Monster hunter rise sunbreak - Best Amber Essence Farming & How To Get Augmentation Materials!

Squid games steamdwarf fortress steam free MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK game the new augment system can give you some awesome armor upgrades but it is so random that you may find yourself bursting through your amber essence items really quickly so in this one were going to go over how you can get more of these amber essences as well as the other materials that youll need to unlock augmentation easily so you can get straight to augmenting your armor set for those good skills and decoration slot bonuses so if you do enjoy this one make sure to show support by clicking like down below and you can subscribe for all the other content coming to the channel over the next couple of days make sure to put in the comments down below if you have any extra tips to farming amber essence and lets start it off by going over what amber essence is and where you get it from first of all theres three different kinds of amber essence theres the regular the essence plus version and the prime amber essence these give you a respective 10 20 and 40 points towards the cost of augmenting your armor piece so ideally you want the amber essence plus or the prime amber essence in abundance so that you can augment to your hearts content especially for those higher rarity pieces of armor that require 80 points per augmentation to get these items you can find them as the bonus quest reward when you complete an anomaly investigation so the real question is how do you farm these amber essences as fast as possible simply put you will get more of them and generally the higher quality versions such as the prime amber essence from doing higher level anomaly investigations this means you should be trying to do the highest level possible ones available to you if getting those essences is your goal however if you havent got a very high anomaly research level then you will want to prioritize leveling that up first so that you can then do the harder and higher level investigations that will give you those better rewards so how do you level up your anomaly investigation levels best well to zoom through the levels we advise that you do the highest level investigations available to you but also ones that have specific conditions such as time limits failure conditions or even better if it has both these will actually yield higher xp towards your anomaly research level which means you definitely want to be prioritizing those but you can further boost this by picking up the red sparkling curio gathering points during the actual hunt on the way to fight the monster as well as bringing weapons and skills that also help with part breaking these two things are important because picking up those gathering points that are shiny with the curio effect will give you extra research points at the end breaking monster parts will also give you extra research points which will add to your level as well as of course getting the items and materials that you get when you break those parts off of a particular monster for this reason we recommend bringing part breaker so you can speed up the process of breaking those monster parts the extra points and loot at the end of the quest will definitely make it worth it on top of that the anomaly monsters already have the focus points on the different parts of their body that you need to damage in order to explode and get extra damage on the monster so in general you should find yourself doing this naturally in a hunt anyway rotating through different monster parts to break the curios but also to break the parts themselves to get you more points and more items one additional thing that you can try and do is to match your request target monster with the highest level anomaly investigation that you have available even better if they also have the conditions that we mentioned earlier this is because your target research monster at the anomaly research lab by buhari will give you a massive multiplier on your research points at the end of a hunt a bonus tip for this is that if you dont have an anomaly investigation for your target research monster you can go to the quest board and search for an online hunt for an anomaly investigation that someone else is hosting with that specific anomaly monster thats your target so you can easily tag along on the hunt without relying too much on getting it as an investigation yourself with the rng if youre wondering how to get the rest of the afflicted or the dire afflicted items to do with augmenting and crafting gear as well as the new decorations then you simply dont have to look any further than on the actual quest screen for the anomaly investigations because it shows you the items that you will get from that quest as you progress higher through the anomaly levels particularly up to a5 you will then be able to get some of the more difficult items like the diet afflicted ones that will allow you to craft those extra good things so if you did find this one helpful definitely click like down below to support the video you can also subscribe for all the extra information and guides coming out for you guys in the next couple days and weeks again put in the comments if you have any extra tips to do with leveling up your research anomaly level or to farming those all-important amber essences there are two videos on screen now that we think you may very much enjoy if you did enjoy watching this one so if you found this video helpful the ones on screen now you might find helpful too so definitely give them a go if you like the look of them mabel steam engine days Here is the best way to get lots of ember essence for your augmentation qurios crafting on your mix set and where best to farm augmentation materials! 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