Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak First Playthrough (Part 1) Longsword Gameplay

Steam games 10 dollarswho invented steam engine first MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK game hmm um yo hey guys lets freaking go uh yeah lets just go cant wait it feels like everybody has been playing for ages already at least when i look at my discord thanks for joining guys if you need early mastering set for long sword i put one in the chat channel hey that is nice for you but i dont want to know anything no sets no no nothing gonna figure it out on my own Music lets go sun break yeah its here finally all right lets jump in here we go Music uh happy hunting man same to you sir same to you thank you all right i know youre going to hate me for this but honestly i dont care that much im just gonna skip this hey ive been a minute oh yeah definitely i know im sorry um i took a little bit of a break before this thing came out so i got fresh energy um i should have paid paid attention what they said huh lets get all of this talk to minoto all right all right laguardia for joining gonna start downloading the game as well awesome enjoy a daimyo hemi tower gonna be the first hunt all right i used to love this guy um back in the old games lets go and by the way i um so the safer im using um i made this before i like started modding my game hardcore and its lacking a lot of stuff i hope its not going to be an issue but i just wanted my game to be like unmodded lets go weep brothers yeah lets go Music Music she already Music these cats are just adorable all right lets take him down uh area six still getting used to no beard yeah i know i know uh same for me honestly i was wondering if something was different yeah also um no hat actually got a haircut first time in like um dude must have been over a year this guy was horrible with greatsword daimyo lets see how he is with longsword here we go uh no no raw all right let me go for it all right its all right um bombs unlucky nice nice looks like easy counters so far lets punch that Music i guess his uh claws uh wait never mind bad hit zones too late on that one i see Music wow all right did not expect that oh that was close his launcher was pretty terrible and for you wow what does that move what the uh i imagine the songs that also looked terrible right i just dont like these crab long swords good thing i cancelled specialty oh my god its got some delay on that huh Music wow all right i love that attack do it again no whats going on please now ah too early i suck all right all right hes definitely got learned some new stuff since i last fought him and that was in um Music monster freedom unite i guess wait was he in monsanto try or something i dont think so nice um let me try and go for his face probably gonna hit his shell or something no actually that was decent but yeah you can really feel the handbrake enough we should have paid attention there hello everyone are you guys satisfied with sun break i cant speak for everyone but i just dove into it and so far yes ill wait to see the rest of the stuff oh that was nice uh almost got the faucet there Music ah let me try and go for the counter wow that actually worked all right so maybe no mistake i thought i had more time nice let me saw after this the ship is safe never mind its not what do you guys think of the new long sword um i cant really say yet like as it was in the demo i liked it but im sure things changed any full game its babyface lucas yeah it is it is finally got a haircut and a clean shave it was about time is secret chief a counter yeah yeah it is at least at the um like when you start the move you got like a f i think without quick shift its like one second where you can counter if you want to should definitely uh sharpen gotta get used to these timings whats up am i late no no i just started this is the first hand in the dlc wow i should sharpen you uh dog that was a mistake please wow im getting clapped can i please sharpen there we go is he leaving no yeah all right oh brock is um skull i think would you go through your current set uh yeah of course this is just um like not even the best meta set we had free sun break im missing one level of handicraft and uh yeah because im using this charm thats the only like good legit charm i got its not bad actually i like the divine blessing on that all right i see Music no what else garbage holy you know it kind of looks like hes poisoned with that stuff coming out of his mouth is he gonna do it again not this time alright chilling i think he looks kind of cute honestly lets kill him uh go for bomb please nice nice finish Music my g with a new haircut yeah yeah it was about time to get a new one or a haircut pretty sure ive gotten not gotten one for at least a year oh yeah dont forget to cough Music weird seeing you in that haircut yeah um i dont usually always wear hats but i thought you know its time for a fresh start Music classic mr krabs i enjoyed this fight i can see myself um really liking him once i get good with his timings im kind of surprised that didnt take that long even though i did terrible wonder why you couldnt play sunbreck before its release because i am a peasant from europe and um you dont get into capcom partner program if you are from europe oh Music thats racist yeah i think so too team ducks that are from eu yeah but im not team doctor i guess i made an exception for tim darksen is that luna garron it is Music he looks scary i know no no i got this i got this hmm what the what hes just gone huh why is he just gone i kind of wanted to fight him right now hey out im just popping to say hello have fun with sunbreck hey thanks so much sonic same to you sir same to you happy hunting Music uh a grand name is it not its fine ah all right lets dive in Music talk to a dame whats the name theo rain its kind of sick name lets lets go i like your cut thank you sorry youre more popular than some team dark side speedrunners ah come on thank you buddy i tried applying for partner program they wouldnt do it is that a roller coaster um are we to meet the village chief oh yeah yo that girl on the right looks kind of dope i hope shes not underage Music foreign did you buy a deluxe dlc uh no no just standard honestly im not even sure what is in the deluxe thing but probably just some cosmetics right dont care about that stuff honestly mastering one lets go i think that guy is like the new um Music training um area guy to be honest i didnt like the guy from um kamura that much all right but uh before we talk to him lets explore this place can we um get up here nope all right hey i found something oh my god that all all is so cute can i feed you some more ah she loves me off to a great start um lets go over here gunpowder why didnt they give you early access im a peasant from europe they usually like only put people from america into a partner program Music yeah i found the nest oh we got a nice little outfit for the old awesome whats up with you nothing all right all right uh smithy rampage decorations uh level 4 decoration did you say you got left 4 decorations lets go i kinda already knew they were coming back but still excited to see them i guess these are just um like the standard ones and theyre gonna be more like once we progress create the rampage decorations ah i guess thats just another thing for your weapon huh all right all right exciting stuff is a chat he is yep definitely are you selling some crystals or something oh my god its a guy i thought this was an old lady for being honest all right you got some more i guess not um buddy plaza all right lets talk bugs is this a great while back tutorial all right uh what is up here no you cant go up there ah sad times look at that train that is the cutest thing ever the way it bounces hes waving best game out of a 10 out of 10. ah thats beautiful um well level up your tango experience all level down more about that later all right i guess some new stuff to the food system whats the annoying of classes oh yeah i think what i could tell from the trailers i think this ones gonna be annoying oh shes actually handler handler number two getting iceborn wives handler wives from here this guy seems to be like the oh yeah like the complete opposite from this guy which i like fantastic fantastic give him hmm no arena i was kind of hoping for a new arena Music all right i guess thats the way to progress lets go nicole thanks for joining also everybody else whos joining jihili welcome switch skill swap i know how it works buddy take the demo yo we got actually we got a second chief right away that is awesome honestly i kind of hate how they force these uh tutorials on you like let me choose if i want to do it let me know when youve had enough practice yeah yeah its good is it steam or switch version im playing on steam bro can i get out of here please oh we can just complete quest i see Music out with no be it still looking cool man hey thank you appreciate that looking fresh huh did you uninstall all of your mods before downloading yes i um reinstalled the entire game and took my old save i made a copy of before i started modding my game so i should be completely fine shes a princess i dont know why but i dont like her all right lets talk to him maybe im wrong maybe shes nice hi the three lords ive seen oh nice we got a room in a boat again pretty sure it was the same thing in um world at least at the beginning lets check it out thats such a nice room nice good stuff um gotta talk to her again i see yeah put me into mastering thats amazing lets do some hunting so here we got the daimyo and um Music oh was just velocity i was thinking it was velocity drone but i guess its not um that unlucky they will come back right not that i like him that much but i dont know got mastering ladrov azeroth and kudu honestly not not that amazing all of these kind of suck except ladrov hes actually at least his low rank version used to be a good long summer all right lets eat um hopping skewers what the does that mean it boosts tango weakness to level 3 and then go boosted to level 4 but that makes it 90 activation chance thats kind of interesting also makes moxie and adrenaline worse huh all right thats kind of curious royal ladrov is pretty fun yep i think so gotta watch this Music kind of sad we didnt get a cute song uh you can arrange the order like with the food scales so it gives like other food buffs like a better chance i think alright lets do some hunting we unlock these swap skills at that point yeah yeah we also have sacred chief like im really happy they gave you second chief right away um in the rise some reason it took forever until you got um reckoning i guess were just gonna go second chief here and then um Music and then im gonna use this just for building up level and i guess were going to go with our own search on this one too it makes it so much easier to gain a level from the second chief counter thing yo max welcome uh did you get your game running i saw you were having some issues earlier hope its running for you he long sorted his beard i actually used a short knife i want to see you using secret chief i had struggle using it uh same for me at the beginning yeah yeah i mean still just gotta put in deep practice yeah yeah yeah i forgot i dont have a special anymore also um i have to get rid of the heart at least for this um switch skill that was close all right lets see what he does nice counter bronze lost a level there but at least we didnt get hit again bad timing wow this guy seems a lot tougher than his low rank version which im happy about let me actually switch can you do that again not now wow im garbage yeah holy hes tough im doing like really bad is that secret chief uh yeah i was using it just a second ago what the is going on this guys no chill holy crap all right let me get in there uh yeah that was that was awful whats the yellow thing on your hp bell uh thats the moxie indicator like if you get hit by a heart attack and you have us above that yellow thing you will live with one hp its a food skill thats the first counter i landed i think why is he so hard come on hit me no i gotta leave my um buddies behind i think its messing with me Music um can i saw wait i have second slash i forgot what is he doing just chilling no no no no no no no im dead im dead im not die to roy ladrov please one hp nope almost died to roy ladrov we actually got the counter there i messed up nice lets try and go for a second chief never mind content now and the hop is still there awesome fantastic news i was kind of very it was a demo only thing that was terrible i should have just hype on it Music and yeah thats how you lose free spirit levels ah lets go for sakura sash almost dodged that nice all right thats fine Music uh let me try another secret chief maybe hopefully um all right that was bad again lost the level that was good charge that thing dodge unleash it lets freaking go nice all right but yeah he seems to have gained a lot more moves compared to his low rank version or high rank i should say i guess were gonna charge oh wait i need to switch charge right now oh that was amazing lets go i also love how you can go into another round slash right after the second cheap combo get at least one level back lost the level there that was good so yeah on that counter like if your timing is not good you will lose a level but not take damage and if timing is good you can go for round slash like righty uh definitely should sharpen lets um yeah lets sharpen hes leaving anyway all right anyone else having so much issues with this guy he seems tough how is harvest moon in the circle um i dont like it that much honestly i mean its a good buff right but i dont like how much it hinders you in your movement i rode right into that huh so yeah i still have to get used to this circle but now i like to be free and like we dont even have this circle yet all right its fantastic i need some healing stuff oh god hes chasing me Music lets get some of these uh thanks for the follow yozo you can swap skills shift faster and dodge then you unsheath automatically i think thats great wait so if you um get the time oh i see what you mean yeah yeah that is great uh thanks for letting me know i didnt know you on sheath um during that by the way this guy one of the worst long-term matchups in base rise all right what was that hes almost dead Music lets try and finish him off with that sweet sweet secret chief here we go ah sally didnt get the finish on that one youre not getting away buddy im going to kill you i hope please die damn it they said long shot fair now um i cant say anything about it like i can only judge the demo thing and i dont know that seemed balanced but i gotta wait and see how it plays out in the full game one hit away of course all right um i did not expect this much trouble out of this guy if im being honest like i did terrible at the yeah pretty much entire fight which kind of surprised me because yeah his hiring version was pretty easy monsters are tough and mastering i guess they are i didnt had that many issues with um master rank tetrandon in the demo or great izuchi they felt pretty much the same but this guy felt like completely different because honestly i thought like mastering would only add like one or two new moves per monster