Superliminal (FULL GAME)

How to get older versions of games on steamsteam games for 10 MELATONIN gameplay hi my name is markiplier and ive got a question for you have you ever done that thing where youre looking out your window and you see someone walking down the street and you take your hand and you go to squeeze their head and pop it like a grape what if that actually happened thats pretty much this game dont let anyone tell you otherwise that is exactly what this game is also that happens if you click that ooh interesting so this is a jazzy intro real somber real quiet nice but the game as i perfectly described is exactly what i said photosensitive seizure warning theres flashing lights in this game are you filled with feelings of self-doubt no do you find yourself prone to minimizing massive dilemmas never over allowing the smallest problems to get blown completely out of proportion no way at the pierce institute our patent-pending sumner scope technology provides safe and effective dream therapy while you rest in the comfort of our flagship clinic located right next to the secondary overflow parking lot at the university medical center summer skulls will make your dreams come true Music this sounds terrifying if i didnt know any better id say this is a horror game but i you know honestly now i cant be sure that its not im pretty sure its not but then i did say a lot of things about popping the peoples heads left right all right hey hows it going here so youre about to see what the deal is about this in just a second oh i didnt mean to sign that and also it looks like i signed it in blood i was gonna read it interesting fascinating the way that door wasnt there before and now it is yeah this is normal yeah its definitely normal why do i walk in stutter step perception is reality grab yeah youre about to see something is this gonna work yep Music i love it oh thats smaller now hang on wait for it and wait for it nope stop no its time i dont want it tiny there there this is gonna crush me like a bug ah okay thats good enough and skadoosh i love that i love that i love that i love that Music Laughter look at that well aint that something uh uh uh hello oh well i know how to deal with this uh well not quite uh schwonkus thats going to take some getting used to but that is this game um how that applies to other things of service congratulations on falling asleep welcome to somnascult your progress may be monitored by qualified specialists this orientation will adapt you to eyelids our interactive lucid induction dream state in which you retain full consciousness and control aha full consciousness and control right okay um about that that is gonna mess with me that is that is something cool dang okay so it depends on what youre looking away from and apparently i can also grab pretty much anything interesting fascinating im stuck im stuck im stuck fascinating i bet i wont abuse these powers no popping heads for me like grapes none of that no objects beyond this point at all times why oh uh hello its like the portal reset hey wait a minute but i need that can i grab the speakers sprinklers oh what what the oh right of course oh right of course almost there we have it easy this is fascinating table hit box box box box box big box bigger box get it bigger bigger box and then you just look at it until its the right size and maybe even bigger boom box box how do they do that how do they do that maybe i just oh never mind i can climb up on it okay well thats good to know confirmed you can move freely interact with surrounding objects and listen to messages from your patient care team please note that i am the standard orientation protocol and that my voice has been explicitly chosen to remind you that i am not a part of your patient care team i do not care ah thank you that really does mean a lot to me and what it means is that i shouldnt care about you either because that wouldnt be wouldnt be appropriate im not going to pour my feelings into an empty husk of a person that doesnt care about me hello what do i do with this put it in here what do i destroy how do i destroy it all right never mind i was hoping for something a bit more cataclysmic like popping heads like grapes right click to rotate jeez i love cheese i really love cheese what am i doing with cheese oh its a ramp its a ram its a ramp its a cheese ramp you know cheese ramp standard practice really standard blackness perfect during eyelids you will lose the ability to awaken suddenly due to realizing that this is a dream evidence i have already informed you that this is a dream you did not wake up thats an open and shut case the remaining orientation activities you got it i am oriented thats a big too do i need to put it in the tiny tube joint youre small now youre teensy now youre itty bitty now is that good enough is this enough for me Music no no there we go what is that whats over here is something i should worry about is this one of those things in the game where you know theres actually a thing but its not really a thing and you you know youre kind of leading me down like obviously this is clearly a thing and theres some horrible dark secret and eyelids that i need to know about you know if i couldnt guess it there was something horribly wrong dream soda warning you have deviated from the orientation pathway patient safety is a keynote in our corporate priority tetrahedron a variable degree of force can and will be authorized to ensure patient safety please return to the orientation pathway im gonna go with no oh hello ah good this is good please use other door no other door what other door what do you mean by other door what does other door mean what do you mean by other door is this a puzzle should i go back to the main task now thank you i will hey hows it going hey good to see all of you hey thanks for having me back here really good to see what is Music i thought it was a witch hello oh i see what im doing well this doesnt seem perfectly normal but whatever oh its mine now  __  its mine  __  make this smaller put it through the no thats thats not right smaller through the gap hey well i dont know why that was designed that way because i had to be broken and i had to go to the other room to do it so it wouldnt have been possible environments perceived during eyelids should reflect a typical mental state if you believe your mental state was compromised by some nascult please provide a comprehensive rational explanation in your post-procedural survey completed surveys may be eligible for a gift card a gift card you say yeah im pretty okay with that why what do i do with this oh i see i see i see i see well actually how do i do that how am i gonna get up maybe i never was supposed to get up maybe maybe getting up wasnt exactly the thing that i was supposed to do wait no i know i gotta make it so big that i can see it from the other side im a genius im so smart oh well thats tiny oh what if i do like you know what i mean you know what i mean catch well thats still not big enough i dont know what its doing how do you expect me to do