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Artichoke steam or boilforza horizon 4 save game location steam MELATONIN game foreign Music thank you Music foreign Music foreign Music thank you foreign Music how are you today liquid bacon thank you for becoming a sheepy head thank you and uh Ralph Latif thank you for being a sheepy head for five minutes hi Lisa hello how are you guys today how was your day so far Music hmm I have a very strange message weird Behavior today OMG is that the one and only yeah it is Music and then uh Luca thank you for being HBO for four months quite three people were making a third thats good doing small errands how are you um Im doing about as good as I possibly can right now uh Im upset but Im happy when watching your shoes thats really sweet thank you thank you for coming to stream Im glad I can make you feel better Im recovering from going to amusement park yesterday also sounds so nice Music for three months and then so thank you for being a sheepad for 14 months on dang its green time lets get comfy yeah this game is called melatonin so I wonder if its gonna make me it might 30 day off so chilled oh day off so get chilled and gave made spaghetti for dinner chili on the internet the usual I see getting over whatever had me sick excuse me thats good excuse me I got some pretty bad news but theres a silver lining lining in it things are bad but theyre improving I totally understand that totally understand that exhausted then woke up getting ready for a meeting then saw the Sheep streaming Im like looking forward to catching the full spot later no worries thanks for stopping by and Ill go thank you for being HTTP head for 14 months well heck 14 months the salad to Gold the soup uh Baby Belt it was a baby Bell it was a baby fell it was it was hi Lisa sorry its been why are you apologizing its okay but sick but vibing at the moment I hope you feel better Music um what can I say about my day uh I guess um oh I guess uh uh to anybody who doesnt use uh got some pretty pretty uh rough news yesterday that uh a uh family friend very close to my family it was in the hospital and they were diagnosed with cancer so uh I was pretty um devastated Im still pretty devastated uh uh its a rough time its like my moms best friend so shes pretty inconsolable um Ive been having to like take care of my family a lot so I havent really like uh I dont think Ive really processed how I feel yet cause Ive been having to take care of everybody else um but it doesnt feel very good I dont feel very good so uh just gonna um do my best to like uh have a good day anyways Music um yeah dont know thats how Id hope that uh she is like how do I explain I want her to successfully beat it but they say that its like a 50 50 because shes sort of like my grandma but like um shes old shes old excuse me they dont really have the immune system for it but well see well see you hopefully Im really really rooting for her shes like uh shes like I could say shes like a grandma to me because she is so yeah um really really hoping that she uh beats it but um I was not gonna stream uh you know to like take care of my family Music um but then then  __  happen  __  happened and and they want me to stream so uh so Im gonna stream on the Stream will always be on your side Lisa thank you I appreciate it uh I pray shell do fine thank you I really do appreciate that thank you yeah please keep her in your thoughts she is not granny sheep but she is like uh sort of shes like family not by Blood doesnt make sense like she is like a long time family friend but shes like a grandma to me yes uh yeah I dont thank you for being HTTP for 11 months hi cheeky Fuji Lisa hi everything for you and your people from the bottom of my heart thank you that means a lot to me really does yeah uh she is very shes very strong so I think Im Im rooting for her too anyway I dont want to make it sad so Im not going to hero thank you for the nightmare if youll stay strong Lisa please dont forget about taking care of yourself while taking care of your family on the side now the black rubber baby found you talked about yesterday is white cheddar is it oh my God I didnt know that I was just like I got it from the grocery store once because I didnt have the normal one and then I was like oh this is pretty good its kind of bitter kind of bitter yeah this is my oh my God this is a rougher stream to come into I am Lisa I promise its usually not this depressing here I promise this is my first stream and I am sad to hear this is happening but whatever happens Ill be from the bus thank you thank you I promise you its not that bad usually its not that bad usually I put in prayers when I can Ive seen people have to fight that battle Yeah its a tough one but uh shes got lots of love and uh lots of care and were all like doing our best to pray for her and you know she is like shes like got as much support as we could possibly give her so yeah but