank you oh no I dont wanna dream about any of these things well I might as well pick the thing I already dream about oh no this dream has three different sound kills youll want to be familiar with before playing score mode react to the cues exactly one beat after they appear what is Music oh how do you know which how do you know oh wait this song is awesome Music um I have no idea what just happened so were gonna find out hey I wasnt looking Applause oh Music foreign Music Applause Music my eyes dont know where to look Music look Music I dont know where to look my eyes I did it oh awesome that one was so much easier than the coin one the coin one was so difficult oh my goodness my eyes are like going everywhere ah  __  foreign oh  __  okay Music okay Music boom Music Music oh my God oh my gosh okay okay yes yes yes huh yes yes yes uh-huh yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Music Im so confused look I dont know cool oh Rap God I didnt even rap I said Fire lyrics thank you Music my eyes are so everywhere Im looking right Im looking left dream about Music still bars my eyes are like oh my God oh my God hes ripped in this dream pay attention to the patterns and repeat them back play through the entire practice to get a hang of the harder parts near the end holy  __  oh look up all right Protein Shake Break oh its both Im so bad at these types because my memory is like less than a second so I cant remember what they do both both both oh my God I have to remember both both my Goldfish Memory real vary its very real I cant remember things at all all right I have to remember though okay okay left right right left right right left right oh God right left right together together together together together together left right right left right right right left right left left oh God right left left for together right left together left right one together together oh God together together slow down oh God right right right right right left right right oh God left right right left Music right left left together Music Music damn damn oh my God gains gains oh God what Music Music what oh God Im late Music early Music all right what what up Music oh Music oh my God what are these noises Im trying to replicate what my personal trainer was doing for me so that I could get them games oh no only one left is my biggest fear foreign Music Laughter oh no this dream only has one pattern to learn but try to pay attention to the notes being used as theyll determine what direction youll be swiping foreign Music get the poop out of here wait this song is so cute no bubbles foreign Music s a little difficult Music no vocals wait the song is so cute no bogos no poopies no robots Music okay I can do this Music foreign listen to The Sounds Im listening as best as I can what Music oh okay okay cute Music no poop thats so cute wait this song is so good whats happening like a nightmare why is it getting scary Music foreign Music Music oh its minor when its not good but its major when its good I see I didnt even realize the difference between the notes until then okay thats so fast Music you can do with your eyes closed okay foreign Music foreign Music foreign Music that was so cute the music was so so cute I missed so many you cant speak while keeping her eyes closed okay Im focused on the music Im focused on the sounds Im focused on listening shut the  __  I was thinking about that too in the middle of it I was like Im not speaking a single word I was thinking the exact same thing I was like hmm I havent spoken at all Music Music why is it getting a little scary Music Music foreign Music at the very last second I made it to two stars oh my oh you guys cant even see it because Im Im hiding it with you guys with the chat box I just realized now oh my God Im so silly this whole time you couldnt even see what the hell I was doing Im so silly I had no idea I literally never once realized until now just zoom do your crack Music you were so wrong Im pretty bad at Rhythm games I want to be good but Music so overwhelming oh my God poop Music clap clap Music Im getting games Im becoming strong Music Music  __  Music foreign I get to go to level three yeah yay oh seemed pretty decent really Music oh my God you think so a little old me oh my God are you saying that maybe Im going good why shes so annoying Ive been thinking about installing projects that guy on my iPad because people keep saying that its easier on the iPad well at least it gets to a point where you cant play it on your phone because its too difficult oh my God what the Earth is a smiley Music the Earth has a smiley on it oh my God wait I need to play this one I love space I think space is awesome but Im scared of space because like if you go to space what if you cant come back also I watched that film Apollo whatever and I was like never in this dream youll be given three patterns to determine how long your ship will need to charge up before lift off hold down the action key to charge up and release it to Launch arent you from space well I mean like being in space for extended amounts