Can game pass play with steam sea of thievessteam screenshot locations MUNCHKIN DIGITAL game the cat the cat you like the game they like Music password of the century no friends we cant put the game in French unfortunately well say its a little thing and well translate the game into true in any case its a good discovery I like the password it was 1 2 3 upside down board games its typing ah its too heavy it must be hard a little j maybe should have looked Im ready they already have the cards that calm down its cards that recast so in fact I understood but hey in real life you just have to read I swear you can understand the green cards its either spells that can be activated in combat or its hitchhiking that you can equip on foot from the start if you want to put a place or a race and all the races are an effect of the country you can recon or not I was level 8 and everything but it doesnt matter its okay I was 7 months old and suddenly it was not level I was well of the century friends you put it on all the time what I also look at the items I dont hate you the same range yeah thats fine for me I m ready also the two seconds I read I didnt invite but who gives more 3 for her not because your class is from Nantes you see what I loot the first we see it because the first is either a penalty or something public what OK but hey the disadvantages of classes with advantages sometimes its a door at the beginning when its there you gon throw cards its me everyone wins a card at the start you see like were lucky Music thats a good thats the thing its free cooperate and all it was 18 years old yeah but in the other game you have to play together here you can have your quiet game I have monsters me you bring me back we can win no he doesnt win a level he doesnt win a level ah he wins just the chests yeah but suddenly for 4 cards be careful be careful Music t youre like me and besides now you never want us to work together just look at what I have in my bag how do we know whats the difference between a Small I just thought I wrote a little too quickly you shouldnt take the duck this card you have to wait I think eh the guy he said your nines at this level 7 yeah Im losing my helmet its weird the atmosphere Music okay its 5 cards its 6 cards max in your hand six cards not that it takes it away from you in your bag I have something like this in your hand in your hand okay its good good quiet and too much __ dont worry we continue I love to remove cards here there Music hes going to take a level eh if you want brother it looks like were far anyway anyway I have to we have to brother he has no choice just that it allows me to put him in the fight what me I finished me I can use my item thats it jumping it leaves him alone hes __ at the iff normally it wont be like that necessarily win or tie yeah but you only took one chest you do nt know you dont take OK dead end Laughs nothing and he loses his class sorry Music Music but why you dont put on your armor already I forgot to put you on I think I put it on at the start of your turn Music you need help no ok come back to this fight go ahead I intervene do nt forget what I dont dont forget do nt forget this gesture guys here we are in contact we work 200 together Music i didnt choose the cards in case liar even worse after its two cards need help he got my card and suddenly he receives the items he receives two chests go send a card send a card you can very well later on you frankly __ me a little bandana please no but I said by the way of polymorse its something me I cant watch you have to steal him pass my guy I had forgotten bound that i do it yeah but good that the grid also yeah but you can grid against one you see against some crazy thing that was the best i could have i think ah yeah too bad OK Music Music in your bag OK Music right away call me equality S why do nt you want it anyway just have to read what is written at the top right but I had checked but I couldnt accept whats nice about you you and some good stuff but i dont know if i can wait for theres a super interesting track yeah but i dont know if i can wait well go ahead im going to love my balls Music this guy we fix it yeah but madness morphs this for both of us after yes just give me both give me two chests thats all now do what you have to do Renault look at it later maybe I could use it but we hope Music thats my bonus Music but rally hes been following me since the start of the game sal e bastard well done rally well done well done brother well done Music -what is wrong with you thank you for the card wesh wesh in the game you will come back level 1 with 100 stuff with nothing you have been a good friend give me this Music its impossible to fight this game its heavy eh its not good I did nt ask for my game since I cant win you you re not going to win like that you know but its not on purpose come on you wont have protected the car thank you for this operation dont worry Music people yeah good go ahead just abuse it not a shitty thing huh youre going to take days oh well youre abusing well I chose two things and you you chose the last one you left me the thing that I cant but I cant help it brother delighted I can betrayed maybe youre interested in trading in turn tell me what I dont know how to do and for the moment ok ok you can ask me what is it that you put there Armor Nagui how ah here it is well its perfect OK thats sorry its good I looked I observed all my all my options