but it felt much more than that what song is that basil theme i didnt pay attention if im being honest how long do you think you will stream um i guess all day i guess pretty long so many messages lets just do more hunting honestly i hate azeroth with a passion and this guy sucks too lets do a daimyo again oh wait this is just a small one thats just a small one yeah but honestly lets do this its much faster i dont feel like counting hulu do you have to slay 15 each no in total both of them nice j lu thanks for this up on youtube im actually really glad these guys are back for some reason i guess just because i know them from the old games lets destroy him nice i guess i should um actually carve this gas mastering monsters feel robust even the starting quests are so happy uh yeah dont get me wrong i like me a challenge i was just kind of surprised do you think camillas songs are still viable on mastering one yeah definitely you got nothing else right wait thats not true i didnt check out the smoothie like the way i should have maybe you can make something already i thought i could get a red cage though takawita thanks whats up on youtube is there a velocity jerome or only velocity praise i dont know i hope for some reason velocity jerome will be in this uh he was kind of like the first monster i guess i ever took down in a monster game and he gave me some some issues oh hey hey buddy because yeah um in your first month center game especially if it was like one of the older ones like even the first fight gave you some major issues hit all of them nice get sorry off crap long sword had a lot of people recommending the mastering hemi tower longsword yeah i just want to find out for my own honesty and i guess it doesnt matter that much honestly hey buddy uh actually i forgot to carve the last one i think can you stop being alive all right do you miss paintballing no absolutely not and tracking monsters or do you think its better off left in the old games its better off left yeah uh its not that much fun searching the monster for 10 minutes its actually i hate it yeah sucked honestly i guess like if youre playing more casual and are looking for like a real monster hunter experience its kind of part of it right but yeah like for me the way i play these games i just want to hop into the fights asap without any uh lets hamburger these guys just two months ago and then i guess we got another urgent crust um i still got confused with my buttons honestly because in the demo you could can switch r1 and r2 and now im going back to the old way i used to play its still messing with me all right just one more hey buddy just hambrick him nice what are those crap things just just that just some crap things honestly yeah i was kind of when they showcased shogun i kind of had a feeling these guys were coming back to and uh daimyo of course as well i like them i think they look kind of cute in a weird way uh that was one of the reasons i never got into the older games i could never find the monsters yeah its its not fun i mean i get it like why that was a thing and i guess a world that kind of a good mixture of old and new you still had to track them right but it was much easier but honestly im super happy they just put it on the map now where this oh uh what was that tetranodon all right lets fight tetra i only fought him once i need demo and i didnt have that many issues with him Music gonna fight him in the jungle as well awesome uh def slinger thanks much for the prime stop two months thank you i appreciate this support man um Music is the hopping skewers thing like can i just always do that it seems that way like i dont really understand what the difference between level two moxie adrenaline and level 1 could be weakened and booster makes sense right but how can you make moxie worse like adrenaline could be less damage right interesting stuff the beard yeah beer is gone gone for good uh what are we hunting oh yeah tetra i should have stopped by at this mafia i know im sorry im just not used to being able to craft new equipment that is something i havent experienced for the last year here we go uh this guy doesnt have a raw lets sacrifice wait that is his raw i think yeah there we go his raw is like so tough for me to counter oh crap almost got me two times that time was bad really all right theres so much delay oh my god that worked holy crap um secret chief hi palmer oh god that was awful and yeah it is so painful missing that sacrifice nice um let me switch and then secretary hi palmer better than nothing huh im almost back to red gauge please be nice to me alright you can train a bird to sell drugs i can teach you all to track monsters for you tetra come on do you think that has a terrible ride if im being honest feels kind of slow stack receive is important but i dont know whats the right timing to use it same same gonna need a lot of practice for sure um he just left yeah uh you can now turn down the hit effects and general settings now we can actually see the monster ball hitting it oh yeah thanks for reminding me let me do that also why do i have a silhouette of Music but you cant turn it down to zero huh here we go oh god i mess up sacrifice switch boss side charge no change my mind wrong button capcom is forcing us to use second chief no no no no why theyre not you can play however you want him you dont have to power play im so glad i had something there Music theres so much delay on that and um by the way like in the demo secret chief i think it wasnt even stronger than like doing the old handbrake i think i dont think so please hit that oh all right roy ladrov out of nowhere dude can you not watch me miss the secret chief actually wait that was awesome oh lets go uh let me hop on there were basically at the same point in the game nice nice yeah just started uh like one hour ago what a duck come on ladder off you go ladder off kind of sucks too wait that one is better oh yeah i had to body check him there and lets punish him i think you should pick up these shinies on the ground i definitely should yeah thanks for reminding me im just so used to not giving a about carving and shinies but yeah i definitely should pick them up let me charge turn her out i think hes leaving no Music lets go yeah thanks for reminding me to pick up shinies i think thats a one percent chance right there all right from chinese i think its one percent to get a gem how songs are feeling so far im i mean i knew how it felt like from the demo and yeah i really like uh second chief feels amazing feels new different strong i know a lot of people in the longshot community dont like it but i really do i guess a lot of people are just afraid of um change and i get it im kind of scared of that move like all the moves that are like super delayed and have like this long build up i suck at countering Music alright nice lets use sec chief now awesome nice um that fight felt much better than a ladder off much easier for sure maybe its just me but roy ladrov gave me a hard time oh yeah dont forget to pick up stuff and now were gonna check out the smoothie theres more on the beach area oh yeah thanks for reminding me i think we got enough time to go back there like i think that was area 10 right or three i should say oh we got some more shinies here crap oh thats just a count item cant keep that one im gonna run out of time before i can pick up my shinies no well that was my bad can you show switch skill loadouts um i only use one with um the second chief but yeah i can show you one second but yeah for now we only got the second chief that is new uh lets go to the smithy can you not change uh switch skills in here so yeah im just using one with psycho chief handbreaker and im using round slash instead of reckoning because its much easier to gain a spirit level with the second chief counter that way and then this one i use for level build up we got um sequoia slash and just a normal special and uh yeah thats it for now all right lets check out some weapons i dont think i can make anything yet um lets check out armor first actually yeah i think tetra is just for gunner hamilton quick shift level 2 hello just a level one slot ah sad times what the is tune up increase the stats of custom mods attached to bogans i see disappointing yeah i mean nothing looking too good for now were just gonna stick with the old armor see anything i can make i dont think so i could actually make this if i had some avajite and some of the other stuff yeah nothing i can make so far lets do some more hunting i really like his high rank version this guy and then i guess its not too bad honestly i think a lot of people dont like him because of his and i think its mainly because of his bad hit zones but his fight like it wasnt too bad honestly and yeah were going to do barrow first so we can save the good stuff agnes or later Music i think you had a thai rex long shot upgrade available for some reason yeah but that was just the old upgrade from like base rise im pretty sure because like on this account i um this might save from right after when i beat the main story because i was scared of mods and so i never upgraded the attackers long sword in this yeah thats just the standard stuff um did i restock am i forgetting something else i feel like im forgetting something but lets go hello whats up hey welcome um im just enjoying this awesome game its already 10 out of 10 for me just because of the train in the village Music and uh yeah cant wait to play this for three thousand hours or something are you not using handbrake anymore no no still using it but its like situational i guess ooh theres a poison toad hiding here i think this guys actually pretty weak to poison bear is fun in my opinion especially with sword and shield i think hes a good long so much up too i mean there are better ones but yeah hes not that bad at least his high rank version lets check out this game Music no way the is rod its always coming out of nowhere uh let me just poison him hopefully no way i suck at using i suck at everything lets be honest ah let me just use second slash to get back to red gauge and now we charge get in there hit his tiny arms oh amazing is that an attack no nice second slash back to red second chief all right all right i see dont go for his hat i got that awesome no no no no i guess we can go for a couple more handbrakes against this guy compared to secret chief just because his tiny arms are that hard to hit and yeah its much more easier to aim with um hamburger compared to secret chief yeah we still had something good but that was like completely lucky maybe its just me who struggles so hard with aiming that that thing but yeah definitely have to get used to it beautiful lets go all right Music so far this guy doesnt seem that hard like not roy luther of amount of heart i messed up didnt i you are too happy enjoy i am quite happy yeah im not so happy that i have to chase him across the entire map doing this but i can and i will im not wasting three levels is it just me or does master monsters barely do damage to your high rank armor um i can only speak of the early master rank monsters and yeah the damage seems kinda low but i guess its normal right because these are the first ones you fight greetings from turkey hey greetings to turkey greetings from germany all right that was still a huge waste let me shop Music did you ever make a video on your long sword key bindings what the are key bindings is that for like when youre playing on um pc with mouse and keyboard im playing a controller how did i miss that why is he leaving already come on peak long story gameplay you think so um thank you i still have to get used to the all of the new stuff though oh wait you dont even need whitebox to climb i forgot uh um really enjoying his fight so far yo this kulu is a huge oh come on uh welcome back you guys lets punch him and now we go for six chief hit that tiny arm awesome second slash im way far away yeah yeah lets heal nope no spare gates right there good thing i noticed ah that was terrible i forgot that thing is coming back damn it um lets just go for combo right here no gauge hit that please i beg you better than nothing huh Music oh come on hit me nice um Music i didnt feel like he had that many new moves from beyonce and i once again forgets to collect chinese yeah it felt like a royal ladder of had the most new moves so far and if youre just coming in roy ladrov i got clapped by him he was hot why arent you using your main account um this is my main account its just a save file of a main account that i did before i started modding my game hardcore like right after i beat the main story because yeah i was like super afraid yo this starry night looks beautiful i was kind of afraid that my all of my mods would mess up with the expansion so i completely uninstalled the game yesterday and um wiped everything clean lets check out master rank um baroff they seem to be quite generous with the level 4 slots that one doesnt seem too bad but yeah nothing too amazing holy everybody wants to talk to me uh lets ignore them and lets do agnes honestly im super scared of this guy im super scared of mastering voldown like what horus will you have in store for us hey stream i started sunbreak with greatsword im doing it awesome enjoy so you like uh switching from longsword aggressor seems to be powerful in summary dark depression devours me this guy seems like a i can relate to that captain of the chevaliers all right all right these are just some fetch quests come talk to soupy no you got a meowman for me i gotta talk to him just for that wordplay all right and yeah i guess were good to go jump into agnes uh jason i hate him thank you for joining wait agnes on frost island thats kind of surprising uh you actually gotta be careful when running up here with that tree i can mess you up so i guess im gonna try sakura slash into um especially if the counter or not or not thats cool move Music now that miss me are you serious all right wait i need second slash yo i gotta leave my buddies behind let me try and go for it oh god can you come over here can you stop no not like this im just gonna hide palmer oh that was amazing lets go Music all right i thought he was done there he seems to be behaving a lot different compared to high rank second slash charge all right all right you got no chill ayo whos that babyface on screen looking good man thank you but yeah i agree it does make me look like five years younger at least which i guess is not a bad thing gonna start as well the first launch game crashed so i dont know how yikes um i hope it works out for you did you um try to like uns uninstall the game thank you for messing around with mods as well right and yeah i took no chance i just uninstalled it completely and even went back to my old save file where never used mods just go for a hamburger right here why was i unaffected by the raw all right Music is this just me or like this fire looks way better compared to like um tea austral fire right i think which is not too hot i know should i land a wait i shouldnt shouldnt do it like this because yeah im just gonna wait for this to run out because otherwise i will trigger with the first hit right all right awesome dont forget the shinies uh this way shara thanks for the follow appreciate you problems