THE TWO BEST MONSTERS - Pro and Noob VS Generations Ultimate Pro and Noob! (Monster Hunter Agnaktor)

Best steam games for under 10steam how to hide what game you're playing MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK game Im off to go see Commander dad hes an admiral hey you I was told not to talk to strangers shut up little boy lets play a game just the sentence you said in the way that you did its just a problem with that look Im aware and Im trying to move past it sorry and I just want to play a game okay as long as youre willing to change all right you have 10 questions to think of the monster that Im thinking of go all right is it in sunbreak no is it nice born no is it the rambrose no seven left is it a flying wyvern no what is the monster Music ask that you didnt specify technically the rules are yes or no questions only but I let you have a bit more freedom so dont abuse it what type of monster is it Leviathan is it legitris no running low here you said one Leviathan thats it Im out thats me done well I know its not gonna be royal lidroth thatd be weird well you got four questions left Sonny Jim Im not gonna ask a question its ignac door yeah well done process of elimination now your prize is a vivid memory replaying in your head without your consent and now we return to the voidness my favorite place its so calm and tranquil and filled with Cosmic Horror oh yes ladies and gentlemen we return once more to watching ourselves in the past they had no idea back then they would be watched again in the future thats crazy well we sort of figured that someone would watch us just yeah we did kind of hope that would happen ideally as always thank you all so much for how much more fun this is to do and your love of it and if you ever want to do this in a more casual live experience alongside us thats the thing that happens every now and then uh patronally so if you dont want to get involved in that and of course you know help see the future of the channel is still a one where the channel exists then please consider supporting us down below but of course no pressure there will however be pressure on Cotton immediately to justify whatever weapon hes chosen Im sure of the start of this video I dont think I need to justify any Im not even mad thats amazing I already was like I like it yeah you Justified it there you go I did I immediately Justified it and fair enough it is a great weapon it is yes heres mug get gu face I miss it so much it is Peak cotton laughs because of the weapon and the way youre set up it does just like you look like youre stood there like yeah yeah I know pretty cool with this yeah it could cool but my head chewing my straw its so happy that Ive got a poem for you oh Ive got a poem for you whats the poem what type of poem is it I assume a happy lovely one of friendship yeah yeah you ready defeated foreign hey theres no way I just did that right theres no way it does seem a bit like you didnt I dont know why youre so mean to me see yeah correct yeah how dare you assume that I would say something so horrible to you especially in the first 20 seconds of a video please watch this for the first time here and also paused on that because they thought thats what I was going like wow wow this is intense York I just got sapped from existence yourself into another reality and job is done am I about to play the national anthem because of one of the monsters in this video I guess so thats so sad Music were done I really did just summon you back in there pretty effective I am summoned by alcohol I dont know man but this is a large lack of heads dammers there really upsetting honestly yeah why did it speed up why you just got more excited I love that yeah The Flash hand transition thats my favorite one its just so easy to use you know you know exactly what time to do things its simple I also love the feckless Gourmet I couldnt give a Fick Im just out of fix to give here I dont give a  __  oh my God you have to have grown and changed in five years man I think those thats one of the things that should stay why did we start with a gen prey in me uh hes just hes telling you your lines hello hi hows it going apparently we started oh nice the quartets all getting ready this is our dressing room guys just slowly zooming out what just happened apparently the kelbys killed us but I want to see those flamingos so the flamingos when they fly away they dont actually get farther away you can physically see that its just the pack of them zooming out oh yeah they are theyre just pulling away from just as a big group like its not even one at a time its just the entire just image of flamingos games oh amazing and then we Face the worlds deadliest Kelpie for some reason apparently yeah I get the feeling that we were going on the wrong Quest repeatedly so we just tried to make it a thing so we have really just not gonna address it nope nope it just it just happened why do we just okay cool moving on meeting today whos it with its with a royalty member a royalty member the royalty member this is their first big bug experience I guess celtis himself probably counts as a big bug relative to book size but this is your first big Biggles buggle bleed Biggles bugglesworth Eagles laugh if the Monopoly man was an insect I mean hed have a lot more space for real estate yeah is it that no no no no no Heights hide giant bug behind back uh hello what thank you thank you for