I was told not to um dwell on it which is like so mean because I was told I was told to just like go about business as usual and I was like how can I do that when youre like this shes like I dont want you to be sad for me and I was like Music oh my God you sound just like Music just like we get along shes like I dont I dont want you to be sad for me like stop stop being a baby like Ill be fine I was like how can you  __  say that oh my God I know I know as a first time beer I totally thought all of your stream started with a tragedy oh imagine imagine uh at least I need some hugs I feel so uh yeah I could use a hug Ena for watching you I know its so its so real shes so ah she bothers me sometimes she bothers me sometimes but its okay shes a little silly shes a little silly gal but uh its okay she told me to stream so Im going to I will do as told so that is that Music yeah shes like shes not well I guess she could be sheep yeah shes like she not part of sheep fan but like a part of the flock for sure yes I mean dying after beating the thing from Dragons Dogma was a tragedy you know what youre very much right God I still think about that honorary sheep fam yeah yeah shes been with my family for a really long time yeah sheeps sister from another sheep Mama yeah yeah yeah shes granny go she is the goat so yeah please keep her in your thoughts please pray for her if you can it really would mean a lot to me because I care very much about her so yeah anyway uh were going to play melatonin today it is like a rhythm game kind of like Rhythm doctor from my understanding I played the little practice level uh its fun so far its very pretty its very like I dont know its like chill chill looking I dont know its like uh its like uh the intro sequence was like guy on this couch and then he goes and then oh excuse me oh my God that was like high pitch frequency uh anyway uh it was like uh I dont know like guy falls asleep on this couch and then all of the levels of the of the game are like his dreams or whatever so thats kind of cool I like that um let me get it set up though uh hold on why am I so big its fine you can see right it says melatonin I dont know why Im so big let me make myself smaller why am I so freaking huge there we go is chat size okay does it look fine can you see yours can you see yourselves look good oh my gosh everything is like the same color palette this is crazy crazy good for me yeah yeah yeah okay epic all right lets get into it its time for the Melatonin uh continue so I did play the practice Yeah so look the guy is like hes like asleep on his couch and then look so each level is like his his like dreams or whatever but Im just gonna start from the bottom one because you know were gonna start from the beginning uh I did do a practice level Im gonna do it again its like you for real yeah yeah its actually your exact you right right Im gonna do the practice again because this one is kind of confusing look he hes flying hes eating the pizza this dream has three patterns to react to make sure youre familiar with Holly sound okay oh my god oh two of each oh my gosh too early too late you know what its fine its fine its fine two of each is fine hard mode Hardwood God Music and its flying foreign Lisa are you having a better day today I am doing my absolute bestest Im doing my absolute bestest that was hot okay I wanna try the other I want to try the other map lets see Music lets see Music thats my car yeah my car that I drive and that is my loads of money and that is all of my bags oh stacks on stacks okay in this dream items will be dropped to the specific part okay cool foreign Music okay its fine um Music theres so many good ships Music why is it late Music one two three one two Music  __  Music hold on wait Applause I love to shop all the time look at my silly purchases yeah Music also done oh Music yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah how are all of these wait I swear Music oh what the  __  Music how was he late I was literally on time I was literally on time hi Anton welcome in hello were playing melatonin Im going hard mode Im throwing myself in the deep end Im throwing myself in the deep end oh Music I dont want to shop anymore Music Applause Music thank you Music okay thank you Music okay okay Music oh my God Music Im dead Im dead what is this  __  what is this  __   __  score and no we run it back we run it back we run it back we run it back Music oh my God Music oh Music Applause Music Music foreign Music oh my God Music better better I need to calibrate theres no way I have to calibrate I cant do this Music every time it says Im late theres no way theres no way let me calibrate let me calibrate would it be gameplay  __  no where is it no oh its right there what send me back title screen send me back send me back I dont care Im not half asleep Im awake I gotta win oh yeah oh yeah setting  __  Music Music why do they do it like this Music okay send