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Play steam games on meta quest 2persona 5 steam release date MUNCHKIN DIGITAL game so im hunter and today weve got a little treat for you uh you may have seen it during fnordcon if you checked out our digital con this past weekend but we have a new edition of munchkin coming out this is munchkins and mazes this version of munchkin features a a parody of rpg elements not just the rpgs themselves like original munchkin but of kind of the culture thats developed around role-playing games like streaming culture uh things of that nature so this is a brand new game has a lot of new cards and stuff and art by laura de souza were going to dive into it unbox it show you what its like its coming out real soon this is actually going to be a i believe its a november release itll be 24.95 when it comes out pre-order should be going up next week well have a link to the product page down in the comments below but i think thats enough uh preamble lets just dive into it so i actually have a sharp object here thank you brandon there we go crack in there nice and uh once i get this uh this off ill show you guys the box as well because you can kind of get a preview of all the art and what it looks like so well go with the overhead there so thats what the front of the box looks like ill flip it over show you guys the back here there we go cool then well go ahead and dive in Applause okay this is a core size box so as you can tell its kind of its not a deluxe size so it doesnt have a board and stuff uh but like all the other regular core size versions we do have a dye here which ill show you in the sack here we got the rule set if youve never played munchkin before obviously very similar here maybe a few unique mechanics well go through the cards and see what we find uh but got a lot of great largest use of art heres the die and well try to get that one close there nice i love the everyone loves the munchkin dice so there are people out there that just collect our dice uh and this one looks great its like kind of a navy blue with a dark crimson red i love that then we got all these cards just stacks and stacks really thick stacks i believe were looking at 168 cards is a core set let me cut these guys open were calling this the official unboxing knife now uh so hopefully i wont have to scramble for a sharp object anymore well see ill figure out and close that in a second official unboxing knife is going to stay open dangerously next to me okay and ill separate these by type so get those there and some more of these so these are the door cards and it looks like these should all be treasure cards well maybe that will be charger cards there were some treasures mixed with the doors yep there are some doors in the back here too uh boom so there are our doors and here are our treasures wow uh lets see what do we want to go through first lets take a look at the treasure cards uh so again these are this is going to be based on classic rpgs elements so if you like stuff like um our original munchkin or munchkin legends this is probably going to be a really good mix and set for that power word moist i hate that uh hes using any combat plus five to either side use only once yeah that should be a plus five no one likes the word uh secret compartment no thats cool if you draw this face up immediately draw three more face up treasures oh this is similar to another card in the uh in the original munchkin i want to say uh you may play at any time okay cool so yeah its a kind of a draw extra treasure card spontaneous rewrite uh used during any combat one monster val wait was that one one monster sorry that card i cant read vanishes theyre leaving a treasure prime recycling this is this is cute uh we actually so if you dont know munchkin lore i guess uh there are usually rings in each uh game like wishing rings things like that so this is this is a really cool way of doing that uh another ring effect but something a little unique plus its worth a thousand gold which again if youre pl if you play munchkin thousand gold thats a level if you want to sell it amulet of selling out you may count this as 100 gold pieces uh whenever you sell items but you dont have to discard it oh speaking of selling items so again you can sell a thousand gold gets you a level this can just keep you can keep selling it for 100 gold to get to add to your levels essentially so like you it still only accounts for 100 gold so youll still have to have 900 gold worth of items to sell with it but thats pretty cool a reusable item that does that bottle of honey using someone successfully runs away uh oh yeah they gotta re-roll it there you go thats cool some more take that fish pudding boy man i dont like that either you still need combat plus to either side not a fan open sauce uh you stream any uh combat plus three to either side okay potion of gut-busting effervescence oh my god this looks like the scene from uh charlie and chocolate factory uh used during any combat plus three to either side oh no sorry plus three to the munchkin side oh thats cute pumpkin spice potion well thats timely welcome to october we got our pumpkin spice potion pumpkin spice is going with everything right now why not starting equipment set its just the its the clown shield use during any combat plus two to either side thats great ill that might be one of my favorite cards possibly ever that does that is how it feels when you start a game generally uh a a live stream oh its what were doing its a living stream used when running away from a monster whose uh bad stuff includes death okay you escape uh oh cool so you just escape thats great auto escapes from uh