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How to install steam on macgame pass cloud steam deck MORTAL KOMBAT 11 gameplay ah Music you should thank me or laugh at our battle of change for the better Music or no yes no and amulet at last you accept the truth that the old gods deny the truth that cost me exile the truth that he accepted but is that the mercy is wasted on those who pollute the earth I will destroy our enemies before they do it starting with you Laughter and you can with an ancient god there are destinies worse than death Applause Music Music I will deliver Luján and your minions of hell you will be a warning an emblem ends Music ah Music this was not your destiny but again the god of thunder upset the balance of history but understand the arc of the universe bends to my will Music its just a matter of time Music now Music i s cancer for 25 years special forces have been protectors of the earth we repel yao can we beat chinese but no victory has been easy has ce commander jacques ex man was honorably discharged his physical and psychological injuries prevented him from continuing in service we honor jackies father and we also honor his sacrifice in doing what he would defend the earth sergeant cage front your leadership and knowledge they got him a promotion to major but its no family favor according to tradition he still has to pass one last test Im going to kick the bosss ass maam your ass maam very good sergeant lets see if you can beat me come out commander cage reporting for duty congratulations commander nothing more real dad you have to and you have your duty commander me mine to star in another ninja mime sequel its not drinking I have to give you the things you re used to boys Im here Music in hell we should talk maybe there is an explanation lucan chiquitana they were friends but they are contaminated with the evil of but they are no longer the champions that we met we must attack them now it was time to take the fight to them what is the objective in the depths of the castle of luca antigypsy there is the cathedral of but their seat of power destroys it and their army of undead will fall thus eliminate this threat on earth are not your weakest powers in hell yes but i will have enough power to occupy the army of the dead that will give us time to sneak into the cathedral destroy it they trapped us here there is no way out to save earth we must be willing to sacrifice now Two years have passed since your gray and rough renovation that only talks about sacrifice you do nt have a family to lose, he s right and were not ready for another war, we have to eliminate the army of hell before they shine, they bring it Music well thank you Music were here in position i hope reid in planned a distraction breathe you watch the wrath of the protector of earth Music look Music no no oh always and if you get here delete it Music that burnt victim is right it wasnt one of the buttons that no the scars dont fool you its quick finish I chose it and below and Ill put the c4 understood oh come back there are changes in the will oh how are you a copy of your mother well Ill give you a beating in her full name wide you lose as fast as you run and here where he is he already went to find help he assured general how are we doing 10 minutes the support columns are further than I thought a negative hand of 10 minutes we have to leave in 5 well we already have problems we have 4 extra I dont know why we got time Music ah now Music and the earth captured the temple of bones but reid in Applause its a distraction and its ending Applause Music more now Music here is the empress of the dead I still remember our last meeting in the temple of heaven how are your scars heaven it could be i ah in general who was Applause Music Applause she is trapped cassandra cage how much the chosen one has fallen bryden is right whatever he did but it is hopeless go to hell general listen to me lets go here Im here they died home Im not going to make it Im not going to leave you taking time here for its an edge its your duty but its to finish the mission I love you home you see your father for me Music no no mom I start the detonation sequence cancel the since you cant commander we have orders to evacuate yes your mother died like a warrior maybe we all have the same luck you didnt just say that thank heavens they came back how was the mission Music Music without the power of the cathedral we are alone we are vulnerable Music to an ancient god of the king of open mockery does not take away I am not much more 11 Music I am chronicle guardian of time Music o day in the fate of the kingdoms and their souls the i personally created for you to maintain balance but ryders actions clouded the perfection of my work you two have felt the pain of being what can be done the past is the past it is not so it does not have to be so i want to return time to its origin and restart history but even with my power I cant create a new era by myself in that this new era will be different in many aspects the most important thing is that there will be no king Music how we started or not ah Applause is capable of my justice for years of blood make yourself to the people of the outside world today your debt is settled kill me total and you will beat income you confuse me with show car Music Applause but he sent bandits on the poor zhao yan his word approved the law Applause you lord is dead just like his law the outside world will suffer no more for his corruption no Applause Music Music by the old gods Music Music yes no no Applause Music i Music Music 2 but no greider how can generate the total quota cal with point pathetic and its my throne its mine by right and work you died long ago like your disgusting spawn melina we were in the mortal tournament kombat one side had just defeated samsung and juanchi that happened decades ago for us it was moments ago that you are plotting reid in which to be able to create this illusion and it is an illusion so it is shared it is possible that the past and the future are playing gypsy over here scarlett the ancient champions of the outside world yes they all returned then here i am with such the custom hosteq is to help refugees i offer you aid aucan i am not a refugee i am lime from the outside world strong to my throne or drench those sands with your blood what do we do not faced the height but he has a reputation for being an honorable man its true I know him well so we must get through this crisis helping him ah Applause Music Applause and stupid to destroy your future betray cauca you are not the one who has no future here they catch up with us they are dead impossible they allied with melina against me persist and you will die again dirty holtz realize o Applause 2 Applause and the orphan is now a assassina better to prosper in the court of yauca than to die in the street your eyes may use magic of full blood but I am the teacher 6 pride will be your downfall Music total I thought you