me back to the title screen once again Music thank you why is it so far apart what whatever there we go foreign one OBS OBS kill OBS kill Music okay send me back in I wanna go shopping again send me back and I wanna go shopping again okay I like to shop why am I so late Music okay good good good good Music sneakers perfume Music yeah yeah Applause one two three I love that way the shopping makes me feel today chopping is so very fun yeah Music Music oh my bad okay this is better this is better now we can do hard mode now we can do hard mode Music perfect Music boom Music no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no I love to go to the store its really fun yeah find myself a person with my tax return yeah foreign Music okay epic we win so many perfects okay dream about tech is this you guys this is me too I dont have an Apple Watch though but I got the switch controller go ahead and thank you for the soup chat smile dream about tech Music dude all of them make the noise too Music Music thank you Music practice practice oh my God in this dream shoot incoming enemies 1B after they appear enemies on the bottom row will be harder to hit since they appear on offbeats excuse me Music oh my God Im just like classy FPS FPS God Im playing Apex on my computer yeah yeah yeah play an apex but thats aliens and not other people Music I love being a gamer oh foreign Music ER okay gamer gamer gamer Music gamer gamer Music thank you Music oh alert why are you trying to detox me Im just trying to beat your butt in the game cause Im so good yeah Music foreign Music ER yeah oh no Im so toxic cause I am a gamer Music I cant laugh I cant laugh Im a gamer Im the only serious Im only serious I lost it at the end I was laughing oh my God hero thank you for the soup chat she probably would be in shamples if you saw the skill I know right now Gamers never laugh hold on I got to put on the shade or not the shades the the glasses because I stare at my computer so much that I have eye strain now hard mode because Im a gamer oh I got a shrimp I got this shrimp okay Im ready to shrimp gamer gamer gamer how am I late this is  __  up Music gamer gamer gamer I shoot you gamer gamer gamer fortnite gamer gamer gamer Apex Legends gamer camera Minecraft games Music gamer Music honestly this one goes pretty hard Music Im so good at this one because Im a gamer Music not bad not bad I have some blue light stuff to add on to my prescription lenses I dont think they actually do anything I know put me in the kitchen Ill cook let her cook sorry I bumped my mic let her let her cook look at the gamer score I know I only missed six six because what Im doing it again yeah MLG Lisa on the B yeah its me MLG Lisa on the beat I go no school from your ass  __  dog water Music Music I cant play this game Music  __  Im sorry Im sorry okay go back go back yeah Im a gamer I like to play the games I play lots of OverWatch because Im so mean and I like to make people feel bad yeah you suck so bad you should uninstall this game cause you suck just kidding MLG Lisa on the beat yeah you know that its me thank you Music oh my gosh wow oh kitchen off she barely says I was I was Id say that was pretty good honestly Music I was pretty I went pretty hard with that one lets do this Im dreaming about follower oh my God is this the sheeple song lets see lets see lets see what is this in this dream youll be jumping from platform to platform oh God after landing to jump on the wait what dont just jump as soon as you touch the platform wait what the phone vibration will act as cues what Music Twitter YouTube Reddit YouTube Reddit foreign ER tweet not bad Music okay I made a hit tweet tweet today thats all I did today Music it was kind of funny Music so it wasnt my finger tweet I know okay not bad not bad I only missed a couple I think I could do score mode all right all right oh yeah I like to go on Twitter in the morning when I do my daily routine cause its fun for me yeah we go on the social media every day cause Im a YouTuber I dont know what else to say Music and I like to talk to the Sheep because theyre my people evil evil evil Music oh my God yeah cause its fun to me going on my phone in the morning I go on my phone in the morning when I wake up 4 AM what rhymes with people I dont I dont know people Music oh Music that was not bad that was not bad would you sing in high voice like that its very Carlys what the heck what the heck come on you guys didnt like the song about my Banger Tweed you guys didnt like this what about my finger Tweed you guys like my finger tweets for foreign wait 45 billion thats what it was yeah I know my tweet was actually so banger very banger it was a decent tweet the tea was made yeah red wait why cant I do I have to do it again you did okay but something was off my tweet did not slap I gotta go back into the kitchen put me back put me back Music okay new try I going on Twitter to make a new finger tweet so I