death causing monsters thats not bad at all critical role uh well i guess ill take this quick moment to note that we also with the op announced critical role munchkin so thats really cool uh but i think that might be something along the lines of what were parrying here just a little bit unhinged esoterica uh plus four to either side so its a nice uh nice buff unwell water your puns are gonna the i think the worst part of when i read a card like this is when i read it and i dont get that joke until after i say it really weirdly like unwell water uh emergency backup friend thats funny oh thats cute loaded die oh hey thats a cool thats actually a really cool look for the loaded die usually the loaded die has kind of a d6 look to it because thats the dice that we use for the game uh but this got like a kind of a d20 or actually is that is it more like a d12 d12 a d12 le boom look to it uh thats cool i love it new new art for the loaded die oh we got another one here this is the d20 thats thats awesome but its like an opening up d20 thats awesome i love it mercy matt used when another player has failed to run away oh they the the that player succeed okay so you can kind of help people out uh and now you may uh draw two face up oh wow thats cool face down treasure cards so you can essentially help someone else escape but then you get treasure for it thats really cool do a reloaded die thats thats awesome i love that were using the actual rpg dice for this thats really cool uh oh boy oh oh my god again acquisition inc well if you dont know what were parroting there watch more live streams a lot of great rpg live streams happening now uh this is this is one of them boots of running ever faster posterior way but if you roll a one you automatically fail and must discard this before uh suffering bad stuff wow so its really good unless youre all one uh ever on username and combat apply all monster bonuses and penalties uh for this fight regardless of whether they uh apply okay to the munchkins interesting okay i can see some situations where thats really good uh post oh its a potion sorry i was looking at the art there it looks uh uh vaguely listen uh disunity okay thats why i couldnt read that word potion of disunity okay oh wishing rings are back uh again most munchkin sets got wishing rings in them its cool theyre like members of the party uh knee pads of supplication oh gosh its the begging knee pads i love it uh cool i dig that prismatic glitter thats oh man glitter munchkin i used it in any combat plus five to either side hey there you go thats good bud oh hirelings are back whoa thats awesome i havent seen those guys in a little while hirelings they can kind of hold your stuff body spray its i the arts the pun this time its its got an axe and its body spray uh burlap cloak uh which would be the most uncomfortable thing ever usable by warrior only so thats a kind of a clue as to what were going to be seeing in our classes and stuff but weve got the berserkers helm and the helm itself is berserking bicorn hat there are two pieces of corn wow we did it i love it oh heres the cleric so we got warrior or warrior cleric so i think were gonna have some classic roles here that work really well with munchkin standard munchkin uh weve got turning keys uh two rats on a stick what are we doing oh thats too strong its a plus one bonus its twice as good as nothing there it is i love it bringing it back bringing back the classics oh man now im really looking forward to whats coming up in the doors i wonder if we have any references to old munchkin in the doors so this is like a munchkin set for munchkin fans if you really i mean you obviously if you like rpgs uh theres some great stuff here too but this has got some really cool references in it um exaggerated sense of self-importance thats about right uh padded sleeves uh that looks like the kid from the christmas story when he cant put his arms down its like the same coat usable elf elfs are back reforged sword its just got tape all over it nice uh beehive hairdo its just a beehive its just a straight up brandon brandons gone behind the camera uh belt of brilliance its like a like a cummerbund of diamonds usable by thief only thieves are back yep its looking like all the classics fba of pokery im assuming thats a type of sword that im not aware of im looking to jim eppe is that it okay that makes sense thank you handheld trebuchet so its a small handheld catapult beautiful a meat shield athlean only hey its food based affluence are back i love it im a big fan of the halflings wizards ring of fire nice wombat boots usable only orcs only nice works back so yeah its all the classics beyblade a beyblade theres so many jokes here theyre all bad and i love it let it rip oh my gosh usable by thief only this is the blade of betrayal oh thats cool a thief who uses this weapon doesnt okay cool oh sorry not does it sorry doubles their backstab i was like doesnt their backstab reward i didnt understand that oh 12 foot pole another reference there it is its again its better than the 10 foot pole and the 11 football wheeled shield i love that how have we not used that one before plus one to run away a lot of good runaway stuff in this dragon bjorn oh or oh boy we cannot this is all parody we cannot get sued for it usable by dwarf only this is the hammer of finger nailing okay okay motorcycle helmet it is a motorcycle helmet wow yeah we got a groan on that one thats thats our grown counter put it at one for brandon uh oh another halfling uh food weapon super supreme pizza plus three nice this is an elf only tall skinny armor well thats just to the point thats we got oh i get it thongs without words wow