Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak News - Console Release Date & 2 New Collabs Arknights & Street Fighter

How long does a steam refund takewhy are my steam downloads so slow MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK game were sure some of you have been waiting patiently for some break the monster hunterized expansion to launch for consoles well we have some recent news to go over as well as something that everyone loves to see collaborations whether it happens to our favorite Brands franchises or games we love a good collaboration well with monster hunter being one of the greatest series and known for its collaboration quests both in its own games and in other games weve got to talk about whats going on in the world of Monster Hunter recently when it comes to collaborations even in other games I remember seeing the Monster Hunter Attack on Titan collaboration featuring a Titan style devil Joe and the training corpse armor sets I always felt I missed out playing this one for myself back in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate so Im going to ask you guys what collaboration do you know of that you missed out on or one that you remember fondly still to this day and if you enjoy this video you can show support by clicking like down below and subscribing so you dont miss out on the next one from us here on the channel the latest news for our Monster Hunter console players on PlayStation 4 and 5 Xbox One and series xns is that the latest expansion sunbreak has finally been announced to release and is coming on April 28th of 2023 so not too long to wait now if you have been waiting for all the juicy new content and quality of life that sunbreak brings its also a good thing to know that the expansion for console is also going to include all of the content from up to title update 3. so if its your first time on sunbreak theres going to be a bunch of stuff to do its up for pre-order now and there are various perks in the deluxe edition but Ill be honest the regular version will do you just fine for Monster Hunter rise sunbreak we dont currently have word on any new collaborations that may or may not be coming in the future we do know that recently two new event quests have been added in the cooling Caverns which will give you two special gestures for taking down a velcana in the lava caverns and another one called the hazard dance of disaster which will have you fight a guaranteed large Gold Crown Violet music well thats not everything because you probably want to know about the collaborations that are happening elsewhere well currently there are a couple of cool ones and this time its Monster Hunter invading other games the first one is in Arc Knights although this isnt a game that I play for myself it is a very popular free-to-play Tower Defense Mobile game where you have a variety of operating characters to control the Tower Defense style Battlefield previously they did a collaboration that brought a stack of three palaco felines in a tower as an operator and this is returning in this new collaboration as well however now they also have a fully geared up male operator in rathodos armor with a rathodos longsword who even has someone outside of the game I have to say does look pretty badass after this theres another operator this time a female in Kirin armor and its rocking the double dual blades honestly I think both of these and their character art look super cool and going with the Rathalos and Kirin armor choice is great if you ask me for the next game though its one that I definitely didnt expect its a monster collaboration in Street Fighter duel within the trailer theres a big emphasis on Gore magala which got us pretty hyped and ultimately looks like its going to be adding in a new character guren dragon slayer we also know from the description that its not just a character being added in its also a whole new raid boss which is interesting to see I wonder who that raid boss could be but one thing we thought was really funny is that they use Naga Cougars raw in the trailer instead of Goma Galas quite the classic newbie Hunter mistake there if you ask us what games are you playing outside of monster hunter that you would love to see Monster Hunter invade with a collaboration tell us in the comments down below so we figured you guys would want to see these collaboration trailers because they are pretty cool if youre a Monster Hunter Fan The Arc Knights One features the Monster Hunter theme which we love to hear and the street fighter one is pretty hype and we love the focus on gourmagala but do pay attention to that raw as we mentioned before so heres the collaboration trailers for you to check out Music foreign Music Music Music thank you Music Applause Music foreign stick fight game steam In this Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak news video, weve got the latest on the console release date as well as news about two new collabs Arknights and Street Fighter!So whats new in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak? Well, the console release date has been confirmed and fans can look forward to taking on some new collabs in Arknights and Street Fighter. Be sure to check out this video for all the latest information on Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak! #monsterhunter #arknights #streetfighter #gaming If you enjoyed the video, dont forget to hit LIKE and leave a COMMENT down below. SUBSCRIBE for daily gaming videos! Join the Arekkz Gaming Discord: ► destiny 2 epic games link to steam best games steam link steam fair projects steamed eggplant ground steam