after board game all that takes time equality idiots ok Google with me curse you lose United in place but in fact Kamel you put yourself too well in fact we saved one or two levels against yeah against a rock star like weve always been friends and in my bag there already I have scores to settle already bro get you back a card that has Im Douard there are people who have stuff only for you Laughs I have two items only for the thieves quiet of you the 100 balls to start well look at it level 3 high school I have two items only for thieves but you have discord anyway I wouldnt have stolen from you I would have given you items instead brother you wouldnt have stolen from me WE ARE IN __ both of us my offer if you keep the two chests here is the equality you take me to the rally as you want but whatever he sees Kamel either you give a chest to the other two me I put my offer like that hell give you one thats all I know hes not going to accept in fact you you have to accept his offer normally like that of course I Im going to kill them brother I love my heart too much brother Music Music nothing is coming out of it yet so you havent lost anything Music Music its the first of the game and its deserved and very good my guy I had to throw something why my help and no one can __ us if ever really Bibiche can tell you that we win 100%. invite me we can see my little chest and it will help later baby we already helped each other earlier he wont be able to harm I have a special ring it rings it doesnt ring otherwise youre the one loser I dont care invite me dont go look box there what did you do there it did nt matter to you its not forced no its not necessarily he takes it not far no but in fact its is wrong no but its not like it was anymore I said to myself maybe it works but it doesnt work I already refused Music Music I cant do anything but you put on rally too well Music we have to build and we talk about the problem bibi good fight to you thank you I have for the fight Amel I can help you but I want the four chests of course afterwards if you are sure you can kill him I will tell you call and you swipe the first two I swipe the last two come on its invited brother go ahead I cant offer better me its not worth basically you take the two best cards I take the two drafts but no no I just called you brother also no no I saw myself running but it bugged Music more expensive basically you put them in your bag or you use them because otherwise youll lose them open the cassette holder shes strong OK I have a monster me ok I was scared Music in football and there you do there I look for trable normally its not a clone of the monster opposite but youre stupid or what you cant read he writes two characters Laughs just give me a cap and I can KZ or not wait Im looking if I can school leave him all he Music good there you have to sell for 1000 if youre not selling but I dont need to look at one for you we kept one for me or not for you like that afterwards I can very quickly what Ham I have to do the other one we continue my tour its over for me disgusts Music unfortunately nothing very interesting its your turn lets go one against 4 5 against 4 levels j I dont mind jumping wearing alleys you know what to help me I have nothing at all no I was putting it on there is someone who is thinking there it changes nothing suddenly I will be able to jumping continue equality there has green cards also the one where it says give plus 2 thats it he s not an elf come discord in fact because maybe he has but he does nt even know if he can use them come in the general come in the general but its all blue while the Greens you can slam them too I dont think so Music the youth card I think thats it I ca nt put it here normally you can but its not done configure configure this __ is strong no and there you can normally no but your mouse on the helmet no but your mouse on it no not normally you can give them Music thats miskine he has he has he has what I got the first thing and still he just has to do but he has nothing miskine I want to die like Kamel all at once the hour like that after Im 8 years old ah yeah but suddenly you cant play nothing more brother to draw because really we have more cards what the crazy card you had and its but me I have it had its too good brother yeah but go ahead Laughs Music frankly we have frankly you dont have to steal from me you saw the troops frankly frankly frankly they lose level if your nose will pass level 5 the series still there I swear its still going level 5 really pissing me off when it was 7 it was 7 8 so she went crazy what the king of the world are we going to play sir please you couldnt at the same time even in the louze hes good brother it disgusts me the first round brother Im basically a big scratcher but damn it he may not tell you exactly what hes going to do there in fact someone has to a thief takes and he steals from him because otherwise he will only do that ah I have no sun come on you will hi my friend hi precisely Music she has a good range there was more 6 against the wings so I really needed your help and in real life everyone is level 2 3 1 there is only Bibi who was enough for me speak it s madness that you have drops what he got here its disgusted more treasures no its something for a level like that that its broken that no the treasure I do nt have it lost it was used in the stand in fact Im not sure I understand it well me the illusion there