Bringing Out My Main To Destroy Teabagger! - Mortal Kombat 11: Joker & Erron Black Gameplay

Train steambelgian steamer MORTAL KOMBAT 11 gameplay what is going on lately judge its super here and welcome back not to another combat elite video man its been really cold here in LA all right by LA standards ridiculously cold so it kind of has affected my throat a little bit so excuse me if I sound like Im just hitting puberty yeah its been around like 48 degrees in the night time so its affected me a little bit some of you guys from my living like Minnesota or places like this you guys are like your fish but leave a like on the video this is my last day of combat league thank gosh and I forgot I stopped to play some with I start to place them with photos okay smile and commit it to it my slow Oh get Spacey that should do it right this does like a ton of damage this does like 54 percent I know because it surprised the hell out of me last time then I get this 50% thats it down to one that does 54 percent 50 percent for the end of that that was sick oh that sucks I hate when that happens to me back throw again thats right he has that move whoa that hit me that was weird that is only supposed to end here I dont have it yet unfortunate Applause gotcha yeah I knew I have to lead right so it didnt really matter what he was gonna do the joke even if he would have done his Superman it wouldnt have mattered even if he meter burn it I had a big enough lie fleets who sort of sit back not really risk doing anything because he has his fatal blow if you didnt have his fatal blow you know I could go in a little bit more surprisingly this is a really good zoning variation because you have different ways of keeping your opponent out of course I like to use this variation because I like getting people in the corner and start mixing thats how I like it am i using a Christian blow right now all right load this up smile whats up punish me so he only back those which I find interesting lets go patience you dont need a go balls-out offense all the time sometimes zoning is fine but make the only zone its not gonna work out for you just like that cobalt player that you know I have to teach a lesson but Joker excels in the mid-range game because he has different ways to attack you all right when I was gonna press button I was just about to jump over it well he doesnt know you could tack both of Jokers throws with oops which one is it oh its back one for know back to four there you go gotcha oh all right chi Chis man I played against this guy a couple times I wonder why he didnt go Aaron black joke I think Im pretty sure Aaron Black is main character maybe just wants to play his whole combat league season with just different characters Gigis surprisingly Im actually close with Grandmaster but I dont really care about the Sonya skin I dont like playing Sonya in this game so it doesnt really matter to me Ill take the jack skin and Ill take the Cassie skin Jax I enjoy playing with Cassie not so much unfortunately she was my favorite female character to play in MK X and unfortunately they made her they made her pretty boring in this game not sure youre coding anything they made her boring as hell her old game plan is you know some staggers of course she has like amazing mid-range attacks but theres really no interesting move that she has the the low gunshot thats the mid gunshot thats what you normally use and then you have the green bubble and thats about it she doesnt have any interesting moves in my opinion so I dont really like playing Cathy too much but I will play with her revenant skin because Im already in like the mid tier all right so we got Sub Zero right ah  __  its always oh I havent used the the standard purple all right like I like I was saying Sub Zero is always you know hard to deal with oh really you cant throw me now you cant I thought this was the variation that didnt have a slide I guess it does have a slide nope not good not good not good it cant be doing that Oh save the day hey down on the corner here so  __  I didnt want to do that alright there we go oh lets go I deserve the game earlier because I didnt I I would have finished it but I got something out in Y what that was crazy I dont know if you guys saw that I thought he was gonna recover in time I think he has him loaded up I thought he was gonna wake up and these sub-zero players are so crazy man why would you risk fine random ass lives Music 22 seconds left he does a fatal blow so I want it what did I get my meter burn why didnt it get my meter burn is my left trigger not working I wondered her meter burner right there it actually would have exploded next to him is he tea bagging okay well good thing is the first game because we could just teach me using sub-zero and tea bagging during the first game all right okay thats fun we got it I normally dont do this but you know what I think its worth it lets go this brings back memories of MKX when someone would teabag me and then I would get him again the next game see the beautiful thing about this is theres no running away here theres no one and done so now that he showed his true colors I thought it was a good game you know playing a little bit patient but we got this round nope right I mean the guys not a bad player hes just an ass there you go hes not a bad player thats a bad thing hes a good player I could tell but hes just an idiot idiot lets go lets go the ending slide what are you gonna do now idiot what are you gonna do now what are you gonna do now well you didnt think that I was gonna prepare for any sort of move by doing the lay wake up worst thing is that hes a good player you know but going for the teabag after winning a game that was very close and I thought it was a good game you know playing pretty methodically defensively has to go in and teabag like that okay all right we could play that game too just that you know I teabag during the game like a man I dont wait until the end of the game to show my true colors of being a  __  alright lets do this pick your character it doesnt matter who you use you will not be able to beat my Aaron black it does not matter who you use he cant hear me but it doesnt matter who you use you could bring alien from MKX pre patch and you will not beat my Aaron black the hourglass you could bring Johnny Cage or Sonya from MK 9 and you will not beat my Aaron black my nerfed Aaron black Aaron black isnt even that good in this game he is like 80 or something like that and this guy sucks good god man cars 2 1 5 never mind you werent good it was just sub-zero carrying your ass its just sub-zero carrying your ass nevermind I I apologize to any sub-zero players out there this guy sucks it was just sub-zero what a waste of you are a waste of a server spot in Mortal Kombat 11 you sorry son of a you know what lets calm down a little bit using sub-zero getting carried by some  __  theres theres good sub-zero players out there but this guy was getting carried by sub-zero through that first match while Im still trying to learn some joker and has the audacity to teabag me after the game is over and then he gets his ass kicked by Aaron black 1 2 3 easy like I said he could bring back Johnny Cage from MK 9 or Sonia from MK 9 to this game versus my Eren black right now and he wouldnt be able to beat me thats how much he sucks so good games man I hope you have a good day whats going on its super here and thank you guys so much for watching todays video I hope you enjoyed it if you did and you arent subscribed already make sure you guys do so and if you want to see some more theres videos popping up on the screen right now so thank you guys so much for watching and Ill see you guys next time Music wordle steam Leave a like on the video for destroying the teabagger! :)My Twitch Channel Follow me on Twitter Subscribe & Help Me Reach 700k :) Follow me on instagram Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford #MortalKombat11 #MK11 #Joker If you like what you see make sure to subscribe for more Mortal Kombat 11 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