SPIRIT BUBBLE BOMB - Pro and Noob VS Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak! (Title Update 2)

Game roulette steamsteam games rpg MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK game is quite so you take the feather and if you if you put it in the 73 then you get a 64th heaven hello hi I have a question okay what is it oh you are we answering yes youre standing beside me what do you want oh well excellent Ill step forward and ask it Im back here actually I have two questions if I may be so bold you only asked for one youre not a  __  Genie find a way to phrase it so that you only ask one question wow looking for gotten I couldnt help but wonder what youre playing on your research tablet not playing this is research it looks like youre just playing Monster Hunter one this is important research leave me alone do you have an emulator pad that would be quite high tech how how can you even assume that exists well that I mean explain that its actually just a flip book of sketches that Ive drawn of Monster Hunter 1 and you chose to do a 40 minutes epidrome hunt well yes of course thats the classic experience Im glad to see your hard at work saving all of those people in the village that were poisoned anyway as my one question third where is cotton whos that the pink idiot oh I believe hes trying to steal my owl car Dad not right now what are you doing I will give you two Shillings for this owl I dont believe in Shillings steal something by sneaking up on a person and then surprise offering them a trade well its more like Im going to give you this money and then Im going to take the owl so its still stealing like I mentioned you know burglarizing into someones house sneaking up the stairs hovering over them while theyre asleep shaking them away can go haha Id like to purchase your belongings well you have to come in with a strong negotiation because you obviously have the upper hand at that point I mean yes it definitely gives you the power play in the beginning of the talks but at the same time youre  __  Ill give you two dollars for that television fine just get out of my house and now its not stealing no legal recompense now its only breaking and entering no more thing yeah prove that you were asleep Music look the main point is that hundreds of people are dying is that really our problem are we dying no but were literally touched with fixing it so I mean I guess its directly our problem by way of quest command by that decision that means that it was somebody elses problem and they delegated it to us so maybe we should just get someone else to do I dont think we could just go subdivide all our hunts to uh various random Elgato and pieces someone did it to us Im just saying like Admiral Galley is gonna just solve this himself he is a hunter just a bit more hes still playing Monster Underwood Im Im calling it up at that time all right Dr turtle tandari you have my thanks for hunting that flaming Esperance see I know its the title of the Espionage but it also just sounds like its ah the damn flaming Espionage ah this is all those moments where it doesnt mean anything to you but like expression of frustration were like oh flaming hell here in my sight so its like a flat yeah hey a classic is flame ignora bloody thats the only one of those that Ive heard oh shes also on fire well it sucks for her I guess its probably contributing to the blood see Ive just heard flaming views as an adjective in another way which is just makes the monster even funnier to me fabulous espinos however Im afraid its still missing one vital ingredient fluid you gotta stay up on your fluid oh you want to know about the monster that no ones ever heard of before no clearly someones heard of it before because youre talking to us about it and I imagine that it has a name because you like you can clearly know what this monster is youve heard of it I dont like this as a as a as a combination of sentences GJ has the details get me that fluid well I mean she is the princess today do you need princess Bloods if you could just say it you know it needs to be done and she cant see you coming all right GJ I hope you like needles I said she cant see you coming oh well what do I do with all of these needles Im bristling at we have threatened this small child in alarmingly large amount of times no no you have threatened this child and alarmingly large amount of time by proxy of being part of this song we have threatened this child whats in the bag dont get any big Ideas Cheech your Royal Heidi is staying right where it is your Royal hiney sounds like a great nickname to be fair if I was a royal I would definitely constantly use the phrase my Royal Harmony this is exciting and important it is cheap I dont think we need a quest for this What DJ and brick vial of blood do you have anything in her bag you know hunt it for me and Ill happily Worship You from the Shadows what why does it have to be so creepy in a creepy Quest request praise be who said that no one Im not sure I want to do this one anymore if Im gonna get a weird Shadow watch but behold The Infernal Springs oh okay were back here we are back here we got lost was it