Munchkin Digital: A weird fantasy game with a weird cat.

How to completely remove games from steamecchi games steam MUNCHKIN DIGITAL game foreign Music thank you Music foreign I I managed to make it in time yeah oh is the game actually the game is a little bit loud oh Im really sorry about it I I just wasnt sure so I was like yeah you know make it like this just in case so hello every hello Knuckles this hello nakroot this is a new camera welcome welcome my name is Chucky and Im a YouTuber from Hungary and today Im gonna play Munchkin digital so basically what is munchkin munchkin is basically uh well munchkin is basically uh a card game that I actually own in real life which I really love playing with when with my with my family and friends more like my brother you know so yeah when they announced that they are going to make a Munchkin digital IO I immediately put it on the wishlist and the game came out six days ago so I was I am pretty high for it because well first of all it allows me to play basically play online with my friends online uh with this game its basically 13 Euro or Steam uh if youre interested in it um and yeah this is basically a parody of the of the fantasy genre because I mean as you can see there is basically yeah in the menu you can order that there is a guy with the with the chainsaw with a name or could be gone and so yeah this game is not taking itself seriously at all so the whole the whole games there is a bunch of uh well I have the Hungarian translation uh you know I own it uh yeah Im opening the Hungarian translation obviously uh and the Hungarian version have a lot of funds in it so I kind of expect the same uh yeah there is a a couple of things that I can kind of remember I mean I kind of remember is that in this game you are actually starting as a youre so you you are basically all adventurers and you are starting without a class you know like you are not a fighter and things like that and you are and you are starting as a human so basically you are just an ordinary ordinary human in the beginning obviously you can pick up class cards uh throughout the game so with those cause you it can change so you can be a wizard of warrior a thief a priest I think this is I yeah I think this is the this is the four options and there is a bunch of you know races like hot links uh elves dwarves what has there halfling hello mega me Infinity welcome here yeah this is a good game yeah I never played the digital version before so I think Im gonna start it let us be support game you dont know about this yeah I yeah Im pretty sure about the award game as well because I have the board game so yeah uh Im gonna do the tutorial first I kind of force you know try to restrain me I restrain myself to not play this game so yeah I think let her go for the tutorial you think you have a you have your board game somewhere too I think I have the kutulu version as well learn the best thing youve got to start somewhere tutorial more stuff yeah lets go with the tutorial one Music oh my God the loading screen welcome to the monsters Lane treasure stealing backstabbing world of Munchkin hold on to your seat its time to dive into the dungeon by the way how is your day Mega me was it was it good sorry to begin the game as a lowly level one adventure with no class your opponents to Gear Up defense defeat monsters and reach level 10 before another player gets there first Music hmm yeah as you can see I already picked up a warrior class I think at the start of the game you get a hand of four cards from each of the treasure and door decks then you get a chance to play any class race or item cards you you want to start the game with you can hoover any card in your head to get a closer look lets check it and slimy armor okay Titus slimy armor strength okay gear type Golf Course clock time okay okay look disgusting but youre never gonna make it around here if you want want later youre stepping slime for a plus one bonus yeah so true to wear slimy armor drag it upwards and equip box will appear to place him ah okay notice that as you play these items your combat strap increases combat snack is equal to your gear bonus plus your code and like oh yeah because every single your base your strength is basically based on your items and your lovers so as a level one and you dont have any item you basically have just one strength yeah and because the Slime you are more have a plus one Im currently having two instead of one lets play the buckler swishing to prank the number even higher equipment can be play in combat so its worth getting up ahead its a plus two munchkins may only equip one foot gear armor and headgear and may only have one item in each hand but a single two-handed item you may also have one big item at a time youre up first at the start of your turn you have the chance to play cards before kicking down the door to the next room of the dungeon but this time youre all geared up already so lets get this party started open and start creating that correct okay a master up here so this is the art piece in combat your strength must be greater than its level if you lose you suffer bad stuff okay there is this magic plus five against wizard I think the game is a little bit louder than me so Im lowering it a little bit yeah yeah um yeah I think everything is fine okay so what is the best stuff their music is really really bad Ill lose two levels oh boy okay uh unfortunately you are tired for strength four to four but youve got a card in your hand that can help check out this oh yeah because the you know the tie is means loss uh except when youre a warrior because yeah the warrior have day have this passive ability yeah you made this card up to three cards and combat each one gives you a plus one bonus yeah youve been ties in combat yeah as a warrior Im winning the Thai spot if you are not a warrior you basically automatically lose the ties so yeah attack get it play not so fast Gary here as soon as a shrieking kick before combat ends your opponents get the chance to play cards like this question of caution of Pawn Fusion not portion of confusion no no thats too mainstream its caution of porn Fusion I have to increase the heartbeat stream by spree is their first game Gary we are good we were we were going to take it easy on them remember hey Im teaching a variable lesson here remember a newbie black socks and people on tracks and hey at least its only a one shot item so I can do it again I dont know you get a chance to respond to Garys nonsense if you go ahead and say jump in to take priority from Gary jump in great now you can turn the table or table of the turn buttons with a freezing explosive portion its a washer item which means that unlike equipment it can be placed from your hand during combat or on your opponents turn how much did I get a yeah plus three and Im still winning the draw so I mean a fantastic word anytime you defeat a monster you gain gain a lever you also gain the hard piece listed rewards of two Treasures open until okay oh I didnt like the animations in these games already this is how I imagine munchkin it seems you have six cars in your head if you ended up ending the turn with more than five you have to give cards to the lowest