How long steam clamsarts steam MELATONIN game oh what is going on everybody my name is Jacob Forster and welcome back to some more melatonin we are getting into our third night here getting some more dreams getting a stream of more interesting Concepts not necessarily material but more immaterial so Im curious what theyre gonna do to switch it up for us between just like e and the arrows maybe were finally gonna get a little bit of both oh what is this okay we got practice time as per usual in this dream pay attention to the sounds being made when clocks enter and exit the incoming portals hold down the action key oh thats right to pull back your bat when you hear the right cue release it to swing the timing Circle will guide you through that okay heres the metronome but I dont hear the clock yet wait what oh this is oh no this is not gonna go well Music weird foreign so so I How Will I Know which ones are gonna go into a portal and which ones wont this is what Im like most confused about yeah like what how am I supposed to know that without like visual cues what okay well at least Im doing it weird very weird okay well well go into score mode this ones this is gonna be a little tricky this is gonna be a little tricky isnt it oh boy I like the little guy though come on okay okay see this is where the portal its gonna be very confusing Music this is awful this is awful Music what okay two Music okay oh my gosh oh my gosh Music foreign Music this ones so weird Music oh gosh this one this one is taking a lot of effort out of me Music yeah that was bad lets try that one again I think I get it a lot more now okay its got a really paid attention foreign really sucks I just really have to keep Tempo doing with my right hand Music okay oh oh crap Music Music there we go I love the visuals on this though foreign oh my gosh come on Music come on come on Music Music all right decent but we have to do it again to get the two stars oh my gosh it really just tripsy trips they have so much with the portal because then sometimes it doesnt portal the portal I dont know this ones very hard to explain without physically like without physically like doing it cool Music okay so it comes out of a blue portal from what I can tell when I need to start holding the button Music and I think thats really going to help out really Music foreign Music wow wow wow okay I I may as well just restart this one oh my gosh unless I just keep perfecting every single one of these foreign Music Music Music Music that ones that ones actually pretty difficult to to get the two stars on is this one really trips me up well keep at it though well keep at it because Ive got hope oops sorry my volume mixer all right ready for your clocks come on Music Music okay foreign Im putting a lot of focus in Music Music foreign Music come on Music dang it foreign Music Music Music oh I barely got to the two stars I barely got to it oh I barely got to that okay all right lets see what hard mode is like now quite a different Tempo change already shouldnt be too bad wow oops Music Music huh gosh dang it oops Music foreign gosh gosh Music foreign Ill take it Ill take it Ill take just a decent one lets go off to the next one wow yeah that ones that ones a little tricky but I mean at least I got it in the end got the two stars so lets go move over to mind see what this practice is gonna be about the stream requires you to react on every beat to pay close attention to the rhythm of the music theres also a cue to let you know when to react to the offbeat okay were gonna get hypnotized Music Music okay Music I feel like this is pretty straightforward Music unless its gonna just have me start doing like Music hopefully nobody actually gets hypnotized during this Music see what I think what I really need for this game to work properly because Im using a mouse and keyboard or purely just keyboard for this I need a keyboard that has like no distance to push down the keys I have a big mechanical keyboard and it takes quite a bit so I think thats why sometimes its late or early because Im by the time it actually like switches oh Music you know here lets lets just lets just restart this one because I just didnt realize Music okay okay its working foreign were doing it this one is very easy comparatively Music oops Music all right Im Music okay I didnt think it was gonna speed up Music oh dont close the eyes please Music oh this is tricky Music hey were doing it though take it Music come on Music foreign Music initially I thought this was gonna be very simple and very easy but they they did a really really good job Music of switching it up enough switching it up enough to where it really does kind of up it quite a bit so I mean we got through it totally fine compared to a lot of the other ones but lets go for Hard Mode Music I really just have to like Music keep on head bobbing throughout this entire thing Music Im waiting for it yeah there it is foreign Music dont do this to me dont do this to me were still getting perfect Music foreign Music come on Music foreign Music thank you thank you for the Slowdown seeing the word perfect over and over again just makes it feel like its not a real world word anymore perfect okay well at least I got two two rings on that one two stars two rings close enough not bad not too bad that was that was just like a really weird kind of like grooving with it having to just kind of get get on through in a very bizarre way a little smiley face worlds face of course we have to do practice every single time wheres the practice gonna get for us oh I like I like this I like this so far in the Stream youll be given three patterns to determine how long your ship will need to charge up before schlift off hold down the action key to charge up and release it to launch okay so what am I gonna foreign though Music Music Music got it okay interesting Music yeah it was definitely late Music foreign Music Music two and three and four and one and two and three and four so you release it on the four so thats weird thats weird okay that ones gonna trip me up not being able to know it but were gonna do our best were gonna do our best Music sun in the Moon where are we going I wonder two three four one two three four one two three four one two three four got it oh oh gosh Music foreign Music what what uh okay what is going on on this one two three four oh lets see that one was early Music now theres no way theres no way theres no way all right Im sorry Im