tsune the very dark oh thats so creepy thats like how did I get here I like the tail on this thing well youre talking about the tiger X is the new monster clearly okay showing something presumably mess up a tiger X is also quite the mark of power it is I mean its maybe less of a mark of a power than literally teastra however look all right trying its best and awesome are you regular mizutsune is more violent than that so far from the look of it but I can I can dig this I love that it gave the dead tiger X cops just a tiny little tail stroke before menacingly emerging into the camera are you excited for gasoline it makes me more confused about how taduri expects to use this fluid in medicine I gotta mix this poison with petrol and then theyre all drinking and then theyll be free of the poison because theyll be dead if it was a regular visit soon I could someone understand it because itd be like yeah soap plus poison makes poison soap which clears out yeah man poison soap that classic remedy it gets rid of the poison in your body of the same way that it gets rid of dirt on your skin all right lets go greet our friend my daughter is going to be our friend behold Violet visit Sunni I hope you guys put up a better fight that tiger X hello Violet mizutsune a fresh specie five Victory six with my own bag of drinks called Silver Lucid surface or molten so you see the pedigree behind me done and please fill it please justify your monster my spirit is indomitable Im bubble Bobs abominable my color scheme phenomenal and nothing cleans quite as fast as being reduced to Ash flaming Espeon asks I think just quickly pop in and check why I didnt get to sing whoops uh run run sorry this monster is ridiculously high resolution beautiful is what it is oh oh it is just that little splash of his face just like its just the details on that face are inside wait Im sorry are those oh my God those are homing bubbles why also I really like the black tail for I think that looks great ow oh my God why does it do that so far this is just giving me Magnum Olive you just kind of ignore is it today bubbles but now theyre like they laugh individually each bubble has just an echo of of map inside of it I feel that I really like how it looks the palest skin like the the purple flare on it spins and its head just look at the face I just feel like theres no more like it just feels like more detail than anything else in the entire game when I look at this phase like what is this how is your face full of this many pixels oh look at that oh just like a little Arena of explosions oh the idea of turning the shirts into flammable fluid like literally soapy petrol mizutsune it even has the kind of like slick rainbowy uh like Hue that an oil spill has before it turns into the its asleep oh yeah its its got Its got the tar Tail as well like it all it all makes sense visually God that is a gnarly look at look at the bristles look at the bristles man oh I swear theyve got the bristles look at the fit now look at the face I swear they put more detail into this monster than anything else Ive seen in this video game its kind of ridiculous isnt it even just the subtle pattern on the Violet fins yeah absolutely and I dont say this often exemplary so whats your uh whats your feeling so far good I mean fire monster no its a barrel bomb thats the right thing oh Im sorry if its a shooting I couldnt wake you up like you deserve I was in the wrong scroll I love the color of its Violet soap oh yeah no it looks great like every everything about this is cool but I I its not its not just a fire monster but it is another fire monster man the element doesnt matter if its a cool fight okay that does a little bit because ryzen subspecies were all fire monsters except for one also I just think theres a limit to how many fire monsters you can put in one experience I dont think both soap and petrol is inherently fire its flammable but its not like its breathing flamethrowers okay its a monster that uses the fire elements does that make you feel better thats what I meant that does make me feel better that that makes me feel a lot better thank you very much that is specifically what I meant yes okay so far so good so your information is a rare species meaning that theres now six of them instead of five of them which means the most exclusive group of Monsters has grown by one well I mean I guess I mean is it the most exclusive group because black dragons I mean I guess its not a real one technically its more of a yeah exactly so yes gold silver a Bissell Lucent molten and now Violet so youre saying that the vast majority of them are now in this game thats actually a really good point were just missing Abyssal oh my God you absolute banana okay I made it clear that was my my first bomb thank you all I just did 5000 damage I feel kinda bad actually I I got a weak face it is a very weak face actually step point I wonder if this tsune will suffer from Im constantly on the ground syndrome well I feel like part of that is because you can just ignore the bubbles a lot with regular music sune so probably not quite as much and Im gonna Music weapons everywhere Im so sorry then