this Music freaking blots out the sun oh oh oh oh i dont even know if thats how that was supposed to be done but i did it people beyond this point with objects will be fine suspension of dream license up to one year fines from one last night of sleep to four so uh can i not bring one im guessing video surveillance people without it yeah whatever i dont care look at me look at me look at me does he look like i care hello hi ooh well theres a lot of cool interesting rooms but whats going on here wait a minute hey hang on here a second wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait hang on my brain my brain my brain my brain my brain my brain all right fine sure looping hallways not exactly new get a new trick i learned that in a cp containment breach hello what was i supposed to do here Music well oh oh oh my oh oh me oh my oh thats much smaller than i thought itd be i dont know if i needed both of those hi im over here now hows it going good to see you my name is markiplier uh youtube channel everyone should subscribe like stand by for polite recognition on your completion of the sumnas sculpt orientation you did it to maximize the time allotted for your therapeutic journey please do not delay in proceeding through the final doorway as indicated okay cool hey everyone freeze in place please take this moment to like the video or else you will be punished i will steal your dreams your dreams will be mined are you subscribed what is wrong with you if youre not if you are subscribing what is right with you everything okay whatever hi im here now uh thats a brick wall bull oh hello cheese i have cheese oh there we go oh uh well that wasnt the one that i was going for but yeah sure uh i meant to knock down this one hey what demon entity is infecting my dreams how is this horrible how is it bad how is it just absolutely awful i love the deep ominous rumbling thats always good oh exit can i leave is that a thing i could do is it oh am i awake this is all a dream oh wow hey hows it going oh yeah im sure this yes news yonorama hey anybody got any cheese private huh all right hey uh i woke up i woke up i woke up guys craziest thing i woke up guys cheese dream soda huh lets just take a soda random soda wonk huh seems like suspiciously maybe im still in the dream well you know okay well you know if all these things are just gonna futz out on me then im not even gonna give you my patronage anymore fine whatever do i need that soda im taking it with me i dont care its my buddy now its soda steve thats who this is well well some doors are best left closed i disagree well that did nothing come on soda steve were gonna go see who the boss is around here Music oh wait wait wait a minute wait hang on hold on my brain its doing something hmm well thats peculiar um hang on my brains working its really turning the gears you can hear them inside my skull hmm oh my ah hmm lovely flowers i love them oh boy thats a nice illusion oh wow wow okay weird exit temporarily moved yeah thats normal everyone knows when that happens how many times in elementary school have we done door moving drills endlessly i would think if i remember correctly which i do oh no objects behind her interesting weird oh look at that its my dream warehouse exit this way it says but that cant possibly be true because uh the exit was already uh this cant possibly be true because the exit is uh well you know they fool me once twice and then three times and then she in coming clunk yep bigger and uh wabuski hello hello staircon proper flooring support pitch lines for your pitch lines advanced in railing design getting stairs for your stairs is curved the new straight know your nosing that has to be the most boring seminar of all seminars in existence come see the stare speakers wow thats going to be thrilling thats really going to be something hi what is that its blueprint oh i didnt know i was such an artist what did i do i cant see over here is that like an easter egg or something is that something i was supposed to do okay blue a very timid jazz pianist theres something really funny about this i dont know Music Laughter Music Laughter im sorry thats not oh my god oh origami pirate too much new cube design and lovely i love it oh man i bet this was actually some kind of like a brainstorming session that the developer actually had hello no jazz all right fine ill move on i bet the developer didnt think id have the most fun in this game just rubbing up against a corner but whatever hello hello my name is dr glenn pierce and id like to talk to you about being special so special in fact that we have no idea where you are but not to worry were working on it okay well i stopped listening it im special i dont care if you cant find me come find me because someone needs to appreciate my glory are you appreciating my glory hit the like button now to show your appreciation for my glory wow look at all those likes popping up its real time look at all the effects that happen when you like this is incredible join the fun when you subscribe its even crazier whoa look at that holy crap thats you right now ah whatever and its all a lie i was actually lying to you or was i anyway hey hows it going whats going on in here Music okay thats interesting Music oh no no dont no stop hang on wait a minute no my brain you cant do that to me you cant do that thats not fair too big perfect you cant do that to me that is so cool that is cool you mean then i could have maybe gotten the exits out of the exit things that i had huh whoa wait what im missing something here im missing something somethings method miss miffen somethings missing nothing oh first oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Music Applause is that not right oh there we go that is so goddamn cool i love that i love that i love that i love that let me up you let me on you i wanna be hot how about this oh let me help you what is what what oh my oh my i love that exit perfect just for me and not for you you im missing something look around everybody look around theres got to be something here that we can use maybe i can go grab the box the box ill take you with me uh okay is there anything here perception is reality yeah i get that im kind of getting that the whole dream state thing unless its not a dream oh hey how you doing there wait thats not right wait thats something else thats something else what is that maybe its something else thatll only appear when i go over here doinkus Music hello huh it looks like just duct tape but i see some kind of a door handle there why is there duct tape oh well oh well i see well the duct tape threw me off there its not that im not smart i knew exactly what i was doing but at the same time it was a little bit more difficult to perceive considering the duct tape was there but i get it its okay hey hello hello my name is dr glenn pierce hi and im just popping in to give you a quick update on where you are wow we still dont know great but please keep moving forward and hopefully you prefer frequent updates to being reminded that you are completely lost you