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Best steam vr games to play on oculus quest 2one shot game steam MUNCHKIN DIGITAL game hello to all this video tribute mox dot fr welcome to this vacuum on the clock today im going to talk to you about munchkin manstein its a game for three to six players from 10 years old and for games between one and two hours taken keynes is a game in which the players are adventurers who explore a dungeon it starts as beginners humans at level 1 and the object of the game is to be the first to reach level 10 the players will take turns and from that a player arrives at the level of the list the game stops and it is he who won the game so what will I be able to do in my turn and well first of all if I have cards in hand and I have equipment that I want to use I will be able to play them in the order I want without too many limitations for example I can but equipped with a chainmail bikini which will give me more 3 of bonus in france then i will have to draw a door card he door cards generally correspond to monsters each monster will have a level and I will have to be stronger than this level my strength is my level plus the bonuses that I have thanks to my equipment or thanks to certain single-use cards if I manage to have a strength greater than that of the monster as is the case here I will draw as many treasures as indicated by the card of the monster in this case one that I will add to now so these cartels are of different types we will have equipment cards which can sometimes be special i.e. this one for example I could only use it if I found a way to become a thief we will have cards that will make us level up automatically single-use bonuses or as we have already said equipment with permanent bonuses it should be noted that each of the objects has a value in gold coins and that I can during my tower of the pits és up for a value of 1000 gold coins to automatically gain a level if ever the monster that I encountered for example a squeeze there is far too strong for me because this one at a level 18 and I dont cant make it hey well I can totally two dead d1 my partners to come but in this case well we will add our different strength values ​​ and see if we are stronger than the monster in this case there well we will have to share the treasures in general for a player to come and help us we will have to offer him treasures in exchange because there is only the player in this active fair who will go up a level for having succeeded in defeating the world if ever and well in spite of everything I cant manage to defeat it shows and well it will be necessary to flee when I flee Im going to throw a d if I do five or six nothing happens I managed to flee the watch its at next player to play on the other hand if I do less than 5 well the monstr the sailor caught up with me and a misadventure happens to me this misadventure it can make me lose a level lose an object or else in the case here completely lose my life if I lose my life well I keep a good level but I lose all the cards that were in front of me or in my hand and the 12 other players will be able to distribute them among themselves if ever I did not draw any monsters during the first card that I revealed, for example if I revealed a curse I have the right to draw the next card and art added to the hand if ever this card is a monster and well I can choose to play it in front of me and face it and possibly beat it and see the related bonuses among these cards which are not monsters we will find curses which will be immediate penalties for example this makes me change sex so if I had an object which was dependent on my sex and well I could no longer use it we will have race cards that we can put in front of us which will allow us to no longer be human but to belong to another race and to have different penalties or bonuses and we will also have class cards which will also depend on a little bit of our trade we can win a magician a thief and there too we will have different bonuses and penalties it should be noted that among all the competition cards there are several that we can play during the turn of the others way and well bother them a little bit so that well they dont move fast enough and be able to slow them down the game continues until one of the players has managed to reach level 10 and at that moment its is he the winner it should be noted that there are many extensions and variants of munchkin that can take place in space or in a universe of munchkin superheroes it is therefore a game in which you will have to manage your hand cards so as to block opponents ires when its necessary but also help them when we think that the bonuses we will earn will be interesting enough for us here you know almost everything about man ching now you can Music best 4 player co op games steam Avec notre Ludo-Chrono découvrez en 5 minutes si un jeu de société est fait pour vous.Voici la présentation du jeu Munchkin avec une vue densemble du fonctionnement et du matériel, le tout en 5 minutes. 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