GATHERING OF THE QURIO - Pro and Noob VS Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak!

How long to steam tamales from frozensteam vac unable to verify game session MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK game ah professor weapon good to see you all chap im in a spot of bother you see and i need weapons greetings hunter im still speaking professor weapon well thats rude i need weapons lots of weapons professor well youre in the right professor place because ive got for you great source i know you like great swords right do they transform no they do a lot more crazy  __  than that you see that great sword yes it attaches to the other great sword at the hilt and becomes a twin greatsword excellent professor weapon and then you can simultaneously stab a monster in the front and the back you see that shield yes you can use it with a great sword great sword and shield thats some bitch-ass gameplay professor weapon you see this pile of ore behind me Music yes you could use it to make more great songs rock candy oh oh okay sorry you see that cannon behind you yes it fires live babies its primed to go off look out ow what the  __  tell me professor what do these do uh well these are parts of monsters that weve taken off of them and then put cloths over this ones leather no the the moving things are they have some sort of biological weapon youve created oh yes theyre actually a form of poison gas that ive coagulated into an entire person so that when they walk towards things its unsuspecting and then they explode into a puff of mist whats in the barrels cats cats stories keep our extra cats its a right old laugh ive only got one question professor weapon what is it please can i have some personal space that doesnt seem like a question but sure i only got one question professor weapon where are the title cards oh those we actually keep those in your mind Music Applause when did you get upgraded to professor weapon con i dont know but it makes me feel smarter is talking like that like a requirement of the role well yes my vocal chords are actually tied to my eyes and being able to see through glasses makes me talk finer my vocal cords have been tied to my eyes thats the only reasonable explanation like a double loop bird eagle knot actually more of a slipknot i do have a question though tj are you the are you are you the captain of anything im uh im the captain of industry i just youve got a got an interesting little red band there gj yes its to make my arm able to check its own blood pressure so i dont get sick sorry its a princess pressure device its the princess pressure wow how much pressure is the princess under a lot gathering of the curio hunty lunagaron this is the most suspicious quest ive ever seen dont worry chiche i promise i will save elgato theres definitely no chance that this is either going to be a superpower lunarone or an introduction to a secondary type of quest or a monster that comes out of the blue thank you in a monologue cotton no problem now lets make like two vampires and suck the blood what happened oh my god i dont believe it the curio influence here were literally here to investigate what the curio i think i think it might be all the red stars there might be all the red the red embers in the air behind us where are you yelling from fearing maybe shes in that barrel look i dont want to get i dont want to get carried again but you get them guys all right youve got youve got this game for your barrel edition and he noticed by the way the fact that this tiny little boat has a big harpoon are you saying just because its a tidy boat doesnt mean it cant have a big hopper im just saying if you encounter something that you need a harpoon that big enough to kill while on a boat of that size youre already  __  but at least you can take it down with it i dont know that you will be able to the the the seas are not very kind to a boat this size that just makes it sound like the phones sailing along having a great time and then its just usually unclear spokes ive ever seen i didnt i didnt say it was ugly is it sleeping or dead its dead its literally dead you are an incredible detective is it sleeping or is it called why are you not more concerned by the fact that we came out under the map and everything so far is just the other gown goats dead as well yeah theyre all dead theres three dead ones in this zone this is a dead gown goat party and i dont like that wait theres also no endemic life like theres no spear bird in that bush and normally theres a theres a beetle here thats not wrong okay ill take it back you are a good detective cotton have the curios just killed literally everything i dont want to progress if im on it i get a good feeling were going to walk into the zone where this lenogram theoretically is and its going to be already dead like initially i was like haha somebody already killed this gown goat but then its like and that one and that one and the endemic lifes gone everythings really quiet theres a load of red the mushrooms survived well yeah i mean that makes sense they would say they dont want to eat those they just want things with blood this is really weird its really creepy is that