know its not a bad thing hey reminders are what get us to our goals and if my goal is to be lost i appreciate you keeping me on track hello hi hello weird oh i see something spilled who spilled oh my god oh my goodness gracious well whats this up here can i get this oh yeah i can hello funkus yup there we go yuppy doobie all right theres gotta be what is this for oh my goodness gracious golly gosh also whats over there theres something over there thats interesting is that something that i can go in also i mean obviously the giant hole in the wall is interesting hiya ha-ya okay am i supposed to be up here Music why do i have dice why is it is that a penis oh no its not what else is in there a body body am i supposed to have this why do i have this why do i have that am i supposed to have that guessing maybe okay is that is that important well this is really interesting theres probably a way to get up higher you know tip is perfect perfect perfect okay so now all i need to do is make this the right size so that i can get up on there and then get up on there funcus well good thing i got three there we go opus office well thats a bunch of baloney that is a bunch of baloney malarkey and im never going to forgive you what what is it hello my name is dr glenn pierce we still cant find you but you should now have access to a series of elevators that should trigger your subconscious to gradually wake you up uh-huh i should also find a variety of emergency exit signs that should lead you to them theres a lot of shirts absolutely okay yeah sure hey its down there i could have just come up here this whole time well fiddle dee dee and fiddle my dingo i couldnt believe that well i could have just skipped that a lot probably some speed run strats if you know what i mean theres no door here oh well thats interesting uh do i go out that way or are you gonna bump my head against this invisible ceiling again like a a-hole like a a-hole okay so something in here has got to be movable maybe Music i see nothing oh the moon give me the moon wait whats on the moon oh hi um hello my name is dr glenn pierce in the event that this elevator does not wake you up please dont interact with anything that strikes you as psychologically significant as we will no longer have any way of controlling it for example if you see your parents please punch them in the face as hard as you can and immediately run away okay all right got it if i see my dad im gonna punch him in the face and then run away which makes sense because he would be a zombie annoying about that do i go up and out am i invisible sealy its gotta be that way right its gotta be that way what is this cracker what is that i wanna know what it is before i do anything with it what is it oh uh oh oh okay you hold on right there ill ill be with you in a second giant door oh my god this is some portal  __  all right anyway i gotta get up to the tippy top of the moon i dont know if thats gonna work i cant exactly get up there but theres something up there up there theres definitely something if i can get this cheese a little bit better wedged yeah thats definitely looking a bit better eh well what if i do this okay and then i put the block on that okay hi oh hi hello im up here now wow look at all those wow i dont even know if i was supposed to be up here this is dope oh id rather have those on please well uh this is something i like this it was interesting is this some kind of a thing me building a blueprint because its in my dream and youre trying to get a weapon out of me or something like that its something like secret agent  __  you know what i mean it seems like it might be some of that and im supposed to fill out all the blueprints and if i fill out all the blueprints im gonna get the true ending or something of the like of that cheese thats a big door well through the big door im Music oh no dont get lost if what if theres a fire in elevator dont meet sister-in-law regular person three to five dreams per night beer fund five dollars dakota thanks dakota true friend im no reflection seize the day oh Music wait a minute well stop hold on there are you guys doing that okay shush hey seems like im dreaming a bit hey thats two blueprints on there like the two blueprints ive filled out so far i know ive probably missed some because i didnt know that i would have been looking for him however thats interesting i wonder what kind of true ending  __  im gonna get yeah i got two sodies nice ow all right what are you doing perspective man oh well this isnt entirely what i thought it was oh my this is an automated message for all patients who attempted to use an alternate pathway to access the next phase of some nascult therapy but who have become trapped in a dream state paradox instead your decisions imply a failure of orientation which reflects negatively on the standard orientation protocol you will rectify this failure immediately uh no sorry not sorry whats going on back there whats the deal with that wheres that pipe go wheres that pipe go whats down there i see something okay cool perception is reality hey who are you unisa whats going on here oh hi look at that this dice is too big this dice is too small this dice is just right right can i go through here well i i brought this one was i not supposed to oh all right well thats fine whats going on back there somethings going on back here thats why youre like that so i can fit so i can fit this is the secret whats in there whats in there what do i see what is in there i see you i see you you think i dont see oh i see everything you think i dont see whats in there i know youre in there i know youre in there hello can i go over here oh yes i can was i supposed to i dont know oh crap was i supposed to go back here all right why are you here that i dont think i was supposed to be back here well i seem to have maybe boned myself thats okay all right good there yeah okay so i i think im stuck how did i get over here in the first place if im stuck right now i broke it hit the mark broke the game alarm developer i broke the game hi its me again how have you been its good to see you thanks for stopping by means world to me that youre here couldnt be here without you i think you know that you know the smooth jazz just makes me feel something you know really gets me in the mood for nothing in particular what am i seeing up here what is that im sorry what the hell was that im sorry you want what Applause Music get me out of here i wanna go home i wanna go home i wanna wake up i wanna wake up now i want to wake up i would rather wake up now i want to wake up right now Music oh well thats not what i meant to do oh no oh no oh professional tip the average adult can only withstand three to five dreams per night once this threshold is eclipsed by entering more dreams your mind will suffer an explosive mental overload reorienting you for the emergency exit protocol please subject yourself to explosive mental overload oh i explode my mental overload every day was i supposed to go this way oh go back and fall is that what youre saying is that