my connection is trash it will take two days to download again damn ive been there that sucks yo there was so much hit like right there holy okay i just froze there for a second now Music hit that awesome lets go i dont trust him what is he doing ah terrible timing lets uh second slash no no no no no please i beg you dont hit me Music im just gonna hyper armor into this now that was still good all right all right all right he has got some new tricks i think Music but then again we have some new tricks as well all right that one is fast um Music now hit that please i beg you now guess honestly thats the biggest issue with the sacred chief thing the second hit being so powerful that you get staggers a lot of the time and then miss your final big hit uh and yeah im going to leave my buddies behind only on the next hand if i remember to leave them behind you should uh change the setting talking about the mounting i think i mean yeah its um nice if you change it so you got a nice opening for the second sheath right but i mean you can still wallbang and get the opening after that dont think it makes much difference but yeah i guess im gonna turn it off i forgot to pick up shinies again how have you been art ive been doing pretty well thanks for asking been taking a little break off stream and youtube before sunbreak came out just uh doing some recharging and yeah its been great uh been doing lots of skateboarding um swimming chilling with friends good stuff uh lets remove that slash Music how was i unaffected by the raw i mean im super happy about that but i dont understand it did i had like earplugs from um the cat or something i should have gotten hit by that draw remember you can turn off attack mounting in settings oh yeah thanks for reminding me let me turn it off right now controls no attack or b i guess this one huh um actually i had the pelican buff for earplugs nice you have friends please teach me how to get some i wouldnt say i have um like i do have friends here but not like um i got like one really close friend and then the rest is just like more more like um acquaintances that i like to hang out with but i dont know friend is such a strong word like you can do stuff together buddy but i only have like one friend that is like always there for me and yeah im talking about like most of you guys i know from skateboarding like im not super close with them but i was having a good time skateboarding with them and sometimes rarely we also do other stuff i should have paid attention to this i think the is up with her is she high shes just uh vibing having a good time uh lets check out the armor thanks for the follow um can i expect more out of acne summer from being honest doesnt look that amazing check out his sword maybe oh we could do one more something i mean um ecosome and then get this i think oh wait never mind i dont have all the other stuff lets just stick with what we have then and we got an urgent quest on our hands scooter kids at the skatepark its the worst thing ever yeah holy its the most annoying thing yeah i actually remember a time when there were only skateboarders at skateparks ooh subspecies bishop but yeah these little kids just dont give a and um yeah they are annoying because thats the issue right if you put a small child on a skateboard they feel like really unsafe because theyre not comfortable riding it yet and so they will have to pay attention to other other um people at the park naturally but like with these scooters they just ready to go and just do whatever without paying attention whats going on Music 10 hours to download damn that sucks man that really sucks uh let me leave behind my buddies oh thats not the thing is there a body board somewhere am i blind theres no body body oh it looks completely different now i see thats why that looks kind of fancy all right lets go yeah i just dont like getting um the bodies getting in the way i love this guys dont you dare hurt my bum badging piece of foreign all right honestly im kind of scared of this guy wait what the are you doing here get the out of here please i dont i dont want you i just dont like how they force this kind of stuff on you like let me choose if i want to hunt with her or not ive got to restock diamonds i just want to see if she does anything if i dont do anything no all right lets go for second slash pretty sure theres enough time to get the count on you raw if you do it better but yeah this guy looked kind of annoying from the from the gameplay trailers and like usually i like normal bishop ah bad timing can i charge dont you there let me just hit this now i take it i take it that was kind of weird i definitely should have restocked oh god Music oh hes not done actually i worked out amazingly what the what the thats awesome all right ah crap oh i can attack him i turned off the um the setting yeah yeah im good um lets just wait i gotta take this ride yo he got a straight up uh flamethrower what the hell um so far i really like him doesnt seem that annoying follow a quest yeah yeah um so far honestly i havent noticed her that much in a good way like i dont think the monster is going after her that much if at all so far all right now he is wow i cant believe i got that somehow let me hit that please i beg you nice but yeah i hope um these follow quests are not that common at least later on you can like choose to not bring them with you i know theres gonna be like probably some story related missions that you have to bring them thats fine all right guess it just completely safe if youre standing in the middle there that looks cool wow i was safe there again awesome damn its bad timing let me hit this and then heal i said heal and now we go secretary hit that please nice now awesome no sad times but hey we got sick slash hit that awesome yo my game kind of feels a bit laggy if im being honest i actually lost a level there thats fine no gal point down nice let me get already oh god just high palmer i got scared yeah yeah i panicked actually i was fine i think nope nope nope Music yes all right that seems kind of awkward to counter that miss me come on yeah yeah we just started um two hours ago but you get it like right away right when you start um the dlc which im super happy about i was kind of worried they would um Music put it at the end of master rank or something and i guess theres still switch skills um that you will get super late i mean we still dont have harvest moon or the other wire back counter and i think theres even more switch skills like which they havent even showed off at all i think found a new build in sunbrella yet uh no no still rocking the old arise meta havent seen anything amazing so far oh hes exhausted i was so confused three barry thanks for this up on what the happened oh wait what uh yeah thanks whats up on youtube theyre not going to there we go oh i was so scared to miss that last one lets go just second slash nice i love how with sacrifice you can dodge actually a lot of attacks there was some wind pressure all right lost my level because of that no where you going i gotta try awesome lets go um initial thoughts on this guy hes less annoying than i thought he would be i think i would like this fight if i practice it more also yeah it felt kind of weird because of the follow-up thing i guess but yeah i enjoyed this good fight how many pinecones does that monster have a bunch of them i just wonder where hes keeping them Music theres a new whiteboard counter yeah yeah theres it was in the demo if you use the cheat engine Music and its like um timing timing on that was really tight like i think it was just a bit more generous compared to like dodgeball and you would gain a spirit level immediately if the timing was good and you dont even have to connect to the monster but its like not that strong its just for getting gauge i think i mean level cough did i forget to cough that happens sometimes speedrunners dont cough are you still vibing i dont know this girl is kind of sauce shes having some good stuff i think i coughed awesome wow so many people want to talk to me more decorations that sounds good can we actually make a new sword though uh nope lets check out his armor handicraft level 2 is there a slot of course not yo thats like six levels of uh level two level two stuff on that but yeah not that amazing yeah garbage what do you think of the dlc till now i know its early but still i came to this island after like five minutes in and i saw this train and the cat um waved at me and i knew right then then this game is 10 out of 10. i mean look how bouncy it is uh yeah serious seriously though i think i thought so far felt good um roy lodge kind of kicked my ass which i did not expect and yeah im really enjoying it so far im super scared of this guy wait dont we have oh i have to talk to the lady you can take your allies out on quests with you as followers allow each of you to hone the other skills ooh raffia nice i feel like a normal reference like the best long-term matchup and base her eyes hands down oh this lady needs some help oh she wants to do a follower quest never mind not gonna do that lets do graphene oh wait we can choose actually kazoo somna awesome dont like pookie too much we only have to do uh two so were gonna do something camp and raffian i guess lets start out with sonicaf and lets get some sleep decorations this fight so much easier oh wait i dont have any can i make some nope all right get potions thank you for reminding me did you wave back to the cat on the train no i was too too shocked i couldnt wave that fast odd said to me that the younger ruger was really easy when i said he kicked my ass and now roy lodge of avenge me wait young aruga i said he was easy i hate young garuga to be deaf hes not easy at all for me dont like him lets wave at the cap no did you see it i took too long but i swear the cat waved at me at first guys um i appreciate it that you um put stuff about the game in in chat but please i i dont want to hear anything like um do this to unlock this or like anything please dont i want to find out stuff on my own can i excited to see her new moves oh that is way faster she didnt have that before that is poi poison why the does she have i got poisoned from the marbles didnt i i think oh wait a second on this i forgot no spirit gage should have paid attention sorry mate ill be more careful yeah no worries man i know im like um super spoiler sensitive and i know its my my own fault but yeah like like i said i dont want to know anything what the what the that looks freaking amazing Music Music just go for foresight nice charge this should be fine please i beg you dont walk away all right awesome oh i thought that was 11 right for a second nice actually hit that no no no all right no too early but yeah i want to try and play around more with the second chief conte i think this one uh summer camp i really like shes like um embassy rise one of the best long-term matchups i think and so far i really like the new stuff um nice let me switch let me charge hi palmer you cant type arma through um status stuff Music i should know that but yeah luckily its not hot at all to get these spirit loads back oh damn Music it looks so goofy when she um twitches her head back and forth like that uh were gonna forsake and then charge perfect thats such a huge opening huh whats that alright yes it lingers around for a while but its not gonna be an issue if you have um sleep resistance oh wait i dont even have the i mean yeah that still works out huh this is fine right right nice like that raw its like impossible to see coming right if shes in the other position her raw is like super easy to spot but not like that all right i take it that was the autumn concept all right were fine had no spirit gets right there yo why are you spamming this so much right now i mean it works for you but uh why buck there we go get and now were going to sacrifice her face oh tessy hasty stuff ah that was way too early yep yeah drone double slash nice oh yeah dont forget about um hyper armor on drawn double slash Music its so useful Music oh that was amazing lets go i should definitely sharpen i know there we go you give me the wave im not too happy with that wave we gotta do it again later like i want her to wave at me and then i want to wave back thats my only goal for today that was a nice safe unintentional but still i thought i could tank through that no what am i doing damn it i tried to switch charge hi palmer oh nice thats the auto counter again too early no no all right that was so lucky lets go um just gotta go for combo ready Music nope dont pop me to sleep please hi palmer now awesome auto counter again i guess go earlier as you would think i cant believe i got a dunk on that holy lets go what was that oh blast oh thats perfect lets go this should be it right yes go not yet all right one hit away i knew it theres a lot of monsters that like to stand on the tail um bishop some account i cant think of anyone else staying thanks for the um follow i appreciate you yeah i cant think of anything else right now that stands on his tail just bishop and her did i forget to pick up shinies im sure i did you didnt get the shiny thanks for reminding me luckily these shiny stay around forever Music just one shiny though yo mayhem thanks for joining hello hows it going buddy happy release uh same to you brother its going well fine thanks for asking you look 10 years younger yeah i know thats good im old i want to you know look younger uh let me check out summer camp stuff sleep attack sleep resistance garbage complete garbage lets do graphene definitely looking forward to refining what the was that move long stud has ascended am i worthy uh you mean secret chief like that um where you charge it up and then unleash that heavy attack dont forget to restock but yeah i love that new move i feel like long story community is quite divided about that i like it oh yeah i dont have a dog i just remembered lets walk enjoying the content long wait for this definitely um Music honestly it still feels kind of unreal that im playing this right now it was a long wait yeah and yeah really enjoying it i think theres a v-sync issue in the game uh really what what is a v-sync i have no idea i got some like a little bit of lag earlier but it was fine for the most part i wonder if you were hiding because of the embargo no no also i wasnt hiding i was just uh recharging took a small break and yeah i didnt get anything um early they wont let me into the capcom partner program hate when they roam at them that was lucky all right that move seems kind of weird im being honest let me charge she gonna go for a second backflip hell yeah tasty all right shes not done i see i guess you want to force that into especially that one how was i fine there i take it you will get in i know you will in the partner program no they dont take people from europe thats the issue i guess unless youre like super big lets pick up these shinies before i forget like always why is he moving so fast that looked weird im in training mode im starting to really understand secret chief yeah uh took me some time as well and i still need much more practice but it feels weird for sure damn it kinda hard to judge where the hitbox will start them nice i guess i missed her face but thats fine