were dead how can be betrayed in you with me legion stay alive because of samsungs experiments i was only free when he died seeing you again makes this nightmare worth living i will not lose you again help the inhabitants of earth i will take care of this whose future is an ally not an enemy eventual more demon with the future alive the moment seeing who you are now i didnt think it would be is so reckless yes no ah our much ah ah Applause i will take back my throne the outer world or rejected their useless wars empires expand or disappear Applause no and your conquests were only yours where the outside world was not ours you are no longer can now below seen days like these with such a can I am king of the protector of the earth you I know we know each other in your era we were allies and then enemies I am surprised given our mutual aversion towards shao kahn everything changed after he defeated sal but if not asked our kingdoms united against him but victory strengthened to protect the earth you ended with the other kingdoms that you thought were threats Music impossible my king of noose the amulet of but as a symbol of fury calm total can Im not that king of we have a common cause to solve this temporary crisis and to defeat come out very well fight with one side and I will return to earth to discover the anomalies that have appeared, we must better understand the phenomenon we are facing so that my explorers Please look for the haukar so its goodbye just for now I cant leave while Saucana threatens the outside world must seek justice for what he did to my family and dna I will come back for you to help you princess Music you avoid my questions delay your people would say that me this swarm and still you help me we can not trust her total excellence so she did and betrayed him for but control with how come Im dead and he has my throne you tried to unite the earth with the outside world the old gods intervened and rating you I kill then Melina became after killing your daughter Music no no Music Débora is under my protection although like you I am chronic the legends are true it bothers me how the story developed and the time of all time recruited to all who hate this history by uniting the past and present we can take allies from both eras in who will help me fight your battles i offer a greater empire in the new era they take out king of will not exist to boycott you can erase reid in from history it is an immense task that requires great power and effort you must protect my hourglass while I work the armies of the outside world will protect it place Music I swear Im going to go crazy can someone explain to me what the hell is going on well Ive been in the future for an hour and I still havent seen anyone flying anyone so its true I took one more path after if I didnt fall you became a different person red lightning bolts black clothes an overbearing attitude adjustment yes about that what happened to the dark tube how come you are a child i have an evil twin as an immortal i exist outside the laws of time that might explain why it affects me differently thank you strange no not being in charge that s what I miss that and having daughters our age look at her like I have a daughter with him at least shes not an actress at least she thinks we could split it up earnings this summer johnny cage and johnny any idea what to do now for months i ve been getting vague premonitions about the future but none predicted this i must check with the old gods luca by my side help the special forces in my absence if they follow you commander yes mom I say general I say this is also strange for me you cant even imagine and how I say this this morning we were on a mission and you gave your life to save her __ seriously yes and now here you are young enough to do my sister every you have to see this the satellite shows a course from hell at the bus academy and hell destroy the temple of otherwise it should have stopped them it has to be the anomaly we must help the soul teachers and why would hell want to destroy your alma mater luca the grotto of dragon is under the academy the energy of the lynx and the earth springs from these springs reason it is good we already know what happens when the i hell messes with life on earth they wont make it to the grotto its protected with magic the deadliest traps im sure our counterparts are already dealing with them local side will want to sit dead in the coliseum you on a rooftop fighting the raiding our local future its crazy obsessing over it wont change it either accepting our fate as leaders of undead evil i dont but we cant change a future we dont understand the three of us want to trust him it seems he killed us both Music Music Music and so many in holguín died defending our sacred land hell will pay Music ah ah whoever came knew how to disarm these traps and you know how the monks have never taught me you probably wouldnt go to that class look for the pattern and wait for the moment ah Music simple and now that all poisonous gas throws flames how about we dodge them I didnt do it I did Music scorpion of course you survived the fusion you wont stop chronic from restoring my family and my clone if its a blow one kills them these traps cant find how to deactivate them either lets see which fire burns more strongly porsche Music and your fire has run out scorpion no I can stop them how and if from your goals because our plans need them to live gheit what happened to you an early death like yours because of ryders incompetence you cant turn us against him we know about our deaths they were the fault of our mistakes they tricked us place the truth is that king of assassins ca nt usually be wrong but he doesnt murder his own he is not assassinated sending an ill-prepared warrior to war the rating error cost his life your search side I like your real self better Music ah Music the dragons cave is there and if we are the next to return we will face them with the o Music Music ancient gods I come to look for your advice the kingdoms are in crisis Music the gray ones is free reid in all the fish will be lost in temporary destruction even us our power is weakening i will fight that trio no but as you must find the chronicle fortress and take the hourglass only so time will return to normal so it will be done and what you think hayden since this merger i have learned things of the future my champions will fall that i become a tyrant if chronicle is defeated i will be bound to this grim fate the restoration of time will not dictate to your destiny you must shape it Music ah Music and Music asking you back would it do any good they said theyre coming who who do you think with the o Music Music welcome to the future courtesy of wayne in our future it will be tragic but it is not the fault of the can the evil of if he did not contaminate them both how can broke my neck in the arena reid saw it and they are nothing he would have defeated the can but wa iting wanted glory he stressed