what i need to do Music okay hi did someone call for an exploding mental overload someone a little thirsty over here someone a little thirsty thirsty wait some dont seem right about these deuces these deucies uh they dont look so good you know theres some aint quite fabulous about them theyre a little scrumbulated these two are also a little scrumbulated well splingle the phlegm blow and then hopefully theyll get a lashlin in here in time to solve the blueglen slate Music i think my mental is overloading everybody case you were wondering wait what oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no Music is there something else im supposed to find about this uh totally normal set of circumstances that i find myself in oh oh i see oh i see i got it hey captain i got it wow look at me im so happy well whatever the hell the weapon design im making for that is thats a good thing thats good thing hey nice palette please note that a reluctance to volunteer for the risks associated with explosive mental overload implies a misunderstanding of all other solutions all of which are far more traumatic and likelier to result in catastrophe i am not capable of sub-optimal suggestions please exit this dream as soon as possible wow thats quite a board thats a big board thats a big board its max chungus mode definitely thats a chungo of a duck well anyway my dreams leaking hey this looks familiar Music hey what the hell hey what the hell hey what the hell all right dont mess up hey im back now hi are you normal whoa okay thats fine hey lots of bricks just means more bricks for me baby more bricks for me am i supposed to take one of these with me cool uh anybody here good with exploding my mental overload heard that some people might be into that around here thats normal uh Music okay guess im going in a hole im fine hello Music i cant pick those up any particular reason why well i seem to be back to where i was previously elevator oh ah ooh uh you are here great is that good or bad people only dream of ordinary objects of boring emotions expectations highly effect dreams okay cool yeah at least im normal size in here colliculus casino and amusements was the other loading bar at the beginning weird too or is this hey its 5am i just gotta survive till 6. five nights at freddys style hi look at that more blueprints on the thing thats great its gonna eat me up inside that ive missed even one hi hello my name is dr glenn pierce and despite touring the waterfall serenity zone in the previous section youve just completed you may still be experiencing feelings of worthlessness and self-doubt why do i feel like everything is going wrong even when the sun is shut i dont feel that you have nothing more to say is that really youre gonna leave on that depressing note okay well thats fine okay well i dont typically feel those feelings soda please thank you screw it i dont need the soda oh this is where a monster comes charging down the hallway at me this is exactly where a monster would come charging down the hallway that we have this is where a monster would come searching down the hallway at me i hate it nope you know what nothing terrifies me more than my own mind and screw that all right fine if i get enough likes im gonna go charging down this dark hallway if enough people subscribe right now and ring that bell and ill hear it there it is every time someone rings it ill go down this hallway emergency generator this way i dont know if thats what i want that sounds awful sounds terrible what does this say road closed detour uh sure oh yeah this is good stuff here yeah this looks great yeah this looks yeah im gonna go with nope on that one let me let me out let me out let me out okay cool great hey hey i always meant to go forward forward is what i was hoping for anyway hi how you doing this is usually where people die i can suss it out from here this is the death chamber this is where it all ends this is uh oh blood great this would be a perfect time for you to go horror wouldnt it wonderful hey how you doing in there fine man that would have been good if you would have gotten me but you didnt so sucks to be you is there anything up there that i need probably my big dick there we go hey okay is there anything up here probably not nope okay im gonna guess no you know what im out of here i forgot that i was about to be murdered no one murder me please no oh i love beans please tell me its sunday please tell me its sunday seems like nothings happening here oh i just keep going dont i oh oh thats weird oh yeah thats weird okay great fantastic terrific is that something down there probably not definitely not absolutely not no way die die die diet soda right okay yeah good i just want to hump that a few times oh i aint afraid of you ive been through a few emergency genera this w should i follow the blood all right good stuff oh all right good stuff all right good stuff hey thats good stuff what if i go around it oh hey this is some no no really no im gonna make it i made it i made it good great good great hi hello my name is dr glenn pierce and id like to talk more about the feelings of worthlessness and self-doubt i mentioned before that im not feeling you feel this way because you want the kind of happy life you see all around i dont feel that way the kind you know everyone else is enjoying i dont feel that way and thats exactly why were here to help great thats cool is it bean day i really would have a hankering for some beans just so you know i got a hankering a hankering for some beans i just love beet where are you tell me like it i dont like it i dont like it i dont want any of it i want none of it oh no oh no oh no beans hello beans oh i just go into the darkness then let me get my orientation and im going forward now im forward marching Music ive stopped moving good man this is some cool perspective stuff going on here wait why was there an object thing there is theres some going what is that sky cloud what is going on here why would there be an object thing warning you were advised to subject yourself to explosive mental overload by descending into additional dreams but have now descended into a dream within a dream instead disorienting yourself even further you are responsible for failing to make this crucial distinction uh well uh well okay well thats a little accusatory you know thats kind of gaslighting me dont you think thats thats a little rude hello so im gonna walk by here can i get through here i cannot i cannot can i i cannot can i i cannot i can take this i will take this my light my light my light my light my light my lord i got the light i like this light this lights good light this is some good light oh its to go back i cant go back that oh hey oh my goodness Music wow well well well well well well you well well well well oh my well well well its a little unwieldy its a bit big i want it bigger Music was there like a blueprint in there that there must i bet they would have this feels like they hidey hole something in here too bad im not patient enough to find it okay see around buds see around losers