charge oh no please dont turn around no you son of a that was sexy though wow thats a huge fireball pretty sure she didnt had that before i guess shes gonna leave yep oh wait ladder see thats why let me take the time and grab the while back theres like a divided unsynced portion of the screen right where the characters legs are oh thats what youre talking about yeah yeah i know that yeah do you know how i can fix that i have no idea what that is happening Music but i think it only started appearing after i switched to elgato to record i used to just record with game capture and i think i just might go back to game capture because like i guess theres no difference anyway between elgato and game capture thoughts on the new long submotion values on the old moveset um its not that bad i think Music i mean it used to be pretty overtuned oh i could have just uh charged right there get the away dunk lets go holy that that just made me so happy charge Music im going in for another dunk boys all right sad times i want it so hard to actually connect you have to go super early that move wasnt sure if theres a hitbox on her face actually or on the body rather oh no unlucky why did you stagger on the first one she loves to go for that one huh oh nice attack buff lets go no i suck so painful to miss that can i sharpen still yeah were good Music hey is it just me or did the v-sync issue disappear like right after we talked about that i think its better now oh wait its still there yeah im gonna take a break after this and then im just gonna go back to game capture i had no issues with that that was close terrible terrible aim ah lets go for sakura i missed all right try on video setting turn off vsync option or turn it on if its off like in game thank you i will try that come here awesome uh lets go for that dunk please oh my god yes yes why does that make me so happy that doesnt make sense lets go that took me a long time i feel like i guess i should have some better equipment at this point maybe i should just play better yes in game thanks so much man ooh well get a ruby wait is that like the um ruby you were able to get in base rise i think so i thought it was the better one are there any shinies i keep missing these charts a secret chief two rip yeah they are not that easy to hit how is the lss i have no idea what that could mean i suck at apparations sorry you could take a little time to go around and get materials from small monsters mining might find some decent game yeah but i guess were still fine i dont like gathering from being honest um what is next let me see not looking forward to that oh is that what is that what you were talking about um Music should i use this v-sync off amazon was uh telling me i should turn this on right i guess thats way better now yeah oh yeah yeah oh my god that is it yeah that is so much better sorry guys im not a pc person but that looks looks way better now yeah and what is that used to provide the highest possible frame rate at maximum graphics settings i guess we dont need it because we are only playing on 68 frames anyway and yeah this seems to be much better now thanks so much mayhem the fun t-rex bad matchup alongside yeah hes a terrible fight he is not looking forward to this if im being honest i gotta take a quick bathroom break and get some water im gonna be back in a short amount of time see you soon Music Music oh Music Music Music Music Music Music all right im back thank you for staying with me lets jump into engine f mastering enough uh its probably gonna suck lets check out rafi nama yep garbage welcome back thank you thanks for still being here im still ahead of you im gonna catch up to you hey if you fail the counter the spiritual bar penalizes you talk about the second chief count yeah if youre too late uh youre just gonna automatically counter and lose a spirit level and brackets nerf now you should try the new second chief yeah im doing second chief all the time pretty much hello its really complicated to connect the new counter um i talk about the counter or like the actual hit the big one that one is not easy to hit here damn i forgot to restock whatever wait unsheath first and then hate this raw like it comes out out of nowhere i cant believe i counted an attack from him yeah because usually something like that happens thats a new move im pretty sure all right no spirit gets right there can you please dont do it all right charge its gonna be like impossible to hit his face with this let me try yeah oh nice actually got that all right but yeah i think i have to use more hambricker um on this guy compared to sacred chief alright never mind that was amazing lets go but yeah also super lucky what the was that you didnt even hit me Music all right dont kill me all right wow his hitboxes are not that amazing please unlucky uh let me just go for a hamburger right here all right turn around amazing you know um even though it was still terrible flick is somehow better than he used to be let me restock already ahead of me on the main quest i was taking a little time exploring gathering and gear management yeah you should do that yeah i should do it too but um i just want to hop into the fights asap and were still holding up quite well with the old game all right cant handle the poke no way the no no can you come down ah i hate getting back up here all right that was easy Music that attack seems weird ah terrible i hate engenuf hit that please i take it terrible let me grab this what was that jump that looks so weird second slash um another one dont fall down please please no just gonna fast travel he cant handle the poke you cant handle the kick Music thats fair yeah oh come on all right dont forget to sharpen i cant believe i didnt connect that to him but only the crap oh no damn it actually was fine there hit that please i beg you no i think im gonna start going for handbrake against this guy it sucks to hit his face with uh sacred chief uh what do i do here just just right im loving second chief right now uh yeah i love it too its just not that easy i guess like its way easier to aim with handbraking nice let me charge now ah not to hit anything good on him why am i almost dead i thought i just healed um again a second slash switch how was that not his face that made no sense oh come on i feel like you can do that fire attack um way faster now compared to high rank but yeah i never thought this guy more than i had to he sucks nice get in there please hit that face i beg you oh my god its impossible to hit his face and go for combo uh all right that worked out charge im just gonna go for his legs now i think oh no its never mind Music ah why do i suck no no dont do that to me hes not going that far im not gonna waste my three levels im just gonna get to him slowly i know but um yeah it is what it is no way Music im gonna stop going for a second chief now i think thats just handbraking uh wow you know i cant even blame him that much its just me at this point i think and yeah i i think hes better than his high rank version hey i should sharpen oh ravion that is perfect actually got this sharpened lets go just said something i dont care actually got an engine up too lets go uh let me take that right reference a really good ride uh one of the best actually i think that was the wrong attack though there we go punch him peek longshot gameplay why do you keep saying that am i getting troll oh wait that was the wrong thing finally hit his face Music but yeah not easy to hit that sweet spot uh lets check out his coil when we when we get back because as you all know engine of coil um used to be meta but i really hope we dont have to farm him for a gem Music and yeah i think hes slightly better but still not great had to do the same thing earlier on the raffian she moved to the next area as soon as i charged yeah that sucks but at least you can hop after her as long as you want to if you have stamina ooh cutscene huh foreign did he found some poop or something his legs looked weird as foreign Music this guy is so full of himself oh lets freaking go yes we dont have to farm him for ages if he has good equipment thank you so much oranges all right i guess garen gom is going to be the next urgent quest what is up with you get another kahoot outfit lets go oh train stopped thats shes waving i gotta wave quick shes seeing it oh shes picking up some food i love how much detail theyre putting into things like this she didnt wave back at me search uh what do we got here and nope tobys fine i like toby a lot actually dont like this guy all right um i guess were gonna do this one this one is fine shrine runes i just love this little workplace they do oh yeah lets check out engine f the waste its still the same thing but with um a level 4 slot now nice and you actually need the mantle im so so happy we got the mantle all right we just need one more should we get it now i guess so shouldnt take too long we can get it from some chinese can i like even fight him again yeah there he is oh yeah dont forget to restock i know like usually youre supposed to be in um or relaxing when you get back to the hub right or to the village but for me its like panic mode because theres so many things i keep forgetting lets get that engine fir how you finding it so far amazing loving it got my switch on my backpack ready to go to work um i actually play with um able to play at work enjoy and by the way thanks so much for the tip with that v-sync thing it helped out a bunch just one jam i got two are talking about mantles we got two engine f mantles from him sacred chief is amazing yeah i think so as well i really like it please hit that that is exactly why i dont like this guy that made no sense that was too late that was my bad i know i need a spirit gauge i cant do anything there we go what is that why Music please i beg you all right better than nothing um honestly i kind of forgot how you make chinese drop is it just from van riding i think its just for riding and if you get a topple i guess oh yeah that is lets go i guess i dont even need to go for sucker chief i just want to trigger the van right asap because yeah we just need one um fur and then were out of here wow all right and topples what is bashing just like um banging them against a wall i should have saw the right away um gotta be close to valen right i think i hope maybe not there we go all right now i think i can increase my chance if i just bring him to another monster right uh lets go with ravion if i can find her there she is because yeah im pretty sure you also get shiny drops from attacking other monsters on the right oh wait i shouldnt have punished her huh i messed up royally no dont even get um engine of materials crap i messed up i gotta try and um trigger ride on her is that enough awesome garen golem is a really fun fight awesome we should be there soon thanks for joining valentine hey guys hey there im new to monsanto ive started playing ryze ive about 30 hours so far awesome do you like it gosh i suck at valentine holy there we go im just gonna try and see if i can land one more attack because get the shine drops from that right damn it but yeah theres gotta be one fur in these drops right shot fur lets go were done we are done what is a good way to practice veiler counter um im not sure just pick a fight you are comfortable with and then do nothing but vela contest alright lets make that sexy coil nice can i make any level 4 decorations oh we got evasion plus already available toby were gonna fight him next but i guess for now we have to put in um whatever was in there before crit boost wait we can actually make put handicraft in here right no no gotta go with uh cripples so that really wasnt good for anything right now but we can upgrade the level 4 slot later on we got some more defense lets do to kadachi really looking forward to him if i buy sunbreak do i need to regrind all of my armors well thats going to be better theres going to be better stuff here your old stuff is outdated in summer game but thats the fun of the game grinding for some stuff just got the hypers cutscene of the game looking forward to that oh hey you need something i will never do it uh lets go so we i really like um high rank so we oh did you guys know theres like we can use this secret cave please damn it also this is useful can i get in there there we go all right took me longer to get in there then um it actually saved time i know is there any sale going on soon for sun break i want to play it really bad it just came out so i would assume no how did i miss that and i was terrible please hit something all right thats a new move oh my god how did he get me that was so bad ah terrible second slash yep thats definitely a new move yep is it just me or is he like more jumpier than he used to be nope too early wow all right finally were getting some um damage increase but im kind of confused was i not above moxie range i guess not first death i think oh bishop tennessee let me take that right hello how can you change layered weapon on normal weapon ah you cannot i dont know if they change it in the sun break dlc but in base game you cannot change it only on rampage weapons freaking crap got my first step uh its a fun fight i would say oh i should have went for a sec chief yeah yeah my bad can you come over here im coming to you then never mind all right im getting clapped that was weird Music two ross did not expect that oh my god that was so close i kind of expected more damage from being honest but yeah i guess the big damage is on his tail right good thing we got that i died to that just a second ago just go for a hamburger oh we still have that uh spider definitely gonna forget about that you like charging the riding punch that takes longer now or is it just me it could be i think youre right yeah but uh yeah i never wrote too much in base rise so i wouldnt know please dont move oh my god that was his tail amazing it was super lucky but i take it wow all right i gotta heal though at least above moxie range please at least we had something thanks for the info i hope normal weapons can choose a layout soon yeah i hope so too i dont understand why they made it like only for the rampage weapons but if youre playing on pc by any chance there are mods to change them all right i think i want to use that spider before i forget how does this work again like this oh yeah go for the tail no way god damn it wait that is the wrong sheave im so dumb there we go way too early please all right i take it cannot have speed sharpening i do Music oh god im dead im so dead no were fine gotta bring max potions next time for sure gimli thanks for the follow what the what go for that sakura slash all right that came out of nowhere its exhausted Music yo theres a giant thunderstorm coming my way i hope my pc doesnt get fried can i i should just handbreaker right dodge that raw lets go charge please dont move awesome awesome fantastic second slash hit that hit me no come on another slash nice just hyper armor awesome its probably a bad time yeah but i got lucky Music awesome lets go we got scum shouldnt have done that i was lucky holy its hailing like like crazy outside right now that sounds like uh tennis size balls holy holy thats the what is that i gotta check that out after this hell it sounds like they are cracking