sorry I have to do it for this one I need a visual assist on this starting this one over too were starting this one over that was rough that sure was rough Im gonna put my phone down come on phone charge up two three Music one four okay Music yeah without especially its especially without the computer Music thats gonna be I mean its possible its very easy but when youre all ready having a little bit of difficulty with the patterns and then suddenly youre just a hundred percent blind and you have to go fully off of audio cues thats that was a bit much that was a bit much Im not gonna lie foreign Music two three four one two three four thats a little early two three four one two three four oh too early foreign Music its all I need to do to get to Hard Mode which I dont know if I actually need a hard mode for any of these oh wait hold on let me uh since Im done with this one Ill go ahead and turn off the visual assist because hard mode doesnt really matter because I dont know what the the the Rings are even for okay three four one two three and oh sorry two three four one and two Music foreign Music Music two three four one two three four one two three four three four three four one two three four two three one two three one two three one two two three four hold two three let go on four thats how it works okay okay okay so that makes a lot more sense I was able to get through hard mode on decent uh I probably could have if I did that a couple more times on normal mode without the assistance I probably could have gotten the two stars but thats fine Im Im good with what I got there Im good with what Ive got so lets see moving up into look at all nature very curious what theyre gonna do for this one Im not sure if Im a fan of the holding down oh what is this the stream only has two patterns to learn to differentiate them pay attention to how many sound cues you hear and when they are presented to you tap the action key to water sprouts hold it down to soak them oh okay Music what do I do Im sorry what it was Music Music trying to get trying to figure out the sound cue Music huh sure Ill try that I was trying to see if if I could just figure it out based on the little symbol Music foreign Music that ones weird Music okay okay I think I get it I think I get it its a different one crap this is rough Music this music Music wings too much it makes it a little bit more difficult Music I failed this one lets go ahead and restart it with this knowledge that I have this yeah this ones weird Music okay we got it though Music got it Music Music gosh dang it this is rough Music Music okay come on come on this is rough Music foreign Music getting it a little bit better now Music oh we were so close to two stars it was so close dang it okay well get it well get it well get it come on come on I feel like especially the ones where theres a lot of lulls like this theres nothing going on Music Music okay okay its fine I dont like the triple Music those ones are great didnt feel very late on that one Music dang it Music see now Im just like totally screwing it up or at least going late and early Music oh that was worse than the first one or the last one I just did oh man come on come on we got this I will get through this okay Music Music foreign Music foreign Music Music that was definitely early Music okay okay nice Music two stars we got it Music okay okay lets go to hard mode and just finish this thing I dont care if I just completely fail it I just want to get that ring Music oh its not even giving me anything foreign Music Laughter no visual cues Im out all right lets go to the title a little Whirlpool over here lets just get on lets just get on with it go into the Super mode getting through all the oh my gosh foreign Music okay Music what okay Music thank you I hate those ones Music two three four hold hold hold let go there we go Music Music okay thats nice foreign Music is just it really does save me in these points okay Music thank you two three four hold two three four I hate this I hate this Music Music okay lets try that again that was pretty bad that was pretty bad all right lets try it again foreign Music Music two three and four and one and two and three and four got it got it what Music foreign Music what so upset two three and four and one two three and four Music Music okay Music gosh dang it Music Im like getting frustrated with this okay Music were almost at two stars two four hold two three and four oh so close were so close come on give it to me laughs Music okay oh eyeball and baseball are the easy ones Music this technically should be an easy one Music but for some reason it just really gets me on some of those Music two three and four hold two three let go Music late Music two one two three okay understanding that one a bit more Music okay nice boom Music thats it no three four hold two three let go too late I dont know about that one got it Music all right two stars perfect too early three and four hold two three let go Im sorry someone got late okay hard mode this is where its fun because the score doesnt matter for me Music oh oh no oh no Music Music no this is dumb Music Im gonna do my best though Music three and four hold two three and four Music Music Laughter Music oh this is rough foreign Music Music hold two three let go Music boom boom boom boom two three four hold two three let go ah decent thats it Im done Im out of here man achievement unlocked meditation my goodness oh hello who goes there night number four got some TV infomercials going this is great their hair is just so messed up no going into sleepy dreamy mode oh no dreaming about stress desires the past and the future oh interesting very very interesting okay well well go ahead and leave this one obviously for the next episode so thank you all so much for coming here oh those Monster energy drinks the white can was that the sugar-free version I wonder what the uh this dude is slamming these drinks hes got his Five Hour Energy little bottles on next to him right here hes got the whatever the lightning bolt Im assuming thats supposed to be like Red Bull obviously this is obviously monster its very close to being monster but its not monster and uh thats thats pretty much I mean at least hes got his water bottle its probably just full of P something I dont know but anyway this has been great having a lot of fun with this thank you all so so much for watching if you enjoyed 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