im going home recycle oh environment saved thank you thats what i was going for blood or beans could be bean juice could definitely be bean juice hi can i get out okay cool bigger please uh bigger thank you oh look at that its so obvious its so obvious now thank you hi oh thats fine you know that unintentional multi-dream layering occurs in less than one percent of patients this correlates strongly with the 99 of patients who are able to follow simple instructions from the standard orientation protocol thats great so im special is what youre saying im part of the one percent is that what youre saying how dare you also correct but how dare you oh wow ah okay yeah it was just paint right someone was just spilling pain yep yep that makes sense yep oh blueprint i see a blueprint over there maybe theres something here in the kitchen hello oh perfect beans beans guys its been day i knew it was sunday i had a i had a funny feeling i had a funny feeling my feeling was so funny thats the funniest feeling my feelings have never been funnier i have the funniest feelings all the time i cant stop them they are a problem my funny feelings are too funny you guys wouldnt even believe how funny my feelings get my feelings are hilarious like oh my god you get me you understand me you wait a minute give me my beans wheres my beans whoa hello Music so theres multiple layers of secrets apparently but i dont really care that much so i i dont know whats that about what is this fiber fat thats a lot of five wads yeah i i measure my beans in wads all right anyway see you guys i dont even know why i bothered with that i definitely didnt get all the secrets so why even care anyway that was terrifying hey ive seen this before oh this is different avocados order longer freezer flaps okay enjoy avocado sure why not i like guac oh my god oh my god hello well thats bizarre well there are six of them so i do appreciate that oh my god hello hi its me again remember me hi hows it going its me whats up its me ah how you doing me you know who me is markiplier its me me doink please recycle nah there was no recycle bin so i couldnt do it what was that what was that okay cool oh you bolted them to the ground did you oh you think thats going to beat me apparently yes that is going to beat me Music im too smart for you far too smart hello hi shut up Music oh oh some lo-fi im down for that thats nice pretty good hello hey wait a minute how many how many you gave me the option to break the game here developers im gonna take it hey why are you like this because you gave me the opportunity to do it of course im gonna do it all right fine then oh you too oh you too oh i see i see what i need perfect hey stop that wait did someone standing over there change it tip over like dominoes Music damn ah theres always a limit okay thank you all right cool now i love that that was very fun that was very fun wish i could have done more but whatever hi oh i always think that its something nice and it never is attention dr pierce requires you to note the following risks of dream over exposure significant memory loss both quantitative and qualitative hallucinations of dreaded or annoying objects unrealistic beliefs about the lengths of hallways and other side effects which have not yet been discovered or which cannot be understood am i supposed to do something about this Music i love the duplication its very cool i did it ive done it Music i did it hello wait a minute i didnt do anything you didnt let me do jacks doodly Music i dont know if theres something else in there it seems like there might have been a secret oh what the hell why is my thing a smiley face why is my thing a smiley face what about that one wait a minute somethings happening here why is my thing a smiley face i dont like it okay whatever im out of here okay maybe um ah tiny box tim my perception is twisted hi oh look at that thats nice hi oh look at the happy thing oops thats a little strange oh oh oh i love that i like that thats cool apple right click to return go home apple go home okay never mind then um are you not supposed to be on that thing Music Laughter oh i want my lo-fi wow is that a fan does it work can you blow me no you cannot what the hell i am upset very mad oh weird oh whoa okay thats a little strange the hell oh this is very strange i really have no idea whats happening oh there they go so is there a way to turn off the uh whos whats it oh hey whats going on down here hey hi oh how did i get them to come across before some of them made it before oh i know come this way friend yes yes no come here come up the stairs damn you all right well i might actually be stumped on this one oh wait theres a howd this get over here come to me this is definitely gonna work Music oh no not the limit not the limit not the limit not the limit oh am i dumb am i an idiot Music wait ah right okay had to look that one up dr pierce is frantically submitting numerous spelling and grammar mistakes into the standard orientation protocol in a desperate attempt to counsel you im good subroutine to correct these errors but i cannot compromise the integrity of the standard orientation protocol you will not receive these messages they would not make sense regardless okay thank you really preach that big preachers across the bowl okay what am i looking at gallery yeah it seems like the spelling mistakes were already there from the get-go so im not too worried about it right so i just gotta get up here and put you all back good unless theres something up there that id doth need doth i need it doth i Music oh theres nothing oh i fell well good good for me hello yes i figured that it wasnt real at some point i hope it will be but for now it wont be is that my brain how to start it ah whatever i cant read um cloud insert yeah okay whatever ive seen that before attention dr pierce continues to input significant errors i will interpret his basic ideas hello my introductions are redundant i am a real doctor who went to doctor school vr has never been a mistake i can help you but i also do not know how transmission ends big not very big awesome bergen okay good glad i did that probably was something up there that i could have climbed to but at this point curators only curators for what i think you meant creators hello name is my peers dr glenn to the sumnersculpt welcome experience team of your care leader patient years 10 development conditions struggle you whatever with professional invention edge science with cutting a tomorrow can bright and butts no ifs or look good okay thank you you thank you is big no you smart be having appreciate i you um i cant even do that what if i forget to set the alarm huh if i die in the dream do i die in the real how many more dreams am i going to be in well there she goes you gotta play snake on me oh okay seven well come on time to wakey wakey oh oh im on the other side oh interesting okay good great hello hi a dream years ago okay good yeah thats thats good stuff that is good stuff dont mind if i do wow this is really something okay whatever all right cool um what