by the way the word thong does mean sandal that is thats what were looking at here velvet armor its an orc armor that is a velvet suit i love that thats super cool wizard old stinky robe thats unfortunate poor guy multi-tool of murderation this is like the knife that uh brandon gave me the last time to open with i can go murder things uh pickle spear man theres some good ones in this that im surprised we havent used thats awesome that is crazy pickle spear we didnt get there we made a we made an entire set about uh cooks and we never used pickle spear dropping the ball plot armor there it is protagonist the protagonist plot armor uh dance with xanadu oh no oh we got some go up levels though thats cool get yolos autograph go up level kill the hireling thats sad no dont do that why would you go uploading for killing the ireland dont do that outsource game development oh no max your min okay mid maxine steel level thats a fun one uh we got the staff of infection oh usable all by clerics only okay yuck weed whacker of wanted wickedness or wanton wickedness thats a dwarf only dragon lance hey put in munchkin dragons add munchkin dragons folks the munchkin brand there it is folks thats my favorite card in the set thats that is easily my favorite card in the set its the munchkin we have a we have a munchkin card called the munchkin brand and its got the trademark symbol on the word munchkin thats that is awesome i we dont we live in texas we all have we i thought we all had to get the brand when we started working here is that not is it is that only me oh no that sucks my back is screwed up forever now pay homage to a tr oh what a titans grave okay sorry could for some reason some of these words im just like looking im like i cant read that and i can its eyes thats cool rustle up some new players and its babies children and dogs which is pretty accurate if youve ever started an rpg campaign flacco that is just beating up a a mimic and use your special time 21. we got it an ultra crit so those are your treasures i love those the munchkin brand is my favorite card i think in all of munchkin history thats incredible but now my favorite thing is honestly in most games is looking at the bad guys these are our door cards thats were going to find all the monsters so well take a take a scan at these folks uh lets see bear bug okay hes got a plus four against orcs and some bad stuff there and i think there should be an order so i kind of i tried like build up to the to the level 20. i want to see what the bosses of each center the level 18 19 or 20. it depends on the set oh no gamer gators level one plus four against warriors takes double damage from the flame attack nice imaginary fenward which i think just means both of those words dont exist because if fenora doesnt exist and its imaginary is oh frond im an idiot im so used to seeing the word fanord because we use it for everything imaginary frond thats even better pretend i didnt say for nord i guess its not its easy to just pretend thats north lets see spider snake oh thats that is grotesque thats only level one minus one to run away okay plumpf what the heck is a plump thats horrible plus four against thieves okay gross is it really the flunk okay okay the a im gonna reference with jimmy and and brandon on some of the really og monsters because it looks like were going really deep in the tank thats awesome well thats really cool though because we original munchkin was kind of about the contemporary dungeon like dungeons and dragons rpg stuff so we can really go take a deep dive on this stuff especially since theres so much old-school rpg stuff going on uh displaced priest plus four against uh clerics minus one uh to run away thats cool that actually reminds me of our fantasy trip campaign where we had time displacement as a big thing as part of the as part of the campaign napoleon body parts i think i think we may have a leader in the clubhouse for hunters favorite monster right now i saw im also im a very big fan of of the white brothers and mr bones those are two of my like two favorites along with the natural those are like my three favorite monsters so napoleon bony parts leader in the clubhouse uh orpheus okay thats cool hes kind of the undead thing too i like that and theyre theyre both undead which is cool if you like uh the undead stuff with zombies and whatnot its a great way to mix those in cool its another level four pot potty ugg am i am i reading that right pot potty you potty thats got to be a reference that of an old monster okay okay jimmys got me potuge plus four against wizards cool cool why is that so funny big boy why is that so funny to me its just called big boy big boy gets plus two for each hand item uh being used by the munchkins in the fight why is that so funny to me its just called big see boys my reference got big bs the wizard with the hand spells okay so again im not as good with with actual rpg stuff im good with munchkin references jimmys got me on the rpg references uh grim beetle okay uh items work less or worth less than 300 gold pieces have no effect okay thats a cool mechanic i like that lumber hulk okay i know that one but i actually really prefer this this is hilarious i love that the crow king thats a level 12. all other monsters in the combat with him count as undead oh thats cool thatd be a fun one to add to your uh with some undead stuff we already weve already seen some on that synergy stuff here uh with the fit fiend thats cute that needs to be me in about a week were getting into the holiday season and i need to start losing or im gonna gain a bunch over the over christmas unidrow okay okay i got it it took me a second i was just