can go hard mode its hard to be a YouTuber cause you have to be all the time and about money not all the time only funny sometimes thats why I cant rhyme another rapper mother try  __  Music whos a YouTuber better rapper gotta take notes from Miss Mori Music V to burn foreign Music Music wait what put me back in put me back in coach God my tweets are not hitting no everybody said Im a flop this is my flop era I was rational Music okay Music coach said youre done dont know please I need a banker tweet so I can pop off please please please Im trying to seem really cool on the internet for all you people please please Music yeah one two three oh Music being a tweet finger tweet  __  Music okay Music okay Music I think I got it this time yes my Tweed my tweet popped off oh my tree popped off all I said was hi Colin three and it got a million likes coach apologizes you didnt W plus not ratio yes yeah yeah lots of rapping in the background as I clean my I know Im such a good rapper I mean this is SoundCloud rapper Lisa Arc SoundCloud wait hold on Im gonna tweet right now and see if it pops off Ill say  __  Ill say hi colon three C  __  C okay Banger tweet posted well check in on it later hard mode hard mode now time time for Hard Mode oh gosh the people are expecting more content what do I do yeah its doomed but Im so cool Lisa is the coolest yeah Music oh my God Music Im focused Music thank you Music foreign Music Applause Music Applause look at that 101 perfect because Im so good zero Miss I know I know uh David thank you for the soup chat this Super Chat is in support of rap challenge she brought you by how do you see that youre the best as high quality asbestos what anyway anime thank you for being HTTP for three months hello hello I know Im gonna be uh what is it called Im gonna be like a data anal uh social media manager I love I love social media social media no send me back Im still on night one start oh wait I have to do it wait what wheres night two how do I get to night two oh oh I can go now I can go now I beat all of them okay okay send me send me Music is he awake what oh my God Music oh God Music oh my God yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ouch Music one two three four Music wow wow wow wow wow yeah yeah are you guys dreams like this I think that would be uncomfortable if it was this fast pace yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Music this makes me anxious yeah cause its so fast look air oh my God oh my God nightmare hard mode holy  __  okay Im ready Im ready I can do it I can do it I can do it yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah um yeah Music Donna Music Music oh my Music God thank you oh okay Music Music okay okay not that bad can I go into the next night oh I beat it okay shes away oh good night too shes on the laptop his room is kind of messy chai I think I hear Ty squeaking outside my door Music dreams about exercise okay lets go Im ready to go to the  __  oh thats why Tys under my desk in this dream pay attention to the patterns and repeat them back play through the entire practice to get a hang of the harder and then okay Music we go gym we go gym yeah yeah arrow keys right Music at the same time Music curls for the girls Music Music Music oh not bad tight please Music stop stop hold on hold on Ill be back give me one second one second one second Music oh my goodness gracious okay Brandon thank you for being HTTP head for five months defeat her child no no okay this is only arrow keys I should have done was fine its fine Music wait can I change it holds headings okay do it right now uh settings keyboard cool okay Music okay ha Music o  __  up Music Im so strong Music oh my God Music but also done Music Im so boss Music I Live Strong oh not bad this is really good this is very good first try first try not bad at all not bad at all I did pretty darn good honestly getting those gains Im so strong you guys want to see my sets you guys wanna you guys wanna spot me for my sets you guys want to spot me for my sets Im gonna go so its its uh I dont even know how you its uh I dont know Jim Ringo I dont know Jim lingo how much you bench 500 pounds I can bench a whole car Music YouTube Music how much is a card weigh yeah yeah yeah Music thank you for the soup chat  __  yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Music yeah yeah  __  I did it Opposite Music yeah yeah yeah three three thousand pounds hi okay I cant do that Music dont dont Music bad uh let me scroll up hold on hold on thank you so much here for the soup chat Id like to buy two tickets to the gun show please no worries I got you I got you easy okay we beat it we got our gains now he fell asleep with this it looks like a book dream about work oh God Im ready I dont wanna who dreams about work oh this is  __  up this dream has three different down Keys youll want to be familiar with okay what what oh my God Im in a cubicle Im in a cubicle what Music