level opponent to avoid having to give things away to charity you should make sure to play your cards your pointy head of power can be only on can only be equipped by your business so its not special as special useful but you can drag it to your carry area to keep it out of your hand it wont provide any strength while there and what if I want to take it from the UK area what was that what did he do cant wait to chop some monsters up with this bad boy okay oh he has a seven strength okay the tutor sleep potion okay and he became a wizard I yes your turn again looks like to me you already youre ready to kick open that door yeah I dont have a choice I guess Im losing how much you are wearing over so basically I oh no okay sometimes you find things other than monsters and kicking open the door if its something like a glass or race car you just draw it but if its a curse its immediately played on you I see I see you have to lose the slimy armor on the bright side maybe someday you youll feel clean again mm-hmm curses that you have drawn outside of kicking open the door can be played on other players oh yeah yeah oh yeah you can play curses on other players if you have a curse card in your hand yeah yeah try using get it it looks big item okay lets go get carry choose one big item oh it has it says big okay and the item exit if you dont encounter a monster you get the choice to either look for trouble by playing a monster from your head or loot that room to draw another door card mm-hmm those crabs youre getting hands should be easy to stomp you so why dont you look for trouble and play them oh hello Posse cat welcome here you are here but AFK dont worry have a nice uh lurking yeah looks for trouble and play The Crabs Against Me cannot be answering best of Discord armor and all I stands from below the waist theres 11 more monsters so I probably be able to kill it time to enjoy some crab cakes okay plus one level for me and now Im never free and my okay item gives you plus two to run away oh yeah you have dices in this game oh wait yeah yeah you have dices in this game take action continue youve met your match time you talk a pitbull if you can defeat it you may distract the automatic Escape by dropping on any band Paul or staff foreign Music looks like a chance to give Gary A Taste of his own medicine jumping to enrage that pooch yeah jump in race plus five to a monster play during any combat yeah if the monster is defeated roll one extra treasure next guy we try and run away by Rolling a six-sided die on a roll of hot 5 or higher he avoids negative effect of the monster best stuff oh yeah big yeah yeah so you can so in the in the board game thats why there is a dice a six-sided dice and you always if you want to run away you always have to do at least you know five or higher there are some items that can modify it like the shoes that I that I got in the tutorial which is plus two so I guess Im getting and getting plus 2 to my throw but yeah if I dont manage to you know run away safely Im going to get the best I would have to get the best stuff which is you know a negative effect from the monster that Im gonna get bang marks in your butt lose two levels but it it is basically the AI at the moment so Im completely safe he fails so he should be down to one because I think one is the lowest level yeah yeah even though he it says lose two lovers he is at one because there is no lower than one oh my aching everything well now that you shall get it who is Bossier on your way to being a munchkin Pro from here on out Ill be trying to beat you and not teach you first player to level five wins this time normally 10 and remember your last level must be earned by killing a monster open it okay so yeah all right foreign oh I can see okay okay the equipped ones and the carried items okay okay see how do I get all back oh and I can offer trade thats fine okay okay foreign best of very painful packing lose one level but hes doing any combat plus with either side I think Im completely fine so yeah attack level four I get the treasure Hammer of knee capping okay can I I can only carry it but dont put that one oh this is a dwarf only item okay continue and because Im a human I mean I dont have a race card I am basically just a normal human and so I cant I Im not able to equip it oh no I dont want to take action minus one to run an interconnection we forget it to fix it is during any combat possibly to either side yeah jump in use monster yeah yeah plus three on the on the plus three on the flying frogs the connection and continue I guess yeah continue what Gary is in a bad situation foreign just give them one pleasure instead best stuff you have you have had your butt kicked by a woman your Macho munchkin prices lost lose your classes if you already have no classes free lovers uh a jumping okay but it was when you run away rope oh that okay okay that is a weird okay thats not that kind of portion okay um if you catch you oh boy I think its its supposed to be a Pikachu joke pukachu again I asked however if you kill it without using Apple bonuses best stuff projectile vomiting it I discard your whole hand I think that will be fine if I actually lose uh uh what is my what is the dwarf ability I mean what are your ability story sorry sorry sorry so Im a warrior give me this got up a few cars oh okay oh wait a minute What if I no Im doing maybe jump in no no Im not gonna ask for help continue yeah I run away oh well it was when you run away at all fails you escape out on YouTube Music I mean I did lose it I would have lose it anyway so why not use it then foreign no I cant do anything about this so yeah lets that poor Goblin and how I hope that youre you know but if youre listening once again I hope that youre that your day is going really well theres I cant do anything so lose a small item choose a small item discard any item because I want a small item to discard I mean confirm I mean I cant use the pointy head because Im not a wizard so yeah loot the room yucky slime plus four against elves that stuff Discord the food gear you are wearing and it just have one strength I guess so I can be easily beat that if I can if Music a potted plant is this the monster oh yeah there is a monster like this a little bit of one potted plant oh yeah thats a monster in this game foreign did you had a bad day I dont know natural yes what a floating nose pick open the monster in this okay the monster in this room on is on break play this card during any combat the player face in the monster discard stamp all and throws two treasure cards immediately look for trouble because I wanted this uh I want to level up once and I would love to reach level five so I can win finally and finish the unfinished the finish the tutorial it makes me to water it oh it it makes huh oh the pot is planned I dont know what is the purpose of the potted plant but learn to get yourself out of sticky situation by trading stunning and asking for help yeah tutorial more stuff I dont know what the potted plants will do for to you but there is a chance that uh that there is a bunch of cars that you can buff up the monsters with it and there is a chance that you can buff up the buffing up the the potted plants up