through my window any second now like it is so loud i cant even hear myself speaking holy i got i gotta finish this there we go holy um guys gotta take a break gonna be right back Music so Music so Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music so Music Music Music Applause Music Music Music Applause Music Applause Music me Music Music all right im back sorry about that i just experienced the worst hail storm of my life holy crap its still going but its calmed down but yeah i live in the upper floor right and i have these tilted or sideways windows and just kept banging like relently on that i couldnt even hear myself talking no problem you were about to die it was kind of scary im not gonna lie it wasnt like tennis ball size but they were big if you were outside right now good luck um oh yeah we wanted to do in this one lets check out toby stuff garbage welcome back everything all good over there im good yeah but everyone everybody that has been outside right now i think theyre dead i guess it wasnt that bad but it was it was quite bad like definitely the worst hair storm i experienced in my life uh lets do graffian first i think that that without any emotion yeah sorry i do that sometimes i dont think um they are dead i might exaggerate it just a little bit oh im so sorry bombaji i love you im sorry but thanks for your sacrifice oh wait i have sacrificed my bad no dont run at me that move sucks no i should have used the evade thing dont kill me dont no what was that tracking holy i cant believe i died too refined this is mastering huh let me try that again let me get this hey there was that triple 69 i didnt pay attention that was awful no wasted a level huh lets get it back lets charge what a dodge lets go no hate when that happens that is so garbage like its impossible to tell if the hitbox would be on her face or on the legs i was so confused then come on slide please please slide why am i not sliding is this not slidable area is tigger i need good and sound brake i have no idea im playing this for three hours now im still using freaking caminos because i havent found anything better i would assume its still good um just chilling that is beautiful and i still miss charge hop hit that please oh my god yes one point six k damage right there this time it was the face oh crap i thought it was a stagger all right i take it that was as close as it gets oh shes not done all right wait can she do a free backflips now why did i lose a level there Music please all right wow this time it was not her face but legs again its like impossible to tell thats when she tracked me like crazy on that one holy Music no gage nice tank all right lets go get some gauge more Applause no its only that move definitely gives me some issues do i have what the i even have this this is amazing im so proud of myself for having that uh is there enough time for sacrifice and then just hop on manually i dont know uh one more second chief and she should be done yep there we go nice dodge thank you that was super super lucky and i cant believe i actually didnt get hit there all right um great izuchi next i only fought him once or twice in the demo the master rank version i mean and he didnt seem to have that many new moves i cant remember a single one if im being honest by the way i keep forgetting to buff one badger you get away dont wanna hurt you lets go for another one uh i said the gaming thanks for the follow sorry i missed it earlier lets destroy all of them lets go im kind of surprised these small guys are still alive what the is this what that is new all right that was cool im pretty sure that is new right are you going to make a new set for longsword uh yeah of course as soon as i get something better Music um lets use these things wait there was a lot more damage on these things any demo i feel like Music please hit that nice nope once i kind of thought i heated him away with my attack when he jumped onto that wall what the uh second slash no dont do this to me hes not going that far just triple carted to shogun oh nice that sounds exciting yeah i cant be bothered lets screw these three spirit levels need to sharpen anyway this guys actually trash i think you are trash if you triple carted just kidding im looking forward to triple card as well wookie thanks for the follow i appreciate you oh thats a dunk yep good stuff wait we need more gauge there we go uh whats going on i see no way i thought i had more time i shouldve just hyper almonds but yeah no gap on that that was kind of weird what is up brother um just some good times playing this new monsanto game uh seems quite good i might play it for a bit but yeah i think um besides that thing where he hopped onto the wall Music no new moves at all i think finally a nice average longsword player stream thank you yeah i would say today my gameplay is even below average i can pick up these shinies you know i always struggle adapting to new stuff and secret chief gotta put in more practice though mastering is so much better so keep what you have but you will want to replace it yeah so far i havent seen anything that i want to have except the engine f car and we got that i got super lucky and got the mental first try are we gonna were gonna do the um garang thing now i think so yeah oh he looks he looks terrifying lets go uh let me actually check if we can make a better sword at this point i mean i guess i could just farm for this but yeah is there anything i can make nope yo this would be a good armor piece if this had better slots i like invader now but yeah this im up just so far not that amazing see myself farming 80 engineers to get that yeah i cant believe how lucky i go got it first try once again yeah yeah as enough sucks um i wanted to do something and i forgot oh yeah we can upgrade engine of coil is that the only thing i can upgrade yeah i think so all right lets um check out garen gom i feel like im forgetting something like every time oh yeah healing stuff um i have no max potion so can i make some is this my explosion no yes yeah lets make some and also i need to put um my buff items on the radian menu because otherwise ill keep forgetting about them and i guess we can put max potion over here yeah all right fine garen gone here come still havent gotten the engine off on pc just cheat dont torture yourself oh you know just use the dobaco its the same value actually thats so cute all right i cant wait looks awesome i feel kind of bad because they said hes like a dosa creature and yeah new map what the are you doing here jesus follow quest idiots huh what the is this what a weird creature i dont know about these guys oh i want to check out um castle missed out on the last few hands i had to leave my computer to put some work in search i would say you didnt miss that much um garen gomes like the only like truly new thing we fought for a while i guess so coming back just in time kill it i was about to they seem kind of weird right theres got to be something cool over here gotta be all right guess not disappointing just a big empty room cant you order them to stop following um nope i guess not yeah the little weight thing um that you have for your bodies is not there and i guess you cant interact with them that is something i really dont like that i want to experience monster solo for the first time why do you force this up upon me im a solo hunter and i dont bring dogs i dont bring cats why why do you force up on me give me a choice oh my god i hate this guy so much you Music piece of oh no that was a mistake hes chasing me can you please not im sorry hold on anyone know why we get stuck on loading screen after we click the save data uh no sorry bunch of delay on that i see what the is wrong with this tree yeah seems to have um delay on a lot of his attacks which is fitting for him right all right what you got i see can i hit that i can nice that was lucky a raw comes out of nowhere another roar out of nowhere what the oh that is awesome that is so cool he like rockets himself into the air nice should i charge get in there hit that please awesome lets get some slash in here all right i see i see i didnt pay attention to what the lady is saying but i guess shes giving me some tips no how did i miss that lets go for a second please all right that was nice no Music all right all right you can do that multiple times i see now we know can i charge awesome oh thats a toppo but yeah he seems to have uh good hit zones and not that hard to connect the sex chief on him i guess no unlucky hell yeah that was nice charge maybe hyper armor what the happened to my hyper armor he just said no no hype for you all right she used a trap again i guess thats nice and i think majority of players dont care about these followers right and actually probably like them because theyre like actually helping but i dont like it all right fantastic oh i got no stamina thats why im dead that is why im dead i see my cats tend to be worthless yeah yeah yeah i know that ill be stunned paralyzed and they will sit right beside me and not do anything yeah just taunting you um i really should have paid attention to my stamina though i even had some nullberries all right instant raw huh nice i never thought this opening would be this big could charge a lot sooner is this your first card in mastering no we cut it earlier to refian and i think also no i think toby kadacha was the first one without the wrapping and toby android ladder of almost he was tough can i charge good sir please can i hit that please thank you too wait what the is this yeah man these raws just come out of nowhere all right all right that is tricky that hes not um trying to hit you with that but just trying to rocket himself up in the air yeah that one exactly nice dodge now please let me charge please let me hit that thank you hes not done i think but yeah im really enjoying this fight so far would be much better without the follower oh my god uh let me heal the stamina thing this time actually yo its coming back like super slow i think that stamina debuff wasnt that big of an issue back in base rise if im not mistaken hes exhausted but not exhausted enough im dead actually were fine i just have no heels oh i do have heels is that a topple it is charged uh hey ubiquitous thank you for joining are we not using hamburger anymore i just downloaded and i havent been keeping up uh you can use whatever you want to handbreaker and secret chief both places are viable and you can also mix them right i just tend to go for more secret chief right now just because its the new thing and i really like it but i dont think its like that much better or even if it is better at all than just spamming hamburger no that was garbage oh what was that i think he grabbed huh always got to go left on that one i see oh my god she got launched uh i keep forgetting about the era thing after switching skills nice wait what all right second slash charge bad idea can i sharpen dont do it yeah i went right again im a slow learner wow uh no more heels left but we almost got him all right oh let me get this golem thick juice i cant wait to explore this map in peace it looks uh beautiful any buffs in here yeah attack buff nice oh i found a secret cave disappointing cave does it work with evade extender i havent tested it shame on me thanks so much for reminding me youre the first person to say that since i started am i stuck here um but im wondering why does everybody want it to work with evade extender instead of evade window that would be so much better but im going to test both of you thanks again for reminding but everybody wants evade extender evade window would be so much better well i guess both would be nice thick juice pretty sauce thats what i was thinking yeah i wonder where that thick juice is coming from nope what the wrong scroll it gives you a super big opening after that topper huh um yeah oh i got live photo can you just die please all right he has a tail huh no dont kill me please were so close nullberry please yeah i got no more heals gotta kill him please work ah that was stupid now all right there we go look at my health uh yeah fantastic fight i wish i could have experienced that without um this lady right here even though she is helpful i just dont like it monsters getting distracted not focusing on you but he seems really good we got some of that thick juice garengome shot vortex say anything else some shinies nope but yeah i really like this map too cant wait to explode uh yesterday while waiting for sun break i killed espinas in frontier that is the urgent to high rank and damn that thing is aggressive nice i cant wait to fight it in this game evade window for the win yeah i love myself some evadement though even though we already have tank counters i love my iframes foreign no what the was that yeah yeah all right uh do you feel that way back whisper three will be needed for long sword uh if you want to only spam ham breakers then yes if youre playing around with the second chief um or only playing second chief like im doing right now you dont need why were ybox at all just here and there for some sakura slash but that is unnecessary too can just counter to gain spirit level this guy wants to be my follower as well shes still dancing vibing having a good time and never change girl what was that about did she give me something oh damn i shouldnt skip everything ah still no new weapon lets check out this guys armor oh we got plenty of new stuff garbage um slot on that that one looks tasty but not that amazing the rest is garbage um garen gom charge master what is that when a charge attack hits a monster the element and status buildup of the charge attack increases would be interesting to see if this works with sacred chief but then again element and status is not great because capcom hates elements and i just assume its the same thing in summer like im not even getting my hopes up uh wait there we go flinch free and trauma resistance yeah it doesnt look that amazing can we make some new decorations though oh and i completely forgot about these i should i should make one of these but i think so far they all kind of suck increase effect of spirit birds i guess were gonna go for this say anything new uh wait im confused how does he think with the um decoration work this thing rampage decoration do i have to put it in or i mean i guess i have to is it over here is it like oh there it is decorations cannot be equipped to armor skill decoration slots how to fight does it work if you read patch notes elemental and status get a buff for all weapons if you know capcom you know its still garbage like i dont even know and i can promise you elemental will still be garbage um yeah i have no idea how to put this thing in i just dont screw it lets see amazon the first thing i see skip shogun all right oh yes yes lets go my favorite monster second favorite after magnum Music rampage decos only work in rampage slots like does my weapon just not have a rampage slot or something i guess thats it i think the weapon has to be master rank thank you yeah i think thats the reason can i ask ns us server can play because i cant play um it should be working yeah lets get this and lets fight some gauze element is garbage because there are a lot of skills to boost your raw attacks well then just make um