what oh printer printer printer okay foreign okay the message one is a and then the other one the call is D or maybe its opposite hold on well figure it out well figure it out okay okay okay oh Music this ones complicated Music oops Music Music thank you Music not bad oh look I messed up Im bad at work never mind I did it oh well Lisa I know oh Elisa oh El Lisa nightmare defeated I did defeat it but not hard mode I gotta Play Hard Mode okay lets see oh look Applause work  __  uh uh uh I cant keep up for dirt Music oh this is hard oh my God oh my God this is hard  __  Music oh my God Music Music thank you Music oh my God theyre gonna fire me theyre gonna fire me theyre gonna fire me theyre gonna fire me theyre gonna fiery I thought it was gonna be comfy I thought it was gonna be comfy because its like its like melatonin you know like me you know like like its sleevies its like good dreams not nightmares oh my god do you remember about money in the good way or in the bad way okay in this dream simply catch coins on beat watch out for lightning though it will make it a big tricky Music Music and it is Music oh my God Music thank you for becoming a sheepy head okay Music stressful I dont want to get hit by lightning Music I dont really like it but its okay Music cause Im not Music um theyre flying oh my God theres lightning everywhere I Dont Wanna Die oh my God Applause oh my God I hate the lightning oh God its gonna speed up oh no no oh no oh no oh my God the storm is approaching faster faster faster faster anymore Music oh my God I hate it I hate it I hate the lightning uh Scout thank you for gifting a membership thank you oh God hard mode Music yeah yeah yeah Im still afraid of the coins theyre gonna hit me at the Heather really big coin then Im scared theres also a storm behind me Im a little spooked cause its rainy outside and I dont want to burn to a crisp oh my God oh my God Music oh my God its rainy today its rainy today dont know why Im outside in the rain but I am Music oh my God oh my God Music ah now its slower I can finally settle down but I still are afraid of the lightning cause I dont wanna get free to a crisp ouch ouch Music ouch ouch Music oh my God amazing Id be outside too if money kept raining down I guess so yeah uh Brandon thank you for this yeah oh yeah I already said get in that coin get in that coin uh I did pretty good I didnt really give it that one I did pretty good not too bad not too bad the whilst is helping the worst is helping okay lets go oh my God were gonna fall in love were gonna fall in love this dream only has one pattern to learn but try to pay attention to the notes being used as theyll theyll determine what direction youll be swiping what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what ah no no no Music uh how what is the pattern ah oh hey hey why is it poop emoji hey this is hard Music hey thats  __  hard okay Music okay okay Music okay shes looking for love I guess I dont know Music I dont know what I can say I hope this guy finds his bae oh okay I understand oh  __  yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Music yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh my God Music what Music foreign Music God damn okay Music oh my God its fast Music this guy is on his phone Music someone to hold I guess  __  Music I guess okay I hate when it tilts down like that Music Im listening to the audio cues Im sorry Music holy  __  laughs okay I got it God that was  __  difficult Im never playing that level again that was  __  that was so  __  hard it was so hard for no damn reason you know what maybe maybe its oh wait I have to do it all over again I  __  forgot good beat though thank yeah yeah oh Music Music please please please Music Im so stressful Music oh my God Music thank you Music oh my God Music foreign Music are you  __  kidding me its so hard okay okay I have to focus I have to focus so hard I have to focus so hard its not fair okay okay okay okay okay okay yeah yeah yeah yeah Music I catch the money catch the mommy remix Music Music duh Music oh Music ah up up Music oh I got it I just barely beat it I just barely barely barely beat it its fine we went still we win we win we get those we get those he wait wake up wake up can you go again we like the song Im already at night three oh hes meditating wait what happened to his house hes like suddenly shes called like like a airplane diffuser where did all of his like stuff go is cleaning time time space nature okay Ill do time first hair fryer he said I dont need a computer to make me I dont need a computer to make me happy anymore in this dream pay attention to the sounds being made when clocks enter and exit incoming portals okay these Crystal yoga mom face oh my God oh oh  __  I mess up Music I understand I understand Music okay I understand Music I get it they take me out foreign Music Music Music Music I cant do it I can do it this shouldnt be that hard Music yeah yeah