it stopped me no i dont believe it reid in betraying then they will believe it the idea of ​​ becoming you makes me sick but i wouldnt blame ryder you owe it to chronicle save your life by stopping time oh you embarrass our family its me or they may be telling the truth worry about that later we have worse problems listening to their returned counterparts with this power cruz di carrara the story Music Music Applause it was easy Music and I am a fixed point in the time i grow stronger with each death and birth ah to ourselves the vials you judge me chronic she is interested in you that is why she recruited your revenant serve him he will bless you a hundred good no shaolin monks i surpassed his reputation i respect your spirit but he will do the chronicle will Music and letting them live is dangerous if they die their revenants will cease to exist and we need you to defend the fortress again what you chose wrong fate not Music i now have the energy to carve the sands of time the undead army of hell will protect the fortress how can when you give me the army of the outside world will soon be mine when co lime dies this dam dry up the factory from lucid surveys modified his points orders production is in the wards lord king of which the old gods said we must find the chronicle take away control of history if we succeed fate can change then what we hear will be true you were involved in our death Yes, having continued the time line, my decisions would lead to their deaths, but the ancient gods assured me that this future is not inevitable, it is only one of the many possible time lines, much to leave faith alone now, I know what can happen, no. I will hurt no one, you have my word, thank you, take care of him, we must find the fortress of Crónica. a and attack we have to act with all our might before we lose everything you found out about the chronic effect on earth we are tracking places with large temporal anomalies the image is blurry our daughter is smart i am not you sonia sorry it is easy to forget we have information that he relates the attacks of hell with the temporary anomalies arising but we have more worries than hell if so the grandmaster subsidy reports heavy losses in his link wayne the time show resurrected his enemy sector sector was not the grandmaster who he enslaved the link ways thats right hes reactivating and upgrading the same factory he used to turn the link ways into killing machines no doubt he wants to create new ones cyberlink way chronicle he must want the subsidy ones hes on his way to close the factory the big one maestro casas and is with him the grand maestro casas and hans leaves so your ear is failing allowance recon I know your footsteps hanson where is sector I will not allow him to threaten my clan again the old factory of the cyber ninhue was destroyed fell under this quarry until time altered now sector returned to reactivate it is building an army processing the children who are led from my temple i see why you need me we could enter through that tunnel but a frontal attack would be going up unnecessarily dangerous there is another entrance less populated and the rest of your plan we get help from inside and avenge your clan Music ah now zaira access To contact, they turned him against his will if we deactivated the inhibitors that controlled him to betray the sector, the cyberlinks today are connected to the same safe network that can turn off the signals from the inside. our lives with the completion once delivered on this list Music flow I was your teacher ro and after all you village with sector corrupted linguists make peace with this stance tour and lightning with the help of chronicle restore the honor of fifty stay alive airs we need it in no future you are fit to lead the link way in turn and more delimited destruction chronicle of my true potential suárez no yes or no Music show you are fooling yourself frost Applause also this is shadow of chronicle to serve you better subsidy we defend chronicle while rewriting history so they are just puppets a new age i will take care of saggas he will be forced to serve i have already walked that path xallas and never again sancho no one should be a quick slave before more arrive and berlin way will need a moment to start -sector show you vision you lost yourself in a storm of souls coaching creations do not die so easy chronicle offers me a new their punished numbers and I always divert m I defend the principles of the web links that you shared folch we do not share blood but we are not brothers 2 ah it did not rip my heart out it made me a machine you your soul is in so many a evans believe me i speak from experience william it is you you look so old and scorpions We will explain to you later for now we have the same goal the destruction of the cyber corner we need silence Music you can make your communications network that is to connect to the factory and all the cyber and connected to it he told us that you will be allies I never thought that you were able to fall so under suction i would defend the sector to the air bless your clan so that anyone destroying mine should have killed you as promised now i will do what he wo nt and from harumi and sarkozy Applause / way that the discs that there is an in after territory goodbye which this is not the end find a way to restore everything is possible jan its me we are the proof please n or come back with a magic I cant live like this machine a man you have the soul of a warrior as long as he is a great teacher the link way that will open the doors until we see each other again escaped we must follow the first we will have against him our lady chronicle has all the service what it needs but i cant give a price without knowing the work youll see you can restore it ah there are some damaged frames the circuits are ok but it seems someone erased the software repair it wont be cheap once repaired it can be replicated without post months thousands is a lot to ask but everything its possible with the right help it serves the chronicle and you wont lack for anything based on the deal trust me Music see who else I could trust oh no kidding das its like a mirror to the past that seems more than fifty- one rude to you but its still there the matter where the payment will be paid in the new age chronicle will ensure that the black dragon is on top not only in the black market but in each one very well lets get to the point you already talked to your father the network is still down I hate being so far away dad must be climbing the walls be patient you will make it I know my father is alive but its like seeing a ghost it happens to me too but they are not ghosts they are real can this be stranger Music Music ah ah here ah come on lets go Music Music Music jackson laugh dont be afraid I come to offer you a new life a better life thats very generous more seeing that we dont know each other but I know who you are I know how much you have served I know how much you have