of time you know what I mean like theres a difference between traveling in space versus staying there forever wait what am I doing wrong Music oh I see what I mean hold it down Music I dont remember if yellow means Im late or if Im early foreign Music Music Music oh okay Music Music okay oh I see Music you Music foreign Music Music foreign Music Music Music boom blink ing Music oh that one was so fun I thought I got three stars though me look at my mercies thank you sound like toad Laughter wow bounce Music Music down down film s Music one two three four two three four one two three four one two three four dont do it Im sending you guys the space on this one Music there you go send us to space space gotta go to space oh no the wheel on the rocket its so cute might be the best emo I ever Drew ever well no the other one was my I think thats the center one is the best one Ive ever drawn but Im so scared of space though space space space got a lot of space space gotta go space space space space Ill send you to the moon fly you to the Moon and let you play Among the Stars let you see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars what the heck is happening this dream only has two patterns to learn differentiate them pay attention to how many sound cues you hear when they are presented to you tap the action key to water sprouts hold it down to soak them Music Im sorry Music oh Music thirsty Little Flower huh thirsty Little Flower dont worry Music Music I got it right here foreign thirsty little flowers wait Laughter Music am I supposed to do more oh I see when its perfect its full Laughter Music oh Music okay I see foreign Music Music on top of thirsty flowers let them water Music what the hell Music Music fun Music fun Music boom Music come on Music whoa whoa Music that was so hard my brain Music Rhythm God me oh my God stop it guys stop dont gas me up Im gonna Music dont cast me up like this or else its not gonna be good Im gonna Im gonna have too much Im gonna have too much Im also Im gonna have too much gas but oh my God okay I like your Picasso and this dream pay attention to the sounds being made when the clock enters when when the clocks enter and exit the incoming portals hold down the action key to pull back your bat when you hear the right cue release it to swing the timing Circle will guide you through that what but my bat is already back ah what the hell what oh Music um okay I get it now oh me when I lie Laughter oh I see um um Music um um I can do it I think its a cake whered it go okay okay okay okay okay okay foreign Music is better if I close my eyes again Music did I hit it Music um boom  __   __  Music okay dont close my eyes thats all I can see when the Blue Portal staying I did a better if its open I couldnt see anyways Music oh my God I get it now I think the clock just so cute its got a little face on it foreign Music okay hold on I can do better than that I can do better than this hey everybody swing Id rather just do my thing I got to just do my thing Ill show you that is one in the same very small dancing Music its easy step up to the plate Music and High School Musical always helps yes can you dance absolutely not and I want to become better Music High School Musical watch along when soon I think maybe next month Music ah maybe the next month or April I cant I forgot Music nope Music Music I got and I got the two stars thank God it was like right at the LA 15 misses oh I can only slow dance and country dance other dances are hard glad youre back thank you for this for the soul did you have dance class at school oh my God I did when I was in school I had dance classes and oh my God it was so embarrassing no I did we are so embarrassing square dancing Music foreign because Im not paying attention see Music Music foreign Music Music foreign Music Music Music oh yes finally now its time for the mind I only got two two on two and two on all of these Im two two two my two two two two two kind of girl whoa oh no Im getting a sleepy looking at this this dream requires you to react on Every Beat pay close attention to the rhythm of the music also a cue to let you know when to react on the offbeat oh my oh God Im gonna fall asleep Music Music Im gonna fall asleep Music Im sorry eyeball Music make me sleepy Music sleeper time again no no no Im awake Im awake Im awake how do I know when to start though Music I guess now Music foreign Music I forgot Music what the  __  thank you Music oh God no dont Gaslight me into falling asleep Ill do it Music foreign Music oh my God my eyes Music foreign Music how do people adjust so fast my stomach is growling Music I hope you didnt hear that Music no my God thats what that was no no no no you didnt hear Music someone clipped so we can analyze dont dont listen Music dont listen to my stummy foreign Music how can people adjust this fast Music oh Music Music oh I knew it Music oh my God is that my other eye yes yes it is it is indeed the eye that is hidden underneath this bang move Bang Music that is the eye that is hidden under this bearing its always sleepy just