oops  __  they psyched me okay they didnt take me that time foreign Music Music Music thank you oh my freaking God this is hard I hate these stupid portals oh my God  __  you Music do Music Music its okay restart restart send me back in I can do it again Im a baseball pro Im a baseball pro I could do it I could do it for sure its possible its possible no its possible and I win I am one with the music Music I am a baseball pro I am a baseball pro I hit the clock with my bat hit the clock  __  thank you pew pew Music Music Applause Music oops Music oh  __  Music Music foreign Music Music its so hard its so hard I dozed off for a bit listening to the music and Lisa how could you do that how could you do that right now Im literally screaming every time I was screaming every time Music how how tell me Music screams are comforting oh my God this isnt Lisa it no Music down Music okay Music  __  Music okay not bad I dont want to jinx it Music foreign Music Music okay okay I got it that time it just took me like focusing like focusing focusing but I got it but I got it and thats what matters and now we go hard mode now we go hard mode I did it we go hard mode we go hard mode is it harder than Pekka level from Friday no oh two two Music Music oh Music thank you Music oops Music Music okay not bad uh thank you so much pray for the raid hello welcome in Raiders thank you so much how was your stream I hope it was a good one hope it was a good Street uh were playing melatonin Im super freaking focused Im super Im so so so so so focused I Wanna Get It if you need time to relax after stream please feel free thank you for stopping by thank you thank you this dream requires you to react on Every Beat pay close attention to the rhythms of music theres also a cue to let you know and to react offbeat what oh my God Im getting hypnotized Music foreign Music this is messing with my brain Music ah Music is it done okay ah Im not gonna say your name but thank you so much for the soup chat fluffy she focusing how I am focusing hard I am focusing hard I might put myself to sleep with this Music Music I am hypnotizing you I am hypnotizing you Music foreign Music Music oh my God this is messing with my brain please this is messing with my brain Im so sleepy Im so sleepy Music oh my God I messed up is messing with my brain I cant focus this is messing with my brain please this is really stressful oh my goodness huh fast fast fast Music foreign Music Applause Music oh I got it I win wow I think this is the best that Ive done so far I think this is the best that I have done so far Kinda Crazy kinda crazy I know okay now for Hard Mode lets try it oh I cracked my neck Music I am so oh wait I gotta start over boom fun boom boom boom getting very sleepy trying to get the best sleep Music hypnotizing me playing games on stream trying to get the best sleep Music  __  Music oh my God Music oh oh oh Music foreign Music foreign Music good I did really good Dang Dang Dang Dang I did it really good that was kind of sick Music okay lets do uh lets do space actually Im gonna take a quick water break and then Ill come back for space and nature okay give me like two seconds I will uh Ill leave the music for you okay be right back Music Music thank you Music foreign Music Music foreign Music foreign Music Music thank you Music foreign Music foreign Music Music thank you hi okay Im coming back oh I got up and I walked a little bit I walked around my kitchen and then now Im good uh wheres the full screen there it is Music space time there you go my back was hurting me so I was like okay its time to take a walk short walk okay in this dream youll be given three patterns to determine how long your ship will need to charge up before liftoff what you get for snack um I got a little bite of banana and some crackers Music Music oh  __  foreign Music Music Music thank you Music  __  I was like okay we can do it were gonna eat people off to space we are in NASA Music space going off to space foreign Music Music Music one two three Music Music slow one Music down oh Music thumbs up Music Music what put me back in call me back in thats messed up laughs yeah I have lots of space knowledge they NASA hired me to be the the person who makes the rocket ship God Music Music Music I made it explode oh my God I want two three Music one two three Music go Wing to the moon today Music Music thank you Music Music foreign what but I only missed two let me in let me in let me in what did the rocket ship explode is that why are we in Music let me go in I wanna go to the next level right now please fight now one two three one Music two three Music three two going to the Moon foreign Music Music laughs Music Music Im gonna go to the next level cause I hit the two I hit two stars Music third times a charm Music oh should I do Im gonna do hard mode Im gonna do hard mode I always do hard mode okay one two three yeah yeah Music Music foreign Music thank you give