brothers you dont need to understand exactly what it does ok Im going to steal it from you go go go go go Music go -y get out get out oh there there from the Level cabinet its impossible as an NPC in the range ok slowly do you add ah youre going to go to the thing discar there no no no a fight Im calling you and c its a fight you call me equality come on open this door for me Music Laughs hes lucky he has a real friend there has a real brother what Im really there you have to go up two three more listen Music you have to do something there you can put it on all the time how do you like you can put it on with everything he comes in all the time he has it does nt ask for anything it doesnt take up space like I can use it when I want what well yeah the thing there laughing title so much the better that way I can reuse bibi I think were equal you can use me anyway ah yeah I think its that when Im on top look if you need me I can help you but you will have to use an item the equality you start again you should let die do the equality yeah you do jumping let yourself die finally the phone no if he does jumping he can only phone jumping first chests but go ahead but youre a __ what difference does it make difference please there are 5 cards that will pop and you ll take both better all of a sudden and then you let me go enough logic I cant be thats my power there Music there s something you can do or not ca nt you talk to me like I told you equality no but its a joke we take all the chests on the other hand if you knew you did it on purpose youre really a big __ hes right he __ he has to win brother please stop he played like he was lost you gave us a safe and more but I thought it would kill them brother we actually youre right about that I could nt know he had the madness item actually some stuff please Im reading the free level too thats for sure and then you take the thing where there are the most lines the one thats worth the most Gold and you got the last card yeah I think I got four we got 5 its not impossible that you you had five cards you must have had three cards there Music there is a class that does something it gives one more card no Music go ahead send some chari you brother thats it that means he s fine in the game whereas I cant do anything equal Im an enemy thank you forced to give to the lowest level I think I have no choice its useless you dont want me an enemy Im going to kill you brother and here I am the last of the official game Music 3/4 quiet yeah I dont know Music and you what do you want ok so first Im going to do this Im looking for the card that took me away I cant I cant choose the SIM card but I couldnt choose the one map but I wanted to choose the map basically there I chose a map like I used a map that allows me to go to the in the thing yeah in the discord and choose a map but I didnt had time to recover the card ah too bad Vivi damn you want us to remake no there are no guys who want to exchange there are no humans who want my kiss item Im in the kiss item in itself but its that for humans I m not human either Music heres crazy the card I just saw necessarily I dont have it eh if the level I say its been too long stop I tried to be discreet with you but like kids we have to get started I swear its snub there I can be it I am I am me I am already Kamel me I have a weapon for you but you have nothing for me and if if I have human stuff Laughs I stole it what Im going to get away with for one item its stolen automatically were going to play faster the more its going to be pleasant I feel ok thats why you wanted to put free ones anyway why ah that I hadnt seen before why Im telling you I said what its me you give me a level but you have your two items what so basically its up to you do you want snoball or do you want stop me from grinding thank you same son how how do I put stuff that I put in my bag in my hand if you put in your face and after and after on the right it doesnt want bah you take to use them in any case are you sure will be to the right of your icon finally me every time i have used more thank you are you going to do baby imagine it gives itself two levels and you the guy no it takes three levels i think no there it really is well there 19 attack Im going to have to steal it this morning and why me if I want to win you must not win please I dont care it kicks me something or not my face one V1 stop stop stop Im watching slowly slowly slowly Im just going to do this in case suddenly basically its in case you find a lease we widen the gap what there I cant help you anymore Im jumping we know never stop sucking like that bro I know youre an ELF and all but now I cant get in it st finished brother its really that and more continue but no Im going to use I think there it tells me yes even the favorite sheet Music its __ but I had taken a treasure I dont understand no but because he says basically since he dies he gives a card that would have moreover its __ moreover I remember when he is in the island in Pegasus with the treasure I wanted to take j I couldnt because my hand is full that I wanted oh there there there welcome to the brotherhood of thieves thank you crazy the thing baby it wouldnt have me but now the turn is starting to be long Laughs right to left sorry its what you want to equip play play I take nothing but in addition I trade you something like I give you a class nothing to give me my guy I would have liked I would have done it