like me oh God all right this is going to be some wait is the space one the space one was the rocket ship the nature one was watering time one was the clock and then this one was the eyeball okay okay just close your eyes and hear the beat better I cant Im not that smart the Thirsty little flowers yes yes thank you oh God foreign Music Music Music all right I remember now Music girl um Music Music liftoff Music Music um Music three two one lift off oh I was so close took the freeze Stars oh you still cant see it you think Id learn but no you still cant see it its still being blocked by the chat but you know what its cool you guys know you guys get it you know whats going on oh God Music  __  Music one two three four time Music um I cant remember the visual cues Music one two three four Music thank you Music boom Music fun Music who knew the eyeball would be my best friend Music one two three four oh one two three go one one Music two three go Music thank you Music no way I still got two this game is so generous Music one two three go no way its still hot too the game is so nice to me lets go ah oh my God that scared me night four oh my God whats happening why are you drinking so many energy drinks go to bed oh no oh no oh no its getting too real stress the past your desires the future its getting real ow ow well time to dream about stress this dream has three cues to let you know whether to jump left right or upwards on the next beat left right or up okay I dont know when to jump up Music when theres nothing below me foreign Music true except no blocks Music all right alrighty just time this is stressful just looking at the Water Rising huh okay sorry oh my butt foreign Music oh my God thats lava not water well its nice to have toasty buns sometimes you know nobody wants to have nobody wants to have stale buns sometimes you gotta have them toasty ow ow  __  extra crispy toasty buns Laughter all right  __   __  foreign my buns are a little too toasty Music I still got two oh my God Im gonna have a tutu kinda girl you know I can get the two stars and I can get the two why does the other one ring and thats thats what I need I dont want to dream about the past oh god dude about these are all scary what when you hear a camera flash in the Stream open the lighter by holding the action key three different sounds that determine how long you keep the lighter open for foreign oh  __  what are you burning your memories Music oh foreign Music I dont oh God Music I learned nothing from this tutorial oh no I dont I didnt learn anything from this tutorial Music Music one two three oh God Music one two one two one two oh God I dont know Music one two Music I dont know I cant I didnt look at anything foreign Music Laughter oh my God Music oh  __  foreign Music what Music Music what am I doing wrong Music why did I even get up why did I get a star for this okay okay Music Music Music wait what the  __  foreign Music Music foreign foreign Music oh my God its a lot easier if you dont look okay Music Music I had to look Im sorry I had to look I needed to know Music Music what the  __  okay wait I just okay Im turning Im turning it Im looking Im turning away Im closing oh  __  I forgot Music no I cant Music okay I think I get it okay foreign Music the short one gets me Music foreign Music Music foreign Music Music Music Laughter at least I made it to two stars exactly Music Music games are so much easier when its faster say that and then I  __  up Music okay foreign Music Music Music counting the beats musukashi and no more memories Im done with them two two just burn them all you are so real for that well I was gone I watched I I watched um I watched The Truman Show Ive watched it once before but I watched it recently that movie is so awesome it was such a good film I wish there was more movies like that it reminded me so much of Stanley Parable I was watching it though am I such a good it was such a good movie I liked it a lot I watched it a long time ago but yeah in case I dont see you good morning and evening and good night yeah Carl will make two sounds in the dream when it slides to the right sounds indicate when to grab an item by holding the action key similarly itll make two sounds and slides to the left side to the left side to the right sounds indicate when to release the item into the prize chute Music Im sorry Music foreign what yeah whoa hi what um okay that was pretty fast theres money in there  __  Music Music boom boom boom Music oh my God its so fast thank you Music Music when I was in Japan oh my God I was like I really like doing youthful catchers from like before but I suck at them and when I was in Japan I there was a youthful catcher with a pillow of Love disc and I spent all my cash trying to get it Music literally would not leave until I got it I spent like thirty dollars I spent thirty dollars on a youthful ketchup love disc and I got it after thirty dollars might be even more than thirty dollars but I did get it and I was so happy now I have a beautiful pillow of Love disc on my bed worth yeah Music assuming my sin