that that is definitely how how and and believably is welled what that is an unbelievable whale thats just gonna play the video on Earth look at it and look oh thats this is what I needed sorry why is it what you needed because it was its unlike anything else I like scorpions I like big Scorpions I just sound like a rare Affliction like wow no this is exactly really what the Cure is a giant scorpion stab me oh this is a cool moment I can love the way she looks that is so cool oh my God yes Im one of the top monsters Music look that was quite cool yeah thats good that was fun right I like that theres a little flash you know thats a touch of course thats right there its a touch of claps I like that I like touching class you can never be a teacher now fake man what is a DubStep time youre just stepping on her tub Applause and they combine yeah thats so  __  cool you are a happy bunny one of my favorite monsters it is amazing it is absolutely amazing like imagine imagine this what were witnessing right now but in post five Jen Fidelity that would be great Im so sad it hasnt come back genuinely oh they fight is one never would have seen that oh Im gonna fade oh my God thats so cool though how awesome is that this really really awesome I saw this as a guy a choice he is just like half dead injected with obedience pheromones obedience pheromones pheromones oh you knocked him off you knocked him off yeah Im mounting him oh yeah if only you could Mount him on top of her that would be like a double Mount stack yeah that sounds like a themed dish at a monster no web website I guess James at a monster hunter website you know those websites where you order themed dishes you know Ive always been sad that she wasnt in stories too but imagine if in the stories too its Solstice Queen being written by a Celtics being written by the writer let me speak right hey he was supposed to be matching me not you mounting him how did this happen Im not entirely and great its quite of a power move to do right in front of Celtics it is yeah I dont know what what are you what okay would go yep thats fantastic that makes sense saying that without contacts excuse me unbelievably awesome oh he returned to the platform there is no part of me that ever thought this could be a thing in a monster hunter game but no it did no one single part of you not even your little toe can dare to imagine the possibility not even the mitochondria yeah I gotta try them both out you cant just do that shes mine now the power moves back to back thats what I said its mine exactly what the walking oh wait youre telling me to the space again oh is it available yeah yeah also you and failing mountains happily shoots out balls of Defense down imagine a shelter subspecies that has ovarian or Etc deviant and it has multi Celtics compatibility okay I thought you were gonna say it goes backwards where its like selfish Queen riding the Celtics yes itself to screen right no yeah four Celtics is one for each leg and then two celtices on top and its just this giant celtous Mech in a more iconic Duo uh you and missing great sword hits Music destroyed this is this has offended me so much that Ive had to cut to an owl so just to feel better like a soothing thing like its okay Ive got an owl its all right I do it my great son did say do it why why would you say that youre so mean after I gave you a lovely poem and showed you a lovely monster I am rarely ever mean but that moment it just it had to happen oh oh you did not youre so happy about it you monster because Im never mean it was a good one yeah did you enjoy it you got taste for it Im still happy about it he is Lady you still wake up in the night like that was good Im glad I did that just content smile yeah that was what that was a good one what do you think would happen okay Celtics is the perfect example of a monster that you should be able to break its legs not in the like Snap in half sense in the literal remove the leg from the body and now it cant walk sense but then the fight wouldnt happen anymore give it it needs its legs to survive right so like he always cut off Tails but never limbs were the moms do so many limbs that we can cut off a limb and it can still move like a spider like a spider Laughter as well it almost looks like she has one with the indent on her back yeah its a space for assaultist to sit on cool oh the court shots ready theyre still getting into into line right the last ones on his way oh  __  all right guys I miss them so much Music one of my favorite parts of life was back then when I had an excuse to find a new quartet song to give those Raptors it brought me so much joy and still does bring me so much joy Ive seen it in the past you know its part of the pro Noob extended Universe we should be able to call them in as like a summon yes like buffers with like bad songs in in actual other hunting horns they are theyre theyre all hunting on a living flashy hunting horn split into four salts oh that sounds lovely Id love to wield why did I describe it like that and on so many levels I dont know what I wanted yeah is the most the most concerning anime ever enjoy anything more in my life than that quartet at the altar on my wedding day thinking how this is not as happy an experience as being with that quartet you know Im by that still its hard to argue against it really is that happy to interact with that quarter it is Ive got a surprise for you can