NEW Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Details! Returning Monster Revealed!

Steam deck games list redditsteam town mall MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK Music yo whats going on guys alex here welcome back to another video for monster hunter rise sun break and today capcom had their tokyo game show monster hunter spotlight online program very long title basically its tgs today and during that they had a long monster presentation it wasnt all about sun break it was about various different things they spoke about rise they spoke about the current life cycle for rise they did however say that the fifth capcom collaboration is going to be arthur and theyll also be doing a collaboration with sonic the hedgehog more details on that coming later and theres some new voice packs they showed some of the uh music being performed live they spoke about muslim stories too and they also spoke about sun break so in this video i wanna quickly recap what we got which admittedly wasnt a great deal it wasnt like the year when they revealed multiple rise where they had like a big gameplay showcase this one was much smaller but there was still some cool stuff and we got to see a returning monster so if you guys do enjoy this i like would be super appreciated if you guys are hyped for this and youre looking forward to the content then make sure you subscribe make sure you do not miss our upcoming videos because as we get close to launch therell of course be more sun break information now to begin with they of course started by recapping pretty much what we know so far that of course this is going to be a massive expansion they did confirm in words that it is of course going to be the master rank expansion i mean we kind of knew this already but its still nice and to actually sort of go and say that verbatim they then said of course in order to access this you will do this after the main story so i mean im pretty sure everyones done this by now but if you want to be sun break ready for next year you need to have defeated the final boss in the story in rice upon doing that you will then leave kamura village you will go to a new land they of course havent spoken about that just yet they havent sort of given us any details but they did say in going to this new land there will be a new base of operations there will be new locales so all that kind of stuff that you would expect from a new monster game they said that theyll of course reveal more information over the coming months and whatnot so you know once the sort of marketing machine starts to go i imagine theyll be doing a lot of the live streams like they used to do in the past where they kind of start showing off new locations new trailers that kind of stuff so do stay tuned for that however on top of that one thing we did get confirmation of was the name of the dragon that we saw in the trailer it is called malazeno and it is confirmed to be an elder dragon that of course is the flagship monster for the game and we even get to see the render which looks incredibly cool so at least now we have a name but again they said thats all they can tell us for the time being so keep it locked for plenty more but they did then go on to show us a trailer for a return monster now honestly i was kind of hoping this was going to be gormagalla they were like oh theyre going to show off a returning monster a fan favorite returning monster and it was shogun senotor which ill be honest i do like the monster i love the carapaceans i love the crab monsters but it isnt what i thought they would be doing but i guess something like gourmagala is probably like a big announcement i feel like if they were going to announce that maybe thatll be further down maybe sort of next year when they start sort of showing plenty more because i imagine therell be lots of returning monsters but regardless this is still cool because what excites me the most about shogun senotor is that it is another skeleton its another monster type its not a species that means of course hopefully it opens up the doors for other monsters in that style does that mean that well also see daimyo hermitage or does that mean well also see like a giant crab or other things like that honestly every time they add a monster that has a distinctly different skeleton it just excites me for the potential for future monsters so hopefully we saw more of that of course if you guys havent thought it before it was first introduced in my summer too of course has insane reach very sharp claws ill just be more about that a little bit later but for the time being that is the next confirmed returning monster and thats kind of what we got for the time being thats a little sort of recap on the sun break information as it currently stands as mentioned they said they were kind of keeping a lot of information still pretty vague at this stage but they will be speaking more about it pretty soon so for the time being thats it i will of course have another video on the channel a little bit later on today speaking about some of the other news but for the sun break roundup thats the lot so i hope you guys enjoyed this video again if you did dont forget to drop a like and be sure to keep it locked for more monster content if you want to catch more from us at rx gaming dont forget you can catch the guys 269 and paradise central streaming over on twitch weekdays playing a variety of games if you guys want to jump in tune in watch and even join in then make sure you check them out the links those are in the description box down below and of course you can join the discord to get involved in all of the discussions best steam couch games #MonsterHunter #MonsterHunterRiseSunbreak #MHRSHeres a round up of the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak news from TGS! 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