suffered that was not my plan for you your days plan to retire with honors not in disgrace years have passed general jacques most important men Music it would not work I would not bear your same tragedies Music your home should be full of fears Music lost ark a tanos already extinct they also returned shalkan will look for them he trusts in his power the level explorers the creeping na lost ark a tanos until the e lost swarm of grade in the home of devours his hand in the escape of saw kan does it our starting point advise me with what you have seen I must consult the ancient gods when we leave your duty is elsewhere or princess you have to enlist To the queen, if she goes, her support is crucial, counter-chronicle and show with the queen goat, she does not trust me and they are taken out from my battle against love, or if you go, I always respect your opinion more than that of others, when I know that you support limiting herself, she will unite us, yes, that It is my duty, I will do so, thank you princess, are you my friend or your consort was my gypsy idea? My life changed as the outside world sings, fortunately you, not you, have not changed much, despite the years, he is still the noble warrior I met in the court of Yauca and now you are can I am surprised that no woman claimed your bed and it was your queen many have tried and failed because at no age Music there are fresh traces that lead to the swarm of you can it is there it will not be easy to find it the eastern tunnels feel them if it is hidden we will make it come out j we dont know how to take it no no ah mar Applause hold on Music by the gods desert this is what I became because of your loyalty to a gypsy led you straight to the grave so be it not to trade a gypsy friendship for anything its pathetic that you chose servitude we both fought together against saw with his pressure must end 7 we must respond to the call of a better good bleed as for your betrayal devour this one seeks the survival of the swarm 2 but julián devours total he is mine but he wants to survive tell us where you will find falcon Music ghosts of my past devoura tells the truth there are too many give me some of your best soldiers we will enter the camp and look for saw what you propose is dangerous big clear that you see it i Applause Music ah they play norton plato rum at the altar each box for bart wanda jackson kolkata work Music here Music I think you yes no vargas everything is fine win we have no damage and another what we looking for sugar to make them Applause Music Music Music this guy all these years and you still exploit others to stand out its been a while since they stand out 2 look before they came out created me the outside world hated Now they fear us nothing, thats not progress, lets see, but you fear and respect is not the same, not a row, run the d Applause Music Music Music This is cruel, many did not confront us, there are children you forget it in my time they joined melina in the rebellion they are not the same such kata you cota us a with better I would shake their hand not the folch sword your heart hardened with such i Music Music its too late to blame you for death of the ancient gods uos reid in your actions altered the golden balance of chronicle between light and darkness the beheading of yes was not the limit you are an example of virtue you should have wished to see evil defeated I obey the will of my mother just like my brother yes no the darkness of my light nature demands balance balance is perfection you went off task you made balance impossible thats why the new age has no place for you you will have no total success kan was captured reid in the combined power of hell and world exterior repel your forces while my mother finishes her task do not underestimate the warriors of the earth you were right to esteem these mortals they were good souls Music damn these arms are an improvement when I see the sea it will pay me Ill make sure from that I imagine my future me is out there kicking ass he almost told you that future he had was a returnee it didnt sound horrible I cant imagine being the puppet from chinos but he says come back the experience wrecked dad but then you met mom she brought you back the love of a good woman i like the sound of it that was all for dad died last year since then dad stayed on the farm se feel safe this way you access incoming reports swipe here to compare with old reports the program can identify the celts we are progressing so the case with the princess lieutenant i always liked blondes since their first year and donate it trust me you didnt miss much that woman from there she has everything I see her brother as a younger you I solemnly swear to __ myself as soon as possible which is our destiny out there in a few rays I slept with that guy who is your father I cant believe he said that look my father is not him johnny you know the mature one i like to think you got it as a child i admired them both my father his grandfather was my hero he called me soldier pong kings like that and s what you called me you should get back to work biometric verification required identity verified general sonya blade general blade dad would be proud stretch hes an old man im a star this is a military operation not a film set im just the best fighter here but your daughter me made her sit at the kids table our daughter is commanding officer a little humiliation to earn her respect dad always said the hungry eat the humble serve he was always a jerk hollywood made it even bigger fan day an old man just kicked ass you got lucky Music yes here Music you left me behind sorry my last mission how the __ no Im not going to do it no now not with you damn you almost abandoned me to save the company this was the order who the hell gave you that order it was you lee the full report lieutenant we are in experience Music and Music its called Music Music ah 2 and Applause strange or winter they shot us in the face in the sun and they shot us in the face it s going to end up killing us Applause funny way to say hello mate i was saying goodbye because a handsome texan like errol flag colludes with a black dragon your oldest works for ccoo such a face is one of the good ones for something like that when he said one side I choose the winner always search you choose wrong I know sonia breathes they took mom sonia Ill find her we know where they went to the track to keep her safe Applause Music Music ah Music Music Music not many people Music also another extraction vehicle you wont be around enough for your friends to make it top strong tin head and you forget when I defeat a sinnott mano a mano wait you were dead when that happened yeah go back to the 90s whos next im next hollywood Music its all f* ck like the old me isnt enough this gets worse and worse or sonia and her little daughter are going to die right in front of you and nobody threatens my family ah we have a complete change of generations dont believe it will have the same