technique was that Music Music Ive seen Health understand technique Music no I didnt ask them but I should have sometimes but you you can ask them though like if shes a fleshy falls into like a position where the arm cant reach it anymore you just call them over and then they fix it for you because sometimes the plush lands somewhere that the arm literally cant reach Music thats the swimming my sand technique what the heck really oh  __  I do that all the time I do it all the time I always if theres like ever anything that Im like yeah this is getting worse I just go so be my son fix  __  aside Music I only asked them to fix it though if Music I only asked him to fix it though if I cant reach it anymore with the claw if I have like through if I hit like the plushie bounces somewhere crazy and the clock cant reach anymore then thats when I show me my son but other than that I dont in this dream aliens will beam down in different patterns repeat back the patterns by shooting lasers left middle right lanes left middle and right goodbye Wren it was a nice stay on the planet Earth wasnt it however only one of us can come from outer space and thats me I mean I didnt even come from outer space but I came from somewhere else goodbye Ren the sun is in space I guess technically I almost asked the stupidest question ever Im  __  up oh my God I almost asked something so stupid and then I was like I think Im still asleep my brain oh my God ask it I was like is the sun a planet well no  __  its a  __  star you idiot foreign Music I was like no you  __  idiot like immediately after my brain was like no Music whats a solar okay finana Music no I was one hour late Music this one is so fun and cute Music let her cook I dont know was enough to me Music just happened what just happened did I break the game with my dumb question Music oh my God its glitching everywhere Music Im sorry Ren you can stay Music Im sorry Wren you can stay three sisters Music they look like little axolars they also kind of look like we once she I shouldnt have said that while Im shooting though Music spare us Music its just not a virtual space you know its not real youre just like a little its not real in this little its like a VR game you know Im not actually shooting you its like a game fortnite Music no no literally I volunteered May the odds be ever in your favor quack foreign Music Music Music my God there is flying  __  but not like this I didnt think so I think Im just a little silly please sing the kitty song again I cant remember the kitty song I made it up on the spot Kitty something what the  __  what is going on oh Kitty cant remember the kitty song I made it up on the spot oh  __  Music I just remember going what the  __  is going on Kitty oh  __  I dont remember all the parts anymore oh jump from my stress Music Music I cant why do you think Im letting that go too late I think the note is a lot shorter than I think it is Music Applause Music thank you Music foreign Music Music foreign Music that was so cute Music hard mode oh my buns Music the Buns Music Music I love the alien one so much Applause there was a game where it was just the alien one I would play it all the time Applause foreign Music Music how are you chatting while doing this Im not Im not talking at all real Rhythm shooters what is that is that a game morning good morning is there only one whats in here whats this foreign oh no what oh God I dont remember anything its all of them oh  __  Music foreign Music credit card Music oh  __  Music hey hey cute thumbs up Music Music foreign Music Music Music foreign shopping swipe Music what foreign Music Music foreign hard mode oh no okay here I go huh Music Chop Shop oh Music oh oh oh no Music one two three go Music beep beep beep Music Music boom boom foreign Music oh my God Music one two three go Music um oh no is it over can I take my hands off the keyboard Im scared foreign Music scared of a fake out I know like in remix 10 and Rhythm Heaven Fever at the end of remix 10 when it like does the fade out to Black and then it comes back man what is this game its so cute its called melatonin its a rhythm game hi okay I think I just finished it its time to wake up oh  __  we did it I think youd like it its called melatonin its like a really its like a Lo-Fi a Lo-Fi aesthetic like visual aesthetic rhythm game its awesome Music the music is so awesome I love Lo-Fi music so this is super fun I always listen to Lo-Fi all the time the OSD is on Spotify oh  __  two days in a row you beat a game  __  I wanna roll Music that was so fun and cute Music special thanks to Wholesome games Music isnt that like a is that a Twitter account or like a theres like a theres like a whole entire account look at or not account I dont even know like at E3 they have like a wholesome games cool some games sections that was so fun and so cute it was so pretty too it looked it was so pretty and fun thank you for the Super Chat thank you oh Music my God that was so fun and cute Music yay I think well finish it today were on a roll lately everybody glad you enjoyed I enjoyed