a dead garand goal oh this is the coolest qu i mean horrifying of course my heart goes out to his garan family mrs garango makes lovely lovely cheesecake this is awesome all the wire bugs all the wire bugs are gone too yeah the wire books are gone this is  __  weird we need to explore we need to take our sweet sweet sweet time ha ha behold life i found a loophole well i mean you just put that there that doesnt count it just immediately gets like prominent swamps oh god what have i done hello anything going on in the mysterious temple of blood if there was something going on youd expect here is a good place for mysterious goings on no nothing happening no there is something happening thats always happening though thats normal no no no no what isnt normal is the extra like red energy glow in the air around it like theyre like im pretty sure this is the one place that is normally happening dude do you also have this kind of like overwhelming sense of impairment i do feel like something a lot bigger is happening here than its letting nothing like this has ever happened this is i mean this is actually like the fact that they have gone to the lengths of no endemic life putting dead monsters on them assuming theres going to be more dead stuff here yep theres thats a castle yeah random vulvadon im sort of sad we dont just get to carve everything to be honest with you yeah just like this is tragic this is great this is this is awful i cant believe this is happening oh no oh this is amazing whoa these poor animals just tell them that we killed them as part of a quest you know dont think chichay would believe us and im not all so sure shes entirely in charge earlier we got to literally make a quest for something that we wanted to do as part of the story so i dont see why we couldnt do this like my heart is is fluttering like i like like like you you should get that checked out thats like oh yeah no i really probably need a doctor actually this isnt no you dont want to hurt her im concerned if we find something dead thats like like got a bit of a bit of oomph to it like garen gomes up there if all of it on not so much but i get the feeling that we were supposed to follow a specific path to get here that expected us to go the efficient path and then there would have been more stuff there oh yeah i know theres another oh thats an ogre dead zinoga thats an ogre thats a bit of a step up season ogre should be especially good at countering swarms of insects type like small creatures he has his own swarms of insects no because he can do aoe electricity indiscriminately which shouldnt theory zap swarms of cancer mining sap its my favorite way to get it out of trees well this areas cute sweet sweet little little camp hut a little little flowy stream waterfall oh its like a little back entrance to cave well maybe or maybe it goes somewhere completely different im really kind of oh yeah yeah this is wait where are we is it a fishing spot its a fishing spot thats its just a fishing spot did the fish survive the fish survive so they cant do water the fish are cool i mean theyre all right i wouldnt i wont go like the fish are so good god these fish are cool look at them that ones in shade i suppose well go have a look at mr luna agarose im sure everything will be totally normal i cant wait for him to literally just be bristling with them like its just a red bush turns out its just a regular quest but everything else i got i am look bottom line i am very impressed is there a is there an entrance theres an entrance up here why did you suddenly get really  __  into that well i just i like hidden areas man you can explore all the hidden areas i promise check it out theres a lot of mining stuff in here this is actually really cool yeah theres some room what is this can we can we get anything do anything is there any reason at all for this things existing can we go up at all i know i bet this i bet the i bet the ultra rare endemic citadel life might be in here at some point this seems pretty good for that it is a nice little spot for it all right lets get round to the lulu negaron like chain slave fish aside this is how you create atmosphere like this is deeply disturbing especially after introducing the arts demon of the abyss like the idea of a swarm plague yeah look theyre out theyre after it yeah theyre on it i dont think theyre after like you might be controlling them hes not gonna be control its lunaron all right man i mean you say that okay oh the curio have it under their control is it gonna be like a frenzy monster thing but curio monster thing and thats sun break that was my guess that was my guess please tell me that so i hope so oh does he have extra is he gonna do things please lunagaron show me your moves tell me everything youve got it might be like you might oh you know what it might be he might just have a curio mode the same way that uh that mel zano does i really thought youre gonna say he might have a curio moment you might have a curio moment a big curio moment surely hes gonna have it have a like now the curios start doing something but how okay no couple questions no roll it back roll it back reverse play the brake okay okay back up yeah