again I am English so this is being disappointing at football is kind of uh yeah you cant really help it oh whats what what whats the whats this oh okay thats cool I guess its fire now okay well now its also just on fire thats thats amazing business phase theme change in the middle of the fight and now its actually flaming yeah its just its just act just on fire and this tiny little bubbles popping up too hey oh that looks great whoa whoa that was quite the first its laughing at us did it just have a little chuckle yeah I really love petrol Violet beam so weve got Violet visit soon hey I wonder where Scarlett is at two days oh we didnt get that version oh but what if that has exclusive moves that violetsune doesnt have I mean it probably does but this also probably has ones that that Crimson president doesnt have oh look at the Block s oh God I dont I dont like this situation fire they leave is so cool oh put me on the floor and then I put a blob under me so I had to stand up into an explosion explosion and now Im almost dead that was a power Pat if Ive ever seen one I dont know why but Power Pat just makes me feel like Pokemon Pats next fall I dont know who that is practice no and hes black and white cat that is 100 a localization thing because you know most people dont call it the most post Postman Pat Postman Pat and hes like like cat come on those are possibly the least inventive lyrics that Ive ever heard for anything maybe in one specific area but it takes a lot of people to deliver mail the colors out its like not knowing who Bob the Builder is no its not like not knowing a Bob the Builder is because hes in multiple countries Pat is the most famous Postman okay Bob is the most famous Builder Thomas the most famous train its basic  __  cotton actually he is a tank engine white synovial fluid Missouri to create a highly flammable oil that will ignite with the slightest friction yeah oh its so good it literally is oil mizutsune its not a fire monster its an oil such a good take on it because its an oil monster because thats still kind of slippy and slick so it keeps that kind of bubble slidey style theme but lets be so naturally flammable and then Violet is just an amazing color yeah it looks really cool like when it was fatigued it just went full pale white it had no color to it at all its like it just looked quite interesting do we think its got a Ultimate Super Attack I mean most monsters seem to especially this type of monster in the rare species category ow up with the Homing bubbles its not necessary so cool how does it even make that part doesnt like sure its got oil instead of soap how does it make bubbles home into people well everybody knows that oil naturally seeks one wait sorry Im confused I just got hit by an attack with a massive knockback it threw me into a cutter fly which then popped the cutter fly did it make me a projectile I think you did just get you to turn into a weapon yeah I do not appreciate this treatment that is a big bubble its just there now say what thats what kunai bubble Spirit Bomb nope I cannot pop it with a q a I dont know is it gonna do it it seemed like a its just like okay okay thats cool thats thats a cool move wow why can it suck I dont know its cool though the fact that it could summon there and then attack you normally while it drifts magically towards you before the destination thats so cool oh thats what it needed thats the cherry on top thats the fiesta resistance thats the extra one I think it was the last incredible before that thats the spice thats the 13th herb on KFC oh God yes my child this isnt about you I cant believe youd engage with a bit of light Blast for me oh God Im currently engaging with a creature thats trying to take my life go away unless theyre gonna put a miracle on this oh no I was gonna I wonder what happens if you just walk into it with your face its so big yeah can we wire plug into it again thats just what I was hoping I wonder what happens if its a giant ball of Fire oh thats so cool well its a reasonable question for all I feel like that explosion should be decidedly bigger though is is my one concern oh youre never happy no no its cool its just like I feel like were like three times out of the explosion radius by the time it actually blows up Im happy a lot of the time I just think it could stand to be bigger look if you get caught by the suction you have to dive so is that well you got caught by the suction and you were you dive did you look like you were way out of the distance the point of thing is that he tried I think it should be like you have to frame it thing you know not a not a yeah you can frame it if you want it would look pretty pretty it would but I think you should have to like especially without forgiving dive frames are on this the only way to get past this move is to take a picture of it and put it on your wall ow stop with the freaking bubbles oh oh oh you could kunai the Bubbles as they hope to watch you and pop them that was so badass see I knew it was on the right track with the kunai thats such a cool little interaction yes thats so awesome oh sword and Shields great then because you can throw