a lot it was so fun and so cute lets do um I forgot come here I forgot to do my little sneaky transition let me close the game real quick that was so fun so cute let me put let me turn my piece of volume down actually that game is pretty loud so maybe I dont have to Music you know I I I I I I I I I I I I I what was I gonna say I dont remember the question okay this is gonna this is so out of nowhere Im so sorry okay who in the chat plays League of Legends I have a question sorry this is like literally out of nowhere okay who in the chat plays and keeps up with League of Legends lore okay I have a question because guilty okay okay the new skins like are Caitlyn and why dating are they dating Caitlyn and VI arent they are they in a relationship yes oh oh they are I had no idea Music did you see the new did you see the new skins if you watch Arcane I do have to watch arcane do what I feel the new skins the descriptions for the new skins are like I was like what when I read the descriptions yeah for the Valentines Day ones they have like matching skins and like the description for the skims is like them like talking to each other I was like huh hello Music so I I had no idea until yesterday what kind of knew because of like um a little bit about Arcane but I didnt watch it but like the description for the Skins I was like foreign Music I thought maybe they werent dating dating yet but the Skins the skin sets I was like huh Music I wish I could no I havent I know I really need to I really need to watch it I really wanna wants to but its I havent watched it yet Music and Ill think about it did you know that Ari and yasua what okay I didnt know about that one Music what okay I did not know about Ari and Yasuo not officially confirmed theyre just implied oh I see Music thank you for the Super Chat thank you yeah the new skin the like little description oh my God especially on Caitlyns game I was like huh when I read them I was like what the heck because I knew they were a little like a lot of people really like them on Arcane I havent watched it but people I remember people talking about it but the new skin animation the new skin descriptions what does it say it says like let me read it find it Caitlyns skin description is written by a VI and it says Okay I want to read it out for you the description for Caitlyns skin is when I read this I was like what the  __  okay it says its so its like it was it was like it was written for me thats all you have to know it says I hate the way you walk around like youre the princess Caitlyn of the mall and Im just some gutter rat I hate the way you look at me when theres no one else around but you wouldnt be caught dead with me in town maybe our whole thing was just a huge mistake so if you want me to go Im gone but ask and Ill stay and I was like huh I was like hello thats the description of Caitlyns skin and I was like what and then why is why is kin description is like is it by Caitlyn and it says like shell when I read this I was like what the hell and I was like its like shall I compare you to a rose your spikes like Thorns against right side what like a Vine youve coiled through my dreams what did you say shes saying what is this word trellising my mind wild like the violence that thrived Beyond The Gardens bounds life simple better now that youre around oh lifes simply better now that youre around will you go to the dance with me what does that mean I dont know if this is like a high school Au or something XOXO Caitlyn I was like what the  __  is happening in League of Legends right now Music anyways yeah foreign I was like whats happening and then I bought it and then I had to buy it because I was like I was so shocked that I pressed purchase before I knew it I was so shocked that I pressed by before I could even understand what was happening because I was like well also Caitlyn looks very good very cute very cute so I was like um why Music yeah and like the skin I dont know if youve seen it sorry this is so Random its like so out of nowhere but this skin also it has like you know when like Rivals like look at each other and Anime and it has like the little electricity shooting between them it has that between them and the splash yard except its a heart and I was like looking I was like oh what does this mean I was like what whats going on hello so yeah instead of League oh its coming out tomorrow early access what wait Yakuza spin-off I had no idea that this was coming out thank you Music ayak is a spin-off oh my God I only know what the Shinsengumi is is because thank you I came Tama for teaching me oh Ive never played a Yakuza game before to be honest so maybe or but maybe after were finished longer games we can play Yakuza Music because Ive been long long game territory right two long games but I would like to play Yakuza eventually Music so I play Yakuza zero first I think youre the stream no thank you for coming glad you like the membership letter yes I did we look forward to more in the future yeah thank you Ill have a membership letter Ill have to upload it this month one