Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - New Endgame Content! Guild Quest Investigations, Upgrades & More!

Steam survival multiplayer gamessteam pipe MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK game yo whats going on guys alex here welcome back to the video for monster hunter riot sun break and this one i want to talk a little bit more about the end game systems that are coming as part of title update one capcom had their stream today and of course showed off a ton of cool new stuff if you guys want to recap i will link that video in the description box down below weve already put that up on the channel but in this one i want to speak more specifically about some of the endgame stuff surrounding the anomaly research the anomaly quests and all of that good stuff so if you guys do enjoy this like would be super appreciated comment down below if you have any questions and of course be sure to let me know what you guys think of all of this are you excited for the new update what jumped out to you the most and of course make sure you keep a lot tomorrow as well because well have tons of videos from the update so to begin with as a super quick recap not many research quests again are of course the ones where you take on the afflicted monsters if you guys have got to get in the game you will have encountered these already basically the monsters have gone berserk due to the influence of the curio that are under the control of malzaino and basically they hit hard have a lot more health but they do of course give you afflicted materials which weve been using to upgrade our weapons to rarity 10. however it does not stop there currently in the game of course we have anomaly quests up to a certain point but in the next title update they will be expanding that which means we get to fight afflictive versions of monsters like luna garron astolos mizutsune and even zenoga things like that however more excitingly there are also going to be anomaly investigations which is like a combination of monster hunter 4 ultimate guild quests and monster hunter world investigations which honestly is incredibly exciting both of these of course can be accessed by the anomaly research quest menu as of tomorrow the official website describes the anomaly investigations as quests where the play conditions such as the target monster the locale and the number of players are randomly determined again if you guys play world youll be familiar with this sometimes you get an investigation that might be two monsters and only two players and sometimes they even have a limitation on the number of times you can cut the website doesnt state that for some break but again when we check out the game we will see but either way if you played world you will know you have those different types of investigations sometimes you run them with two hunters sometimes its before sometimes its double quest some of the single quest the point is they are randomly generated however in addition to that and this is where of course the most hunter for ultimate guild quest system comes in they said that if you complete these quests you earn points required to level up the anomaly research lab and special materials that allow for new upgrades to your weapons and armor so of course as you can see in here these quests will upgrade again the exact conditions will of course have to wait and see when we dive in tomorrow but basically assuming its like the previous systems you complete them they level up and of course with the higher level the monsters become stronger i would therefore assume that you get better maybe higher rarity materials maybe more materials when of course you fight the tougher higher level quests and of course those will then be taken over to both the research lab and also over to the smithy because one of the other things are the two new upgrade systems for the weapons and the armor the weapons do seem to be a much more fixed system whereby of course you go through the upgrade process and you can then pick from a selection of different upgrades very similar to sort of the rampage weapons in that regard which is quite nice because of course this does mean there is at least from the way theyve shown it so far a lot less randomness here its a lot more about say picking the skills that you want as opposed to say rolling umpteen different random weapons in the hopes you finally get the skill that you want so it seems like on the weapon front things are a little bit more fixed which of course makes it more predictable however on the armor front this is of course where the random side comes in because it seems like you can then roll some different bonuses and this basically gives you the ability to get different armor skills on your armor pieces so its going to see how this plays out and of course how this changes the meta i mean this is definitely gonna be pretty game changing because if you can then get some crazy skills like attack points and critical skills on our pieces that dont normally carry those its gonna mean the amount of skills we can stack on our armor sets are going to be pretty nuts so all of that together and those new materials will of course feed into that system but in addition to that you could also go over to bahari who runs the anomaly research lab and this is a place where you can also go to trades and materials its described as a research facility created by buhari in order to investigate the curio and the effects they have on monsters this is where you can get these special anomaly investigation quests which allow you to delve even deeper into the research anomaly investigations yield special rewards which can be exchanged for items required for the curious crafting on the crafting front again by enabling augmentation from the mastering armor weapons that have been upgraded to their highest form youll gain access to curious crafting and again curious crafting requires materials gained from anomaly investigations but they allow you to add new upgrades to your gear you can customize your weapon stats such as attack power and affinity and you can randomize the functionality of your armor which you can do as many times as you want and again to clarify as you complete anomaly investigation youll earn anomaly research points and give enough points your anomaly research level will go up and as your level goes up the maximum level for anomaly investigations will also increase allowing you to take on more difficult quests and earn better rewards as well as unlock anomaly related content so basically this is gonna be our new endgame grind anomaly investigations curious crafting leveling up and repeating the process so hopefully you guys enjoyed the video hopefully thats giving you some insight into what well be tackling tomorrow again we have some more monsters to fight gold wrathion silva ratholos lucent naga cougar sealing basil geese im definitely very excited so be sure to keep it locked if you missed some of our recent videos you can check out one of these ones ill catch you guys tomorrow for the title update logo steam The endgame in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is about to get a lot more exciting! 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