element better its not that hard like if you make a sophisticated build um Music that suits one monster and elemental weakness that should always be better than the raw build that you can use for every single fight and that raw build will always be better just doesnt make sense like why even have element in this game and monster weaknesses when element is good on two weapons and the rest just uses raw on everything oh hey goss im looking forward to this um terrible uh just hi palmer nice charge oh god im were fine actually were fine that is new oh that is so cool whoa that is new and amazing bob don dont you ruin this oh sake lets get the away from volvodon dont you have golem weapon unlocked i guess i do but i wasnt able to craft it and im not dont want to hunt him twice i feel like my camellia sword is still holding up well um i was so confused for a second hit that blades oh lets go break that thing is about to break that attack always used to be weird hey please amazing theres nothing i can do no gauge did i get the attack butterfly uh lets make sure all right please hit that no what the that was so nice he just came lying at me im so surprised i got the counter can we break this nice amazing good stuff no bouncing crap oh my god what the he just summoned them out of nowhere that is so cool can i shop Music all right hes done right uh lets just have another one i think hes leaving dont forget chinese thats a sneaky cheeky attack yeah i agree i cant believe i just can summon them out of nowhere now capcom just need to add elemental skill that parallels the raw there is elemental grid boost in this game its useless they just need to make elements good but yeah it has been broken since the original monsanto on playstation 2. it always sucked wow how was i finding oh my freaking god he can do that yeah wow that is awesome just awesome but yeah these guys are kind of weird as i dont like those guys is this a new map yeah yeah i dont know what its called im just gonna call it casamap it looks dope with the new buffs they added to element slash status with the new patch im curious to try it out and see if it still sucks i dont want to take your curiosity away please go ahead but i can promise you its going to suck by that i mean just that raw is going to be better they just hate elements need to fight maserang harak as well good luck man loving these new moves he got what the is he whoa huh he should be right here he on the ground or something what the im standing right on top of this icon now oh its just the map im just stumped right hes in the cave i see that makes sense i thought he would like attack me from underground any second up there you missed me oh that was close yes has to be the best attack ive ever seen in any monster hunter game maybe im biased because gods like one of my favorites but yeah that is just amazing oh wait he cant pull it out and hurt him can you come over here nice break that ah nosebird gauge must be so close to breaking that thing there we go yo this soundtrack is a banger by the way actually connected there lets go oh yeah um please please remind me when we get back to the hub please remind me to test out evade extender and evade window on second chief i keep forgetting wow that is so cool yes dont leave dont leave me please search raw has attack boost peak performance resentment dragon heart all of these same things apply to element as well dude all of them just make element better is this skill build fun i kind of like that you change basically everything what do you mean this is no skill build i pretty much just slotted in secret chief wait i meant to charge them i had to cancel that dont lose yellow ah we lost yellow that attack is nasty like secret chief and round slash with sakura yeah i use secret chief on the red scroll and Music i use front slash on every single scroll just makes it so much easier to gain spirit level and then on the other scroll i just have the silly special chief and second slash just to gain level i think i chose to walk the worst way um theres got to be subcamps somewhere on this map that freaking sucks guess i walk around what is this just account items i see wait is this actually um oh yeah i died two times huh but we got skull im gonna copy it i didnt do anything i just put a second chief on one slot and especially for on the other one and handbrake only one thing and second slash on the other one because yeah uh the other i went the wrong way again i havent even unlocked the other switch skills this way wait wheres the cave there we go oh crap i thought i had hamburger how was that a bad hit all right dont kill me i gotta be careful this is my last life no i knew it was coming all right that was kind of tense at the end Music damn you look so young and fresh happy sun break at launch day thank you that is nice view i also feel young and fresh thats a lie but yeah definitely feels good to um Music get rid of all of that stuff here i havent been to havent gotten a haircut in at least one year Music yeah im really happy holiday treated my boy that one move where he comes crossing comes flying at you amazing hamburger with all sheath or the new one um i have my handbreaker on the secret chief slot lets check out in gauss stuff quick sheath level 2 slots agitator if agitator is good in this game this might be good agitator free and um there are three slots not bad i still cant make any sorts wait i can make this one but what the is the sword like it is so ugly yeah i would have to fight him again all right i guess were gonna make the ugliest long swords in this game wait never mind dont have to base weapon type oh i see i see i see i see i guess were going to stick with camilles zhang ganon thanks for the follow i appreciate that is anyone um else still using comedians at master rank free right next i guess were gonna check out um shogun and then were gonna do i guess im curious to see what they did with amazon and barefoot is kind of annoying as well i dont like barry of that much lets do shogun im forgetting something i know im forgetting something it tests you very extended and with no yeah thats what i was forgetting thanks so much elias i guess were gonna get rid of crit boost so lets test extender first can i make some a jumping there we go no i can only make one damn it so i guess were gonna put in one evasion and one jumping lets see if that does anything cant play anymore you will be ahead of me it was bound to happen 17th century century c sorry about your name thank you so much for the follow um yeah all right lets go i think was that is quick shift no longer useful uh i it is perhaps with second shift too foreign foreign wow hes fast so im really hopeful his weapons um or his weapon its going to be good its probably gonna be ugly but it should be good uh his armor could have some crit eye stuff on there or boost i think so we might finally get some new equipment your name made me follow really thats awesome thats cool im kind of insecure about my name still im glad you like it it kind of seems um cocky i guess and im definitely not that dont you think you should get mastering armor yeah that would be lovely but i havent seen any armor that i actually want except for the engine have coil so lets see um elis actually triple carted to this guy lets see if we will face the same destiny its not a great start all right but yeah im familiar with most of these moves actually too early im bleeding that sucks what the do you do against bleeding in this game crouch yeah all right that is super fast um recovery how did i dodge that lets go mosfest attacks dont seem to knock you over which is great and i love these uh sounds they put on his on his attacks that sounds amazing wow all right uh that one level of ebay extender i think i can feel on the hop there i think just um slightly i panicked oh all right i see uh yikes can i crouch he doesnt seem too bad theres also fish you can eat for um to stop the bleeding would be nice if i had some of that but thank you for letting me know all right i thought he was chilling thats an attack yo even extended helps with that one massively that is also cool you can roll that one um pretty easily it seems yeah guys i think you might extend the helps on the on the hop damn it but yeah um bleeding thing is annoying oh its gone what the that was so cool nope nope amazing attack should i nope i shouldnt now no thats an attack yeah yeah i should know by now oh hes coming back right away well played ah crap nope Music yeah i dont think um hes too bad elias its kind of annoying yes but i think you can you get used to that hes gotta be um underground right do you get the new moves by the um only one of them only secret chief i havent seen any other new moves yet is he actually upstairs he is um you prefer that over amazon hey come on amazon is not that bad just kidding amazon sucks i keep forgetting to buff bullfinger dont should do it all right wow that was quick all right wow hes like so quick of his attacks Music nice lets get right in his face and yeah im pretty sure every extender helps with the hop i know said that a million times by now i just want someone to confirm i guess no dont kill me ah no more heals that one is so nasty holy like doesnt even turn around nice i actually got that all right god damn it a nice haircut man hey thank you that is nasty its so funny um like when i go hang out with my realer friends everybody makes fun of a new haircut i guess thats just a thing right and yeah actually some people made fun of me too in chat but the majority just uh has nice words thats really really nice but like irl friend group youre just bound to eat if you get a new haircut uh um yeah i can really see myself enjoying this fight if i get good with him eventually i like him Music no that was a bad hit come on um i gotta get back i forgot healing items uh hey nathaniel thank you for joining Music oh steady fish that stops bleeding i need that um he looks like he will have a very sharp weapon yeah actually shogun cenatal used to have the meta weapon in um Music generations ultimate i have high weapon high standards high hopes i want to say well heres a long shot it should be good like a bunch of white sharpness i hope high raw no element because its garbage yo hes getting worked by toby and me oh no no im getting worked all right to have fun after mood to stream and start my own playthrough first ball the whole expansion yeah i understand completely uh enjoy your journey that was lucky all right yo i broke his shell i didnt even realize i guess that has to be his um like weakest spot right has to oh god wait im bleeding is he gone nope hes still here oh im not bleeding anymore Music oh hes got a new shell i feel like im dealing like no damage whatsoever to this guy yep again so uh that move doesnt seem that hard to dodge luckily because i think theres a lot of damage on that one did he became faster after losing shell i dont think so but that would be a cool detail did he didnt felt faster to me how did i miss that i didnt all right Music i just had to try to land a lucky counter i just had to this yeah last life damn it we dont even have skull on him um thats not looking good maybe we should just try and go back to hamburger phone ive landed like five second chiefs on him i think set the down lets go is that a dunk it could be i think so either way that was sexy as hell are you done all right got lucky that still no skull on him what the hell so all right i take it yeah hes kind of um really aggressive but i like it i think he will catch up on the triple cards i hope not um lets hit this awesome lets hit that amazing lets hit ladder off even better im gonna finish him off right here no triple card yo ladrov is mental why is he so good fantastic ride hello im back hey back lets go ladra for the win yo i struggled hard with this not easy lets hope we can make a good um Music good long shot out of him i only got one question then i would go because i dont want spoilers uh yeah sure go ahead ladder for the save not gonna lie i was happy about ladrov right there yes yo look how long these things are theres so much detail on them is there any completely new monster in soundbreak that they didnt announce except obviously the final boss oh multiple i hope but i wouldnt know only fought stuff that they announced or shot off but im hoping theres plenty more we havent seen yet lets check out armor first crit eye peak performance what the is grinder s when recovering sharpness grants a boost to sharpness properties based on the number of levels we covered that sounds um kind of interesting handicraft 2 crit i1 please tell me theres a slot not the kind of slot i was hoping for but i can see this being useful grind the s that kind of intrigues me does that mean theres also grinder m and l um where is the weapon there it is why does it have water yeah not looking that amazing and yet the fact that it has a water but im still gonna um go and get it i guess its much better than what i have now i think cena tells um its just from the small guys lets do a quick tour in the jungle wait theres no senators um theres cenatals in here wait didnt i get a quest for them earlier right here yeah lets do this just tell me if there is i dont want the name etc i dont know i dont know sorry i there is more stuff they havent showed off i saw some of them in the forest and thats where were going damn it lets get my dog oh these are just removables where are my senator boys i hope you can get it from them and not from the big one lets see some brains some more brains um not what im looking for uh nothing here up there you turning into zombie after brains now i feel like its kind of weird that um zombies like brains is it because like they dont have a brain themselves because theyre so dumb or something stop giving me these brains senator shell is that what i need i think so yes thats what i need awesome another one were out of here lets go just started my download for some break what do you think so far amazing fantastic everything i expected and hoped so far and theres a cute cute ass train in the in the town you want to see i gotta be ready to uh wave at them this time oh daddy come wave they always stop by here to grab something to eat is he getting some food yeah he is i love details like that and just look how bouncy the strain is 10 out of 10 game how you feel about secret chief of ea counter um its actually it can do everything that the species that can do and more im not missing specialties at all and i still have it on the other scroll and i use it from time to time as well its time for a new weapon oh so i thought yeah um were gonna stick with camellias its a good weapon uh we have to do one more i guess were gonna go with amadron actually yeah lets go amazon i dont like um barry of that much and i kind of want to see what they did with amazon for mastering i love sunbreak so much awesome i had 69 tickets right there forty dollars is worth it for the train alone definitely um restock so i did this weird thing um Music i wanted to see if evade extender and evade window have any effect on the second chief hop and i think they do but i cant test it that well right now it has to wait but i think it does work all right amadron here you can craft daimyo then upgrade to shogun ah thanks