from last month and one from this month sometime during this week I will upload both Prime Bishop letters from last week and this week or this week this month within this week sometime Music yeah one from last month the one from this month welcome back thank you welcome back to membershies thank you thank you wait how is Yakuza zero or seven spin off with more jrpg elements both are great places to start okay I think I have Yakuza zero let me check yeah oh yeah yeah I bought Yakuza zero a long time ago I think I can play that one what the hell is this Im looking at Yakuza it says Folger Ovid achieved an achievement thats called dot dot dot I did it for the achievement and it says the description is watch a sexy video food chain what is going on in this game what is this achievement that the game is showing me that you achieved um hello sexy video what is happening in this game I thought this was a game about fighting people and karaoke its important cotton 4K you did it for the plot I see I see its a game about life it has a ton of stuff going on oh my God I know I think that I shouldnt play Yakuza though I really dont think so because Yakuza Ive watched a little bit of the game before because so many other people have played it but like I dont think I should play Yakuza because it has so many things that you can do like you can karaoke you can play mahjong you can play UFO catcher you can go to the arcade and play actual games you can play like all of these things Im never gonna finish the game ever I cant play it Ill actually never finish the game you can go bowling I cant it theres so many things to do Music but kind of thats why you should play it if you only play The Story Youre playing it wrong Im literally literally stuck on playing the UFO catcher because if I remember correctly for the UFO catcher its not even like one one set of prizes like it changes throughout the game right I think its based on time like a Time base the prizes that are inside the machine actually change so like that means I have to keep going remote control car game what the hell is that oh no and theres Mahjong in the game gotta meet your husband true I do know kiru I know that guy too oh my God youre not used to take shogi class I used to play shogi a little bit I took like a shogi class before and I was so confused that I never went back really yeah I wanted to see what it was all about so I took a class before and then I was so confused that I left Laughter yeah I learned how to play shogi for a bit when I watched oh my god when I watched Rihanna and Zion play shogi I was like it was definitely something when they played oh man it was like a five hour game Music which anime inspired you um stop its not like its not like its not its not like its not its not like its not like gunky inspired me or anything okay shut the hell up everybody stop stop it stop stop being so right about everything why do you have to put me on blast I hate it here why do you know I hate it stop knowing things I have to set up the redirect to Anna Music stop knowing things I hate it I cant take it anymore Music um foreign oh no its gonna be so good why is my thumbnail not existent on YouTube okay hold on let me find the cover oh no its gonna be so good Music Music oh man oh no what does that mean or description this is one of my favorite vocally songs because it speaks my soul Laughter what does that mean what whats my soul mean Music exactly what it says well  __  Music This Song speaks my soul Music does she stutter absolutely not Im sorry Im sorry absolutely not youre right I cant believe I slept the whole day its okay whenever I see her next time Ill tell her happy birthday properly oh whenever I see her next and then Ill give her my gift I have a lot of gifts for her actually I bought her I bought her like a lot of stuff I bought her a lot of stuff last time I went to Japan too but I didnt give it to her last time because it didnt have well I bought her a lot of stuff last time too but I didnt have a lot of gifts for Nina and Rosa reset it and bring it I didnt bring it last time I saw her because I didnt want to give it to her in front of them and Id be like um here you go Anita rosary and Nina like three bottles of wine Music Im just waiting just waiting till next time its crazy how theres three of these birthdays in a row thats what happens when theres a thousand of us soon its gonna get to the point where everybody is gonna have the same birthday were all going to overlap with each other Music there is no escaping every day there will be a birthday soon Music almost were close still no one in October but you no I think foreign October now yeah October 29th miracle and me are now October Music August no one no somebody somebody has an August birthday right nobody had one before but now there is thank God finally yeah I think Koto oh no oh it is Koto yeah photo has oh very cool from zero to two thank God oh yeah theyre both in August Music it was coming up next month Music um a good question uh um whos born and whos in September Rosemary um I actually dont know