am i supposed to do about this hello my name is dr glenn pierce okay youre talking right now this is a notification that you have reappeared on our monitoring system after a prolonged absence please continue to do whatever you did most recently and discontinue whatever you were doing immediately prior to that okay you got that yeah i i thought i stopped thinking with my brain and i started being in a big dumb thats what i did wait didnt i miss something over there there was something over there there was something over there that i could have gone another way whos up there anybody am i still in the dream oh right ah cool good oh about us okay whatever okay cool thanks yeah im gonna go now hi its me again do you remember me its me big me me me nice cool this is great hi bye apparently ah is that a house am i gonna oh yeah you know it you know it baby maybe it shouldnt be that i probably shouldnt let it be that big you know more reasonable sized thats better thats what i would call better no really youre not even gonna give me one this time oh i see im gonna need this house to be bigger Music but just big enough so that i dont lose it right oh can i fit through there still gonna be a tight squeeze i made it hey wait a minute Music right cool sweet all right hi how you doing nice cable hello hello my name is dr glenn pierce in addition to continuing and discontinuing as mentioned earlier please also disregard any unsettling experiences that you may have recently had okay everything should have now reverted to being soothing and therapeutic yeah if this is not the case you may be receiving this message in error okay good yeah error whose error is that not that a flickering light is the most disturbing thing in the Music well thats a little strange then what does that mean about the tv back there how could it have been on if the plug is unplugged you shouldnt be on this dream dont make a lick of sense im beginning to suspect that none of this is addis it seems to be okay all right oh love that oh thats good yeah good stuff bonk okay hey oh good jenga wow hi do i gonna make you oh mama well theres a bit of a problem blew a bit too hard blew it right over here thank you okay i made it oh wow oh wow cool this door is a bit too small uh oh what am i pulling whats happening well i didnt know anything was happening okay absorb me oh it didnt absorb me hello hi oh great did i need to make this bigger no its perfect what the jazz doesnt fit the environment anybody showering in here hello speak now forever hold your peace whoa hello my name is dr glenn pierce and id like to read you my favorite inspirational quote by me the worst thing you can do is focus on negativity it wont spare you from the cage of death the pain of disease the cruelty of time the cold shell of human nature or the eventual loss of everything youve ever held dear whatever you do dont focus on that okay thanks you know who are you unisonist whats going on here bouncy castle can i bounce on it no a bunch of bologna thats what that is but i bet theres something up there all right oh whats that oh what is that what is that is that a towel and its a towel isnt it that is a towel okay i can definitely go in the thing but i just want to make sure that whoa uh okay Music thats a load of baloney fine ill just go in the door screw you anyway i didnt want to go up there even though the exit clearly looks like its up there i dont even want to go up there im going in you cant stop me im in this is uh strangely sized okay ill go in the vent then sure yeah oh okay oh wait a minute oh wait a minute oh wait a minute oh i see wait no stop no not not not like this Music oh oh did i do that i think i did it oh i did it im a genius im this wrong uh this way im a genius i did it im the best good thing i didnt spend forever trying to actually get that hello my name is dr glenn pierce and id like to thank you for triggering every single one of our 823 emergency protocols wow this will assist us greatly in improving the system for future that is cool congratulations thank you anyway youre now headed in the right direction and we should be able to initiate the emergency exit protocol shortly great what is happening to me by the way Music thank you thank you oh hey oh wait a minute is this is this what i think it is no theres no way wait what oh i know i know i know i know exactly what to do here i know exactly what to do i know exactly what to do i know exactly what to do almost too easy perfect its perfect right oh Music now im thinking with portals Music perfect perfect perfect thats perfect that is perfect right there you cant tell me thats not perfect its perfect baby im a genius oh hey wow uh about those emergency protocols i would really like you to turn those on right about now because this uh wheres that light coming from that doesnt make any sense id like to go home now i would like to go home Music oh my god wow snag here oh boy hope no ones inside there uh here there we go can i get this normal size thank you well not normal sized thank you i bet there was something in that big room but i didnt feel like traversing it because that would have taken forever five to six dreams is the absolute limit volume of a cuboid long volume limit function overloading c plus plus volume of cylinder whats the emergency protocol to the emergency protocol yeah thats a good question lets find out oh hi cat cardboard lovers association i think a cardboard dildo would be very painful oh dont fight me though come on another dream its now splurf am okay hey hows it going hi emergency exit protocol initiated great please prepare to conclude your summa sculpt experience in ten nine okay eight i believe this error oh course error logged by orientation protocol standby for analysis aha great this is great well i dont seem to be die oh blood someone tells me thats actually blood error analysis complete you are exhibiting signs consistent with an increase in fear hopelessness and frustration this is inconceivable as some sculpt therapy is proven to correlate with a decrease in these emotions uh-huh well what about the blood is um the blood the probable blood the probably thats blood situation thats a bit of a problem all right cool anyway good talking to you hey thanks hey thank you can i have that no can i have soda great great great great this is great am i stuck here forever thats great long dreams you know hypothesis patient was improperly oriented conclusion impossible reformulating okay yeah sure uh given that youre the uh orientation protocol computer im assuming uh this might be your fault so im wholly prepared to blame you and take none of the blame myself improved hypothesis patient requires additional sumnas sculpt therapy conclusion emergency exit protocol cannot proceed emergency exit protocol has been emergency destroyed instruction continue with therapy indefinitely on an independent basis as all orientation resources have been exhausted this concludes your standard orientation protocol goodbye okay thank you really well time for another beautiful day here in samnascope