to maybe six or eight well I can be a thief you may discard the card to backstop another player minus two in combat you may do this only once per big team per combat but if two players of fighting monster together you may backstep each of them theft you may discard the card to try to steal a small item carried by another player roll a die 4 or more succeeds otherwise he gets backed on the loose the fifth really do go through the deck and buy the card with the most tax to read what kind of tutorial is this yeah I kind of had the same feeling when I when I saw it boy it looks like you drew a bunch of views of science but at least here first on god lets see if we can Pawn them off on someone else during your turn when you are nothing combat you can say aha then youre streaming oh you can sell fast and go over items to gain a lover head to your inventory screen and sell your stamp step ladder and shield Step Leather and shield pot or step letter except for level step ladder what are you doing step ladder should have ubiquity yeah except yeah sometimes it happens to me to do this that Im watching The Stream and its lagging behind for some reason you gotta love a big deal Id rather have a good item I do like items in the cycladic Id really like that mess of shortness youve got there why dont you get that into place so you can read it to me oh I see of a trade uh drag your items here if if left MP nothing will be offered for me item you like the items here if left empty nothing will go Im carrying a dagger that would be perfect for your teeth plants to give you a return drag to miss and they go down to the trade areas okay integral treachery bad translation the stream was a minute behind oh one minute is not that much I think yeah its still youre going to need a hand fighting this straw press his ass for help button to bring me in in at my strength will be added to your side natural he has no special powers and hes really not about it oh makes sense I would be mad too if I if I would have been a monster in a in a card game and I wouldnt have any special power best stuff screws up the screws up the game balance by forcing you to let the players of the highest level take any one item is from you oh boy they asked for help tutor share treasure random choose how many random theres one okay just play your 3D suit okay except okay now youre lucky I dont have a monster enhancer right now you both get hit with the best stuff if you lost oh okay okay so if Im having a Helper and we are losing against the against the monster that we are currently fighting in both of us are basically is getting the best stuff which is basically the negative effect if we lose against the monster you okay horny helmet magic Missile and what kind of magic Missile is that Music a thousand gold piece go up a level yeah except inside I mean its going to make sense unspeakably awful Indescribable horror plus four against Warriors jump in now to put your beefing skills to work against Gary your abilities will show up here in your action area when available discard Bull rock with back step to reduce scary stress youve made this kind of car to Max up another play minus two in combat you may do this only once per meter in combat but the two players are fighting for fighting monsters together you may best of each of them okay or the Bullet Rock not ball Rock the bull right were not supposed to anyone of level four or below if you defeat this monster on your turn again an extra level best up you are flayed to death okay okay he got the minus two because of my fifth skill yet he didnt like that one bit you can track how friendly an AI opponent is here players will become more or less friendly as a result of prevention towards them and act accordingly but beware the only person you can trust is yourself okay so the ai ai mode okay unspeakably awful death for anyone but a wizard without many loses power discard the wizard card is unspeakably awful Indescribable horror that becomes me oh wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait forget even a player died they lose all their stuff other than there there is class curses and lava and all out and or out of the game until the following turn on the next Sunday we draw a new starting hand thank you Music but first we got to loot the body taking one of his cards you havent got any armor yet so why dont you grab the flaming armor oh I like that one snake bastards word the plate one not play Playboy its played wrong well not that you looted your first corks I think its safe to say youre a true munchkin asset from Heron and Ill be trying to beat you to level 10. not teach you if you have any questions check the remote book okay okay now shall we finish this game or would you rather start the game from sketch in Solo please yeah I rather finish the game oh good I was just getting warmed up my made the best adventure of being horny helmet wait is here now tutor is asking for help you will receive the following reverse for helping with free random treasure huh am I getting colored yo attacks that yeah continue cloak of obscurity an event of the housing instant War I lost automatically same for one or two players from any fight event of dowsing item one shall go through the discus to find any one card you wont take it okay clock of of security yeah equipped wait a minute is it is this one no yeah yeah Karen and carry this one as well so I got a potted plant baby minus five months I played during a combat if what the heck is the baby throw one fever treasure minimum of one and this is funny one for demanded yeah attack nasty stays nested tasting oh wait a minute I forgot oh my God okay I so basically I I had I had some ideas for you know I prepared some pngs that I can put on myself for for this stream yeah there it is Im gonna be Im a thief at the moment so its a bit too big on me oh yeah lets go foreign as well oh yeah I did its dagger oh its not transparent you know what who cares at this point who cares at this point uh vertical oh not vertical fact foreign yeah like that the PNG Decker yes Im a thief okay so about this one though because it use during any combat class to Twitters side how many cars do I have one two three four five six lets put the I dont want the X repeat I have a bit wait oh its not even an arm or what wait a minute I wont take flip it down yeah equipped equip configure oh yeah like that except because I thought that the cloak of obscurity is an armor but its not an armor its uh its just a thing its just an item so I can use the flaming armor too nice okay okay thats great item one shot lets go glue you also have someone successfully escapes a combat for any reason they must read what theres Escape even if it was automatic the first time usable only once Im gonna put this one here lets continue divine intervention you must play this okay Im not too sure about what that was of course in your next fight only you may not get any bonuses from items other than our wishing ring because before the next five we leave the cursed okay there is a sneaky Bastard Sword super munchkin that was a super munchkin leprechaun he is gross plus five against elves but wait a minute is he an elf no hes just a clinic oh he just doesnt get