kunai with the weapon Tron dont try and make sword and shield great its not gonna happen okay just its not ow ah I I even warned you with my scream of pain you did you did want me with your scream of pain and normally I love your scream of pains do you have a footage by any chance sure sure no okay can I have like some potions no okay thats cool did you not restock I did but these are mine the big bubble I dont want this I mean I do want this because its amazingly cool but I dont want this you should want this I got it no you think if we hit the monster enough that the bubble would just like dissipate because it loses its concentration or something so it always follows them is it oh is it not like a timer does it just keep going until its detailed yeah Mr sunes got to get to you and then trigger it and then it will just yeah I wonder how long you could keep it floating for well I think it just will do it eventually I dont think its like it itll itll it it wont just do it I think if I recall correctly that element defense down helping this fight really I guess it makes sense if youre literally covered in oil soap then you would be more weak to like fire yeah look its its yellow blue so Thunder water dragon ice and then fire ice and then down and theres a little purple with the down arrow thats really awesome I mean terrifying but nice hey all the best things about terrifying and nice I disagree ice cream isnt terrifying ice cream is terrifying if youre definitely afraid of brain freeze well just dont eat it quickly thats a reasonable choice that you can have but its so delicious it doesnt mean you have to eat it fast oh oh oh sorry youre screaming scared me screaming scared me and I had a heart attack this time its not personal okay then its not that bad then no its still just you know hunt were being paid to do you know Ive got nothing against you Mrs tsune I just dont like dying watch and learn all right youre gonna be watching and youre gonna learn okay Im watching I dont know anything what are you learning Im Im learning that youre Wi-Fi riding here we go here we go oh God I fumbled and pedaled these wrong raft you saw the trip all right this plan this plan brought me down I cant give a card to a plan you need to pay for better lawn mowers if lawn mowers were incorporated into a football match Id be very happy just one guy running around not running around actually one of those sit down lawn mowers just going around the bay and if the ball accidentally goes in the lawnmower he gets torn up thats a goal for the other team hes legally allowed to just rap people its just an obstacle Violet Miss sune could be the key to inventing engines in the Monster Hunter world because it literally produces fuel oh my God has already theres already fuel in this universe theres functioning trains yes but no no now we can have proper oil I feel like youre underestimating the fact that the Monster Hunter World definitely has fossils which means it definitely already has oil look Im just ah please stop asking the monster if it has any last words it obviously doesnt no that does there any last words oh please stop yeah its a really good fight any glass was a concept is really interesting any last words dont kill me oh for Gods sake if youre ever on deaths row choose your last meal to be a potion of immortality yeah thatd be pretty good I dont think they can deny that no thats how that works right oh why is no one ever chosen to last meal that would take so long to eat that you could still be alive for years to come because they can think they are allowed to say no that just seems unfair theres a concept I dont think they care much about fairness if theyre about to kill you foreign when you put that in a whale itll get digested put that in a whale okay youre not wrong and theres a lot of room in Wales I mean there is also a lot of room in Wales yeah but not for whales because I know theyre sea-based animals yeah but they can Beach they can Beach very bad I I dont mean like theyre being naughty I mean like theyre gonna die naughty whale get back in the ocean but I like certain but like they can also they can breathe air so why is it really that bad for a whale to get beat other than the inability to move and eat food I was gonna say like if we can just feed the whale on the spot then whats the problem I mean I guess you could probably repeatedly moisten and feed the whale but at the same time I dont think thats the best existence it could ask so what youre saying is if we wanted living whale houses all we would have to do is find a beached whale and repeatedly moisten and feed it and then we could live inside of it forever also that would mean that someones job title would officially be whale moistener and Im not sure how thats like a good thing theres definitely worse jobs to have out there at least its a simple task you just got a rub rubber rubber whale a rubber yeah can you rub what are your qualifications for whale rubbing uh absolutely none but whales are cool I got hands and I can dip them in a bucket and I can rub the whale so Im really wrinkle resistant I take a long time to go shriveled in a bath oh paddingtons