like oh no i dont want to say that wrong my street against elves but plus four against thieves okay cool glampire thats thats really cool art thats really thats thats really cute i like that mass three against works its a level 14. now were getting the really big ones the glitch oh my god its a rad lich thats okay we might be close to my favorite this one in napoleon body parts are really good this could be an avatar i like that one a lot the glitch thats so cool oh we got another undead here dorkas level 18. will not uh pursue level four below thats a bad stuff youre dead youre just straight up dead except clerics okay sorry it looks like pursues can i say this on the stream i guess we can yeah yeah i guess thats true jack ask is that q ask you jack asked you jack asked you sure when i pursued level four below all others have minus two to run away minus three against clerics and halflings minus six against both wow okay jimmy thank you i dont know that i dont know how to like they dont automatically connect in my head uh but thats a level 18 but it has a lot of ways to be a negative so thats good uh oh we found our found our boss monster level 20. america okay americum dragon am i say amir americium whats that a reference to jimmy jimmys jimmys lost uh immune to fire flame oh wow no fire in flame it can detect smoke oh well that makes sense well obviously a little firewood blow of course its a you are dead so its level 20. its going to be a tough one american dragon interesting i love the art that is such a cool look i love i like dragons with like mains and stuff thats really cool cheat we got our classic cheat cards should have a couple of those at least youll see some of the references to the weapons earlier like the reforged sword with all the tape and the supreme pizza that the uh the halfling is but again these the reforged george is an elf only weapon so an orc holding it is cheating elf using the supreme pizza that was a halfling only weapon ooh and some of our curses the acid pit and you lose two levels if youre an elf so its a lose level or two if youre at elf thats brutal air mail if you arent wearing armor lose a level okay there you go curse apply encumbrance oh no imply encumbrance rules thats mean ive played enough skyrim to know that that sucks yeah exactly no news no one uses it exactly no one uses encumbrance rules but then you have the one dm thats like also encumbrance rules are happening and you cant move you dont exactly you dont you dont use its like im not using incumbent rules and ive done that before ive been that guy where its like were not using encumbrance rules and then im like oh how much is a rowboat i want to drag a rowboat and i dragged a robot the whole camera a big that affected big weapons uh bad time for a bio break nice blood donation lose a level buzz out lose the headgear youre wearing okay oh thats got the thats the reference to the guy that had the beehive hat thats funny uh cold feet straight up cold feet convert from fourth edition oh no just a pile of burning books crispy chicken feet oh no thats disgusting no forgot your realm thats me every game id be just this cursed permanently what god do you worship i dont know what problem magic yes forgot your realm forgot our realm i like it mallard of misfortune oh no you dont pick up a duck in a dungeon i guess you dont pick up a mallard at a mission oh the humanity discard any oh thats thats funny discard any races that youve put you havent played and become a human thats funny its like the reverse shreks potion uh lets see reduce equipm oh sorry were reduced equipment list again i i for some reason when it comes to eyes i just like to lose the eye in there okay lose lose a small item yeah right stale snacks again not everythings in game some of this stuff is referencing the metagame of playing rpgs so of course stale stacks obviously the floor is lava lose the foot gear youre wearing make sense curse twitchy you must immediately run away from a next monster you face oh thats mean thats pretty cool though the half breed cards which let you be multiple uh groups of people so thats cool house rules thats cool play immediately after an opponent plays a card you dont like you dont like okay that cards effect is cancelled okay thats thats cute neat okay so its just a cancel effect i just like the way they phrase that remove a card that you dont like life partner oh thats adorable super munchkins obviously classic card got a bunch of uh multi-classers there doing stuff ooh truly legendary curse lose your best item thats brutal ooh the wandering monsters classic theyre coming in on rainbows theyre on the ceiling thats that is horrifying though more watery monsters gotta have a lot of them oh heres the big heres the big ones these are the end game someones about to win time to play some big monster cards plus tinder monsters uh it is it is greater so you cannot make it a greater monster inspired plus into monster supernatural oh sorry no uh super annuated what superannuated okay interesting i dont i didnt know that word before i started reading this thats a supernatural advantaged thats cool that makes sense if you have a oh thats and thats cute plus one d6 to monster so its a random bonus oh disadvantaged minus 1d6 to monster okay thats awesome and i mean thats a thats a direct reference and a direct mechanic uh undead classic gotta have your undead cards oh and heres our classes oh my god that is an orc in a sailor scout costume thats a cleric i guess sailor scouts are technically clerics right cleric more cleric got some thief thief and thief warrior and these are the same effects i believe yeah back stabbing and all that these are