Darkseid Does The Thanos Snap Brutality! - Mortal Kombat 11: Geras Gameplay

Hoover steam cleanat home steam facial MORTAL KOMBAT 11 gameplay Music foreign Music what is going on ladies and gentlemen welcome back to some more MK 11 and were doing some more no variation challenge and uh Im pretty excited about this one because other than the sand pillar and the sand uh the quicksand the no variation for Garris is pretty much what I would use so Im actually really excited because I have my command grab I have my doomfist I have my Thanos snap brutality if I want to and I still have the quicksand its just a different version so leave a like on the video for good luck because I bet that Im gonna struggle with the character that I actually think is uh is gonna be pretty good with the no variation challenge its just thats just how its gonna be oh  __  whatever back dash uh Drinking My Immortal blood it wont give you immortality  __  nice nurture jump foreign youre out of commission for a bit Music thats definitely not plus but I use the wrong move too Im an idiot why was I not blocking obviously hes gonna  __  do forward two thats just me being stupid okay hes a Masher  __  oh that was a great call on that thank you waste my time you waste my time hes gonna do forward to someone do nutrition Im gonna catch him okay get into it guess what hello so it doesnt really matter right oh hes recovering it now ah  __  foreign oh no I got my Thanos snap though impression blow nope whoa that was pretty crazy oh give me this you are no con because you are snapped out of existence dark side does it better baby Dark Side Does it Better normally I call it by the way theres some people who are confused the only reason I call it the Thanos app is because the animation in which the character gets disintegrated is very very very similar to how the people die from the thanosnap thats pretty much it because theres no snap theres no snap theres just hand gestures so I just wanted to clear that up brutality I mean brutality Crush can blow storage ah crap I impression blow oh man hes short hopped over that  __  thats so lucky yeah its unsafe friend all the way to the corner you go see Im telling you this is literally playing with a variation that I would normally play with with this character I am falling for that oh  __  I gotta get out of here you know oh wow its too far away oh do it again  __  he was smarter than that took throws for days  __  is he gonna finish me off now put the sun on him theres no way I can make this comeback right  __  I was hoping that I would uh trip guard him ah I jumped too soon well no I didnt want to do that oh come on how the hell did that thank you how many do I have to finish him ah damn it finish some screen you suck I wasnt even gonna do a forward three I was not gonna Dash or anything but the Slowdown messed me up so much that I did I I even waited and I still did the forward three too early before I could even move because the stupid ass slow down well at least we got it once Ill take it see I told you guys that Garris with no variation is just really good Garris its pretty much a variation that you would use if you would use um like I said the quicksands uh maybe his clone maybe the um uh the sand trap that keeps you stuck in place but all those are you know theyre not insignificant but when it comes to the no variation challenge I think so far Garris is the strongest one Music shout Khan is another one because you know he has his choke he has he still has his launcher and everything theres some characters that dont even have a launcher when it comes to the no variation challenge like Aaron black for example ah oops theres the wrong button now sir can you calm down please dont worry Ill send you out of existence oh I got three already theyre getting hit by that a lot been getting hit by a ton of wake up up twos recently gotta work on my midi game boom oh give me this crushing blow ah damn it I thought that I was gonna be able to get it because that question below you unlock it when you hit the opponent with like the last couple of frames of them being in the wall again same situation finish some screen  __  me up Garris wins with no snap thats not the real dark side Dark Side would annihilate everybody those eyes look sick though Omega beams it would have been cool if he would have uh they would have given him some sort of round winning animation where he kind of maybe shoots a little bit of a laser or something I guess thats not garriss power really but if they knew they were going to give him the suit they should have uh you know done something done something like that would have been cool excuse me wait what was the other one again oh my God this guys going nuts foreign got that flame spear too I still had time oh that still works improvised  __  combos all right this guys clearly a new player unfortunately Im just getting whoever I could get in combat league right now Im still recording its five 4 45 a.m if you guys have seen if you guys have followed all my videos Im still recording I started like 1 45 but usually when I record for a session Im like all right Im already here there sometimes writers really dont want to play and whenever I do get the motivation to play I take advantage of it and record as many videos as I can so here I am recording this question blow sir damn I Told You scorpion you were gonna get snapped out of existence not only that but you lost your jaw First lost some teeth you wont even be able to go to the dentist to get them fixed because you got snapped out of existence all right lets get us match Noobs lets see one two three four five oh wow I only have six more characters to go after Garrus thats amazing this Series has been so long because theres so many characters in this game Im happy that its going to come to an end mostly because you know Im happy that Im going to complete it oh that sucks oh man lock that low foreign  __  thats not good yep forward three into that I thought I had enough time to actually do my sand trap I did not because the move that he has is faster than the normal capture so I  __  that up fight well that sucks nice okay hes doing a good job staggering stuff Im gonna jump Im gonna keep jumping oh  __  come on got the crushing Ill take it I was just waiting for him to jump Ive been jumping a little bit too much but you know what  __  it why not right im Dark Side  __  oh my God what the  __  how the hell was that not enough damage fight oh give me that tick throw oh ah damn I was hoping that I would get the down one into the snap because I know I had enough for me to burn uh back forward once all right I brought that  __  back it was looking a little uh it was looking a little bit like it was gonna go downhill for me but I managed to bring it back I got down to it in the gooch like two times in a row thank you right there yeah oh  __  he got me with it oh that was actually pretty sick Im not gonna lie what the hell am I down One Missed oh he has to do is forward three yeah he really could have done anything right there he doesnt even have T-Rex arms I guess I just miscalculated  __  oh come on man  __  this time I meet him foreign ah damn I didnt get my  __  down four see thats what happens when you just press buttons ladies and gentlemen God man I play like a scrub that match after how well I played in the second and third round in the last game I played like an absolute scrub I deserve to lose that one good job man my T-rex arms I guess I do have T-Rex arms huh oh come on foreign Music dude Music random ass fatal blow are you kidding me Im still alive but God damn I did not expect that  __  so this guy does randomized fatal blow and then has enough patience to just sit there and wait for me and then he grabbed me oh  __  I want to do that Music oh my God really how the hell do my stand for Miss thank you its gonna wake up though there you go Music Ill take that ah  __  I think he would do anything Music foreign oh lets go baby ah managed to get my composure all right good  __  oh managed to regain my composure man I was playing like a scrub seriously I was mashing I was getting hit by stuff that I shouldnt get hit by but I regained my composure and I ended up closing it out ggs oh man that was a stressful match and guess what the next character in The no character or in the no variation challenge is actually collector so Ill be recording with collector and then Im gonna get the hell off because its 5 a.m and Ive been recording since 1 45. thank you so much for watching ladies and gentlemen hope you enjoyed the video and Ill see you guys next time whats going on its super here and thank you guys so much for watching todays video I hope you enjoyed it if you did and you arent subscribed already make sure you guys do so and if you want to see some more theres videos popping up on the screen right now so thank you guys so much for watching and Ill see you guys next time Music 8 bit steam games Leave a like on the video for the 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