ninja and lady liberty we have the necessary advantage we are going well Music now Music Im going to find my other half and the base and now we deal Music oh look Music oh Music lets go get them someone else heard that beep and its very late you werent there just on time Music Music thats it what i call a miracle yes reid in thanks great master jafaji requested the hospitality of the wrath and lightning my temple of heaven is in danger we have no safe place to go the reids in welcome to the gardens of fire it was the end of the gods ancient but he is the son of chronicle of course he sent the black dragon for me and my father we both kicked his ass it is not revenge that drives chronicle restart history to balance light and dark between the kingdoms that we can make the raids to gather the forces of the land but the effort will be in vain if the armies of kotal kan do not join us they are fried he informed me that sound kan captured limits the can we will spare no effort to free him we will go with one side and I we will meet with the gypsy princess thanks to both of them that the ancient gods guide them to return victorious how much passion gypsy princess but you do not convince me queen chiva your people did not fare better with cota al can than with show can in a certain way we can only assume that cam will prevail in this fight we won nothing choosing sides now princess blocked what are you doing here total canine was captured by the tar kata we must act quickly before they execute it my people will not follow a chained canine we have the support of the land your highness with yours victory is guaranteed there is no road to victory without the dark tanos if we can tilt them towards kotal kan it will be our advantage to join he will return queen if he goes with the arcana by my side together we will march on jump Music good and much Applause what intrigues you about scarletts blood nyas blood is no sweeter excellence besides being a product of luxury Music where they are taking him to the coliseum without a doubt then lets attack we will never convince baraka that if a level we attack we must convince barack first then attack to come out together search for kata they will never give us an audience their instinct will be to attack for not talk guide at the first sign of trouble they will attack her i have an idea and who was in charge here oh more and then on to celebrations past gypsy princess our gift to the show can we want to join her fight against total so many years the strong and powerful daughter of the can now overthrown by foot soldiers you finally realized youre no better than the rest if you stop even though we dont demand to see barack you wont see anyone Music or dont press d and your father took away I was the daughter of saw kan by conquest robbery of eden and of its legitimate ruler the father I never knew because your people and your lineage were weak james has more to do with power as you requested zero casualties youre fine there We have to find Baraka to save Cota and for here Kotals hatred will not join us because being here is very strong for us if he hadnt stopped him Cota would have executed them completely if he found her his intentions Baraka please listen you dont have to die more tarka tanos total can threaten the arcana in the new age shao kahn will rule holtz listen to me over here i dont lie lucas jungle or give up give a deal Music talk about wanting opportunity how can i pit the people of the outside world against each other during millennia to what end the honor of dying in their wars we must fight for the other baraka not against the total other wants us dead he said it to my face help us and I promise Ill sit at the dining table ta Music what do you prefer, barack, to being a saw cans slave or an ally of kotal can and nobody did when they were here its not an equal offer but its your words, not his help me save limits the can and well ask him together If you dont want to cut your head if you dont want cheap, Ill help you. They suffered too long at the hands of this impostor, but I came back and the Álvarez that their madness cannot rebuild kingdoms, tremble before me, the outside world will be the never-conquered conqueror Applause now Music Music where you had hidden that gypsy courage if you had shown it before I would not have needed messina my sister was a cursed monster just like your father Music 2 Applause well wretch harpy born for a privilege that is wasted make yourself who you are to judge me you dont know cold or hunger but otherwise you would appreciate the gifts vent well and Applause be thankful that you are still breathing 1 why ah little ah Music no g rindetti or in front of the consequences of living on the verge of victory you are as stupid as iron with iron the father who murders so from the one you stole from me that day his wife not his heiress let you stay to calm your mother expect no mercy this time and yes Applause I wo nt inherit their cruelty anymore i Music Music you feel something saucana incapacitated me left me defenseless not as long as Im by your side would you give me a chance with my hardened heart I know your heart can change Music its over ocotal with the throne its safe thank you Music come here if you go I didnt serve your people well even so they helped me I wont forget that we dont need charity we will share the outside world that depends on the time the throne study you joined the outside world remove kan is officially out of your league i am honored that from this day on our peoples unite to fight the news from the outside world is hopeful but still daunting we dont know the location of the chronicle fortress its beyond the realms out of sight you know something about caron ride in caro clear who is caro the lord of the ancient ship of the dead sub zero and i met him in our return time travel in space beyond the realms and transport souls baldi you are in hell if the fortress is there caron you must know its location it would help us it is possible but i cant guarantee it i invite you to investigate we will leave immediately they block the army from the outside world it is a lot But I would still feel better with more men the cages will join us Luca on the one hand they are going to help prepare the monks ok soon Ill go after John and Sonia Ill go too lets go we both cant need it for another operation we have to recover to sonia without a doubt but chronicles behavior shows that although strong she is not almighty otherwise because she would try to steal the ginseng created it is that it may still be gaining strength a clear probability and with that it will continue now with the lindsay source of the dragon path sealed there is no better source of energy on earth than the well of souls under the island of samsung it will be better than Lets go see Im sorry I cant accompany you I must be attentive to signs of chronic playing with time each one with his duty They tell me that you defeat Chinese that Cassandra cage