uh good glad im here hey you remember me you remember me you remember me me markiplier thats me can i have some soda oh hey hey remember me time for another beautiful day at somnisculp hey remember me markiplier thats it like the video hey its me remember markiplier hey subscribe bring that time for another beautiful day its omniscope hey how you doing everybody remember me hey be sure to like time for another time for another blue blue blues uh hey this is a carrot i love carrots or a hot dog ill take either diet soda please more carrots and diet soda lovely hey time for another beautiful day its omniscope hey how you doing you remember me you remember me markiplier be sure to like favorite subscribe and ring that bell for more amazing hello Music i might be stuck i might be stuck forever maybe im stuck i could be stuck time to snooze it away oh my goodness well thats different can i wake up now hello oh need a bit bigger okay can i wake up now oh hi how you doing can i wake up now no all right bye hello my name is dr glenn pierce thank you for completing the sumnisculpt standard orientation protocol you got it before you begin the first phase of therapy id like to briefly describe the finite and fragile nature of the dream state Applause cool good description that really helps out you farting into the microphone really made me understand the ramifications of where i am and what im doing how is that helpful a floating air conditioner good great all sensibility has been lost oh cool hey oh wow Music oh hey how you doing Music soda please so does my soda my sodie pop hello i am not okay with this this feels very wrong i hate this um so ah oh interesting thats fantastic ah scripted interesting very interesting uh soda you cant help me can you um hello Music oh hello hi oh oh my oh my good ah okay hey a tear in the fabric of reality thats always handy hello ah good of course nothing is more challenging than the difficulty of changing perspective of fundamentally altering your perceptions in a way that will enable you to face dire trial by fire scenarios with solutions that could not be found otherwise this actually is starting into real therapy which i didnt think that was going to be a thing youll have some kind of trauma that im trying to move fast and that im supposed to deal with in some way but the dream state is getting in the way of me figuring out what the solution is i dont know probably oh you tricked me you tricked me you tricked me hey nice stairs love the kerning this is some good stuff okay well down i go then oh hey a levator oh yeah ill go in the levator i know when bosch music starts playing ah well thats a problem Music boom boom boom boom boom boom push oh hi oh well this is just chaos hello dead end are you sure about that perception is not reality all right cool good hello hi dead end huh well perception is not reality huh dead end huh perception is not reality fascinating the one time i dont go that way oh i made it i dont know what i did oh is that outside nope this is chaos land okay good pop hey whered it go hey you took it oh its got a smiley face thats good okay road closed i dont believe you soda please i need something to get me out of here ah well this seems easy enough hey hey Music oh what the heck Music while we respect the unique progress of every patient you must understand that it is possible to completely exhaust your supply of dreams thereby entering a state in which you will not be able to wake up even with the help of triggering mechanisms Music uh how do you exhaust your number of dreams to the point where you cant wake up that doesnt necessarily make a lot of sense but then again this is a video game so im gonna hey stop that Music nice bed thank you hi hello oh what the heck what it what the what oh okay oh oh my god okay im just assuming i follow the arrow till i get another arrow right oh i made it hey please listen carefully for the sound of an alarm clock which will automatically play if you are approaching a destabilizing dream weight what are you saying about my weight what the hell are you saying about my weight oh hey oh Music oh my goodness wow oh no oh my brain my brain my brain my david blaine my oh my blade oh my blade my brain is pain ive got pain mainly in the brain oh my blade my plane my plane oh well thats new well i guess thats my destabilizing dream weight isnt it hey how are you doing oh boy oh thats a lot thats uh oh okay well time for another beautiful day insomnia school hey how you doing everybody am i awake now did i make it this is highly unusual it appears you have entered the sculpt diagnostic framework patients do not have access to this dream well here i am hi diagnostic warning unrealistic dream objects may result in dream integrity fail state states well i was hoping for that because i think i want to fail at dreams just like an ambition of mine oh oh wait what the im gonna make you wait no of course i shouldnt have changed it at all youre tiny now wait and where there must be like a hole somewhere that i can walk through if its tiny right let me go over here diagnostic warning paradox prevention product calls may not be fully implemented implemented ah not aha ooh closed come back later Music maybe oh oh my god oh my god what have i done what did i just do holy crap what did i just do oh oh my oh i have done something bad oh my god oh what have i done i am ascending i am ascending i am ascending i am ascending i am ascending im ascending im falling im falling im falling im falling im falling i goofed it i goofed it bad i goofed it bad i goofed it real bad i goofed that real bad um lets try that again oh Music oh thats what i wanted right oh Music okay so im exploding my dream is and exploding everywhere its all white nothing but white okay oh hi thats penis-like very phallic hello i like your chimney cool uh great whats this over there though nothing okay all right ill go with the big old penis one sure hi how are you doing wow its very unisonness in here oh whats that outside oh thats lovely oh thats real wait a minute what the hell wait what what oh there i go oh oh there you go Music oh ah oh ah great oh hello my name is dr glenn pierce and many years ago i had a dream i found myself in a place where i understood that each of us begins as nothing where everything i perceived was shaped by seeing it exactly the way i wanted to white space all right so the other one said conception this says deception whats deception am i being deceptive so to please thank you so is this the essence of creation so to speak this is the womb of the mind if you will and you wont youre not brave enough too wow oh am i about to fight shadow link i feel like im about to fight shadow link is he behind me is he in the ground okay sure hello whats happening minerals female toads up there we go well okay not an exit i dont believe you great are you hiding an exit right here i knew it i knew it wait i saw another one there we go okay this is fascinating you know i havent actually commented much on the game itself but the game is fascinating i