the bonuses for you he can use it but its not getting plus free for the house because hes not enough okay okay they just cant thats one okay okay hmm oh my God a rat you pause again is that you oh boy a Creature From Hell plus P plus three against clerics and then I know that youre a creature from here okay Im gonna let him win I mean I cant really even intervene Music hello brother hello me John welcome here how are you doing today lose food gear lose the food you are wearing I dont even have a food gear youre a crying cat youre already committing crying uh you know what loot the room oh boy Chase huh minus five to the next job oh my God this game no it does its not its not that difficult its pretty easy actually change oh yeah there is a curse that where you can be where you are basically changing your your gender minus five to your current compact due to the distraction after this reaction after that there is no further penalty how will it change experiment oh and youre doing fine yeah nice yeah there is a course like that in this game yeah this game is basically a fantasy parody on my next turn Im going to explain what this was basically so cheats what is the goal so uh basically in Munchkin uh you are playing as an adventurer you are stopping as basically uh uh a normal human being without the class without any race and we are basically you know kicking down the doors in a dungeon and after kicking down the door there is a chance that there is gonna be a curse behind the door or there is gonna be a monster behind the door if there is a curse behind the door uh you have uh that curse is gonna immediately applying to you but if thats a monster you have to fight with the monster and if you are fighting against a monster the other players can intervene and buff the monsters and things like that so the monster became stronger against you and if you lose against a monster you are gonna get the best stuff uh basically a negative effect in the game but in this case the Bigfoot stumps you flat and this is your head I lose the headgear you were wearing so if you are losing against the big foot and oh yeah but if you are losing against a monster uh you have to attempt a roll uh you have to you are going to get a six-sided row six-sided Dice and you have to roll five or higher if you want to run away but if you dont run if you are not managed to run away if you have not managed to run away you are going to get the negative effect which is the best stuff and in this case if he if the AI is you know losing against the Bigfoot uh hes gonna get uh you know uh hes gonna lose his head were headwear but I think Im gonna jump in and Im gonna change his his gender yeah so hes gonna get a minus five yeah I think everything is fine you will receive the following rewards what happened with this combat and no decline the connection yeah jump in uh uh backstabbing I wanted I want to be a jerk I know uh instant War Allah no yeah the vent of dancing okay and choose the tutor you can play this game online and you can play this game with AI as well uh with with the with the CPU but Im currently doing the tutorial basically I just I just want to finish it okay nice the game is 13 Euro on Steam by the way jump in I dont care Im yeah plus two on the monster okay continue out of launch all four Packs sake Music but at least he didnt level up yeah continue yeah you can Im that is what Im currently doing playing with the playing with dvdb DVD well with the AI Mr Bones if you must if you must flee you lose a level even if you escape but if I dont manage to escape Im gonna get his bony touch Cuts you two levels they attack with my 14 I think Im gonna be fine either link special allows you to carry and use one extra item even if you could not a device if you lose your hiring the item goes to you may discard your hiring for an automatic Escape for any monster give this code in front of you with your Treasures yeah equipped okay continue yeah Mr Skeletor change class oh yeah there is a card that is basically going to change your classes and change your rates and things like that so this this is a pretty funny game I think here the hiding go up a level oh boy did he killed my hireling yeah I think he did a plastic one Im not a monster its a fluffy corn yeah continue my characters appearance change uh I dont think well so I basically started with this one in the tutorial so I dont Im not really sure about it I click open lose a small item off effect stick oh which is a small item oh yeah there is the magic Missile in the game Music this is the magic mid side just to you know just mentioning it Music lets go to escape automatically Escape do I want that losing someone theres five now lets use the um as you do the insta lets drop the instant wall because that car space yeah look for trouble sorry possible but I had to fight but I have to fight with you oh my God thats a big mouse foreign okay so and you are gonna win the game if you manage to level up to level 10. by the way really impressive title special I mean okay I guess equipped sorry Ponce again its just a special item it doesnt doesnt say its anything its just really impressive title and thats it oh my God a monster enhancer choose one big item and this item to this card cube of charm I dont like the two door hes too good yeah jump in I want to use the magic like lets do this one uh lets lets discard the baby and backstab choose a small item to steal lets choose this one yeah except oh oh I didnt oh I I think I messed up something oh no I wanted to do but the back step not the oh I it up I wanted to to do the backstab which Resorts him to level up uh lower his you know attack by two and the tie doesnt count as opinion by the way yeah jump in I just I just want I dont okay okay you are stomped and chomped you drop things as you please starting with the player before you in turn Order each player may take one treasure card from in front of you without looking from your hand yeah I kind of want but I had the magic Missile no Steph of the bomb what oh a gelatinus octahedron I think Im gonna I think Im fine oh I would have been level eight instead of level seven if I dont mess up the backstab rattle my stick hey its better than nothing you may discard this item even if you are only carrying it for an automatic escape from any monster of level eight or below yeah yeah I can use it because I have oh yeah and in this game you can you can basically have one headgear one armor one Footwear uh two one-handed uh weapon or one big bad big weapon uh in your you know as an equipment but there is as you can see there is a lot of things that doesnt contest anything like the cloak of obscurity which just an item that I equipped that is above too and the really impressive item as well there are items like this and and you can buff up yourself with items like this as well not just with items I mean there are items too but not like equipping equipments like the armors and stuff oh it became a dwarf okay short bite or more gasable oh gays like because of the eyes oh boy no one can help you must face the Gazebo alone lose three levels oh poor carry and hes back to level one okay he became a half link check it on your head oh he put the chicken