for letting me know did i have the materials for um daimyo but that would be fine if i have to do him one more time yeah that is good thank you um actually lets use my deem joke i havent used it a single time since we started have i ever fought this guy in the desert i dont think so oh hes all the way down um i going the right way yeah all right cool uh lets make my dog wait nice no i should have just stayed up here thats a new move i think nice all right maybe just hit that tail awesome i should heal i know so i should delay that just a tiny bit longer huh what that was too early really no no running Music i hate when that happens what the is this oh i see um wheres my dog you can disable this function really the accidental wall running that is nice ah thanks for letting me know gimli definitely have to do that amazon has a few quests in the desert oh really i think i only ever fought him in the loud forest im gonna wait for him to get up because otherwise i would have missed his tail no spirit gauge of course not i mean yeah i missed him forget to make my dog wait no i thought he was still going for my dog ah that was so dumb wait wait heal they really want to hit that ball on that executive awesome no god points dont all right that was terrible but yeah its not going too bad it doesnt seem that much different if im being honest right he seems pretty much the same uh yeah you can turn it off wall running i think or just in combat definitely uh need to do that am i going the right way yeah nice what build are you using exciting stuff um the same build i was using all the time and rise i didnt find anything that i could upgrade so far but we are going to get the shogun cenatal long sword after this i think Music i was so scared to miss that but why was he damaged so low just 350. uh that attacks so weird but i guess its an easy punish nice let me just hit that awesome going for the round such that was um cheeky no i thought i had a special Music thank you all right all right are you done all right yeah that is a new move for sure i am out of heels let me just do this all right chip damage nice to see odds have a slow means game is hard it means that art is using the same armor that hes always been using since base game but yeah its not that easy i agree royal ladrov was um insane but also a master rank gossarak gave me some issues and shogun but honestly i feel like they should be hitting me harder right now yeah i still have high rank armor except for one piece there are some decent early mastering pieces but need to fight small monsters or do some mining for them ah thats why i dont have them its fine were still still doing good with our stuff oh oh that was on his tail lets go i forgot yeah yeah he got a follow-up on that one now right that attacks so weird why cant i just roll through that i think theres only a hitbox on his um ball so yeah master rank amdron felt pretty much the same except for one or two moves yeah not that much different but honestly he kind of grew on me like i really hated him at first like everybody else but i gotta say hes not that terrible hes not the worst hes alright lets hang out dont forget to check what you need for daimyo the horn is from breaking his shell but there was another item you were missing uh yeah thank you were gonna check it out right now oh you know maybe were just gonna get a melzano weapon now wait we have to fight uh luna garum luna garron first maybe he has something juicy wait a summer camp i think i saw us on the cav pop-up hi is it bad to es slash spam now having an issue adjusting to cigarette um if you as i mean just spamming ea counter would be not that great but if you combine it with handbreaker you should still be fine and yeah it took me a while to get used to secret chief as well yo that looks awesome all right lets do some account is there anything else i can go for maybe yo that one looks kind of good i just need bosarios failing but i dont want to fight bosarios yeah i guess this one is the only one that is like reachable i could forge this one right i think we need altimas crystal whatever lets just continue theres going to be something better along the way right around the corner and yeah were still doing fine the worst monster is rolled on yeah i agree uh really looking forward to the summer camp like normal summer camp is this is really good wait did i eat foreign swiss Music Music all right excited for this if shes anything like the enormous on the camp im going to lekker wait all right i messed up didnt look like uh summer camp lets try over here and here we go or not yo i you wanna fight me im kind of wondering if she is still gonna have sleep but just mixed with ice now awesome look at that damage holy almost 1k actually got that amazing Music i had to cancel them just hit that all right yeah well i could all run that i panicked yep yeah Music Music no gauge damage second slash i know that move thats a good move wow i still took so much damage from that Music all right uh yeah she feels different which is good is that ghost oh nice lets get this and this Music that one was fast come on guys you got this please ghost i know its my fault cause oh yeah thank you for your service uh i failed to go into secret chief that looked cool uh let me go for a second slash here that was bad bad idea kind of surprised that move doesnt knock you over uh this should be safe all right what what whats up im so dead yep but that seems like a cool move im sure you have gotten this 100 times but what are your scrolls uh no worries man not that often at all actually i just have one with um so i use round stash on both of them one with um handbreaker and a second chief and the other one has sakura slash and special chief and thats it so yeah second slash and specific together and hamburger and secret chief Music wow Music all right get in there hit that please nice nope wow i thought i had more health this is going to be the first trip account round such because its faster uh yeah absolutely just so much easier to gain speed level reckoning is nice dont get me wrong i love dividing slash but i also like how around slash flows fawcett now has more super armor i think so i think you got hit by a double hitbox yeah it went through my moxie i still have moxie no i thought you would stay there for a second Music um all right shes exhausted i get knocked back uh way less when using foresight in demo honestly i didnt even um realize fawcett is more generous now are you saying it just has more hyper armor not um actually iframes i think thats it right i just got slapped Music uh yeah i should heal all right no more heals dog get him oh my god that was close as hell dont kill me please lets get out of here and definitely need some heels all right i heard that if you log on while charging sacred it will turn you towards the monster that is nice but i kind of hate the locking on system in this game um Music Music nope can i please superman all right oh hey ghost can we get him involved again did he just all right yeah ghost just noped out understandable all right lets actually uh find them Music it makes it so you dont have to guess where to land it then turn it back off um youre right lock on is so bad so it just helps with um aiming secret chief how do you even lock on i have no freaking idea i dont know how to lock on but uh thanks for giving advice i appreciate that what what Music what even hit me there no got points uh good stuff all right always struggle with that one just get away that was close charge gauss again then i already had a van rides on her wait lets get back down to grass action all right guys can you come back down again please oh god what am i doing gosh im counting on you nice should definitely get the finish on her with this nice lets go Music im back where you at um just beat ice some kent seems like a good fight uh gave me some issues for sure you are officially ahead of me because i didnt unlock this guy yet i mean i got more than enough time to play this been playing for six hours now getting a bit stressed dlc is hot uh yeah it is almost fair this one but yeah its awesome um im gonna take another small break gotta eat something gonna be back in five minutes Music so Music Music Music Music Music Music so Music Music Music Music Music so Music all right im back and um i think things are about to get juicy we just beat ice summer camp and i guess now were gonna see some estados or something lets see wait oh we can fight mastering magna lets go lets freaking go i thought we already had master rank free honestly i guess not uh yeah i got him gotta jump into magnum lets check out the sonny ken stuff jesus this mic is so heavy my microphone stand cant handle it oh yeah i didnt even check out amazon stuff its probably gonna be garbage gotta say not impressed with any of these armor pieces sofa masters touch that is cool but the rest is garbage i think its two urgents per rank oh thats one is he good its been hours since he is gone or not no no um earlier had some like hardcore hail storm raining down on me but it was fine i was only gone for like 10 minutes or something um yeah im forgetting something but lets jump in can i see the quest you have access to right now um yeah after this sorry i didnt even take a good look if im being honest i just saw magna and knew i had to jump in there this is going to be tough hopefully all right so far i know all of these moves that one too yeah that was weird as all right um i guess all right what the that is new lets try and go for a sec chief wow thats cool nice yo we can mix it up now awesome just awesome um try that again get rid of that hellfire all right no its trying to go into especially if um a lot i mean second chief and just roll instead all right exciting stuff hes got some new moves for sure uh magnum better than all others in base rice here he has got to be my favorite i soloed a stylus but took me 30 minutes and two cards nice but you managed got a mantle awesome uh lets make my dog wait can you wait all right good boy what am i doing way too early drawn up slash nice i shouldnt have done that oh my god thats way too late yeah yeah yep should have gotten rid of that hellfire yo that is messing with me so hard like usually that move is not that hard to counter for me whoa all right well its not done i thought i could get away there uh lets have another one no oh nice lets get red cage back i had to cancel them no gal points huh all right uh whats which skills do you have set up oh wait a second let me take this all right i have secret chief and handbrake on one slot and the round sash on both of them and then um i got another one with sakura slash and special chief all right he used to give you an opening after that one and not anymore hmm not great um that is bad yep no dont do that to me gotta restock anyway Music said that because you didnt even look at the other options as soon as you saw magna you went for it i had to definitely my favorite uh fight from base for us damn out of um max potions like stamina is depleting way faster in this game than they used to which is fine i guess they were like way way too generous with that thank you all right that is awesome too early nice let me just floor him awesome that actually worked out awesome charge hi palmer oh lets go uh hes gonna do double taping yep how the hell do we deal with that one i guess faucet into specif would work good stuff lets go hit that sit the down lets go uh lets go for sakura slash oh that works amazing all right just get away amazing can i hit that nice almost got him amazing um Music i guess i missed some shinies ernie its fine im gonna fight him a million times anyway what a tail card lets go that was amazing i had no spare gauge going into that lets go easy dub and no cards high rank gear good old comedians long sword might as well use camino song so till final boss i might uh laguar hey welcome back i can finally play thats amazing enjoy man Music yeah your 10 hour download took not that long after all but yeah enjoy man happy hunting have me tell speedrun um Music he looks uh at least that one time i thought him he was seemed fun oh lets go mental nice i dont know when i should handbreaker versus sacred chief um i just go for hamburger when i know i dont have enough time to charge up um i didnt even check like where do you have access to your farm and stuff this guy maybe uh where is the farmster this cat maybe no do you like not have access to your farm over here this is not it as well it is the cat its at body plaza um i guess i just have to go through all of this stuff Music right yo can you stop telling me nonsense holy there we go Music all right that was locked behind a lot of dialogue holy lets see what can we do next naga spider ah these guys so we have to fight stuff that we already thought i mean i guess we could do these two lets do a nagan you can loot the kahoot twice i kinda forgot where it was i think up here oh yeah this one you can just feed and get some love in return thats gotta be good for something right okay oh you can get the one in kimura as well i see its not that amazing stuff in there usually uh did i restock yep can i make some more no bitterback Music whatever i use hamburger on monsters with bad hit zone or awkward hit zone position like engine half yeah like um on a lot of these guys its really tough to get a good clean hit on the last hit of second chief and i guess in that case hamburger is much easier to um aim all right did not see that one coming Music uh lets just go for his tail or maybe he turns around or maybe he just jumps away and i missed completely i guess i gotta go for handbrake off this guy its just so jumpy yep i know i should heal yep that was not the best start im gonna reset this Music there is a baby bird like poogie in the castle why cant we have og poogie back think he wasnt every single monster hunter except world and rice i kind of miss my pick um lets try that one again i enjoy a secret chief but i dont think in terms of counter and not charging it wont replace isis i think i mean you dont need to replace it right i feel like everything just kind of fits nicely together and im probably going for second chief like way too much its actually safe there didnt think so what the that is new thats cool all right uh yeah this guys tough this might be the first wall and you know i also suck with like high rank naga did i not freaking force it i could could have sworn i forced that threat there oh yeah thats not enough time for that i think yep wow hes a jumpy a really jumpy boy hoogie was in the world oh yeah youre right how could i forgot i think then rice is the only game hes not in that was sexy i will never understand that yeah hes tough im gonna reset i was kind of expecting this yeah me too i want to get used to it um talking about using secret sheet too much yeah gotta practice at the right um let me jump back in and not die right away hopefully i think loosen naga test web will send a spike in the air like tobi kilaji and poisoning i have no idea about um lucent naga i know nothing about him just that he turns invisible and apparently he has poison oh lets get the health buff actually and here we go you gotta be kidding me how the hell did i miss that all right hmm how was i finding i thought he was