back that sweet trainer far up to the station Music okay i appreciate that i do number one how are the curio controlling in the lunar i dont know number two why are the curio controlling elune agaron why does everything else get slaughtered for food but a lageron is entranced somehow maybe the three lords have something special going on but we passed a dead ass garango thats true it was garengol maybe hes just special because hes a werewolf is the character special cause hes dead maybe hes special because hes not alive anymore and thats really you know the way of it they are two very important questions to answer though maybe theyre like trolls out control i mean as for the why it could entirely be something like um garen golem or not guarantee like hes the last thing alive on the map so they wanted to keep him alive so theyre just slowly draining him rather than the quick drain i mean its tempting to say they control strong monsters to go find and kill other strong monsters for them but theyve shown they have no no problem swarming and killing something mighty powerful like lunagon isnt more powerful than zenoga so ow okay i was right what were you saying sorry yeah no i mean as everybody knows cotton is stronger than zenoga so if negron is stronger than cotton weve got some got some deep power scaling going on here is the theme different im im not there so i dont have an answer because it feels eerie and i i dont remember it being this well the music on the map as a whole has been quite eerie as weve been walking around yeah like in the very solemn is the description it might well be because the thing is so far the curio on him havent done anything well no theyre controlling him what if what if its literally hes dead and theyre making it act like its alive but how they have a poison that weakens and kills they eat and absorb life but that doesnt really go into control a vacation you gotta you gotta think about like what theyre like theyre based off of the concept of vampires right so what if its literally while theyre there it acts as if its undead while theyre sucking on it trying to keep him keep him in some sort of stasis well then it would imply that malzahno more than anything is simply adapted to not be a curio snack yeah that was my understanding is they only liked him because he was a free source of constant food yeah but like he worked with them but now im thinking that he didnt work with them in terms of like hes like controlling them his power thats all good hes working with them as a as a self preservation yeah method yeah i can believe it i mean hes got the blood blight if what they like is blood then he might literally just have the the way to get more blood consistently over time i wonder how they would fare its curious swarming an elder dragon well i get the feeling we might see in the near future as i plan to unleash curios on held attractions everywhere this is so eerie yeah no theres no music there is literally not music its the best its dripping with atmosphere is like it that you could its palpable i dont you can feel it its like electric in the air like it just feels like somethings like this doesnt feel like a real monster fight it feels like were just being led astray from something else im waiting for that moment you know like that like the npc pops up right like whats happening negarons changing or something you know like that kind of yeah im waiting for the exact same thing i cant i cant the suspect my god willy wonka i have never never understood you on a deeper level than i do right now also have to do with willy wonka he is a man who is deeply versed in good suspense okay and now now i get it um why is he writable truly that shouldnt be a thing thats awesome all right kyrios make room for me im an honorary member that means yes my control is greater than yours youre a vampire rapper very odd like imagine if you got up and then they swarmed you and kicked you off that way it would be like there should be some sort of interaction there it seems strange that there isnt why do they not nibble human bits yeah they they dont i mean i guess they they poisoned fear but they werent really nibbling her just sort of yeah but it was malzahars attack that did it so its kind of an accident okay like the the curios themselves havent gone for a person which i find very probably just not as good food like were not as tasty as a full-on monster if you can eat monsters youre gonna okay okay all right all right okay oh what were looking for he does look different right im not imagining this hes got like a shine to it well hes got hes got the red the hes got the red the all the red effects yeah yeah like the red the red dots and he and he looks like hes like hes got his well he always had somewhat of a red sheen when he was yeah but it feels like kind of like the temporary metal look like hes hes looks like more crystalline than just ice it does oh thats so cool look its yeah his eyes is gorgeous its like got so much more pearly essence crystally shiny oh im still waiting for the music to start like this is this is not this does not feel like its the question look at him like that thats honestly thats part of what makes me