on my head minus one to all all your dice rolls and a curse the best stuff that removes your head give you take the chicken with it oh boy oh I became a dwarf oh mate I can became a dwarf okay I am at war Phantom digging oh the people if you can defeat it you may distract it by dropping anyone yeah yeah okay oh okay right okay I think Im gonna lose I dont want to be a halfling yeah Im not to lose the room oh I could be a wizard no but I dont want to foreign as a monster by the way oh he lost the level nice at least a law did die Okay click open income tax discard one item of your choice foreign Music Music Im kind of lost here okay look for trouble I want to fight against the Pitbull and take some Treasures with me take actions because invisibility potion uh no I dont think so you will receive two random Treasures oh you know what yeah I think I take it I mean hes just only level one hes its a little low chance that hes gonna you know lose or something I will take all of his treasures at least continue and hes just getting one level up a badass bandana a gentlemans club oh what a gentleman I I think Im oh my character is a female oh boy I cant use it done human only Im not a human am I oh no Im a dwarf Im a dwarf you can carry any numb bit of big items you can have six cards uh can I no I cant equip it unequip it oh boy foreign oh well oh by the way you can level up if you sell you know a hundred thousand I mean for 100 spas and gold You Can level up once like you know like selling this one it would be 400 another one 400 thats what that would be 800 and beat this one with 200 it would be a thousand so I could be I would be able to level up you know the slimes are slimy a squid similar as well as minus four we will not pursue anyone at level four or below except thousand your grab slime Crunch and goblet you are dead dead and dead any questions if you were to create this monsters on your turn gain the next level uh jumping yeah the magic Miss I on the ears on the monster yeah this is just equal oh boy can I jump in with my back stuff no that would be 24. Music can I steal one of his item that would be nice yeah that one okay please Porter Music okay continue yeah you can defeat him this is fine Im fine I lost oh okay can I do a local play with an AI challenge solo play yeah difficult Yeah medium I think that would be nice for players wishing to play offensive game at the start of each pattern they throw a face down to our car we usually mean play or not and players loot the room they draw from Treasure deck instead of the door deck enter jumping alone yeah me well Im gonna start to submit because well I dont know if you realize it but Im a male oh wait uh Im gonna hide my my teeth mask and Thief tiger because well Im not a thief anymore Okay so I dont know how many players should I have I mean AIS should I have uh I dont know lets go with just three other or maybe two other you know whats free because the more the chaotic one and I think I can kinda handle the free AI I hope so and all of them are a medium so oh Im a natural yeah thanks okay so Limburger and anchovy sandwich only oh I can go up a level you know myself of course um like them big coupon these you know this is from the crypto so four is giving you plus three to run away if its actually Escape combat snag a face done yeah equipped uh yeah go up a level wait didnt I use that before I think I did oh yes I did okay there was a food man the lose the food gear is there any food gear but I dont have a oh nobody have a food gear yet Pluto onion dragon below 11 20 yeah thanks thats a lover too natural much appreciated okay you are roasted and eaten you are dead and if you defeat this monster on your turn gain an extra level yeah another way uh to launch this monster in this room is on break please record during any combat the player facing the monster to discuss them and draws two treasure cars in uh you know what lets go with the with the launch the plutonium dragon is on a lunch break okay portion of idiotic bravery using during any combat plus to either side use the pulling at once or human only wait another human I think I should be human no special abilities I can oh I need two hands for it oh boy okay so huh oh boy yeah Katie until you choose the player to give Shady to cause lets go for Terry flame too uh nobody see a wizard and a human wondering monster a potted plant just didnt get to get enough of this okay you know what lets go with the caution of Pawn Fusion and confirm kosher confusion okay shes got the magic Miss sign truly obnoxious girls horny helmet Im a lion mirror oh you are cursed in your next fight only you may not get any bones from items other than armor a wishing didnt use before the next fight will lift the curse I mean I dont think I have um anything like that sleep potion okay that was kind of fast would I be able to use anything because uh yeah lets use it on the monster just to mess up mess with the yeah continue oh the caution of confusion oh boy did I have anything else I dont think so thats just a title okay to continue yeah you can go oh boy Music okay why am I so dumb I want to okay Im gonna look for trouble and fight against the potted plant I think thats fine yeah attack thanks yay I managed to beat the POTUS plant okay scary uh nobody have a food gear so just I dont know halfling only okay they just dropped there but I dont want to drop there can I shoot no when can I animate with the the tuba I dont know lets go be that one I left the six crabs yeah dude could continue oh magic Missile okay okay he became a warrior oh my God oh my attack of Stan yeah he can he can beat him and Terry flame to get the flaming armor yeah fine yes nice I dont need anything why do I have the feeling that Im gonna Im gonna get my ass whooped Stone goal now the Wright brothers okay so can I finally unequip yeah configure please okay so this one and use the no step back can I huh human only but timer Im not human huh why oh why Im not allowed to use it and I cant even sense though what Im pretty confused to be honest okay lose the armor you are wearing I dont have anything so yeah a lame complete oh Posse get this back I mean I know that my icon is unnatural but it says that human no special ability is that but if I am not able to wear the Swiss Army pole arm I ever am I missing something Music Im pretty confused Insurance the other doesnt count bite him only with your bonuses you buy insurance lose about a thousand gold pieces for five times if you dont have that much lose for you lose all you have oh yeah of course you managed to do a successful saving for all back I dont think that anybody have Footwear finally I have something can I be a warrior yeah loot the room please wandering monster off of course foreign Music okay Im a warrior and a human but I still cant a bulldog uh oh boy uh okay Im not even doing anything so yeah I think Im fine Im not gonna do anything yeah the other day guys managed to screw over the other two AI our clerican I dont want to be athletic yeah look for trouble Im gonna I want to fight with the lame Goblin okay Air Attack yay Im level four Im of Courage okay yeah this is a nice habit it doesnt yeah it definitely not a pocket with some horse