going to go for the quick jump there but yeah i can just never tell when hes gonna do it just running doesnt save you huh terrible did i forget to buff yeah i did no bouncing Music actually i saw it coming that time lets go engine f whats up can i shop dont let them get away oh all right hop on there i think engineer sucks right oh hes not that bad i guess oh thats a double hit can you do that again nice good job engine f punch him hopefully poogie will be in one of the patches lets hope so but i guess they think um owls are cuter so that was garbage is he leaving all right uh we made it through phase one dude i swear the gameplay i dont understand it the sacred chief thing it takes time to get used to for sure just beat the first ladder of congrats hes hes tough im not even joking he messed with me what happened to my faucet slash come on uh nope dont kill me please ah stupid bouncing yeah this guys uh giving me a hard time and not in a good way you know what i mean that was a mistake actually that was fine all right uh uh were gonna force it and then charge i think hi palmer nice all right that was yeah that was dumb gimli thanks so much for the prime stop man appreciate this spot a bunch thats nice of you let me restart he looks he looks a lot faster hes jumpy as hell yeah honestly i already had issues with the normal high ranked naga but this guy is tough uh whats that skill with the while back where you pull yourself towards the opponent uh that is sacroslash did you not play um Music this game at all like it was in base pacers um only like now getting interested in monsanto cannot figure out the new switch skills it takes time guys i am struggling too that makes you feel better wait why am i fighting toby thats like not good for anything um gotta do it this way around i think second slash was just that irrelevant in base rise yeah maybe thats it i guess no one used second slash and rise yo toby is a fantastic right holy what the can i get one more attack nice its always insane um you played but you missed that skill yeah i guess its just because no one freaking used sucker slash what am i doing but its actually really really useful in some wreck you uh gain spirit level from that i kind of dont want to hit that flashback i hate those things just hyper armor bad idea bad idea that was the worst idea i had today ah thats not enough gauge Applause let me switch okay a yep getting destroyed wow i hate that that instant jump always gets me like i know he jumps before that but hes like so jumpy in general Music the counter uses a gauge no only if you dont manually time it you just have to manually let go talking about sacred chief right so you hold it down to charge but if you let it go at the beginning manually and your timing is good you can go into round slash or reckoning after that and if your timing is bad you lose a level but you dont take damage no ah playing terrible right now finally back to red cage i almost lost uh yellow i thought i had hamburger from being honest i just want some gauge please are you done thank god he missed me i think my timing sucked but why did he miss me thats the opening right yeah hell yeah dont hit that flash thing please i hate those yeah thats a lot of damage but then again im using high rank armor im kind of scared not gonna lie uh again please all right we actually managed wow Music that was tough that was tough im actually surprised that i was this fast like some of the other ones took me way longer and it didnt feel like i had a grip in this fight not gonna lie i dont understand the counter um yeah its a bit tricky i think youre talking about secret chief right so it works just like special you hold it wait that is actually especially you hold it down if you want to charge and if you let go you do this and if your timing is good on that you can go into round slash or reckoning and if you get hit during that initial sheath and you dont let go manually you will lose a level but dont take damage ah lets check out naga kuga long sword that could be juicy as well it is actually not that juicy least this first upgrade everything just has 10 more raw compared to my chameleons wait i never checked out magna im missing a jam i could get this otherwise wait is this like the base rice thing i think so and that is master ring that one looks tasty i guess one orb is not that hard to get except of course when you need one so i guess were gonna stick with camilos and lets do Music master rank ragnarok not gonna lie kind of stressed me out that everybody wants to talk to me multiple times actually but i just i just cant i dont want to its not that hard famous last words is there a way to remove the writing when we press the y bug are you talking about the hot thing you can turn that off yes dont forget to take breaks because weve been playing almost eight hours now i think yeah seven hours and thank you yeah ive been taking breaks like every two hours but that is nice view lets check out spider going for thats running on any advice um healing mosfest attacks are kind of a delay going on like um rather go later on your countess than rather than too early but yeah hes not that different compared to like the high rank petra i think uh all right she didnt get triggered there we go i was too early then way too early crap oh nice let me get this uh let me go for secret chief amazing what what wow that is new and its cool all right by the way i love the sound the character makes when you get trapped or nothing too early again i never knew i suck so much with ragna i think the other leg i already all right fantastic can we get to that face please tell me yes no i thought that one was the big opening lets go for some second slash i want to hit this on that ball sack so badly oh yes that felt so good oh just hype armor nice no bouncing dog you got me awesome thats why im bringing you and not cat you can always rely on dog i feel like they fixed the hitbox on that move it used to always miss you when youre standing like too close underneath here all right that works i take it why was there so much delay on that what the what here we go uh bryce hey there thanks for joining and thanks for saying hello i think cat is kind of broken i think cats are just programmed to be annoying and dont help you if you need it and just stand in front of you and make fun of you while youre chao or something at least thats what my cat is doing get him i miss some shinies oh yeah but i should get some of this stuff Music thanks for reminding me i think this lag is breaking soon and that will give us a nice opening can you break all right there we go my dog got it im gonna miss it yeah just hit that ball a sec i beg you awesome uh what we do here i think you have enough time to do better bomb into counter and then hop on but im kind of too scared to miss my ride from being honest way too early i think when the dog is latching on to it like that theres more damage on these parts is that possible um she couldnt do that before im pretty sure two times in a row i mean why did i die did i not um still have moxie im pretty sure i did that is some damage i mean im still using high rank armor i should get one shot honestly but everything lingering hitbox maybe so youre saying moxie triggered and then but i still have it right now wouldnt it be wouldnt it be gone otherwise if it had triggered it was just like it didnt trigger at all i think you will add like g5 onward well i hope at that point i have some armor that is good but probably not did i just i framed that that was luck i gotta pay more attention to stamina i always forget to eat ah you cant hyper armor through stuff like that yeah yeah yeah oh that one was fast like usually theres like a big buildup to that attack yeah like that no god point lets have another second slash nope oh my god that was perfect lets go hell yeah dont miss it Music all right i guess were close to skel almost failed that thats ramadan quest it happens man hp below yellow bar means moxie deactivated right uh if the hp is below the yellow bar then yes moxie will not trigger but im pretty sure i was above that earlier oh come on no please get through awesome can we make this break hell yeah uh just go for hamburger thats not enough time wow i mess up yo by the way these stupid fish are the worst worst temple fango i swear let me loot them quality fin nice roll thank you um is this the last quest and then we get another urgent i think so kind of excited to see what we will get next how did i get a good hit there what the all right there we go um spider good fight i like the changes they made uh yeah that was fun it died with the ball which ball didnt die to my sacrifice any shinies no can i get us something isnt there a mining spot somewhere around here bone ill take some bones a dragon ball artifact wow all right lets see that next urgent quest luna garan awesome you know honestly im kind of surprised that we got garen gome um first i kind of thought that the luna garan would be the easier one of the two its going to be another follow quest isnt it amazing picture uh lets check out the ragna armor but i think its for gunners yeah yeah wow this must be amazing for bow okay i think uh you know what is messing with uh moxie that weird food skill im doing hopping skewers it always uh ranks down the moxie thing and also you have no idea how it works exactly but i guess dont do it i kind of want my moxie um yeah i think were good lets go luna garron foreign foreign it kind of looks like youre gonna bounce off of him im kind of scared about that uh lets actually take this stuff Music you must be new here oh let me get this lets use secret cave oh wait no secret cave is bad theres nothing cool going on there foreign uh he spotted me all right that makes sense uh huge opening after that attack huh all right that is fast oh youre talking about the bots yeah yeah sorry just ignore them what is that stuff is that like sleep or something all right i think its just ice yikes hes um hes got no chill barif i think not the best right not too bad what the was that all right a nice mess i did not expect to soar that far no uh yeah i think hes super angry now can i punish that can i please oh at least we got some hits im happy with that i like this guy hes awesome it will be much more aggressive this time really sounds good he felt quite aggressive already all right that is cool uh uh let me try a secretary bad idea very bad idea now awesome lost that level right away lets get it back that was good what is this its fine get in his face no that was nice but yeah not that easy to hit his face with uh second chief okay uh he kind of scares me im not gonna lie i was a safety please dont miss but yeah honestly im just glad youre not bouncing off of him on blue sharpness thats what i was expecting when i saw those scales can i hit that hell yeah lets go how did i miss that round slash huh all right thats not going too bad honestly i was having way more issues with mastering naga kuga for some reason but yeah i really like this guy does the attack seem um Music intuitive to counter im back what happened back then um when did you leave ragnar thank you that was such an awesome kick i love this guy that was bad timing right there yikes hit that please i beg you amazing yeah his attack seems so intuitive to counter loving him all right im out of heels wait we still got some awesome does that kick again please dont move awesome no that was bad really bad gotta be careful when i rub wire bugging way too early can i heal sir please alright lets get back in there thats that kick awesome why do you love that kick so much it just looks cool i take it better than nothing are you leaving are you trying to uh let me just hop on there you left at the start of this hunt you didnt miss anything then can i charge no this is always something going wrong as well and that is why i think hambrica will be stronger than secret chief please dont kill me please that howl is wow lets hop in there please dont miss it awesome nice nice again but sally missed that lets go for sakura switch back charge i guess hopefully i think hes gonna leave oh my god what a play i knew he was about to leave didnt waste my entire spirit level sacroslash hits so hard now yeah its up there with uh hamburger which is kind of weird because it gives you spirit level instead of draining it hamburger should be stronger thats what im saying yo im in love with this fight hes amazing please thank you hit me ah sad times second slash no bad timing how the did that work out way too early i guess thats an opening but i dont have a y bug all right too early huh just hit that awesome let me switch back always go too early on that one i panic on that one i saw my life flashing right there charge all right get in there amazing i should heal thats my last heal by the way this should be fine to charge amazing hit that no sad times what the is going on all right are you done better than nothing um hes gonna roll again right yep second slash please all right were done wow didnt even realize we were close to killing him what a fantastic fight like holy yeah like all of his attacks seem um super intuitive to counter amazing design im gonna love this fight i think thats gonna be the first fight that im gonna try and speed run in this game that felt so so good oh forgetting to cough again almost forgot to cough again uh stream suddenly ended really ah that sucks am i live now i think so yeah uh sorry about that i guess weve been having like hardcore thunderstorms all day i think that might be messing with my internet connection naked run lets go right now at some point yeah for sure Music um foreign oh showing up yes Music so Music can i fight him right now i guess not uh ah Music Music that was a cool cutscene yeah you got no scratch on you not a single one i think youre gonna be fine yeah theres nothing there jesus kept on getting lazy let me skip this all right lets check out luna garan stuff does he have a sword um i guess not oh there it is oh thats the one from the demo right i guess were gonna go for this that would be a nice upgrade compared to camellias agitator a latent power uh yeah doesnt look that amazing all right let me keep the same stuff um ive been using since base game we got me zutsuna in here thats kind of surprising diablos why the is above magna and spider we only gonna have to do two quests so were gonna do diablos and mizu screw ruffalos uh welcome back elias if you hover over the grey armor icon on the left it shows you all these skills on that armor oh like when you put it all together right i see but like most of the time its um not even great to have actually like all the time it sucks to have like only one set of armor piece you want to mix it up mizu lets go on him um yeah were gonna do it but i gotta eat something im gonna take a bit of a longer break i guess i guess like um two hours and then i think im gonna be back yeah um yeah thanks so much for being here i hope you join again later happy hunting guys bye cloud status out of sync steam Twitch: my Discord if you want to play with me sometime, or find other hunting partners: external hard drive for steam games steam how to see family shared games steam turbine invented in 1884 top sex games on steam the sign in request has expired steam