feel like this is like an undead taking over the body type of thing is that the lack of music is normally a very restricted thing over how good his ice armor looks that was a new move no it wasnt weve seen that one it was normally when he dashes forward he slices with the claws that time oh okay i didnt see that i didnt see the bite it was a bite not a slash hes yelling and doing slashes thats normal okay which might be the influence of the curio a bit more bloodthirsty i dont i dont know what to say i dont know what to do like i it just feels wrong it feels significantly like theres something thats going to happen and i cant get that out of my head well its already happened right like hes gone like curio nagaron farm i dont think he really did i think he was just normal lager on form but they had the curio energy on him what do you think its just the lighting thats made his crystal like his ice look crystally and its not not actually different he looked i didnt think he was particularly different but he gained not just curios flying around him but the blood particles like that that was new yeah but thats thats like it feels like thats building up as we kill him like i feel like somethings going to happen when he dies specifically oh you think thats the one but hes not like hes died particularly easier than normal if hes got like a a post-mortem phase can i see i like this wake up wake up wake up youre at the right thing dude wait wait come on i suppose let us bring justice to this perverse monster and show him the true meaning of death yeah please thats so cool oh my god but i want to know why and what it was actually doing like as an effect i have so many questions what a weird eerie hunt everything was dead and there was no music at any point what did the curio give him what did they do maybe this would not happen maybe its a cool way to like represent tempered type effects but at the same time like i mean maybe its just a special quest where everything else is dead on the map including endemic life like it might be there is no way theyve done a curio version of lageron just for this one-off story beat right surely doubted but i mean well see what happens oh here we go here we go when mankind is consumed by darkness i cant help feel like this is the monster intros abyss shall rise from the earth is he gonna turn into a monster yes hes like now i will be free of this human form i am very scared right now shall feed the beast and return to darkness do you think theyre going to feed the beast right now i think they might be going to feed the beast cotton i think whatever this arch demon has taken control of the curio swam sent them to scour the land and return to it with essence of monster oh another cut scene oh were not leaving oh god so maybe thats the ship they were talking about getting built and somewhat of emergency i think thats just a normal ship it doesnt look like a like a warrior all the curio are flooding into the citadel or the ruins of the tower or whatever the hell that thing is whats going on yesterday what have you done he looks he looks really he looks chuffed look at it yeah he looks sort of happy about it like its so beautiful there they go oh wow look at them little murderous blood things it seems they found the place they belong how lovely oh im so happy for them so is this where they were born from maybe thats the cycle maybe they spawn from whatever they actually eventually return like birds do have a homing instinct thats cool but that entire tower is is falling apart right now and i think thats a bit concerning that is genuinely concerning that is that is what i would call that um theres a crater that is a crater that was not there before sorry are we going to go hunt in hell thats a hand oh no no we can take your terrain come on no we dont want to retreat we want to see what it is we want to ogle it we want to oogle its good bits for your reign oh my god wow that is wow Music thats the specially built battle admiral ship oh look at him look at your dad cotton look at those angry gallius eyes oh hes about to murder that beast oh hes ready to go is hes planning on ramming it oh my god its got one of those multi-layered demogorgon mounts it does ah can we talk about the fact hell opened up and released the arch demon of the epic and i dont get just one now thats a man who knows where his dragonaters are he doesnt need to ask this is this is the best thing this out this cutscene is magnificent fire yes thats insane dude your dads a legend oh my god this thing looks so  __  cool conan why is your father such a badass well you answered that in your own sentence because hes my father you must be so proud right now what do you mean lower the stern what does he mean lower the stern he wants the stern to be lower man all right oh okay oh oh this man has three dragons its the big boy oh thats so cool it is the big boy oh that oh my god hes got the nuke in here just arrived on the scene with the worlds deadliest hunting ship and utterly obliterated what i presume is the final boss yay i i get the feeling that this is just going to be the beginning though question mark galileus galileus whatever your name galeascalius