on it hmm Music no I dont want to be a cleric Music I I cant do anything so I mean I dont think so a thief so he could be a thief if he wants to go of teens no items or other bonuses up against them fight Picture level only fight with your level only uh best stuff your level becomes equal to the lowest level of any character in play love yeah click open you lose your race I do I have a race no I dont even I didnt even have a race and I still cant choose the Swiss Army I see the sweet Sonic hold on illusion play this card during any combat discard any of any one monster in this combat along with any cards that have been played to modify it and replace it to announce the cards from your hand I see oh Cherry oh for da yeah do I give the cleric away yeah confirm up and she lost the sweat because that was the crossword was only the only usable a bit as as female females and she got change so I can so the character Sally bother knife cant do some yeah now where did you get these all stars huh oh my God no I cant do it oh wait Im um why did I forget about it oh Im a warrior no yes its good now kinda why did I forget about it Im not used to it I mean not really Music vertical yeah Im a warrior now back yes Im looking better now I guess uh I lose Footwear I dont know who yeah him because I dont like him specifically even though he doesnt have a footwear yeah half thing of course at least Im at least I am stopping you may sell one item each turn for double prize other items are at a normal price if you fail your industry or run by the way at all you mean its called the card and try once more a dwarf okay yeah lets lets replace it okay it doesnt make sense because I became a dwarf and now I can you use this Swiss Army polar its a big item you can carry any number pick item and any number of tickets oh okay foreign at least I have finally something what oh this one oh okay okay oh boy why am I so dumb okay I realized why I couldnt use the uh couldnt equip the the Swiss Army polar because I had that tube of charm which is also a big item 3872 Orcs can I jump in Music yeah confirm yeah continue please lose oh youve oh you oh of course and now you get a boot of yeah obviously because why not fur no decline I dont who do you think I am Im gonna need this I I need this with Sonic polar Im not gonna give it to you I could finally you know equip it I Wanna Be vampire can I yeah configure hey huh two hand I have its a head yeah huh its that full level maybe I dont know this one and two ball Sharp oh cancel yeah thanks for the for the warrior I cant be a warrior which I already am how do you foreign oh that is me yeah screw you uh wandering monster and tongue demon so they team off and its a its a 20 its level 22 now oh you how about the other one failed are they discussing kiss costs two or two lovers okay oh you huh but I managed to do something bad at least I mean bad for them it may be happy a little bit oh yeah of course cheat play this card with an item yeah drop here I want to use this card finally please accept give it to me nice finally I can use that this item even though I dont really understand why I cant why I couldnt income tax curse Discord one item of your choice every other player must now discard an item or items totaling at least as much value as the item you discovered if they dont have enough to pay the food thanks they must discard all the items okay drop it here uh I know Im about to Target him okay oh lets go with this one and this one so its 700. they have to pay 700. overall huh did I do oh Music yeah this guy doesnt like me lawyers were not attack a thief professional courtesy I feel thank you instead this cartoon treasures and draw two new ones this time yeah continue mutilate the bodies oh sorry if the game is kind of boring for you foreign ring visible Health only cancers any curse play at any time usable once only hmm continue Ill be fine or maybe not oh boy so give me this what you made this cut up to three cars yeah yeah this one uh this one and this one did I do it right no Im oh okay continue okay I wasnt I wasnt that dumb at least I did it right I did it well two-handed weapon can I oh I can equip it nice chainsaw bloody dismemberment nasty tasting sports drink you carry it and carry this one as well because I can and finally on the roll is she athletic uh cloudy yes indeed huh please continue doing any combat this could only one more certain Discovery with any cards that have been played Im gonna defend this video for me no Hammer of knee capping change class oh that would be that bad for him I guess but it will become a warrior yes of course get gizpo yeah continue I actually really like the game to be honest Lewis oh boy I actually really like this game it would have been a lot more fun to play with someone I think Thief I dont want to be a thief I dont want to replace my glass oh duck of Doom you should what was the duck of Doom and nose foreign can I jump in no its kind it still is less canceled Music oh my God how many stuff is he getting face sucker oh yeah Im happy its across six plus six against elves is she enough yeah she is and that is fine that is why it was that strong okay that makes sense can I oh yeah equip it thanks carry wouldnt I be its my turn then okay couldnt that oh this is only for thieves okay but I dont want to be anything else so Amazon being attacked females just give them one treasure instead yeah attack Im twice as strong cleric only a buck little smashing plus two attack in one hand oh I see no cancel just just carry it down yeah okay baby that baby looks like a man has to be honest Half Breed I think the half breed is for you know you can have two two races at the same time so basically you can be in a f draw an elf and draw do so on F and a dwarf at the same time and Im of course you may use the lamp only on your turn if someone makes a single Monster vanish even if you had already heard your run available and it was was about to catch you if it was the only monster you were facing you may take its treasure but you you dont gain a lover usable once wrong no Im not gonna no foreign no I cant jump in oh okay to the monster continue foreign Music yeah because he ended up dead I think no it wasnt okay Im not even sure anymore Warriors only one hand except yay I wouldnt be able to use it anyway here so I can a company I think I can and I can replace this chainsaw with the with this one and this one and it is my attack by two so lets take this one out put this one in put this one in and now Im at 20 instead of 17 yeah so Im a lot more stronger with that oh yeah thanks I guess loser oh boy yeah drop it here and use it on Teddy flamethrow oh yes continue but ah Music maybe it wasnt the best idea yeah I should have checked that he that he even have a class because it seems like that he probably didnt huh um yeah its its its my bad snails on speed House near so speedy they steal your treasure roll a die and lose that many items or cars in your head hand not head oh boy turkey please pick to learn yeah Im probably gonna lose help me out there what a special play this card while you are losing a cop at take one item from any other player at the moment you take it that item must take the difference between