I dont know when everyone is born I know Rosa means born in September though because her birthday is one month before mine thats thats thats the only birthday I remember Music sorry everybody I cant remember things my brain is too little the poem of Nana uh was born June 21. Pomo was born July 13 or 17 I cant remember if it was 13 or the 17. Music I should remember 12. no way oh my God youre right what the  __  12th oh I thats so easy to remember because banana is June 21 and Paul moon is July 12th and thats just the backwards of 21. were telling pobu no Uki is the 17th oh apologize to Paul moo Paulo Im sorry my brain is small and I am a goldfish memory and I cant remember anything and Im sorry and I love you Music I hope I hope she takes that apology Music we have to make it up to her Music divorce is coming but you sealed it sealed one my fate or weak to fairy types I am speaking fairy types I really gotta chain my Sylveon I have to play Metal Gear Solid to make it off oh I want to but um I have so many games Music so many games to play before I cant oh actually how long is Metal Gear Solid one is Metal Gear really long Music the franchises long each game is pretty Sharp first one is not that long Music depends on your skill thats also true I dont remember the last time I held a PS3 controller Music and try Rising a beer Rising thats the crazy one right foreign Music oh theyre all crazy I didnt know they were all crazy oh oh my God why did I wake up late I was gonna think Super Jazz today okay tomorrow I promise Im so late I was gonna like manage everything oh my God whyd I wake up late uh Minecraft tomorrow yeah Minecraft tomorrow super cats from yesterday and today tomorrow I will read from yesterday and today and tomorrow lay off the back seating they get crazy thats okay I love back seating because Im bad at games so I love when people tell me what to do and then I go okay One Piece manga glad to report that Im at the wano arc its amazing yay thank you for the Super Chat oh my God Im so happy you say uh oh okay Music not this type oh God okay so much content and people get really excited for you to see it I saw this Tick Tock today where somebody like you know the scene in um I think its the second Lord of the Rings when he kicks the thing and breaks his toes Music or the man like I dont remember his name what was his name the actor Music V vehicle yeah that guy I cant remember our corn there was like a tick tock where someone was like Im watching Lord of the Rings for the first time with my girlfriend and then like the scene when he kicks the thing and breaks his foot or his toes they like turn to their girlfriend like did you know that the actor when he kicked this he actually broke his toes and the scream that hes letting out here is because of the scream that hes in pain from breaking his toes and the girlfriend was like wow and people in the comments were like oh to live my dream of telling somebody this for the first time is this this is this like a thing is this a Lord of the Rings like thing people like every single comment in The Tick Tock was like oh my God you live my dream of being able to tell somebody this for the first time I cant like like this is this is this like metal gear because I remember when I was watching it I think Food Channel told me that and I was like wow that is that like comparable to Metal Gear people being like so this is actually Laughter absolutely oh my God Ill never forget when I play Xenoblade one in the chat its not bad over there and I was like whats going on Ill never forget most moments from playing Xenoblade 1 and everybody in the chat was just writing the lines and I was like what is going on right now Music winner Music is Annas covered is it two minutes or one minute oh I said during the one minute okay um um thanks guys for coming to todays stream its time to watch Annas and his cover premiere of coming up by Pinocchio P which is a song that so many people like link it I have it as the redirect so Ill send you there uh make sure to watch your character stream thats happening right after the cover because she worked really hard on it and Im really excited to see what she has planned and make sure to wish her a happy happy happy birthday because it is her birthday today super down for tomorrow thank you for the super chats thank you Ill see you tomorrow night for Minecraft left oh God I hope it doesnt crash and if it does  __  anyways but happy birthday and our happy birthday and our happy birthday and R oh my God I have to redirect now or else its not going to let me send you guys over there so wish and a happy happy birthday and watch your karaoke stream and um yes her cover is premiering Music foreign Music saw the game steam relaxing music and hopefully no frustration LOL-: ✧ :- 『Streamlabs Donations』 -: ✧ :- 『Tags』 ☀ General: #EliraPendora ☀ Artwork: #絵リーラ | #pendorART ☀ Live Tag: #PenCast ☀ Meme: #E1337RA ☀ Fan Name: FamElira ☀ Group Name: #LazuLight | #ラズライト 『My socials』 -: ✧ :- 『Rules』 ☀ Please be mindful. 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