Unmatched Digital Edition 3 min Review - turn based card battler board game

Steam summer sale top gamessteam bow MUNCHKIN DIGITAL game in this three minute game review were looking at unmatched digital Edition so hit that subscribe button and lets get into it unmatched digital Edition is a turn-based tactical card battler based on the board game of the same name players command one of four Legendary Heroes matched with their very own Sidekicks over a board of spaces as they battle it out with a variety of cards and abilities despite retaining the board and card aesthetic in the digital Edition unmatched has some of the best hand-drawn artwork weve seen this year especially when it comes to a huge variety of card artwork in the game there are little to no sound effects and the game only has a handful of voiced lines set sails Music I see Avalon I see what I eat I eat what I see but the soundtrack despite being quite repetitive was ultimately its Saving Grace similar to the board game there are two main gameplay Loops in unmatched the first is a standard turn-based tactical segment where you choose to either maneuver your hero and sidekick over map spaces on the board or you may choose to play an ability card during one of two moves during your turn the other gameplay Loop is when you choose to engage in combat with the opponent where you each pick an attacking or defending card with an attached attack or combat modifier score and the player with a higher value wins in addition every card has a variety of additional effects which you can sometimes pick and choose according to the situation every player is only allowed a maximum of 7 cards in each hand and if you exceed that amount you will have to discard some of them and keep in mind that some cards only have a limited number of uses the only way to get new cards is by executing a maneuver and depending on your RNG luck you may not get the cars that you need so use those limited cards wisely players can choose from 4 different Legendary Heroes and each Hero has their own unique abilities and modifiers that cater to different types of play styles there is zero story here and the setting is exactly what it is a board game so if youre looking for an epic story then this might not be for you unmatched has some really great and tight gameplay mechanics courtesy of its already fun board game mechanics unfortunately the great gameplay experience is marred with bugs and balance issues such as certain button Clicks in the tutorial segment which keep repeating for no apparent reason also some of the AI for the Hero characters dont seem to work and get stuck making a decision the UI is also riddled with plenty of bugs and this ultimately leads to a frustrating experience as such I would have to not recommend players to try unmatched digital Edition at least until the devs fix the balance and Bug issues if youre craving for more turn-based or deck building games check out our top picks playlists otherwise like And subscribe for more three minute game reviews Music how to delete a game off of steam If you love turn based tactical deckbuilding and card battlers like Slay The Spire, Summoners Fate, or Floppy Knights then you might want to take a look at Unmatched: Digital Edition!#turnbasedtactics #deckbuilder #cardbattle #indiegames #indiegamereview #survivalgame #3mingamereview TIMESTAMPS 0:09 - Overview 0:24 - Art & Visuals 0:32 - Sound Design 0:43 - Gameplay 2:20 - Story & Setting Subscribe for more lets plays, gameplay videos, game trailers, 3 minute game reviews, quick and abbreviated game reviews luna steam game bissel powerfresh steam mop mafia steam reciprocating steam engine 64 gb steam deck