your winning and losing that combat you may discuss something of your own before taking the item if you wish oh I see King tooth you havent had that card in hand and it can be played during combat to join on on it around that take actions before ending your turn uh no I want to give away my tip and and the dwarf because Im already a dwarf as far as I know confirm oh I can only give away one okay Music hmm Music continue okay so what is slimy armor step ladder happening only visible by Warrior okay continue huh oh it was him fighting against the flying frog its not me oh and I was thinking why did he get leveled up instead of me Im not playing clever thats for sure yeah please income tax of course lets drop this here and if I dropped it no yeah confirmed foreign armor well yep yeah look for trouble and I want to fight against King Tut yeah attack pretty balloons uh jump in of course lets put this one here here what is this the dwarf Pawn okay confirm okay now were at 23 and I kicked and I killed King tooth and I gained two levels nice be silly its okay okay I dont know I think Im I dont know its bikinis okay creep oh my God okay lets equip this one as well lets letter armor I kind of feel like that Im giving ideas again oh this oh thank cancer because uh yeah I just carry it flaming poison portion still a lover pick one player to steal the level through me from you go up one he goes down one I think I know who am I gonna pick Daddy would you mind to give me your lover yeah thank you so much I hope you dont mind oh friendship potion a potted plant of course Im fighting against a plutonium Dragonite things like which is a level 20 dragon and things like that and hes got a potted plant of course its fine its completely fine shes greater of peace these ideas ready no I dont want to jump in Okay so I changed my mind okay can I please can I please win this game okay okay Im still 17 ahead of the of the large angry against the large angle and I won foreign because well I played offline oh boy um I kind of want to play another one Im sorry it feels boring but I want to play another game okay kind of want to change my stuff oh my I cant oh I can be a potted plant but oh but thats a bit what oh Petey Potter and its a female but theyre not a female it depend or Focus Dr Dragon do we have a cat here courageous card oh cant wannabe Im gonna Im gonna be the the baby vampire I cant wanna be Music yeah lets go I dont want to be even fired okay choose initial eraser class a dwarf okay a wizard dwarf you made this cut up to three cars after rowing the Knight to run away each one gives you a palace one bonus to flee Seans back you may discard your whole hand minimum free cards to charm a single Monster instead of fighting it discard the monster and take its treasure but dont gain of us if there are other monsters in the combats by them normally okay Im gonna be a wizard then okay I can deal with that oh boy my bond the wand horizontal uh vertical okay its kind of big compared to me uh no maybe flip it again maybe its better like this I dont know yeah I like that and I need my major oh that is a big hat okay hey uh like that okay okay so what do we oh I can go up a level nice a dwarf only yeah it could be a hammer of me can pink lets lets equip the sneaky bastards word as well and I think thats it and I have the strength of eight duck of Doom you should know better than to pick up a duck in a dungeon lose two levels also the Doom so the Doom of dark is makes you to lose two levels Music thats pretty rough actually inter-intelligent monster and has a plus five to a monster oh look at the monster he got his diploma pleasuring any comment if the monster is defeated draw one exit treasure okay open Im that Force oh plus five against towards oh boy um um can I ask for help please and I just you know la la long time ah treasure yeah treasure a random one one except yeah thank you attack were gonna be fine thank you a giant stick do you mean my wand oh I can go up a level what is it oh yeah I got the huge Rock okay foreign but combining the two one hand that is better than one big hand this one two-handed so cancel it yeah I just want to carry it down um do I want to help for one treasure you know what okay huh like huh yeah jump in lets make the monster intelligent oh um huh and continue and they get one extra treasure oh wow okay yeah proceed Point ahead of power can I trade with him can I I want the pointy hat Im a wizard actually by the way so it would be useful to to have it within play after you wrote the type for any reason to die so the number of your choices on top what would the AI foreign Ty hat for me with that offer trade uh oh boy cancel sorry sorry sorry sorry I carry it and now can I do the trade of the trade yeah loaded die and the pointy hat can I have it oh rejected I got rejected oh boy you must play this card as soon as you get it Ill collects itll immediately go up oh my God this is your clinic you know what lose your class Im pissed pissed that youll be considered a cleric no Im using it alive no oh she became a he friendship potion Music definition no now how how nice that dice would have dotted time would have been for you that I offered actually F on me I cant sell it oh foreign at some point truly obnoxious cars oh no they take my knee captain oh loser level yes of course thats fine its fine Im fine nope I picked my I got myself Music foreign oh yeah the time yeah Im gonna help him I can be Dean please huh how did I lost all of my items um huh Music um did the game just um oh and thats um interesting I think the game is Frozen oh boy yeah I think so I I really think so what is this sign are you sure you want to decide from this yes yeah I think I think the game just rolls on okay lets lets try it again but with an easier difficulty okay and we spawn lets say I can I make it random no lets go with Dr dragon and yeah well here we go again step up from the palm gentlemens club its one-handed its own and thats well oh I like this wizard picture okay at least I dont have to change my my outfit okay lets equip the stuff of napalm can I what or this one is five and I can equip the gentlemans car but that will be more yeah I think this one is better than the sweet solid pole arm yeah I think thats better uh oh okay okay I cant carry the Swiss Army Poland because the border is already a big item so I cant carry that okay so what lose a small item why do you do this to me of course foreign I wouldnt be able to beat well anyone you may choose better to find the stone Golem or just wave walk wave walk fast and let him keep his treasure exception halfling look tasty and must fight he has the munchies he eats you youre the head I think I think Posse get them Stone stonewalla means is your spirit animal you want to eat everyone as well yeah walk past you can keep your Treasures and you you lose your head there oh what okay okay I was right then put onions I can uh youll be fine wandering monster the little what do you want me to do now this yeah huge Rock there you go insurance salesman gopal mate Master enhancer another monster appears off the same level and with all the same monster enhancers if the monsters are defeated draw treasure for each and