make sure Music Music youll still be pretty impressive if I could find you four extinct creatures no Id be a really cool wedding present man Music I consolidate little mics to their throats why do their throats surely their mouths I dont know man youre the weird one here the other one is brought dangerous animals to a potential hypothetical wedding and you want to put microphones on their throats well that way when they do their little little Raptor sounds it sounds Reverb being cool like imagine Jurassic Park the exact same movie but all the dinosaurs are microphone Amplified like its like the first classic T-Rex Roar it starts with like that classic Mike wine like you know gets into Focus for echoing out I think thats the pizzazz that that experience is missing alternatively Ill just Ill just get little uh little again prey heads and give them to the pants trust me and if you say so hey Queen may I be your oh okay no all right okay I dont know what you wanted but no I only speak to celtis you require my assistance pop a quiz wheres that voice line from I dont remember you foolish fool you did it yourself you think that I mean Im really happy that you think no no no no no no wow okay I mean I know what you sound like youre required by your assistance say that just sounded like I just did it again right you require resistance is eating cake in this interpretation while speaking its its a line if I believe I recall correctly to my memory a bit from Warcraft 3. I think for your reference the Natures profit hero would say that when you clicked on him if what youre referring to is also just part of Warcraft I know the character we played World of Warcraft together for years its malfurions hero voice line when you click on it forget that you have knowledge beyond your your boundaries this is weird a backup thats so good yeah there definitely used to be a multi-celter Celtics Queen even if theyre not all you know mounted but just swarming you like imagine like guanzaromu but with celticism like she can do like a wave of six of them all horned down that you have to weave between her thatd be incredible right how amazing Elder Dragon level saltus DVD that calls down way of Celtics like Army we just we just need like a higher a higher tier celtis that calls Celtics queens that calls iron you cant actually ever get rid of them permanently no this is mine why would you wait until the new Celtics arrived to do this because I wanted to see his pain I wanted him to watch me I like being watched oh idea modern Celtics Queen if you put like a shock trap on the ground shell willingly pick up the Celtics on her back and slap it against the shock trap to get rid of it so it doesnt affect her and then hit you with it while its paralyzed to apply Chuck yeah but how cool would that be like deliberately triggering bad things with the Celtics so it doesnt yeah oh we need an elder Dragon Celtics monster like now Escape or like a train its like a train oh do you want more context no its okay okay cool Music to screen to say I was next to her when that attack went off look at the distance yeah thats pretty effective are you gonna die Music you might be about to die but were not gonna see it all right it didnt happen its not real I just have to take this moment to say I know its embarrassing to tax yourself this queen beautiful symbiosis thank you thats my catchphrase man do you like it beautiful symbiasis I didnt sound like that though did I okay thats better all right put it on the T-shirt oh no here comes the stop no no Celtics where are you going ow  __  you leave her alone no no no no no no no no no how in all that is Holy does the Salters lift the shelter screen Ive never really thought about it until now but it is astronomical really strong the amount of left he would need to generate is ridiculous imagine if this was in World though I know imagine that yeah Im saying the insecty types right are the ones that give the most variety they do and totally be imagine this being done so well with worlds mechanics like it would just be so good shes not like a a hard fight but she has a lot of fun no yeah no no yeah oh yeah its so until youre youre just riding the adrenaline of this experience yeah its brand new oh my God oh so interesting like oh okay so shes one of the more unique interactions Ive seen in the game and I  __  love it shes injured so dont dont go completely him more dangerous because theres one thing left that oh yeah I really wanted you to get the so its not gonna show it in the video but we spent a long time trying to make the rare interaction happen I want to hope to see but its really rare oh oh I remember this exact moment the dont do it Ima Do it dont do it he did it thanks thanks no problem I needed to clarify what happened gosh Don did one fine I give up oh there we go it is possible that Celtics Queen will eat celtis for a boost and I I I I I said thats all I know very exhaust and her celtis Compadre is in Combined position yes she will on the note of the question of how does he lift her the attack that she just did where she drives his head into the floor and uses it as like a spike to charge forward how does he not just get flung off by the pressure of that angle and that that move like Ill just snap and break like like he should basically do a front flip the second she pushes forward what with with this horn in the ground I think what were realizing is that