you know sir that was very cool sir on your screen currently its literally on your screen god that was so cool man i i respect you i look up to you i hope one day i can have three dragonaters okay i knew this guy amanda he only had one dragonater and he lost it someone had to tell him where it was and you just you just knew man the ranged oh my god and now our palicos have one too so theres so many dragon haters in this game i want to break my arm so you can sign my casts uh i can just sign it no break my arm please i want to say my arm was broken by colins dance we were able to make it in time we appreciate this inside role but im completely confused what on earth was that the archdemon of the abyss whats its monster name though that is its name oh yeah sorry hunt one arch demon of the abyss archabiss the place we call the citadel was attacked by mouse now people heard those same bellowing sounds then two rising up from the bowels of the earth mountainous circled above as if waiting for something so youre suggesting the archdemon can oh maybe the curios were actually controlling melzano the whole time and it was all because of this archdemon new host more like true host yes they were always his the mysterious creatures they werent made to males know its all theyre made by their team and see that we knew that strength thats a good problem though right like thats so surprising obviously thats such a surprise to me the elder dragon ruler of the kingdom gets a whiff or something making sure he goes to check it out it was all just a gigantic turf war between malzneau and the archdemon oh and the curio with the archdemons parting shot against melzer now we have to feed on the surface before returning to their true hospital parting shot against so he was using them against melissa yeah malzado was actually trying to defend the kingdom and once again we have jumped the gun and murdered an innocent monster blaming it for all the thats probably not only an innocent monster apparently one that was trying to protect us yeah we really need to we need to ask questions first and stab later like as people and hunters earlier the fierce we need you to stop the flames of your fighting spirit once more it helps save the kingdom on my honor dame for your reign ill do it i only have one thing to request in return please stop staring directly into my eyes that looks like a guys mcgorm to me yeah its a classic guy hes got geismagon energy this time for the last time well destroy the dark evil under our feet and let light fill the kingdom once more my god i want to do i want to kill it i want to kill it so first impressions of geyser gone i want i want to fight it thats my first impression i require glorious battle immediately i mean it looks evil as  __  and i want to kill it it really does kind of match your perhaps steven of the abyss isnt it like that was just a little bit that was oh my god my god you all the knights all the research team everyone has worked so hard to protect the kingdom none of their hearts are filled with darkness nothing could be further from the truth the kingdom is faith in you thank you gj to be fair we know nothing about the kingdom itself we only know you people which arent arent they actually thats a good point it might be a horrifically corrupt like tyrannical rule situation going on you have to descend the crater locate guys magon and defeat it the fate of the kingdom kamura the fate of us all depends on your success go forth hero of qatar qatar and be victorious hero of cameras hero of cameras master rank five to six oh so there is a master rank six okay somehow this both feels like the final boss and suddenly not the final boss suddenly this feels like hes just the gatekeeper to another load of dangerous cool  __  well have to fight i feel like thats entirely possible god wouldnt it be mean to make everyone wait till next episode to see us take on guys mcgonn after just having unbelievably so it would be absolutely cool it would be cruel wouldnt it it would be hey cheech you all right if we deal with this whole uh actually with this problem like in a bit couple days maybe yeah theres no rust theres just a lot of people in danger thats all right it was a few deaths between friends you know i might die then i can be the princess the pretty pretty princess i dont think you would be next in line thats not how it works cotton help me to assume for the royal throne please youre the throne person i respect it yay so there we have it everybody curio controlled monsters shining with blood guys become revealed the abyss to descend into devils triple dragon ships commanded jealousy and the most badass character in all of monster hunter history its my power its your path its my paw like if youve enjoyed this i look forward to next time and uh yeah subscribe for more into disappointing the future of this channel on patreon down below a good boy goodbye josh cotton and hollow with the videos dropping the humor like a hammer on your tippy toes bringing entertainment on a daily arrangement to take our insanity and turn it into entertainment yes i said entertainment twice to reiterate 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