go a level levels for each they look for trouble and I want to fly with the flying frogs okay who fights beside you fine what does he have nothing really so I can use the mate so its gonna be two so its gonna be four which I can still beat attack nice and I got two levels because it it counted as two monsters and I got two more items as well I think no I got the same amount of item because it just it would have just gave me one so I got two instead okay can I can I get it yes I can carry it now magic lamp yeah Music okay this is gonna be the last game for today because I think we kinda guess how get the vibe of this game and I actually really like it these animations the the graphic the basically the cars looks like the eggs I feel like the exactly the same as the well but the card game that I own and I really like it actually oh halfling I can be a halfling nice I want to be a halfling thanks you do the room lose two cars uh first first player after the victim in turn order draws a card from the victims hand and keeps it then the player before the victim in turn all the same I want to use this one on the Dr dragon beef given to wannabe okay but no I dont want to be on a thief because the staff of the Palm is pretty nice actually in your next fight only you may not get any bonuses from items other than the normal or fishing ring usually for the next fighting okay so yeah I think this is gonna be the last game for today lose my race nice I finally become a halfling and I just became a human again baby minus five to a monster pretty balloons item one shot oh did the dragon became picked up a credit card yeah Music foreign lose one level Im the only one who have any level carry this one oh yes except oh well uh jumping I guess you know what lets go continue so basically in in theory I lose my Malay mirror no I didnt but at least I got a nice hat oh yeah and the Malai mirror is finally you know gone from my from me oh yup she became a he and minus five strength for her is next game and lose one level Mr Dr dragon sorry but I had to or now I can be enough nice enough mage were gonna have to plus one to run away you go up one level for every monster you have someone has killed how to launch okay okay oh hes discarding them oh yeah I continue Im not gonna help Im not gonna do anything about it you have had your butt kick by a woman here so what do I have uh pulling Porsche magic lamp yeah I want to sell the the Swiss Army polar and the magic lamp so I can level up oh these is kind of too easy to be honest foreign Goblin even okay lets use the humongous on him so hes gonna be level 11. and I still gonna be able to kill him which is pretty nice and I got more Treasures with it yep One More Level Im level five and I got uh what did I use I dont know cleric Conley a wide armor dwarf bunny but Im not sure yeah Carrie Carrie yes Im gonna help dont mind me that I just screwed over you for the last time and because Im on L Im gonna level up as well because I have someone to kill a monster and else at the f-class here is having that passive ability that Im gonna level up as well oh nice thank you and I level up again because of a special card Music yeah the easiest kind of too easy to be honest foreign uh I think Im just gonna use the yeah the Flaming poison you know myself obviously you are facing two monsters to defeat them you must have more power than they know that their total combines strength why did you listen to the freedom you must have more power than their total combines the 36 oh okay that just stayed oh okay okay thats fine take action well someone just summoned another monster I kind of okay I kind of misunderstood the thing because I thought that because in the image they are you know two of them and yeah kind of like that and I have to you know have the strength of 32 instead of 18. but no I was wrong okay I was thought I was completely wrong thankfully I was wrong and I won yeah I think it was too easy but oh well uh maybe maybe Im gonna play this game more if anybody and anyone else is interested as well uh me and there is another maybe that maybe it okay so I think Im gonna just you know wait a minute yeah do it like this make myself bigger and exit the game yes oh its loud its loud Music Im good at it Im not really sure about it I mean I beat the game because I was I mean I look I lost the the second tutorial I I Music barely been in a medium game and this time I played on easy because I was kind of curious how easy is the easy difficulty but it kind of turned out that its too easy so I never gonna I never ever gonna play uh you know easy again in this game but thank you I kind of have some in I in in real life experience because I have the have the actual card gun game in real life and but it was a lie since I played it played it so it was really fun to you know experience it all over again even though I played against against the computer but but yeah I kind of want to play this game more uh I dont know how the online game works maybe I can be drafted to you know then randomized online play other online players Maybe I didnt check it maybe I should hadnt next time if we are playing it uh Im definitely gonna check that and it will be prepared it and it will be pretty fun if I would be able to play a bit you know with one of my friends for example maybe maybe I could come with some of them but maybe they are not they are not gonna be able not gonna be you know willing to do it I dont know so I Im not gonna be Im not gonna promise that because its highly you know Music its really depended on them as well and Im obviously not gonna force them I think that is understandable but I would love to play this game sometimes as well so yeah foreign Music a mouse with a big hammer and 300 8 3 871 Orcs as one monster its just so quirky and and I just love it I know its kind of have a dumb dumb humor but its my kind of humor okay but yeah Im gonna leave it here play this game yeah maybe Im gonna play this game sometimes yeah yeah so thank you everyone who came by to the Stream oh you love the ideas in this game that is a oh wait there is a there is a bunch of well other Music yeah there is a bunch of other version of the game uh I mean the cardboard game its kind of like an IRA diazi because you can you can combine that game uh with the original game like the that that we played today just like in Ira card game you know uh I I yeah right now uh these type of things are not in the digital version but basically I have a cotulu version in real life Music of this game of munchkin you can play that game all by itself and you can combine it so to make it a little bit more chaotic and with the with the kutulu version they have some there are some quotas thing going on and things like that so yeah its a huge amount of fun so yeah again thank you so much everyone I hope you have fun I definitely did and I want to wish you a really good rest of your day uh take care of yourself and wait stay safe and take care of yourself that is what I wanted to say and be happy of course bye bye Music thank you foreign Music Music Music thank you Music Music foreign Music atlantic steamer fire company Hello Nekultists! 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