defeat people like no but proceed carefully if Johnny or son they die you will cease to exist saving you will be out of my reach Applause dont die soria and well you wont need that thing Applause is that a fair fight is not fun sonia is the crazy one that turns me on does more than turn on de caval is the one that grabs you incognito blows knives all the work I composed your parts myself well a lot of it is dead I hope you are ready for a preventive revenge no but now it is motivated Music ica I hope youre ready for a preemptive revenge what the hell are you talking about cabal you torture me to dirty the black dragon 6 dont believe every rumor you hear Im sick of entertaining cowardly train clowns but the next contender is a beauty Applause Applause I wont fight him Applause youll kill us anyway whether we fight or not but a good show will be less painful come on were dying to jump at this chance and give them the satisfaction of seeing us fight of course they ll kill us anyway whether we fight or dont use it in time to get in, stop playing the diva hit me Applause ah Music Applause I said say and people notice when you let yourself be won Applause Music Applause ah 32 Applause Music and Applause ah 1 and its not exciting to take down the legendary sonia plate 100 Applause Applause lieutenant need medevac were going to have to open our way not to get out of here you will need Music ah Music to where they think the most Music Music is not very dangerous Music the best of this future that I am alive and you are dead the worst is that it was those from hell who finished you off lets give you another chance Music no yes no me or no you may be alive in this future but that can change mons let me give you a break this is a problem you can break his neck before he I destroy the handsome man, dont forget its two for one if he dies, your girl also thanks no, because for reminding me of the rules Music Im going to rob you of whats promoted temporarily, how about we meet for dinner, you know, to thank you for saving me and apologize for being good me without pressure without romance patience is a virtue cage and if only not Music Music is the special guest villain you are a chronic sequence supposedly they cannot die I fought with a guy like that in fatal infiniti there are q ue evacuate ill keep this thing busy now mother of casey james Music son ​​ of chronicle im his mothers revenge soles dont go near my daughter to take back from this Music ill be im from a tough family who listens to what they say i said at the base about the mission it wasnt fair youre a great soldier im so proud i can almost imagine dating johnny i almost wish i could go back and do our last mission it wasnt easy seeing what my death will be like or what it could be like but relay and the file you followed orders you saved your squad im glad my sacrifice saved the earth i said to you also you listened to the king of things they will never be the way they were before we all have to choose our fate looking and or not they were kidding about this type Music failure when he returns will strengthen him even more for the final battle than you think we lost to take out his army from the outside world and the black dragon while the breaths of the king of the sea they gave valuable time fighting against gamers aucan our most important work continues uninterrupted on the island of sansó that island is more ruins that could manipulate time requires a lot of raw temporal energy each mortal soul contains a lifetime of this power every hour every minute every second lived is inside him samsón fed on aromas in his well of souls that continue intact under the island a destination that he creates for sang soo in case he needed it Music besides that miguez is in sight there is no still a sign of the mystical barrier you mentioned or you will know when it appears how you feel for the first time in a long time in control i fell into the depths of this world of gods and monsters but now that i know my future i feel like i can breathe the bad things that come to me they happened I say that they will happen to me as reid said in its going to be different its good news the things that happened to my father the trauma that he suffered like this they met my parents fell in love while he was recovering if it doesnt happen to your mom maybe they wont meet maybe hell never be born since I dont understand these cosmic things about time but I know youre here for a reason youre not a random accident I hope so Music Music the island of samsun here we go again Music Applause Applause Music when I came for the tournament it was full of people these guys looked younger it seems like yesterday I guess after samsung died this place also died there s no one good thing we needed stealth you should bring the squad I was hoping reid in hes going to be wrong about the well of souls I dont want to be here anymore than multiple contacts how many Music 201 surrounds us very fast Music someone give me 10 seconds with this guy we went to the orders with reason and im the wrong jacks i have not been a revenant and i never will be shell times change cabal 3 the design o no Music Applause it wo nt disturb it does the job of marbles disturb better horse dont do anything else to the well of souls its not as strong as you think sachs as i remember without seeing you out no problem i have gypsys best friend Music they say your past self deserves respect but I dont think so in this version save yourselves earth dwellers wide yes i just feel sorry for you stop dancing with the dead raiden said the well of souls would be underground over here ah this is the lair of gold luckily no boro hanson held me prisoner here in my first tournament never thought id come back do you remember where the well of souls is here that crown I bet that since chronic it is absorbing my husband surely someone is watching lets take it before its guardian returns never again the world Music Music Applause who n youre a deadly shadow lying my name ivan should know that name the first sky scorpion suv ripped her spine off left her in a heap upstairs in the old samsung throne room an event that new age or weird history enough nonsense of the new age they are not going to rewrite history the winners write history and I do not lose luck yes now who writes history Applause come on lets take that thing and get out of here Music wait extra ordinary dad how did you get here Music i ll let you guess how much of your your arms seem to be chronicle design what are you doing giving yourself the life you deserve by destroying the universe by restarting it not destroying it being a revenant the years i lost in the things i did your mother kept agreeing but I was never the father you needed dont talk crazy man raise this excellent man hes an amazing soldier shouldnt have been a soldier never wanted you to be there If I had nt collapsed I wouldnt have felt the need to get you ready thats why Daddy please give me the gunpowder