but frankly you have nothing to do give me my guy were coming back from afar lets see quickly like that hop I pass level 9 the next fight consider my help you win guys there normally I have to do jumping Im the game in fact I need strength stuff you have to take your time in the sense that you dont have to see an opportunity right there Im waiting to pass level 8 Im doing that Binks to banks to the next boots of damage not bad to calm not bad not bad you start to become someone on the right on the left at the time when we will have to play very difficult because the mobs I had a weapon clear that I had given just like that for free too bad for the comment oh no poto no no poto its a thing and __ he likes it too badly let me play a little it stinks no its abused the snack to the leader nobody normally I can equal Music hes there hes there Music Music how can I help you level 2 chests hes so good this morning you understand the illusion I love you like I did it to you if you want but illusion I dont know what it is brother I didnt understand basically that laugh his t ruc I saw what you got brother we can make a trade me I have a weapon me I have a cleric weapon in my hand four attack one hand Paris I have to give Charlie there dont worry shitty equality and a popo its a crazy thing I saved the cigarette for you anyway whos the TIPS so keep it up its a fast lap as we like brother are you going rally remove the same thing in fact to have a penalty suddenly there you want to give me the 600 there or not Music rally to redeem yourself honestly you re fine focus redeem yourself on your Monster ok thats ok brother all my disputes are settled except with him somethings going on there in this game somethings going on I think its time to start flying so there hes getting on well for free Im willing to help you for free you know an elf and go -y after we showed the blister you know for free so I invite you my guy nobody can __ you mo n guys you watch it in case of extreme emergency but if it wants us Ken I have an illusion to put an old level 4 in front its square Laughs dont worry my guy too good I thought that it was in your hand me monster with the stick dont worry i have my game plan in fact as soon as i arrived my next turn i get the monster i sell everything i pass level 9 i won here you can in your hand you can fight against the monster and gives you at least a chest you see and more rewards in general Laughs you know more we have another one I hope she is with me something to run instant wall onne Music this phone has to have a phone above your head phone Music I dont mind myself I wo nt ask myself this fight here Music thats all its business business now what rally he got a trick in his hand or not plus ill let the executives have to fly he will use now but its that for the tips I have a thing for her Im an elf + 3 which is your thing that for me its a rapier to trade so wait for your rapier against bitter you have to I put in my bag first e all alone it played me all alone now yeah but good go easy there is no monster there I dont need anymore unbeatable do nt call I dont answer hes over 50 Laughs Music everything will depend on the role of the comeback after that guys I didnt win I do nt know whats up what are your two cards so I dont want to see them 21 brother what do you have thats interesting besides this door eh if ever what brother equality Music Music walk walk walk walk walk walk walk your mother never nothing Im here for you __ then its a sick math card and that so that after us we have to thats that it has to be 400 thats that and thats not much 400 Music to the trash over there Music I want all three so there guys here you go thank you normally brother rallye please abuse tear rallye moreover I have a troll moment they wo nt be able to __ us your captured 27 what is he going to do against us brother and Bibi across the way besides its crazy to do that you did win anyway no really well done the __ she ate well it doesnt work unfortunately it doesnt work I won no it doesnt work hes stupid or what it doesnt work the last level you have to kill a mob otherwise its too easy Music eh who won if ever and there hes just going to take the bike then hes going to do the fight Music he opens the door he can face a mob no no first Im going to sell my items to go to level 9 as well thats exactly what I wanted to do but revive and no but he took what he took with the bug it doesnt change anything with winning in any case I hope you have some mems ber guys he took an object also in fact there its really he won for sure because he took __ translation Music that you see in front of you and Im disgusted at least Im playing games so of course not of course me I just understood you were a __ compared to me ah but he is still ready to __ the game of oil of 5 people for just your Game thats all thats it its hard soon hard go for the difficulty in real from the beginning best pixel games steam Deuxième partie de la découverte de Munchkin avec la Kameto TV Si tu kiffes notre contenu, abonne-toi ! ► Chaîne Principale : BEST OF DES MEILLEURS STREAMS → → Retrouvez Kameto tous les soirs à 21h en stream sur : → Nos réseaux sociaux ► Twitter Kotei : ► Instagram Kotei : ► Twitter Kameto : ► Instagram Kameto : Miniature faite par : @imdhav ✉️ Mail : LIVE DU 02/12/2022 how to give a friend a game on steam steam shovel book games like freelancer on steam list of steam deck games steam deck launch games