the most famous bear what about Smokey I dont even know who Smokey is well he prevents forest fires but Paddington again is a British thing more than anything yeah but you do know that one so yeah because I live here and I know a lot of British people but it is still a British thing I mean okay okay I mean theres I guess theres an argument for Yogi yep thats another one but thats it right I mean maybe the Jungle Book bear but I dont think thats more famous than any of those I mean I think the fact that you just called it The Jungle Book bear with using his actual name says all it used to Blue there we go Blue no hes not a balloon hes a bear hot bags balloons they both make loud noises and scare people I guess so if youre afraid of balloons it going to explode at any time soon what is he doing I dont understand where are you youre over there lets go what Mr SUNY yeah there we go doesnt need us okay and hes just yelling at the spot that he bombed I and I was just exhausted over there no I think hes just really sad that nobody saw his fireworks its like what why didnt do okay here whered they go Im gonna go away now ah double kill ah Im drowning thats not good I love how appropriate this backing theme yeah its just screaming on repeat yeah its just the crew we were like ah you know what I actually quite like about this arena for this is the pillars I love pillars as well because like the beams get rid of the pillars but the bubbles get blocked by the pillars well and now theres no more feelings wait youre right let me just to draw them real quick I regret saying anything in the first place was so cool what was the delay on that I was so ready to counter that and then he just stood there for like three seconds like yeah youre gonna counter now arent you I dont like that were on our last card bubbles bubbles many bubbles too many bubbles right now stop hauling at me okay okay I still just wanted to get the debuff again I counted the Big Paw slap and killed the boy they could have pulled a trick here and made this the female of the species I was gonna say I wonder if thats if that might be the case lets see what the hunters knows have to say about this absolutely nothing interesting that it isnt just uh Violet music a lot of agitator and a bit of offensive guard thats quite an exciting set if Im completely honest with you if Im not gonna lie to you its quite exciting boom okay thats nice Violet tinged visits I mean I dont know what I expected but you know there it is M Baldin went targeted by a monster that must have become more likely to become enraged but your own defense is increased interesting so basically more agitator update well it also has agitator so that makes sense lets just random skill and rage monsters faster oh my God the legs okay those are pretty freaking good legs wow for anyone who uses offensive guard in this lightest theres some great solid legs if Ive ever seen them all right Dr Turtle tandari I expected nothing less what than us to get repeatedly killed thats a bit mean if Im honest with you well then we did kill it so that might have been what he was implying I was able to complete the medicine and treat the villagers that was fast you literally havent even given you the stuff yet literally and also this really extremely is a travels distance away and you have to make up the medicine like what would you even need us for apparently the village is just its building itself back up now theres no problem like it feels like its been a week since this antidote has been applied right like did we did we blink admit it I think that visit soon its harder than I I thought it did I think of kakaro and her highness um and anyway your assistance has been invaluable um hes just yeah hes just done a tiny little lore drop there thats very cool weve actually got her highness mentioned yeah and its not chiche and its not chiche its not her royal Hinds not her royal hiney cool all righty then ladies and gentlemen the second of Title Update 2 has been defeated what are your words for Violet scary bubbles why are you impressed yeah its a great monster hows it compared to Flaming espiness well thats a sort of hard one because I think conceptually this one is way more interesting but as far as the fight goes I think I sort of like flaming us but thats more thats a hot hot bubbly take oh this one is plug you can feel them is it them is it tsune whereas the Flaming espinas barely felt like an espinas at all to me well thats fair enough like you enjoyed this without a lazy element And subscribe for more consensus part in the future this channel on patreon below what until we meet again and oh God Josh cotton and Hollow with the videos dropping the humor like a hammer on your tippy toes bringing entertainment on a daily arrangement to take our insanity and turn it into entertainment yes I said entertainment twice to reiterate that it is nice Julie get into your faces on a mostly daily basis when you let us in your homes to make the whole world a stage uh goodbye free to play fps games on steam Pro and Noob take on Violet Mizutsune next and hes INCREDIBLE! 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