I dont want to hurt anyone this is crazy wait girl I know I wouldnt want to fight my dad what do you think If I take care of myself I never thought I would fall so low you still dont know how much you can fall losing your arms was only the beginning I know you suffered that you still suffer but our style betrays the community let alone your families and no no and you have to there is a way to fix this he is unconscious he is recovered how are you confused I still cant let him lets get him and the crown out of here if I never return to this place I will be very lucky that by ear mortals give me the chronicle crown and the old jackson breaks wouldnt do them any harm theres no deal we know you betrayed the old gods of trion chronicle you must restore the balance that reid destroyed dont you see what e he is the evil in this matter at least he is the evil we know we can with a transient old god not only because those born with magical powers of madness maybe we have our own magic Music give up please resistance only ensures your suffering no I can leave that it is not a debate your mind is not capable of wielding the chronic weapon for your safety leave it it is not time to think about security it is time for action church ah die of nvidia almost cage Music Music se los I warned mortals cant control the crown I didnt want to hurt them but they leave me no choice Music or not ah Applause e a and hell does it give in the crown and I will spare the life of the her life is in your hands nobody wants hurt nobody now please dont let this happen to the girl Music dammit Music now take me back here dad how could you do this to me I m not doing this to you Im here I do it for you I love you chronicle ca awaits us back lets go the fight is not over this will bring us both to safety i sense uneasiness in you jackson brics i m not usually surrounded by so many familiar faces we are unusual allies united by a common cause calm local gypsy gathered the armies are in on the way and its there well take it they arrive according to plan excellent Music Music while I gather my strength the new era is drawing near Music jacqueline brics report her fathers actions jeopardized our situation the eec cant cant believe for him to do this even if we find his fortress the power of chronicle now exceeds our combined forces we should reconsider using the amulet yes no we cant hunting here ive seen what you can do with it you stopped the entire army of hell and you didnt even use its full power I am afraid of the temptation of his dark power even now he calls me despite the advantages of chronic we must attack when we located the fortress we havent heard from the grandmasters for hours whats the plan if they dont come back theyll come back or well be lost those warriors should go to the chronicle fortress very well because not using the canon fleet the bridge clearly exhausts its power to the fleet this unit caro is only responding to your orders stay anchored indicates it wont help chronicle in which case maybe it will help us Music Music it seems caron is home maybe with some unsavory guests come back to earth tell the Others that we cant find we will leave as soon as I return Im sure that expensive will help us no but its our best option Music Music you should have helped Chronicle who now must suffer and pure mortal you cant kill me you are alone I need to prevent you from transporting to the chronicles enemies first been now chronicled fights for lost causes it is guaranteed the swarm will survive you will not save the wrath the lightning has been struck well well lightning will not fall the clan of imposters without it falling restore lucid and lightning create a plan stronger than ever with fakers and outsiders as its foundation chronicle told me yes Music without the original lineages there is no tour and radio la massacre of our plane went extinct chronicle revive the true ones wrath and lightning in the new age dont trust chronicle she uses your life to enslave you like conchi did to us I abandoned my anger and that saved me to save you you must do the same which one is both we know what motivates me is not the pride of the city and lightning but your wife and son they took that cough from harumi and murdered them they just want to see them one more time we share this pain i fought in hell to end it but the new era of chronicle no It is the solution, she would resurrect, but the same demon that ended our family and our clan, we cannot allow it to return when it revived the anger and wright, I swore that our clan would protect gerry to the earth help me keep that promise Music oah Applause the only way out that the fish would distract you now is will end your misery at 12 Applause well this in the gardens of fire enlist the help of face bring the army of the king give to the fortress you even have my word ah to the new iran lightning they are worthy to their heart the blood makes them warriors their cage masters are ready they will fight to the last man it is probably the price to pay there will be no fight if not expensive help there is news from grandmaster sheets so no if they dont come soon ill be back to hell wrong scorpion this can be good raiden the gardens of fire rebuilt so sinai restored lightning why did you come scorpion where is grandmaster assassin this sample and now you came to end us I understand your mistrust but I came to help it is impossible to believe 6 ah Music 2 misinterpreted my intentions s but whoever sent you scorpion millo from the future died i am here in his name the grandmaster houses and held out honored his last wish clear lead his armies to the aid of chronicle we must leave immediately you have proof of charons offer just my word that worth nothing in the tournament trust that I would forgive xavi hand and you betrayed me a mistake caused by anger I try to redeem myself lies scorpion you are a slave and chronic is your mistress forex Applause Music reid in you must listen take your lies to me other side chronic scorpion wont catch them its not a trap of course awaits us in hell the order we must listen to it maybe it will tell the truth there is only one way to find out Music now scorpion the truth raiden stop it 1st place leave the amulet the darkness it is being controlled our time is up i do what i must to save the earth this is not the scorpion way it is not the enemy now luca dont interfere 6 more why do nt you me force to make it local the kingdoms hang from a nest to defend them i must keep order but the returnees were right we cant trust you i dont need trust i demand obedience lack of nonsense if you must die this has happened before Music Music dont interfere no you can fight with hot sauce but enough nonsense if you must die so be it Music Music Music yes Music I ve been deluded looking like a chronicle puppet we only fight because she wants it I must help her I was wrong to doubt from you I was also a slave to anger is that your anger caused it chronic if I succumbed to