me Music yeah yeah yeah I didnt miss any okay heck yeah all right we have one more and then we beat I dont know how many nights are there chapters two more Ill probably finish the last two nights next time lets do nature though before I end off stream I dont want to play it all in one sitting I wanna save it again Im Gonna Save it again this dream only has two patterns to learn to differentiate then pay attention to how many sound cues you hear and when they are presented to you okay I love nature and gardening Music Im feeding my plants water Music water water Music Music excuse me lets go hows this felt like melatonin for you its kind of comfy even though its stressful Music big and strong  __  Music Applause dont dont Music gotta feed my plants foreign Music Music cause I want my plans to be big and strong big and strong Music maybe strawberry plant or maybe its the lettuce Music oh no I messed up its so hard lets try again Music uh in my garden Music in my garden Music Applause Music I dont actually like lettuce no I like spinach though spinach plant Spanish plants please please please Music I feed you water like every day ah Music I got it I do like spinach okay okay Music oh my freaking frick start over I forgot I have my glasses on Music how am I supposed to do this Music This is complicated Music thank you aha Music Music oh my god oh Slow Down slow down Music  __  Music thank you that was hard I dont want to do that one again it was freaking hard okay I have to do the ending song let me what the there we go I was like why cant I move okay put me in Im ready to finish the night oh God I forgot about this one Music Music thank you I think this is my favorite songs oh  __  so far Music yeah this is my favorite Music oh no Music no no no Music no no bomb s Music Music Music dont die thank you yeah yeah off to the Moon I did it oh first try first try I want to do hard Im gonna do hard though Im gonna do hard I want to do hard Music dont know Music Music thank you Donna Music dont do one Music no no no no Music dont dont Music know Music oh no thank you Music yeah yeah yeah I did good that was pretty good we did good yay oh good morning were gonna do night four and night five next time okay oh my God whats wrong with him his plans died oh my God his plants died okay dreams oh no poor guy see what it is oh dreams about desires oh got your game stress is this future oh get me out get me out get me again anyway get me out anyway thanks guys for playing melatonin with me its a fun game I like it quite a bit its not comfy at all I was tricked I was extremely tricked I was very very very very tricked but its okay it was a good time we were all lied to I know right I was like oh yeah melatonin its gonna be like comfy rhythm game like its gonna be so EP its gonna be so sleeper all good you know very very nice but no no its too real too real no e big I know no eating at all there was one time where we were just a little bit comfortable other than that definitely not no comfy whatsoever they messed us up thanks Lisa thank you guys for coming I appreciate it hold on Im gonna go over to this chatting let me close my game yeah thank you guys so much for hanging out with me um you know its a hard day today so I appreciate the support uh yeah Ill see you uh tomorrow tomorrow uh what are we doing tomorrow oh I dont know what were doing tomorrow its Lisa day tomorrow so I guess its whatever I decide that I want to do uh tomorrow I kind of just left open for whatever and then uh Friday is gonna be like work day reminder so yeah get some work that you can get done Music glad to see you guys too thank you for hanging out with me copy spot maybe I look like taffy spawned quite some time its nice to be able to smile even though its a hard day but Im glad thanks for making me smile yeah yeah yeah I appreciate it I gotta feed the tie Music excuse me let this be a comfy week it will be a comfy week it will be a comfy week thanks for making us smile too oh its no problem makes me happy that I can make you guys smile yeah anyway anyway Im gonna go but thank you guys for hanging out with me I appreciate it it means a lot to me uh Ill see you tomorrow hopefully question mark its okay if not but it would be cool if you can make it uh lets see Ill see you later hold on oh Scott thank you for the soup chat decompress uh before bed or suffer residuals and sleep what uh okay I will do that I will do just that I dont know what I will do to decompress but I will so that I am not I am not a stressed sheepy before I go to bed no melatonin no melatonin levels in my dreams I promise all right okay guys Ill see you later good night good evening thank you Music thank you Music thank you Music Music Music steam partner If you notice you are enjoying my content, please feel free to leave a tip!They are not required but greatly appreciated :3 Join the TsunDream Discord! 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