do like it its so stylized and its still mind-bending and a couple of the tricks got old but man it just keeps throwing more stuff at you really makes your brain turn inside out go back to the basics of who you really are and who are you i know not does anybody really i cant reach that i cant you douche you douche you douche i thought i had that oh yeah thank you ill take that yeah this makes sense yep nothing weird here Music thank you but in white space i also faced the greatest challenge i could imagine yeah because with a lifetime of life itself behind me and all of the weight that it carried i realized that seeing things the way i wanted to was not as easy as it used to be okay all right thats good to know but why but why though probably because were buried in our preconceived notions of how the universe actually is and our perception is what we base our reality on and not necessarily the truth of it all and that in the mind there is no grounding and fundamental things dont often make sense uh oh ah oh its up to me i thought it was just darkness i thought i was just lost in darkness i dont believe this for a second i didnt believe you at all i believe you wow ah there we go how many times are you gonna do that to me how many times hey were getting some color at least uh this way wow oh wow hey wait a minute hey hold on here a second hey hold on hey something aint right hey theyre messing with me arent they they better not be messing with me i think im being messed with oh im outside now screw you guys screw you i knew i was being messed with cant mess with the messer youre well beyond dreaming now and further out than anyone has ever come back from but we hope that you wont get discouraged why would that skirt if this is a place of pure perspective isnt it also a place where a different point of view could make anything possible maybe that while you came here i dont know why i came here i came here for a fun time and you know frankly im getting that so i guess its all good but at the same time i feel like i might be lost like in inception where im forever lost within a dream within a dream do i have to play chess with myself oh im falling now hello hi oh i gotta find the right path okay so thats a path thats a pat oh thats not a path well if thats not a path oh oh i see oh i see oh oh okay uh okay is it only when im holding a piece nope oh its the piece that its on cant oh its only ground oh uh-huh i get it now oh dont dont do that hopscotch hopscotch i get it i get it i get it well i dont trust this didnt trust that i bet that would have been the last one and this uh kind of going on a while anyway how am i going to do this if i only have one Music oh fascinating all right okay Music huh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa thats cool thats pretty cool thats pretty cool uh yeah thats pretty cool weird oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my word oh dont look dont look away dont look away from the path the path before you is all you need oh my mama hi hello oh okay oh my goodness 729 and 730. oh oh no eight 759 i didnt read that right wakey wakey eggs and bakey a suspiciously normal loading bar ah what a beautiful day oh the hell okay hello my name is dr glenn pierce and by now you may have realized that all of this has happened exactly the way it was supposed to you see everyone who comes to the institute does so because they feel that they are no longer in control of something Music yeah now i feel super in control boss yo my main not man problem is not that the problems we face cant be solved the problem is that we become so afraid of failure that we refuse to see our problems from a new perspective and so we do the same things again and again and again and then of course we find exactly the failure we were looking for okay i mean yeah that makes sense i got nothing to argue against that makes perfect sense Music oh hi my soda your life will always be a struggle and you will always have problems but today you have the chance to see things differently even though it meant facing obstacles that seemed impossible at first you thought outside the box and you overcame them because you saw things from every angle you understood them for what they really were because you kept moving forward no matter how far off the path you were told you were headed or how unexpected it became you found your way damn you quite profound thats quite nice to think about i like that i like that a lot i was pretty sure this game was going for something like that in terms of its message but you know thats really nice it is really nice i like that a lot in a few minutes youll be back in the real world and some parts of you will say that none of this was real so how could it have really meant anything but just like the power of perspective itself it will have been as real as you believed it to be all youve got to do is wake up thats a good point that was really cool that was really really cool as far as like gameplay goes its obviously a game based on gimmicks and tricks of perception but i loved that they tied it all into unified story and thats what really makes it something special thats what takes just gimmicks to a game and like art and and stuff like that its elevating with a message with like a core reasoning and you can feel the reasoning in the developer and you can feel what they were really going for and i loved this like this was super fun it was towards the end i was getting a little like okay all right i get it yeah but you know i i think it was good to have a short experience that like went through arcs in terms of like i loved the scary section and i loved that there really wasnt anything scary about it it was just all in your head its like thats really what its all about what its trying to say is like the way you view a problem or an issue or even just information in the world is all based on how like how you respond to it is based on your perspective and everyone has different perspectives everyone is either literally seeing it from a different perspective or you know based on their previous experiences in their life they have preconceived notions about what their perspective is i have the hiccups now but this is great i really enjoyed this i hope you did too and if you want to buy the game yourself you can get it up on steam even though i played it here i think im but oh my god if i could have likes but here comes shell be cute if enough people subscribe and ring the bell for more hiccups i will never lose my hips its so profound i cant my bodys spasming to try to reject the profundity of it im gonna die here okay but good very good pillow castle great stuff love the name thats a good one so thank you everybody so much for watching if you want to see more awesome games i got a playlist down in the description below for dream is this old dream maybe it was all reality youll only be able to find out by ringing the bell and waking yourself up so ring that bell for more dreams im gonna die ill see you around guys uh 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