its influence but then our confrontation brought back memories not only of this time line but also of previous time lines a second plural time lines chronicle has restarted the time countless times by tapping on each timeline to learn and refine your plan the details of each timeline they are different but in each one the events conspire to face me with luc carl in each one he dies alone crónica is able to control time and destiny i dont understand why do that i dont know but what is sure is that crónica already it will not control us then yes sir in the end you see the pattern the pattern but not the purpose because facing the place is not yet obvious his power has combined threatens my vision for the timeline lucas ghee i will no longer be divided by your machinations or rei do you think that This is the first time youve made that promise. Weve repeated this conversation so many times in so many timelines that Ive lost count. This timeline is going to be different. Weve gone through all the possible rating situations. by your side Music enjoy your last hours in front of you are all you have place where this chronicle took him to his island we must leave immediately p to save the kingdoms we must save the huca Music another aspect just bad because you bother what do you want from me will you help protect me i dont think so master sorcery i will add your soul force to the mean and finally i will take revenge on reid my friends los kings armies from do well wont clash why Music Music chronicle island is behind the mist Music Music battleships my ships cant fight this fleet is work my protection they sat the fleet falls he wont be able to sail protect him at all costs Music no no no Music Music yes ah Music I dont want to fight but I have to for jackie and mine 7 let me help you the promises he made to you are chronic a cruel deception she is the mother of but who designed the slavery of your return Music is not the mother of that trinity says free on is the sister of chino that in the new chronicle era but it will be the darkness that balances the light disappointment what will only happen if the kingdoms keep fighting each other Music what I have done for I am delusional there is nothing delusional about fighting for the good of your family sorry king d I promise I will fix this Music Music Music well m the dead kiss me to prepare for this battle my defeat is impossible yours inevitable I will not continue to bear you Music how unfortunate for you the sea of blood has no bottom and Music pay attention king of the warriors that a within fleet are under my control act t with the devil by joining chronicle frost ignores me all my life chronicle took no talent from the start 6 ah or no ah envy and ambition consume so much wasted potential the good that could having done under the control of the cyber links she controls them she was not a sector of being so she is attached to them they follow their thoughts so they follow her until defeat no or no no no no how ah the fleet of freydell is coming the previous two will lead the army that defends the coast where you will be you have a view not Music again and again the machinations of chronicle not faced the cycle must end they profit so it will be this time Music a power is the electronic gift a gift to me you could say you stole your own soul by pouring out your nature you taught me this lesson ryder to fight my enemies by all means 8 i conquered the darkness within me you must do the same to you will have to kill me i intended to save Music wilding Music but no Music yeah he looks like his eyes and Im not what happened to ryder and hes a part of me hes attached to my soul he made me a god at least for now an amazing god now hes elsewhere level my returned counterpart absorbs his knowledge from the fortress i know where to find the hourglass we can with chronicle Music of despair Music tells us that ready might surprise understand our success is no longer a certainty we must hurry Music Applause 1 lets go agreed Music ah Music here Music Music Music e Applause Music no no Applause no Music Music so he wears so Im sorry and here I am back and lets go Music Music Music Music Applause back Applause we lost the battle we can still beat the clock someone its almost ready it wont stop me from ever intervening but youre going to need more no matter what im honored to fight by your side the same i say what i love too brother may the old gods protect us Music place god of thunder and fire combine tea with Ryder is quite new but it will be of little use it is late ah competition Music no Music they put aside Music Music Music the power of the hourglass however your departure from the extreme are mine continue to defend me kill 3 Music the gin say of the earth flows inside you let it feed fire Music Music no ah Applause more to Music rim that I dont want to hurt you hurt me you already killed me my fate was sealed when I joined the side of the king of science Our union was not a mistake I recognize the limits I did not ask for any of this it was imposed on me I should have been able to from the beginning thanks to chronicle the colts even so it is still hidden chronicle you did well to have my powers combined with reids in the power of a demigod was not given as you wish madrid and subscribers not equal at every step Music because your heart shows in battle to do I do not fight for your mothers vision but as a goddess of virtue you know that her desired balance is an illusion listen to me seriously no you do not have our vision and wisdom please there is no virtue in condemning the kingdoms to an eternal war Music the greatest virtue is to obey the will of my mother the ucam I cannot fail how ah but not for me your heart betrays you center I failed you my darling a great job was created and there is but you still have to do one last task motherless I understand Music ah the new era is glorified scepter luca you failed history go back and ushers in the new era Music the kingdoms you knew no longer exist disappeared you cant save a future that no longer exists only exists dt Im good Music Music Music Music our work ended local roll them now i am only king of you proved worthy to take my place as the new protector of the land lord lucan what shall we do now you can shape the sands of time you must return the hourglass to the dawn of time and carve a new story a better fate of the kingdoms its up to me reading i cant do alone if you need someone to share with the lions take away their fates they have always been intertwined we are in the far past no but not too far to reach her go back with her to the dawn of time carve the sands of the hourglass to create a better future i hope we meet in the next timeline then i wont say goodbye Applause Music Music and are you ready yes but no matter how it is we blame the sands we cannot control all the possibilities mortals will make their own decisions new evils will appear 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