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How to play games with friends on steamhome alone game steam MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK game hey everyone I want to go over the new and exciting news that we have for Monster Hunter rice sunbreaks upcoming release on Xbox and PlayStation consoles as brand new features are being added to this release that simply are not available currently on the Nintendo switch version side of things and even some that are going to be retroactively added to the PC steam side of things as the windows version will also be getting some new tweaks that obviously will be making their way retroactively to the steam build as well so theres about eight brand new features that they have featured directly on the website Im going to be leaving a link in the description below since they basically went ahead and provided a brand new blog update and the page has also be fully updated with a bunch of brand new features now of course these are all going to be available for both base Monster Hunter rise when it launches on January 20th of next year but more importantly there will also be expanded upon as some breaks expansion is set to drop later in 2023 summer around spring nebulous spring we dont necessarily have any details for that someone did ask me how much this is going to cost in the comments in the last video that I put out where I spoke about the fact that they are not going to be providing us with cross saves and cross play and this will be a 40 release so if you have a just a base PS4 or a PS5 you want it for 40 that is what its going to cost you there will be no physical release as of right now were waiting on some details maybe an Asian version will have a physical release but we dont necessarily know the same thing can also apply for Xbox One Xbox series s and Xbox series X versions of the game there will be forty dollars there will be a fifty dollar deluxe version as well and on Windows this will be also a 40 to 50 release with the deluxe version included but keep in mind that Xbox players are getting it on Game Pass so if youre already subscribed you should be good to go so first and foremost they do tout data a 4K resolution 60 frames per second version will be available on Xbox series X and Playstation 5. they dont necessarily confirm as Xbox series s will be supporting 4K 60s presumably presumably that version will have low resolutions and it will not necessarily go as high they also confirm that as well as offering High frame rates at 4K resolution you can also enjoy the game at a blistering 120 frames per second at 1080p for a smoother more fluid hunting experience on monitors that support it so do keep in mind that this was something that I was kind of hoping for for 120 FPS version if you are used to playing the Nintendo switch version of the game which already runs somewhere around 900p with some Dynamic resolution changes so usually lets say 860p to 900 youre running at 30 FPS I much prefer this game to play this game at about 120 so if its gonna run at 1080p with Dynamic resolution on a big screen TV or 4K TV or a monitor or something like that it much rather go with that Dental 4K 60 so for players like me I think this is going to be a much better option for you to be able to play with obviously also theyre mentioning that the filters that were introduced for the PC version side of things on Steam are now going to be making their way into the series X Series ass Xbox One windows PS5 and PS4 versions of the game that mentioned that this feature lets you enjoy the game with a different way than usual by applying filters on the entire screen that you can choose from black and white sepia Japanese style and warring land style you can pick the Cinematic filter that recreates the sounds of all movies as well this was a feature that was only ever available in the steam side of things but now its going to be making its way to pretty much every brand new version of the game of course excluding the Nintendo switch which simply just doesnt have any of these filters they also mentioned that on the Windows side of things theyre going to be adding optimized keyboard and mouse controls in addition to regular Gamepad controls you can also use the keyboard and mouse you can use customize a variety of shortcuts and key bounds keyboards as well so this is something that I believe is already available on the steam side of things but this is also going to be making its way to the windows side of things none of the console versions will have a keyboard or Mouse controls as of right now maybe theyll be added retroactively but we dont necessarily know another great feature that is making its way to the Xbox series X Series says Xbox One windows PS5 and PS4 versions of the games is the fact that a voice chat will be available I believe voice chat is available on the steam side of things so of course this is just more confirmation that what we are getting on consoles and on Windows is indeed the steam build of this title use the voice tab feature to talk to other players in the same Lobby to coordinate more efficiently and strategically while on the hunt remember that on the Nintendo switch you do not have voice chat and even if you did you might probably just end up having to use that weird adapter thing through the phone or whatever so you know regardless its just you know not available there but now youre gonna have that and I believe you know with the fact that its going to be available on Game Pass and stuff like that I think a lot of people are probably going to gravitate to that version specifically since you know voice chat is kind of ubiquitous with you know Xbox gaming online period another one of the features that theyre mentioning is optimizations through the graphics options I mentioned that on Windows youre going to be able to have advanced graphical settings to change more detail settings and optimize the game that best suits your personal environment so of course this is no different than what we already have on this theme side of things you can certainly tweak the game around quite a lot and one of the more recent changes that we got to see on the steam side of things was the newest dlss that was added in so not only do you have already Dynamic resolutions being added in but the LSS also is going to be tweaking that as well even further so while the game already runs and looks relatively good on um on Steam the windows are version is going to be matching that as well another one of the touted features that they had showcasing the trailer itself was 3D audio support this is going to be available on Xbox series s and X versions of the game windows and Playstation 5. so last gen consoles Xbox One and PS4 are totally excluded from this version essentially they mentioned that you connect supported devices to surround yourself with spatial sound that puts you in the thick of the action I mentioned yesterday that those are PlayStation 3D helmets or whatever headsets or something are like relatively popular or whatever I try to use one I didnt necessarily see the difference here the difference but Im sure people I mean theyre popular for a reason so people get to hear them I didnt necessarily find a lot of use with them but you know theyre popular nonetheless so those features are coming over as well one PlayStation 5 exclusive feature is adaptive trigger support theyre mentioning that fill the pullback of the triggers as a gunner or the impact of blocking the Shield through adaptive triggers essentially adapted triggers are like haptic feedback that is kind of gone haywired Im not necessarily a big fan of it I have on I have it on my PS5 in some games I think God of War Ragnarok probably used it the best out of all the games that Ive played astrobots uh the like the tech demo game that came with it I was a a pretty decent one but for the most part I have not necessarily been too blown away by this whole adaptive trigger situation so you know it is what it is but again I see a lot of people just turn it off completely so I guess Im not the only one who isnt a big fan of it the last major feature that they are touting specifically for this upcoming release is on Windows and theyre mentioning that Ultra wide display support will be available in additional to the basics 16x9 screen ratio the game can also be optimized for 21x9 Ultra wide display to experience higher levels of immersion so you are going to be able to essentially have Ultra wide display only on Windows and not on any of the upcoming console versions of the game so thats about all the major features that they are timing once again no cross play no cross saves that is a massive bummer I made a separate video about that Im going to be leaving a link in the description below for that as I basically just think that is just a deal killer for pretty much everyone who already plays on switch and everyone who already plays on steam or PC they are not interested in starting all over again even if youre giving me the game on Game Pass which Im already a subscriber of but I have zero interest in starting all over again regardless of what new features you add if youre brand new to my channel be sure to leave a like And subscribe hit the Bell to receive notifications when the videos go up and as always thank you so much for watching see ya how to make game full screen steam Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is releasing on PlayStation and XBOX early next year. 8 Major Features have been confirmed for gamers to enjoy! 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