Celtics is actually secretly really powerful incredibly but he just kind of lets the Celtics Queen you know I have her way with him to a desperate tactic of grabbing him with her pincer crushing him like a can and eating sorry refreshing him like can so here is can Crush sound so you know what I mean by cat this is what it can mean sounds like you ever heard of can knowing that she does do that is so cool oh oh okay all right yeah turns out now she just does it is this the same as devil Joe in his tail she actually does that right I think Ive seen a clip of it maybe its a cutscene thing though who knows if evidence exists it will now be presented foreign s just like no come on guys how long are we killing the celters queen fall this takes us a while it would seem clean oh oh oh everyone gets made at some point usually in the beginning oh wait what how are you doing the mountain showing behind me dont ask me questions Music Applause I wish I knew that is amazing by the way I just dont just you know done falling off mounted it Im in trouble Ill set a trap Im in trouble Im in trouble I mounted it Quest complete Im out yeah the mountain after Chris completely is so brilliant it needed to happen that just sums up that self does experience oh thats  __  cool and thats it it will provide no information of my own opinion continue on I hope youve had enough and now were gonna go hunt something else okay man whatever makes you happy I wanna die its my item give me my items so I dont die oh probably because Im about to move  __  item boxes holding all my stuff and thinking they dont work best for it we have a hunt for the fire country Chief Fire country Chieftain wait is this the fire lord yeah run and a really terrible disguise like I need I need help okay oh yeah and travesties that monster hunter World committed that travesty is choosing levisio over that over what yeah its 7f oh my God you see the thing is I looked over to the left first and I saw the small monster I was like over that yeah and over over that little little  __  over there I Im gonna assume he went this way if I had to get yeah if you had to guess you mean if you had to witness it walk into this Zone oh no I might have pulled a surprise on us yeah there we go oh thats cool no thats hot so already you can find the lava thats gonna Harden this is the agnactor Leviathan you always sound like youve had some really good news when a new Monsters introduced its like congratulations youve uh youve won the prize oh oh its like the anti-dana bit where they just keep winning game show rewards like you got a car oh my God no get in the car oh Im getting in the car Opera oh my God oh thats an awesome name Music he was just like snapping his teeth I was like oh that looks cute and then hes like thats me do you remember quite a few times God its so cool I miss him so much he needs to be in a generation where his arm is in the hovering and foot above the ground you ripped him out the ground to then Mount him of course I couldnt imagine now this is the most unmountable Monster Ive ever seen oh theres I mean there Gigante is pretty bad yeah thats true hes even looking back like this this doesnt make sense are you immune to love like do not feel the heat what is going on how many times have I said to you theres gonna come a time where you will hear the sound clap clack and then your car I feel like thats the difference thats the reason they havent brought leviathans back properly like like like this and and legitris is that the way that in the old games they were able to just stand on a diagonal angle where their feet were flat in the air and they just didnt give a  __  whereas now theyre just like we cant have that wed rather not have them than have them float at a weird angle yeah thats actually true this exact post that ignactor in is now unacceptable in modern Monster Hunter and while thats and thats the reason that theyre not bringing them back yeah and while thats appreciated as an attention to detail and quality at the same time Ill take a sideways slant flow ignactor if it means hunting egg nectar I would rather have them back than than just have them ignored because of the angle that they stand oh there you go the clock clock is so cute its like holy  __  it was really surprising Im not gonna lie how cool is that though its really good so look you can see this guy you could totally oh no its hardened look at that jumping between the holes like levisiopters like burrowing like  __  you suffer in silence youre a  __  piece of  __  youre no good thats a bit harsh its not wrong its not its not wrong per se fantastic looking oh oh I love the quack quack by the way the name of this episode its genius right do I know what I called it what is it the queen and the beam unbelievable right the creativity on display thats the queen and the beam because it Rhymes I mean theres a queen and then theres also abuse Excuse me while I push my glasses up my nose oh it does sorry it really does hurt yeah like I I am struggling to heal Ive been trying to heal and then he does another beam and hits me with heel nope coming for you maybe hes coming for you might be coming for me hes coming for me oh no how did this happen dude hes so cool the lava thats amazing he came out the ground just as I super swipe oh I need you to know do you remember being that happy thats crazy who would be happy do you watch these and go man I was so full