the same effects that they are in the original luncheon so if you mix them together you can use the same classes just has different art arms pretty cool warrior warrior and warrior wizard wizard and of course wizard and now we got the the uh races here dwarf dwarf and dwarf elf with a pink rabbit thats cute elf and elf halfway my favorite halfling is my favorite gotta say it halfling and halfling then weve got orcs i like that it has orcs doing different stuff than the normal work stuff thats really cool like wizard orcs and stuff oh no we got some more monsters anonymous console uh consul consultant there we go all said consultation thats a level one oh heres our level low level guys we just beards of prey oh my gosh level two gray hawk its a hawk in a great okay i get it guinea pig thats more horrifying than i expected it to be lemon slime thats cute thief lean its not a its not hefling its a thiefling level six uh deride oh de rider oh my gosh those working stills thats got multiple references in it whoa gummy cube we got the gelatinous cube its the gummy cube man someone needs to make gummy cubed candy that sounds awesome yeah make gummies with that thats thats perfect level six oh got an undead heck of a oh i get it okay i was like trying to again i was trying to realize like a coupe heck of a heck thats cute heck of a oh yeah level 8 awful green thing not awful green things but hey another another sj games reference thats cool oh full green things 3873 orcs okay were just one up in munchkin right now thats all thats the goal huh whoa the dire gazebo thats cool level 10 no one can help you there you go of course you got to face the gazebo alone power creep thatd be great we should start decorating the gazebo again id love to do that power creep thats a cool one we know that feels like thats level 10 level 14 indescribably awful unspeakable horror post-war against warriors bad stuff what is the the bad stuff is so long on this indescribably horrible death for wizards everyone else just loses their powers okay i like how the ark doesnt even show the monster uh sorcerers of the shoreline okay theyre like beach going wizards okay those oh my god theyre sorcerers on the shore of the shore oh my god when youre reading the cards you cant get the jokes immediately im sorry guys thats a really good im im keeping that card thats thats mine uh brain filler okay oh my god this this squids gonna take you to flavor town ah this is the one that weve been seeing reference its on the cover the eavesdropper of course thats what its called its got a ton of ears there it is oh my thats awesome so that folks is munchkins and mazes thats awesome oh man so yeah munchkins amazes this will be on pre-order really shortly i believe itll be up next week for pre-order uh again youve seen youve seen all the cards you kind of know what its going for if you like the original munchkin this is going to be a perfect set for if you want to mix it in there with some of the those original cards itll pretty much be seamless its got all the same races all the same classes uh similar kind of tone because the original munchkin again was referencing a lot of the old rpg stuff and even current rpg stuff and this is kind of doing the same thing except its also referencing munchkin itself and then its also referencing like rpg culture so thats really cool i think its i think this this and original munchkin are going to be like seamless companions uh and especially like references you could play the uh 3782 orcs and then the next person can have to fight against the the plus one on that so thats really cute uh i see your orcs i see your one rat on the stick and raise it two rats on a stick uh but yeah this will be out really soon 24.95 you can get this at your local game store and as well on warehouse 23 i wanted to mention we have a big sale going on for halloween on right now uh you can find a lot of discounts on halloween themed stuff like zombie dice uh in our chibi-thus and are like 75 off now so if you like our chibi thulu plushes you can get the halloween one or i think any of the other ones as well that are theyre really cheap right now and of course we have free shipping and orders of i believe 150 or more on there as always uh you also want to check out our streams coming up were going to be doing some halloween themed stuff well have more details about that really soon uh next week i wont be here but were sorry i cant hit my mic there i wont be here but uh well have uh well have someone uh hosting as well well well let you know about what were gonna be doing then weve got some more unboxings on the way weve got some halloween goodies stuff on the way uh stay tuned for all that weve got a lot of a lot of new stuff thats coming out were really excited about it if you didnt if you missed i get on for nordcon check out some of those announcements coming soon weve got stuff like hack and slash on the way uh well have more details as that gets closer well be unboxing that of course uh something munchkin something fishy is coming out as well uh which we havent done an unboxing on that but we probably will be doing that really soon the op announced critical role munchkin disney munchkin well have an unboxing for that as well we have lots of stuff coming on the way so stay tuned to more sj games live but for now i hope you guys have a great weekend ill see you later you best steam deck games november 2022 Order at: Follow us at: Twitter: Instagram: Twitch: Store Front: Kickstarter: Or your friendly local game store! tilden park steam trains run windows steam games on linux steam badges for games owned steam deck skyrim best free to play solo games on steam