of life and hope back then I became a more of an adult that adulthood is enjoyable in ways and thatll be really fun I finally hope so it was at this moment that he knew he  __  up I love that attack thats so cool oh you popped him out his hole you Pokemon how could you do this with this one thing Im good at its popping do you still stand by that skill set oh I could I could pop with the best of them Applause well I think he thought I was on fire and you were trying to put me out but thats purposeful yes I was helping you you definitely werent trying to attack me while I healed Music yeah get him I have not fought say youre youre rooting for it to kill me so I I dont know that is after you tried to attack me out of a heel thats contextually irrelevant I dont I think its specifically contextually relevant it was about a five second difference between those your logic doesnt follow man youre being ridiculous right now personally you uh youre thinking that joke oh yes yes Im getting that bubble bubble I mean we did spend a lot of that episode just popping those bubbles you see that bubble Im appalled Music words needed to come out of your mouth for the sentence to complete well they they entertained you you know so thats you you were you were you were easier back then all right Im just pointing it out you were easier back then its just one of those moments where its just like if I question this well have to talk about it for the next two minutes yeah man bubbles its really a nactor fighting him oh no Music just a hint right just a little hint there and its like oh no its a little tiny bit its like Dread I dont think youve even seen him yet yeah Abbys in world oh yeah is this is this post first update Im pretty sure it was like the summer of that year but fighting him really in that not the back door no no did we just cut and double just gone and nothing happened is that I guess though like we actually did what yeah I guess you could call him cute oh I cant believe devil Joe arrived and killed me I just like that he died of the laser and my response is click click its like an accident and we never reached that point narrator do I never return all the way to extreme deviants were just like go to the Hammer games where you smash the things back in the hole the hammer game where you smash the thing back in there Hammer Games when you put the thing in the hole did I just forget the term whack-a-mole is that is that what happened there also double Joes just like perching his face on the ground trying to look all cute just like hey there see I told you youre cute we got a cute little investigation face like me Music its not the same game yeah why did you say but I dont know at once in this game is absolutely a part of him oh its just  __  four of him I borrow him oh okay all right there we go all right devil you can calm down now were gonna get some classic devil Joe eating no did you do this it would be so good if joeying actually deleted the body before you come it does seem like youre trying to tell me that thats what happened again guys I wanted to give you that experience you know Ill give you that that bit of fun but even mechanically that wouldnt actually affected hes offended yeah we killed him he doesnt just get to swoop in and steal the glory thanks for the Ill be the judge of that I dont know if yours looks the same but mine is like night with like oh wow yeah thats really cool I like that yeah thats not bad well  __  yeah you had such a way with words back then its honestly beautiful do you like my dyed little pink Frills the only bits I was alive I do like your pink elephant is the best you could do just your tiny little pink thrills I didnt want your feelings do your thing egg egg egg eggnectar quack quack Ill allow it salt is Queen really cool idea it is a really cool idea thats where you stand by these these days current top three monsters oh what do you think youre gonna say I dont know but I dont like being asked questions like this just immediately just just off the cuff you were in on that like come on well yes let me think theres been a lot of monsters okay and then malfestia oh what happened to that sunshine I like this I like this interpretation I mean I still think hes cool yeah but he was top three here well it was top three so far Generations ultimate that doesnt include the ice boards it doesnt include the Rises that havent happened yet you know theres a lot since then thank you for watching well be back soon enough Music oh goodbye and there we have it everybody the beam and the Queen the queen beam green and the beaming two very very legendary monsters its when the queen wrote around in a Mercedes all right guys next time we get cotton finding his true favorite monster of all time oh yeah if you like if you enjoyed this subscribe hit the bell for more consider supporting the future channel on patreon down below and until we meet again Josh cotton and Hollow with the videos dropping the humor like a hammer on your tippy toes bringing entertainment on a daily arrangement to take our insanity and turn it into entertainment yes I said entertainment twice to reiterate that it is nice Julian to your faces on a mostly daily basis when you let us in your homes to make the whole world on stage is uh goodbye steam game awards how long Pro and Noob experience Cottons first Seltas Queen & Agnaktor! 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